Paul Pablo Joins Joji And Kehlani To Headline The PLUS63 Music And Arts Festival Comeback In Cebu

It will be a blast!

After three years, PLUS63 Music and Arts Festival is back in the scene, spotlighting the best international headliners and local acts.

Known for bringing the best music acts in the queen city of the south, the PLUS63 Music and Arts Festival is back to bless our ears and souls with another exciting assemblage of local and international talent after a three-year hiatus. For one night only, our Cebuano friends will have the chance to bask in the beautiful sea and cityscape while getting a bang out of some dope music.

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PLUS63 Music and Arts Festival poster

A mix of sonic, artistic, and gastronomic celebration, the PLUS63 Music and Arts Festival has been serving a dynamic and explosive event experience ever since 2016. Coined after the Philippines’ country code (+63), PLUS63 Festival’s vision is to put “the country on the world map of must-experience festivals.”  

Produced by Insignia Presents, the festival has been sating the creative desires of its curious and free-spirited patrons by gathering the best local and international acts like LANY, Steve Aoki, Kid Ink, Cash Cash, and Steve Angello to name a few. 

On February 18, 2023, relive your best concert experience with PLUS63 Music and Arts Festival’s fiery lineup, which will be headlined by Aussie-Japanese singer-songwriter Joji and American rapper and Grammy nominee Kehlani. 

Also turning the heat up at SM Seaside Complex Cebu is the Awit Award-winning electro-pop and queer artist Paul Pablo. Joining him are Cebu-based bands The Sundown and Sansette, with the festival’s favorite and regular DJ Short.

With this exciting lineup and a “multicultural and multi-genre sonic atmosphere” waiting for you, there’s really no reason for you to miss the PLUS63 Music and Arts Festival. Mark your calendars as tickets will go on-sale on December 10 at 11AM. Have a blast!

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Careless Music Joins The Sinulog Fun With The Wavy Baby Music Festival

Careless Music will take care of your Sinulog weekend.

With Wavy Baby Music Festival, Careless Music promises you your best Sinulog Festival yet.

Recently, the independent music label, Careless Music, helmed by multi-hyphenate James Reid has been reveling in its successes with a release of new bops and its growing roster of talented artists ready to make noise in the music scene. And speaking of making noise, Careless is ready to give our Cebuano friends a unique sonic and festive experience with the Wavy Baby Music Festival.

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Almost a year in the making, Careless Music assembles a massive lineup of artists with its first-ever Wavy Baby Music Festival. Packaged as the “waviest festival” ever, it will coincide with the celebration of the Sinulog Festival next year, imbibing the festive spirit with a jam-packed selection of musical acts on January 13-14, 2023.

Happening at North Reclamation Area in the seaside town of Mandaue city in Cebu, the Wavy Baby Music Festival will be headlined by K-Pop idol Sunmi and American singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$. Other international stars taking part in the festivity include South Korean pop rock band The Rose, Australian electronic music duo Bag Raiders, DJ Yultron, London-based Issa, and Destiny Rogers, who has just joined the Careless Music family.

Other talents from the music label like the street dance group A-Team, Lesha, Jolianne, Massiah, and recently signed artists August Wahh and the four-piece band SOS will also be performing. Other Pinoy talents include Filipino bands Ben&Ben, December Avenue, Franco, and of course, James Reid himself.

Cebuano talent will also shine at the festival with Cebu-based artists like The Sundown, Mandaue Nights, Sepiatimes, Three Legged Men, and Wonggoys taking the stage. 

Are you ready for Wavy Baby? The limited pre-sale of Wavy Baby Music Festival tickets are now available for the patrons of the payment app Maya. Careless Music has also teased another surprising announcement so stay tuned to their social media page for more exciting news.

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Chasing K-Pop Dreams: Dream Maker Completes Its First Ranking

And their journey begins.

The search for the next global pop group continues as Dream Maker wraps up its first ranking and dream chasers take their first challenge.

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Since its debut a week ago, the Filipino-South Korean boy group survival reality show, Dream Maker, has quickly made noise online and has earned devoted fans fondly called Chingus. And rightfully so, as the ABS-CBN, MLD Entertainment, and KAMP Korea’s collaborative effort packs a thrilling, at times gripping, and inspiring watch. Witnessing these young Filipinos oozing with talent and confidence take the stage makes us local fans, ultimately, proud.

As the show continues its search for its lucky seven, the competition becomes more intense as the sixty-two hopefuls strive to make their K-pop dreams come true. This is on full display with Dream Maker’s third and fourth episode as the dream chasers get their full ranking and take on their first challenge. Here are some of the unmissable highlights to keep you abreast of what’s been happening so far.


Showing us true grit and persistence were some dream chasers who, even though were feeling a bit under the weather, were still able to pull off their performances virtually. Dream chasers Matthew from Taguig, Thad from Bulacan, and Karl from Rizal showed off their best moves and vocals with their remixes. The dream mentors hoped for their fast recovery, expressed their excitement to watch the three on the stage, and praised their presentations, especially Karl’s rendition of Ex Battalion’s Bagong Simula who turned out victorious with a top ten placement.


