7 Gag-Worthy Moments From BINI and G22's 'Show It All' Showcase

7 Gag-Worthy Moments From BINI and G22’s ‘Show It All’ Showcase

Cultural reset.

P-pop girl groups BINI and G22 showed up and showed out on Chinese idol competition show ‘Show It All’, and everybody was gagged.

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“The Nation’s Girl Group” BINI and “The Female Alphas” G22 showed everyone how it’s done as they participated in Chinese idol survival show Show It All. As part of an international “exchange program,” the two P-pop girl groups took the stage on the third episode of the show to showcase their talents and skills to a group of idol trainees hoping to make their own marks on the industry.

6 Gag-Worthy Moments From BINI and G22's 'Show It All' Showcase


Show It All, helmed by solo artist and EXO member Lay Zhang as their mentor, is a training, showcase, and cross-cultural experience that seeks to form a new girl group to take the world by storm. Just from the intro, when the two groups’ music and performances were presented to the trainees, they already looked impressed—if a little intimidated—at the skills shown by BINI and G22. Once the groups took the stage, they took inspiring to a whole new level as BINI performed I Feel Good as an introduction and Karera as their main stage performance, and G22 slayed with their own performances of Babalik and BANG!.

6 Gag-Worthy Moments From BINI and G22's 'Show It All' Showcase


Their participation looks to continue in next week’s episode, where the girl groups will perform Pantropiko and Boomerang. In the meantime, check below for a quick rundown of the gag-worthy highlights of their Show It All appearance.


BINI and G22 may not be trainees themselves, but they, too, had a mission. The girl groups came to Show It All clearly on a quest to show off how skilled they are as singers and performers, and they totally accomplished it. With their vocal and dance skills, stage presence, as well as the clear concept and messages they represent, each girl group taught the trainees what it means to be the total girl group package.

Just from showing who they are as artists, BINI and G22 inspired and imparted some wisdom to the trainees, showing them that it’s possible to make it in the world of music and performance—and at such young ages and pretty early on in their careers, too.


Early on in the episode, the Chinese trainees admitted that they had to work on their vocals as they cultivated their talents as aspiring idols. BINI and G22’s participation offered a standard to them, as they belted their hearts out and fully embodied “Filipino throat chakra,” to the amazement of the trainees. Those mics were on.

With sky-high notes, stability while performing, and complementing harmonies and layers, the two girl groups put on vocal performances like their lives depended on it. Lay himself expressed his amazement at their skill, commenting “It’s amazing…the vocal is amazing.”


Speaking of being the total package—every aspect of a performance has to be well-thought out, from outfits to backgrounds. Visual aesthetic and makes for a more cohesive and impactful moment, and it doesn’t always have to be a huge production, as proven by the silhouettes behind G22 during their ballad Babalik. It just has to convey the messages you want. BINI and G22, with their striking outfits, choreography, and set designs, knows this, and proved why they deserved to take on that stage.


Offstage, the girls made their fans proud, too, as everyone from the trainees to the international community got to learn how kind and dedicated their idols were. BINI were caught cleaning up the area where they stayed while filming the show, and G22 Producer Jeff Vadillo also talked about how much G22 loved each other and their fans, which is important if a group wants to last.


Beyond just performing, BINI, G22, and their producers talked a little bit about the formation and meaning behind the respective girl groups. As BINI producer Laurenti Dyogi talks about how they incorporated sign language into the Karera choreo, Lay puts it succinctly: they use their music as a bridge—to connect with people across countries with no boundaries, and no limits. BINI and G22’s participation in Show It All represents exactly that—how music and performance transcends barriers and brings people together. Colet even taught the audience a bit of the sign language choreo from the performance!


Of course, BINI and G22 wouldn’t be BINI and G22 without the signature Pinoy humor. During their appearance, the girl groups elicited laughs from the audience just with their amusing antics, like BINI Maloi’s introduction with a plate and G22 AJ’s impossibly high note.


BINI member Colet, a longtime fan of EXO and Lay himself, posted excitedly on X the day they filmed the show. “PANALO AKO TODAY,” she wrote. No one knew for sure why she was thrilled at the time, but now that the EXO-L herself shared the stage with her idol (and has liked posts talking about her win as a fan), there is no doubt. We just know she was internally screaming as she interacted with the idol and host, and it’s a wonderful representation of how far she, BINI, and G22 have come.

Lay was even so impressed with BINI that he got in contact with Dyogi immediately after and extended an invite to have them at DNA Music Festival!

From being young girls who aspire to be like their idols, to becoming young women sharing the stage with their idols (who are cheering them on for once) and inspiring a new set of dreamers, BINI and G22’s newest milestone is a rousing testament to how dreams come true.

If you want to follow along with BINI and G22’s participation on Show It All, or rewatch this episode of the show, just head on over to MangoTV.

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