This People’s Museum In Manila Is Putting Climate Survivors’ Stories Front and Center

This People’s Museum In Manila Is Putting Climate Survivors’ Stories Front and Center

Stories worth telling.

The People’s Museum of Climate Justice is putting the spotlight on personal stories of the effects of the climate crisis.

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As climate change continues to worsen, natural disasters with a power that would only be seen once a decade or rarer have sadly become a common occurrence. The Philippines is a firsthand witness to the climate crisis as super typhoons ravage the country at an alarming clip. What was once a rare occurrence is now a sad reality for many Filipinos as they bear the brunt of stronger typhoons. And at the center of this devastation are the survivors whose lives are turned upside down by the climate crisis. They aren’t just statistics, but people with stories worth telling. It’s those stories that take center stage at the People’s Museum of Climate Justice in Manila. 


Museums have always been institutions of history and culture that house important narratives. The People’s Museum of Climate Justice is no exception. Part of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior ship’s visit to Metro Manila, the museum pays homage to the collective experiences of climate survivors through a poignant collection of objects of memory and art pieces that encapsulate their enduring memories of the climate crisis. Organized by environmental non-profit organization Greenpeace Philippines, the exhibit is co-created and co-curated with climate-impacted communities from Tacloban, Bohol, Metro Manila, and other vulnerable regions in the country. 


The exhibit moves away from splashy showings and instead makes its message heard with simple objects with a profound backstory. It features everyday tools, mementos, and significant items contributed by community members, each item a vessel of stories recounting their encounters with extreme weather events and the profound impact of climate change on their lives. Through this showcase, the People’s Museum of Climate Justice aims to bring often abstract and intangible statistics into human focus. 


While more and more people are getting informed about climate change and extreme weather, it can be hard to grasp wide-ranging ideas. The museum hopes to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by communities impacted by climate change through a more personal touch. These are items from people who have gone through these horrible tragedies and serve as a reminder of the environmental and social injustices that climate-vulnerable populations must navigate daily.


“A museum is a bastion of memory—a collection of tangible and intangible artifacts that carry narratives and experiences of people, put forward to be immortalized,” said Mark Simbajon, a Super Typhoon Yolanda survivor who contributed to the exhibit. “For us coming from communities at the receiving end of the impacts of the climate crisis, this is our physical concretization of strength—strength that defines our truth, the truth that refuses to be just sidelines of history.”

The People’s Museum of Climate Justice is located at the Remedios Jubilee Mission Center, Malate Catholic Church compound. Admission is free.

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Discover A New Aspect Of Yourself In Spotify Wrapped 2023

Discover Your Next Personality In This Year’s Spotify Wrapped—Me in 2023

So, did you get Berkley, California too?

Bestie, wake up! It’s that time of the year again, Spotify Wrapped is out, and it’s got some new things in store. For instance, what’s your Me in 2023 card?

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Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Spotify Wrapped gives us a glimpse into not just our listening habits, but also our personalities (and other people’s habits and personalities). This year, Spotify presented its now-staple Wrapped feature with the inclusions of some classic favorites and a couple of fresh, fun ways to characterize your listening habits and share them with the world.

Let’s admit it—we love to see everyone’s Wrapped and judge each other’s top artists and listening habits. Finding people who share the same Wrapped highlights is also a fun communal thing that once again proves how music brings people. So, here’s what’s in store for your Spotify Wrapped this 2023 and some more ways you can intertwine music with your very personality.

What’s In Store For You on Spotify Wrapped?

spotify wrapped banner

Besides the classic Top Songs, Top Artists, Top Genres, Artist Messages, and listening hours, Spotify Wrapped also presented Sound Town, Peak Listening Months per Top Artist, and Me in 2023.

Sound Town assigns you a location in the world where their listening habits were similar to yours. Popular emergent cities were Burlington, Virginia; Berkeley, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and for many K-pop stans, Davis, California. Peak Listening Months let you see which month you listened to your top artists the most. Finally, Me in 2023 gives you a card that determines your listening style in 2023—for instance, were you a Collector or a Luminary?