Dream Maker mentors Bailey May and Jea

Being mentors in Dream Maker is a great responsibility especially when what they’re trying to form is the next pop group who will take the global stage. And you can see how it’s seriously a big deal, especially with the straightforward judgments of dance mentor Bae Yoon-Jung or composer Seo Won Jin. 

But there are also instances where the mentors let loose and have some cute moments together like that sweet little interaction between Bailey May and special guest mentor Jea on the third episode. After a dream chaser performed Bailey’s song Now We’re Together, Jea asked the Now United member for a sample performance. Bailey very much obliged, much to the kilig of the K-pop idol. 


Rounding out the mentors’ evaluation stage were the last two performers, Cebu’s Pan-Pan and Albay’s Jay-R. Pan-Pan’s take on Pusong Bata earned compliments from Darren Espanto most especially for his dance skills. Jay-R, on the other hand, made coach Bae Yoon-Jung smile with his mesmerizing vocals while performing to Jeremy G’s Sinayang Mo. Mentor Seo Won-Jin even remarked that it was Jay-R who finally met his expectations. 

And talk about ending with a bang as the two caused a massive reshuffle in the ranking, with Pan-Pan taking the 23rd spot while Jay-R snatching the top spot with a massive 714 points. The first Dream Maker ranking is now complete and currently sitting on the coveted top seven seats are Jay-R, Wilson, Marcus, Vinci, Jeromy, Rey, and Tatin.


With the completion of the first list of top dream chasers, the stakes just got even higher as the sixty-two aspirants were given their first-ever challenge: performing Dream Maker’s theme song Take My Hand. The dream chasers quickly went to training with a surprise visit from the dream mentors, who put the dream badges to the boys on the top seven spots. 

The judges revealed that the ranking could still change as their training progresses, with their singing, dancing, and attitude taken in consideration. Those who will ace the training will receive a higher ranking and a better stage position for the performance of their signal song, while those who struggle will be put at the back of the pack. The competition indeed just got more heated and this is much captured in dream chaser Asi’s passionate statement: “Sa kantang Take My Hand, I’ll take my seat back.”


To give you a glimpse of the results of the training, here’s their full performance of Take My Hand, the official theme song of Dream Maker. The upbeat and energetic music is composed and arranged by South Korean mentor and K-pop songwriter Bull$EyE and is originally performed by MLD Entertainment’s boy group TFN. And just as the song says, there’s no giving up with their dreams as the dream chasers face their first elimination next week.

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Why Toots Allowed Himself To Suck To Become A Better Artist

Living his life in his early 20s.

For young musician Toots, staying in his comfort zone was not on the agenda when it came time to work on his new era of music.

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There comes a point in one’s life where change is needed. While there is nothing inherently wrong with staying in your comfort zone, people do not grow by doing the same thing over and over again. There will be that time when you need to switch things up for that character growth. This is something musicians know all too well with reaching that point in their lives where their music needs switching up.

And that is the crossroads young Filipino musician Roberto Orosa, also known by his nickname and stage name Toots, found himself in. The indie artist reached a point where he felt the need to sonically diversify himself. And with this change came the expected failure, but also a new understanding that’s opening his doors to an exciting new chapter in his young career.


Toots can trace his love for music to his brother. “Back when I was maybe ten years old, my brother bought an acoustic guitar,” Toots tells NYLON Manila. While his brother dropped the guitar, Toots picked up the hobby, which eventually led him down the path he is now. As Toots got older, his love for music grew which soon manifested in the form of helping start a band, Kremesoda, alongside his friends in high school.

Photo by Miguel Tarrosa

“As a musician, I always want to create with purpose and intention,” he shares regarding putting that truthfulness in his tracks. “At my core, I am a pop artist. I enjoy writing catchy hooks and emotional lyrics. Singer-songwriter-type stuff. But whatever I write always has to come from a place of reflection and earnestness.”

Just like with most artists, Toots has a way of channeling his artistic skills. And for him, it starts with a doodle. “Clips, guitar riffs, and voice notes I record on my phone. From there, I build on a doodle and turn it into a verse or a hook. I also have a bank of one-line lyrics that I revisit sometimes and see if any lyrics go well with the melody. I then focus on a particular theme or mood I want to write about and create the rest of the parts with other instruments in mind.”

From high school and well into college, Toots, and Kremesoda, were making a name for themselves in the college band scene. They got booked for several gigs, started to build a fanbase, and even signed with a major record label, which led to their first EP, Out of Range, in 2018.


Life had different plans for Toots in 2020 with the confluence of the pandemic and his graduating from college. He embarked on a solo career with the release of Boyhood. A few singles and two years later, we are now here with Toots under the realization that he had a lot of baggage to unload.

“When you’ve spent a huge chunk of your pandemic years in your room, there’s a lot of time to ruminate and reflect. I guess what really pushed me was the desire to translate these thoughts about growing up into songs, but within a new sonic palette.”

