Kaori Oinuma Goes To EK With Team WISE

Kaori Oinuma Goes To EK With Team WISE In Her Fun Barkada Vlog

Let's G with Kaori Oinuma and the Tara, G! squad!

After three months, Tara, G! star Kaori Oinuma gets back to vlogging and this time, she treats us to some good times with Team WISE!

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One of the emerging young stars in the country to look out for is Kaori Oinuma. A former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and finalist, the Filipino-Japanese actress has been booked and busy, showing no signs of slowing down in her promising career.

While she’s had roles in some local teleseryes before, Kaori’s undeniable rise in popularity started when she’s cast as Michiko Sil Tarranza in the hit youth-oriented series He’s Into Her. And it just got better as another big project came her way in the form of the Cathy Garcia-Molina rom-com, Love At First Stream, which was part of the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2021.

Kaori has also previously starred in the adaptation of Wattpad’s The Four Boys and Me with Rhys Miguel, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Maymay Entrata, which is also part of Star Cinema’s digital series Listen To Love. And earlier this year, the twenty-two-year-old actress has been cast in a collaboration project between Kumu and Wattpad for one of the latter’s most popular stories, Kiss Master, together with Kyle Echarri and Joao Constancia, which will be helmed by He’s Into Her director Chad Vidanes. 

Tara, G! poster

Currently, Kaori plays Legs, one of the leads of iWantTFC’s latest offering, Tara, G!, a teen-oriented series that follows the story of Team Wise (Walang Iwanan Sa Ere), a group of friends navigating through love, friendship, and youthful aspirations in a fictional town called La Guerta. It also stars Anthony Jennings, Daniella Stranner, JC Alcantara, CJ salonga, Zach Castañeda, and Vivoree Esclito.

Truly, Kaori is one of the buzzy talents of today’s generation and rightfully so. Not only is she part of the biggest titles this year, she also has a YouTube channel where she shares with us a glimpse into her colorful life and career. And after three months, Kaori finally comes back to her vlogger self and delights us with a new travel video with her Team WISE barkada. Let’s look at some of the fun moments. 


Kaori says it's her first time in Enchanted Kingdom

The nine-minute vlog marks Kaori’s first time in the famed amusement park, Enchanted Kingdom, where she’ll also promote her show, Tara, G! And her excitement and kilig is so palpable in her video introduction you can’t help but get as hyped up as she is.



Kaori offers quadruple the fun in her vlog as she is joined with her Team WISE barkada including JC Alcantara (who’s her character’s love interest in Tara, G!), CJ Salonga, and Zach Castañeda.


Kaori performs on stage

Kaori has also flexed her singing skills as she serenades her supporters with her rendition of Rivermaya’s Kisapmata. JC, CJ, and Zach have also taken the stage to perform, much to their fans’ enjoyment.


JC does a sign of the cross while on a rollercoaster ride

What’s a trip to EK without trying some of its famous rides and attractions. Kaori makes her first experience of the themed park unforgettable as she and her squad ride on EK’s popular rollercoaster ride, Space Shuttle. It looks fun, but also seems too intense for JC, who makes a sign of the cross before the ride begins, and CJ, who’s visibly shaken.


Kaori with JC and friends on Anchors Away

Louder screams are heard as Kaori and Team WISE takes on another intense ride, the Extreme Tower. And just by the ride’s name, you can expect nothing short of intensity that Kaori obviously loves as she raves about the experience after. The group also tries Anchors Away and as the photo above apparently shows, it’s just pure fun.


Kaori showed her athletic side in her past vlog where she did a basketball challenge with her friends Argel Saycon and River Joseph. And in her latest vlog, Kaori’s basketball alter-ego fondly called Kaori Irving is at full display once again as she tries a hoops game and earns a cute panda doll as a reward.

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