How To Prepare For Unnecessary Comments From Your Titas And Titos This Christmas

Another party, another awkward comment.

The tita/tito apocalypse is coming once again. Here are some responses to help you against their ever so annoying questions.

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Christmas is a time for family and friend reunions and get togethers. The season is filled with many parties and moments to meet up with people that you may have not seen for a long time. But let’s be real, Christmas is also the time for that dreaded reunion with your titas, titos, and other relatives who may not understand you. While there is nothing wrong for them to ask questions about your life, there’s always that one person who is going to ask that oh-so invasive, pointed, and loaded question. As we go through the rest of this holiday season, here are some annoying questions you may face in a family reunion and how you can prepare for them.


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The age-old question. If you are already in a relationship, then this question shouldn’t be a problem. But if you aren’t, things can get tricky. You can keep it real and say that you aren’t currently looking or interested in having one. And if they try to be nosy and ask why it’s been so long since you were in a relationship or you’re still single, then you can say, “‘Di po sila ready sa kagandahan ko.” Your life should not be determined by whether or not you are in a relationship.


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If your titos and titas won’t ask you if you are in a relationship, then they may ask you why you aren’t married yet. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions any person will make in life and it’s not something you usually do on a whim. If you’re relatives are of the understanding type, then you can say that you aren’t ready to do so, whether it be mentally, emotionally, or financially. And if you want to add a sense of humor, you can say, “Kasi hirap pumili po.” Marriage is not a decision for your relatives to make for you.


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Everyone has had a hard time during the pandemic, more so for students. The shift to online learning was not easy for many, not to mention the mental and emotional toll the past two years have taken on students. It’s understandable if you took a break or are taking your time. If you are asked why you haven’t graduated yet, you can be honest about your personal experiences if you feel comfortable in telling. Also, you can hit them with how busy you have been in your life, whether personally or academically, to show that you aren’t a lazy bum who does nothing. Just remember that at the end of the day, what you are going through in school is not the same as what your relatives went through. Everyone has their own pace.


It’s one thing to finish school, but it’s a whole other ball game when it comes to discovering what you want to do in your life. The “real world” is a crazy jungle and sometimes, your path won’t be as clear as others. When hit with the inquiry about your life plans, just say what you are currently going through, whether it be rest, still looking for a job, or what have you. It’s ok that you don’t have your life planned out until your retirement. Life’s a journey, not a race nor is it a competition. 


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Unless the party you are going to has a theme or dress code, you can more or less dress how you want. For some of us, our idea of style may be a 180 from what others expect or even deem normal. If you’re sense of style bothers some of your relatives, just say that you are showing off your style and “Nirarampa ko ang outfit ko.” Remember, your haters are just your secret fans. And more importantly, don’t let those side comments stop you from being true to who you are.


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Weight has always been one of the most sensitive topics for many of us. Whether you’re gaining or losing weight, it’s topic many of us try to avoid talking about for a variety of understandable reasons. But sadly, some people can’t help but point out your body weight. If your tita or tito says that you’ve been gaining weight, show that you’re unbothered and say “Glowing po ako ngayon.” Yes, there is a line between body positivity and being in a state that is detrimental to your health. But we all know that commenting about someone’s weight is unnecessary because we may not know what they are going through.  


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Politics is something that many of us would try to avoid talking about in family reunions. But with the important 2022 elections coming up fast, the topic may come up. If you are your family share the same politics, then good for you. But if you don’t, then don’t feel pressured to conform to what others may tell you. If are of voting age and your relatives ask you who you are voting for, then be honest and tell them. And if they ask why, then give them facts and receipts as to why that person is getting your vote. Also, don’t be afraid to clap back at fake news being spread by your titos and titas if need be.

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