Photo by Miguel Tarrosa

For most of his career, Toots more or less had a style he followed. That style though needed a makeover as this new era for Toots needed something more. That road to getting there wasn’t easy, but when he did, he commenced a whole new chapter of his artistic journey, one that is seen in his latest single, Fall. Taking inspiration from the 2020 TV series Normal People, the indie pop tune is Toots’ way of exploring what it might feel like to walk away from it all.

Fall is like my thesis on the pitfalls of fame. A lot of us want to be successful, but it often comes with a price: attention, criticism, and having a perpetual audience. Fall was sort of a reflection on success as a double-edged sword, and how it must feel to be in the shoes of an extremely famous person.” He adds, “[T]he song is told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator, coasting through his feelings, dealing with psychosis, confused as to what is real and what isn’t.”

This dark turn of events can also be seen in its accompanying music video directed by Miko Reyes. In particular, the visual of the creepy bunny mask, which was created by Big Bold Brave awards 2021 nominee Yanna Parpan, serves as a key standout as the embodiment of the specter of negativity. “Other than thinking it just looks super cool, I wanted someone or something to be a physical manifestation of that internal struggle,” explains Toots.

“I wanted to show in the music video how one might be guided by it, run away from it, or come to terms with it. The monster design was also heavily inspired by the Babadook, Donnie Darko, Japanese Breakfast’s music video Road Head and a bunch of other stuff. “


There were a lot of strong emotions that went behind not just in his new song, but also in his new era. Becoming stale and being put in a box was the last thing Toots wanted for himself. “I have a constant desire to push boundaries and grow as an artist. Ever since I decided to start my solo project, I’ve made it a point to always try something new, sonically and thematically. To find the balance between my comfort zone—the usual formula of songwriting that I’ve grown used to—and artistic growth.”

Photo by Miguel Tarrosa

Finding this artistic growth led to months of trial and error. “Learning synths, the intricacies of production, and not limiting myself to just the bass-guitar-drum set-up, the learning curve is steep.” But a big factor that Toots had going for him was that he was open to failure. He allowed himself to suck and with that learn from his mistakes. As he points out, “I have a long way to go, but I’m just trying to have fun with it.”

All this was in service of a realization that Toots was a young adult, and he needed more agency in his life. “I’m growing old, and I have to face things on my own if I want to make things happen for myself.”


As Toots continue to find that new sound for himself, it’s all building up towards his next big project, his debut EP that he’s hard at work on. While it’s still early days for the album, he already has a vision for how it may turn out. “I’m exploring heavier sounds inspired by late 90s to early 00s indie alternative music, emo and some aspects of new wave, then I try to give the music some personality. Just fun, angsty, and nostalgic guitar tunes.”

Photo by Aisha Causing

Needless to say, this whole experience has been more than euphoric for Toots. “It felt liberating [working on the music]. I was in control of my sound, and my writing, and I discovered a lot about myself and the artist I want to be. It felt like a months-long reflection.”

While the love for Kremesoda will always be there, time away from the band and self-reflection has made Toots realize the way he makes music now is what suits him more. “I feel like back then, I was making music well within my comfort zone. Using words for the sake of it. Which was great at the time, but I try to be more intentional now. With my solo EP, the music is a bit more expansive in terms of approach and genre, and that’s because I’m more well-equipped with music knowledge. I’m learning more about production and listening to a lot more music as I go along.”


It’s important to note that all this is happening while Toots is an independent musician. He isn’t signed to a label nor does he have major backers financing his work. The creatives world in the Philippines is a space that still gets misunderstood and often lacks support from institutions. It’s a frustration that Toots is more than aware of as he bluntly shared the situation of an indie Filipino musician.

Photo by Aisha Causing

“If you’re an indie Filipino musician and you want to turn what you do into a career that can provide for you financially…tough work is an understatement. Especially when the music you make is more niche than commercial, and you want to maintain your artistic integrity. To have the means to fund your music, market yourself, build connections—all of that is a privilege not everyone has. The creative field in general is such a neglected sector that I wish was more sustainable for everyone in it.”


But with darkness comes light, and for Toots, he loves the community that you can find among local creatives. “The best part about being an indie Filipino musician…it’s really the sense of community. The local scene feels big and small at the same time, but that’s because it’s tight-knit. And I love meeting new people and discovering new artists whenever I perform or attend gigs.” From his co-musicians at the studio to the people who bring his music videos to life, Toots often works with other young artists and creatives like him which showcases how at the heart of things, it’s young Filipino creatives who are bringing the energy as part of the new generation.


Photo by Miguel Tarrosa

As for other young creatives hoping to turn their passions into something more, Toots keeps it real by saying that focusing too much on the numbers and business side of things can keep you down. But at the same time, you aren’t going to get your name out there without a little bit of hustle. “Your music is worth what you think it’s worth. But also, unless you’re already well-established, don’t just release a song and call it a day. If you want to turn your passions into a career, find interesting ways to promote your song, be discovered, and present yourself as a musician. Do that in ways you’ll enjoy.”

New music, new EP, new sound; Toots is not only embarking on one of the most important journeys of his artistic career so far but establishing himself as a potentially exciting new voice in the industry. He imbues his music with a sense of purpose that can sometimes escape some young artists. “I hope [my new music] brings me closer to my signature “sound” as an artist. The sound people will know me for. And when they hear it, they’ll be like, “Oh, that’s definitely a Toots song.”

Photo by Miguel Tarrosa

And as Toots continues to home in on that sound, all he wants from potential listeners is to get something from his work, just with how he puts meaning into his. “I don’t mind what people think of me. I just hope the music means something to them. For the music to deliver a specific feeling. For them to enjoy it.”

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The Most Random Places K-pop Idols Were Spotted In The Philippines

Be where the people are.

A club in Poblacion, a local grocery store, the mall, Jollibee; K-pop idols can sometimes be found in the most unexpected of places in the country.

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Filipino K-pop stans are currently having a great 2022 now that concerts are back (with a vengeance!) and international travel is more widely available. The K-pop concerts that were halted for the past two years are in full swing, and there’s little sign of them slowing down anytime soon. Often, these K-pop groups and idols who travel to the country for a concert operate on a strict timetable that affords them little to no time to explore Manila.

But some idols do find the time in their busy schedules to see the sights and explore. While you would think they would use it to see famous destinations, some just so happen to have different plans and find themselves in unexpected places. Here are some seemingly random locations fans spotted K-pop idols hanging out and about while they were in Manila.


Oh, just two A-list K-pop idols shopping at a mall on a Monday afternoon, no big deal. A day before their highly-anticipated set at K-Verse, aespa’s Ninging and Giselle shook social media when the two were spotted going around and shopping at Megamall.


One day, you could just be buying bread at a local bakery and the next you stop on of the hottest 4th gen female K-pop idols in the shop. That’s what lucky Filipino MIDZY experienced when Yuna was spotted at a bakery in San Fernando, Cebu presumably as part of a short side trip before she gets back on the road for the group’s world tour. It’s honestly giving TWICE’s Jihyo spotted at a Break Talk in Cebu vibes and we don’t mind that at all. Shout out to the fans who gave Yuna her space.


K-pop girl group MOMOLAND is no stranger in the Philippines. They’ve had an extensive promo in the country before, and Nancy was at one point set to star in a series with James Reid. And with their recent return to the country for the Ripples of Hope 2022 concert, their love of the Philippines remains intact. In fact, the girls were spotted casually shopping at an SM Hypermarket branch. It feels like a scene ripped straight from fan fiction, but it did happen and is yet another peak 2022 moment.


Aside from performing in the country, WayV had some free time to go exploring around the city. As they shared in their Philippine vlog, they had lunch at a Filipino restaurant that had a gorgeous view of the ocean. Afterward, they scrolled along the baywalk near MOA Arena as if they were just tourists and not a global K-pop group. The video also gave us their reaction to the viral video of fans screaming at them as they were waiting to ride the pirate ship. And for their return to Manila this past March, the boys squeezed in time to do a tour of Intramuros.


@gyucheoi so this is what love looks like 😭 #seventeen #seeyousoon #gyucheol #scoups #mingyu #betsmanila @SEVENTEEN ♬ original sound – aleccuenca on IG 💯

Imagine this: you’re having dinner at a Korean restaurant somewhere in the MOA complex and all of a sudden, SVT’s S.Coups and Mingyu show up. For lucky fans and patrons, that was a reality as the two K-pop idols were spotted casually dining at a nearby restaurant. Despite the craziness of their two-day concert in Manila, the group found the time to explore the area. Some members went to S Maison and inadvertently turned the mall into a tourist spot. Joshua and DK, meanwhile, were spotted riding some of the nearby rides. If you were in the area that weekend, you probably could have passed by a SEVENTEEN member.


@heizyl #Fyp #foryoupage #kpop #kpopgrouptan #kpoptan ♬ DU DU DU – TAN

When the K-pop boy group TAN visited the Philippines, their schedule wouldn’t just take them to mall shows and fanmeets. Fans also spotted the boys in, among all places, Intramuros. They also visited Jollibee and treated it like with was a tourist spot (and we don’t blame them). The group was even spotted casually dining at a food park in Cebu. You really run into K-pop idols at the most random of places.


@mmnotangel Hello! 2.0 ✨ Randomly encountered Jay B from Got7 & James Reid lol i hope they had a great time!! 🥹🫶🏼 seeing Jay B up close MADE ME WEAK!!!!! 🥹🥹🥹 #jayb #got7 #jaybgot7 #jaebeom #jamesreid #jaebomgot7 #jaybinmanila2022 #jaybinmanila #jamesreid #kpopfyp #celebrityencounters #fyp #carelessmusicmanila #4u #fypシ #xyzbca #fypviral #viral #hayme ♬ Hello 2.0 (Legends Only) [feat. ØZI] – James Reid & Transparent Arts & JAY B

Not only did Jay B finally give us that much-anticipated performance with James Reid for Hello 2.0, but the K-pop idol even had time to hang out with the Careless Music chairman in HQ in Poblacion. Not many can say they got to party with Jay B in Poblacion 


Our shot puno king really got his whole life during his short but memorable stay in Manila. First, he had lunch with Liza Soberano and James Reid at Alamat in Poblacion. Then, his big-sis-in-spirit Sandara Park treated the GOT7 member to Gerry’s Grill, one of her favorite restaurants in Manila. He really is just like us, casually eating sisig and drinking San Miguel Light like a local.


@giagiobelle wah nako kapalit ug ampalaya ganina sa mercado! Kay na starstruck ko kagwapo kaayo Cha Eun woo in lapu2x city! nitan aw pajud nako! 😍😭 #chaeunwoo #cebu #lapulapucity #fyi #fy ♬ Love so Fine – CHA EUN-WOO (ASTRO)

Whoever had the idea to have Cha Eun Woo pose by a tricycle, you’re doing amazing sweetie. It was a visual we never knew we needed, but are happy it’s real. It was part of his shoot in Cebu for his photobook magazine. But at the time, most didn’t know what the context of this surreal and viral moment us. At the end of the day though, it gave us one of our favorite things the idol actor has ever done, and for that, we are grateful.

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Shaba Shaba: Get To Know YGIG, SBTown’s First P-pop Girl Group

Real recognizes real.

There’s a new P-pop girl group in town. Meet YGIG.

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If 2021 was the rise of the new generation of P-pop, 2022 was the year of sustained success as the new generation of groups proved their worth in the industry. From events like P-pop Con to shows like Dream Maker, P-pop is alive and thriving. This can also be seen in the handful of P-pop groups who have debuted and made noise this year. And as 2022 winds down, we have yet another new group hitting the scene. In less than a week since their debut, these girls have been hitting the ground running. Here’s what you need to know about P-pop’s newest girl group, YGIG.



YGIG is a seven-member girl group that made its debut on November 25, 2022. They come from SBTown Philippines, which is run by Geong Seong-Han, more commonly known as Tatang Robin. If these names ring a bell, that’s because it was the same company and CEO that helped make SB19 into the group they are today. This actually marks the first girl group under SBTown Philippines. The group consists of members Alexei, Darlene, Jewel, JM, Maeg, Haze, and Vien.

YGIG Alexei

Their name YGIG, which means You Go, I Go, is meant to symbolize the teamwork that runs through the center of the group. According to Tatang Robin, YGIG was born out of the fact that girl groups have been killing the K-pop game as of late, and he’s hoping to see that success in the local P-pop scene. YGIG is aiming to make a name for themselves in the local and international pop scene as they help carry the mantle of the P-pop girl group. And helping them reach that goal is Universal Records Philippines, the label which signed them.



SBTown Philippine’s first P-pop girl group has been a long time coming. The company initially auditioned thousands of would-be trainees to join their program before they were whittled down to the final seven. The girls were trained under the SBTalent Camp, which has built a reputation among P-pop fans for building the next generation of talented P-pop stars ready to take center stage. It took over four years for YGIG to become the group that it is, but so far, all that training has proven to be worth it.


YGIG made their debut with the track Shaba Shaba, a play on the Tagalog phrase, siya ba. The girl-crush song combines elements of pop, hip-hop, and trap for a strong debut. The concept behind the track is like a spell, both in the way of the song’s title and how it sounds. As the fun and catchy track goes on, it feels like the girls are putting you under a love spell.


The “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo” part in the chorus hits particularly hard and is a standout on the track. And the best part is that YGIG is also credited with working on their debut song. They have writing credits for writing the song’s chorus. Many fans have already taken a liking to the track. Even BGYO’s Gelo has shown love by listening to the song in one of his livestreams.



While most people will soon be familiar with the members of YGIG as they begin their P-pop careers, one member is no stranger when it comes to the spotlight. This isn’t Darlene’s first time at the rodeo as the newly-minted P-pop idol was a contestant on The Voice Kids Philippines season one. She made it all the way to the grand finale where she placed fourth following JK Labajo, Darren Espanto, and Lyca Gairanod. That probably was a sign that Darlene’s time wasn’t ready, and after some years, she’s now ready to pursue her P-pop dreams as an idol.  

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Holiday Makeup Inspo To Recreate From The Star Magical Christmas Party

Wanna look naughty or nice?

Take notes, kids. These beauty techniques from artists who graced the white carpet at the Star Magical Christmas Party might just be the perfect makeup guide for your next holiday get together! 

December is a few days away, and we all know what that means: holiday get-togethers and Christmas parties left and right. As exciting as these may be, it can also be a point of anxiety to prepare for. Other than getting through the holiday rush, planning your makeup look and themed outfit can be quite a handful. Some of us prefer the same holiday beat every year, while others go all out. Regardless, sometimes it’s also nice to try new things. This season, why not opt for an experimental approach on your makeup?

Last weekend, Star Magic artists graced the white carpet at the Star Magical Christmas party and we were all stunned by the glitz and glamour. What really stood out from the crowd? Bold and bright liner and pearl embellishments to match their sparkly looks. While soft glam is common in carpet numbers, it was nice to see celebrity makeup artists paint their muses in striking and creative looks. Take a look at some of the techniques you can test out for your future festivities. 


Anji Salvacion

Who says red and green are the only colors of the season? Reminiscent of a snow angel, Anji Salvacion’s eye makeup is all blue’d up. Makeup artist Japeth Mike Purog used a light aqua shimmer for the inner corners and a striking royal blue pencil liner to make the eyes pop. Some might say hazel eyes shouldn’t be paired with a bright blue eye look, but Anji Salvacion proves otherwise as she looks heavenly as ever.

Anji Salvacion


Janella Salvador

Soft glam with a twist? Yes, please. A nod to drag artists, makeup artist Carissa Cielo Medved used a makeup technique commonly known as a cut crease to add dimension to Janella Salvador’s lids. Normally, cut creases may appear extravagant for an everyday look, but a great example of how you can transform this theatrical technique is by simplifying a complicated process and using neutral tones to make it more wearable. Pair it with a cool-tone red lip and you are good to go.


Heavily inspired by Euphoria’s influence in the beautyverse, embellishments are a great way to go from plain jane to hyper-glam real quick. Makeup artist RB Chanco applied intricate pearl detailings to Francine Diaz’s natural beat and shimmery lids; to describe this beat as otherworldly is an understatement. Glue a few pearls, or go all out and apply it all over your face–you are sure to stand out at this year’s Christmas party.

Francine Diaz


Alexa Ilacad

In western countries, Christmas means the cold of winter. In the Philippines, it’s almost always bright and sunny, so why not serve a warm and tropical ensemble like Alexa Ilacad? Steering away from a neutral glam look, makeup artist Jake Galvez painted the it-girl’s mug with warm orange and yellow hues and a peachy glossy lip to match her freshly baked bibingka-inspired dress.


Krystal Ball

If you think pearl embellishments are a bit much, but still want a mug that will turn heads, consider adding intricate gems or rhinestones on your lower lash instead of a shimmery shadow to make the eyes appear bigger. Makeup artist Celine Lin applied this technique on Star Magic artist Krystl Ball and it elevated the douyin-inspired mug that we’ve been seeing all over social media. 


Maymay Entrata at the Star Magical Christmas Party

You can never go wrong with a bold red lip! To highlight Maymay Entrata’s beautiful lips, makeup artist Owen Sarmiento chose a natural beat; simple brows, minimal eye makeup, and a glass skin base. The star of the show was a matte red lippie and it was a serve. 

Thinking about recreating this look? Pro tip:  there are dozens of shades and tones of red. Whether it’s a cool or warm toned lippie, better test out a few shades to see, which matches your complexion. The last thing you want is your teeth to look yellow during your group holiday photos. 


Applying a winged eyeliner is a common technique used in glam makeup. What we don’t see often is eyeliner applied at the bottom lash and extending a wing at the end of the eye to create a negative space effect for a lifted illusion. This simple step can really make a difference if you’re going for a snatched mug.

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salo salo fest

Plan Your Family or Barkada’s Holiday Itinerary With These Fun-Filled Activities

Have a jam-packed vacation this holiday season.

‘Tis the season to schedule your deserved vacation with your family and friends. And this list of activities will help you make just the right holiday itinerary.

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Yes, the holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s finally the time to schedule your weekend get-away or plan your much-needed and deserved vacation with your family and/or friends. So, while you’re picking the perfect dates for your leaves, ticking off your most ideal days to enjoy yourselves, or perhaps, stressing over which events to go to, here are some ideas to help you finish that itinerary this holiday season.


salo salo fest

Well, nothing beats the fun and joy of being around your barkada and family while rocking out in music festivals. The communal bliss is almost always an unforgettable experience, one that will surely be part of your year-end albums and stories. Want to enjoy some of the best OPM songs while also thrilling to some intense roller coaster ride? Salo-Salo Fest has got you covered. Hailed as the first-ever local music festival in a theme park, Salo-Salo Fest will make you revel in the greatness of your favorite local artists (Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco, Parokya ni Edgar to name a few) in Enchanted Kingdom, a place where fun seems to be unlimited. 

klaypel land

Dubbed as the “ultimate creative destination of the year,” Klaypel Land is an arts, music, and food festival in one. Located in Clark Parade Grounds in Angeles, Pampanga, Klaypel Land features a grand collaboration with Pinoy visual artists, music from homegrown bands and musicians, interactive art installations and workshops, plus a gastronomic haven with over a hundred food choices. If you’re looking for something that appeals to all age groups, then Klaypel Land is the best place to go this holiday season.

paskong pinoy playlist

Want a more classic experience to treat your parents to? Catch some live performances from concert king Martin Nievera, Bituin Escalante, Jackie Lou Blanco, and more in a Christmas tribute curated by the National Artist for Music, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab himself at the Paskong Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2022. On December 3, be mesmerized by music from celebrated Filipino artists like Jose Mari Chan and Pilita Corrales at the BGC Arts Center. 

circus music festival 2022

Meanwhile, if your barkada is looking for a festive musical experience without spending too much, then put Rekta sa Kalye’s Circus Music Festival on your holiday itinerary. With performances from big Pinoy acts like Zack Tabudlo, December Avenue, Silent Sanctuary, and Unique Salonga among others, Circus Music Festival offers the “grandest, affordable” music festival experience that you and your friends can live out.


manila zoo

After a long overdue rehabilitation, the metro’s most famous zoological garden, Manila Zoo, is back to give Filipino families their much-anticipated nature adventure. Home to about a thousand animals from 90 species, the Manila Zoo offers its revamped and modernized facilities, including its Animal Museum, Botanical Garden, and Butterfly Garden, with elevated view decks and overhauled public pathways, for its patrons to enjoy. Right at the heart of the capital, Manila Zoo serves as a convenient place for the families to spend their holidays.


There are times when we just want to take things slow and contemplative. The pensive mood of art museums and galleries are for some just as fun and exciting as are other festive holiday events. So, if you’re looking to satisfy your creative cravings and desires this holiday season, you won’t be disappointed from the array of choices available. 

galerie anna

There’s the two-man exhibition Escape to Reality by award-winning artists Edu Perreras and Salvador Banares at Galerie Anna where you can calm yourselves with some soul-mending and awe-inspiring creations. Or Genavee Lazaro’s sculpture display Quintessence of Contentment at Galerie Stephanie, which features anthropomorphic figures the artist fondly calls her Cactus Friends inspired by the succulent perennial plant. 

gravity art space

Gravity Art Space in Quezon City is also holding its biggest event this year, The No Name Show. Featuring over 130 artists, the exhibition becomes a “playground and platform for masters and contemporaries to explore their art-making beyond their name or ‘brand’, in the power and privilege of anonymity.” Pintô Art Museum, a haven for contemporary art, will also mount its year-end event with Figuras 2022, spotlighting over a hundred local artists. If you want to revel in art and nature at the same time, then add Pintô into your holiday itinerary as the museum houses a botanical garden called Silangan Gardens in Antipolo, Rizal.

arts bgc

Arts at BGC’s BGC Art Mart is also an ideal place to connect with local artists, support local products, and enjoy live performances. With a diverse range of artistic offerings, BGC Art Mart is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your holidays with your barkada on a creative note as it’s near the metro and it’s also free.


Mini Fiesta Carnival

After some shopping, have a fun time with your family and friends at Araneta City’s Mini Fiesta Carnival. The place has got all the things you need for the holiday season: rides and attractions, an array of food choices, and just a festive crowd and atmosphere. For just fifty pesos, you can enjoy free food and drinks, and even have a laugh with your loved ones on the carousel while enjoying some ice cream in cones. 



For the kids and kids-at-heart, TOYCON PH’s Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair promises a delightful holiday experience with over 200 booths of toys, apparel, comics, collectibles and other exciting merchandise. Now on its fifteenth year, the toy fair will, on one hand, offer you and your barkada the chance to win prizes with its cosplay event, and on the other, tempt you to spend the cash you’ve collected from your ninongs and ninangs on your favorite action figures. Or, you can flex your charitable side with TOYCON’s charity auctions and Christmas Toy Drive that will benefit children from partner institutions and orphanages.


mindanao film festival

Going to the movies has always been a part of the Filipino holiday tradition. And if you still have a space in your holiday itinerary, then perhaps include the most-awaited theatrical comeback of the Metro Manila Film Festival. As always, the 48th MMFF has a slate of movies that will make you laugh, cry, and scream with your family. For our readers down south, the Mindanao Film Festival will also hold its twentieth anniversary this coming December. Happening in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, the Mindanao Film Festival celebrates its second decade with a diverse lineup of foreign and local titles that foreground Mindanaoan cinema at its best.

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Tara, G! Team Wise Tests Their Shopping Skills With Night Market Challenge

Budol barkada.

Just like in the youth-oriented series Tara, G!, our newest barkada, Team WISE, proves their fun and captivating friendship in real life with their challenge vlogs.

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While Team WISE (Walang Iwanan Sa Ere) explores love, friendship, and aspirations in the fictional town of La Guerta in the youth-oriented IWantTFC series, Tara, G!, our favorite newest teen barkada also spends some time together in real life, showing us how they’re also friendship goals outside of the show. 

This time, in their recent vlog together, Kaori Oinuma, JC Alcantara, Zach Castañeda, Anthony Jennings, Daniella Stranner, and Vivoree put their shopping skills to the test as they take on the Night Market Challenge, scouring Baguio city’s thrift stalls for their best buys yet. Here are some highlights from Team WISE’s bonding moment which will make you want to be part of their cute circle so bad. 


Vivoree counts her money

Just like Jengjeng, the feisty girl with big dreams in Tara, G!, Vivoree also proves to be a go-getter in real life, especially when it comes to price negotiations in Baguio’s thrift shops. The first to be featured in the vlog, Vivoree is able to score a discount instantly with her first buy. And with another discount for a ref magnet for her last buy, Vivoree is that friend that you should be with when you go to an ukay-ukay.


Kaori Oinuma and JC Alcantara

Playing each other’s love interests in Tara, G! as Dan and Legs, JC Alcantara and Kaori Oinuma also channel the kilig in real life barkada moments. “Tiyagaan talaga ‘pag mag-uukay-ukay ka dito,” JC says. “Parang sa pagmamahal, kailangan mag-effort ka para makauha mo ‘yung gusto mo, ‘yung hinahanap mo. Pero parang nahanap ko na,” JC continues, then points to Kaori. “Ay ito, ito ‘yung pinili ko!” Kaori replies while patting JC’s chin. With their chemistry overflowing in the video, you can’t help but wonder if you’re watching a 24-hours jowa challenge vlog.


Zach Castañeda

The first to finish the challenge is Zach Castañeda who plays Team WISE’s go-to-guy Will in Tara, G! Zach quickly spends his budget with his cheap but stylish buys. A shirt, jacket, a pair of eyeglasses, and a couple of accessories later, Zach turns regretful as he goes zero budget while discovering some stalls with better-looking items. Zach really is that impulsive friend who needs everyone’s counsel first before spending some money.


Daniela Stranner proud of her ukay haul

Probably the one who goes with the most number of items is Daniella Stranner also known as rich girl Cars in Tara, G! With her plastic bags of ukay haul, Daniella really encapsulates what sulit means, even getting two king-size blankets while on a tight budget. We can really learn a thing or two from Dani.


Kaori Oinuma gives her barkada some gifts

As with her past vlogs, it seems that Kaori Oinuma’s charm really never runs out. After using her bright smile and some dance moves to entice the vendors in giving her a discount, Kaori proves that she’s that thoughtful and selfless friend as she spends her last money on gifts for her Team WISE barkada.

Stream the episodes of Tara, G! on IWantTFC

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christmas eve outfit star magical christmas

Here Are Christmas Eve Outfit Inspos From The Star Magical Christmas Ball

We can't decide whether to go as Cindy Lou or a nutcracker

Now, can we get Star Magic On Ice?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🎄 Now that Jose Mari Chan season is upon us, Star Magic kicked off the holiday season with their 30th anniversary party. For one night only, they invited their brightest stars and they showed up in their most festive Christmas outfits. In case you still have any idea what to wear for the holidays, we listed down the most creative looks we’ve spotted on the icy white carpet at the Star Magical Christmas. From KathNiel’s nutcracker outfits to AC Bonifacio’s snow princess look, here are our favorites.

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star magical christmas outfit

All hail, the king and queen of the Star Magic white carpet. How can anyone look as good in Christmas Nutcracker soldier outfits like real life couple KathNiel?


star magical christmas

Anji Salvacion was a real life Christmas angel.


star magical christmas outfit

P-Pop girl group BINI looked like the cast of Winx Club with their bejeweled outfits.


star magical christmas outfit

The queen of snakes turned into the snow queen real quick.


star magical christmas

If there’s a P-Pop group that has stellar coordinating outfits, it’s definitely BGYO.


Sam Cruz was an ethereal fairy on ice.


P-Pop girl group MNL48 casually nailing the theme with a lot of Christmas pop culture references like Cindy Lou from The Grinch, Mrs. Claus, Santa’s elves, and of course, a Christmas tree!


All we want for Christmas is to look as posh as teen royalty, Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz.


Jayda Avanzado looked as pretty as a bow in her red mini dress while Aljon Mendoza was dashing in his double-breasted suit.


Heaven Peralejo proves that Old Hollywood glamour never fails.


Can we all agree that Kobi Brown and Andi Abaya of PBB look like Barbie and Ken?


Chie Filomeno keeps it sultry in nothing but a red lip and sparkly gown by Boom Sason.


AC Bonifacio channeling her inner Bratz Doll: Christmas edition with a furry hat, gloves and a whole lot of sparkle.


Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2020 Samantha Bernardo knows that she’s the best Christmas present you’ll ever receive.


Karina Bautista was a total stunner in lace and leather—making her stand out among the crowd.


Will the real Elton John please stand up? Jason Dy in a purple suit with feather details and matching aviators was a head-turner.


Vivoree Esclito was a white fox on the Star Magic Christmas ball white carpet.


Edward Barber will always look good in a tweed jacket. Plus points for the brooch!


Barbie Imperial had a modern Marilyn moment in a red Jessica Rabbit-inspired gown.


Fresh from New York, Dimples Romana looked like a siren at the Star Magic Christmas ball.


Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte might just be the flyest couple last night where she wore an all latex outfit while he was in a red suit paired with a rhinestone top.


Red and green might be a challenging color combo to pull off, but Rob Blackburn looked dapper in his suit while Maxine Trinidad kept it chic in a velvet mini dress with matching gloves and a floral choker.


Kaori Oinuma won our hearts in this red ball gown.


Joao Constancia wore a cropped baroque-inspired suit and accessorized it with pearls.


Joshua Garcia and Ria Atayde wore matching Christmas Nutcracker soldier costumes like Kathryn and Daniel.