Were You Part of The Mainstream?

spotify wrapped top artists

Seems like almost everybody has Taylor Swift in their top artists, or a Taylor Swift song in their Top Songs. The pop princess herself is the most streamed artist of 2023 (and released You’re Losing Me [From the Vault] in gratitude), and made it to the top streamed artists locally. Cruel Summer is the 3rd most streamed Top Song in the Philippines, but Filipino bands Dilaw and SunKissed Lola won the top spots with Pasilyo and Uhaw (Tayong Lahat), respectively. One question—how sawi are we as a nation?

top songs philippines spotify wrapped

Who Were You In 2023?

Me in 2023 is a tarot-style feature that shows you a listening habit that you exhibited this 2023. Each one reveals “listening character specific to your tastes and habits on Spotify.” For example, if you got Vampire, you’re most likely to have been listening to emotional, late-night-vibes-type of music in 2023. If you got Collector, then you most likely have a few of your own playlists with hundreds of songs dropped in there that you cycle through rather than listen to other people’s curated playlists.

There’s a certain satisfaction with trying to define ourselves and associate ourselves with certain categories or characteristics—think astrology, MBTI, and even those little personality quizzes we see online. It often validates our perceptions of ourselves or give us an insight we’ve never really seen written down coherently before. Regardless, it’s a fun little experience and Spotify Wrapped always succeeds in giving us a glimpse into who we are as music lovers. Which character from Me in 2023 are you?

spotify wrapped vampire
spotify wrapped shapeshifter
spotify wrapped cyclops
spotify wrapped robotist
spotify wrapped fanatic
spotify wrapped collector
spotify wrapped mastermind
spotify wrapped alchemist
spotify wrapped luminary
spotify wrapped hypnotist
spotify wrapped time traveler
spotify wrapped hunter

Images from Spotify.

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7 Content Creators Who Used To Work Corporate Jobs

7 Content Creators Who Used To Work Corporate Jobs

They secured the bag one way or another.

Before they took over our feeds, these influencers were getting in their paperwork in their 9-to-5.

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You’re working in your office job as you slave away in your 9-to-5 and get that check as you repeat the process over and over again. But one day, inspiration hits, and you decide to leave it all behind for a career in the creatives industry. It’s an idea so cliche, it practically writes its own screenplay. But it’s real, and it’s an experience some of today’s top influencers and content creators can relate to. Before they took over social media, they first were corporate hires that seemingly had no relation to what they do today. But as always, life finds a way to bring you where you need to be, twists and turns included. Here are what some of your fave content creators used to do before making it big on social media. 




Marj Maroket is a go-to content creator for many morenas looking for beauty tips for brown-skinned girls. But before the rising morena star made a name for herself in the local beauty space, she once worked as a key accounts manager for Lazada and a trade marketing executive at Calyxta. Fun fact, Marj would later be included in Lazada’s Beauty Council as a sign of just how far she’s gone.  




One day, you’re working for a multinational company, and the next, you’re a social media content creator. Or at least, that’s the route Benedict Cua took as the Business Management graduate from De La Salle University worked at Nestle Philippines for a few years and even reached the position of a key account executive.




At first glance, you might think that the finance world and beauty content creation are two fields that do not intersect. But it does, and inside that intersection is content creator Raiza Contawi. The YouTuber and beauty guru graduated from FEU with a B.S. in Commerce and worked in corporate as a financial analyst and marketing assistant.




With over a jaw-dropping 1.2 million followers on TikTok alone, Teree Daisuki has become a trusted name for people looking for beauty tips, tricks, reviews, recos, and more. But before devoting his full attention to content creation, TikTok Philippines’ 2023 Beauty Creator of the Year used to have stints in marketing and sales. Just goes to show you that quitting your job to pursue what you love is worth it. 




If ever there was going to be a Mt. Rushmore built for Pinoy comedy creators from TikTok, Marvin would be on that list. For years, he has consistently entertained his more than eight million followers on the app. You’d think that he was always meant to do this. But that wasn’t always the case as Marvin was once a licensed pharmacist for five years, a job he went on to quit in 2020 to pursue content creation full-time. 




Mark “Macoy” Averilla, more popularly known as Macoy Dubs, has a portfolio that a man of his talents can only possess. The Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila graduate is not just a digital creator, his resume also includes being a teacher at his alma mater and holding a position of social media manager for an advertising agency. Fitting jobs if we do say so ourselves. 




If the name Aldrich Nartia doesn’t ring any bells, then maybe his online name Fonz does. The content creator has built a following with his skits and the multitude of characters he plays. And it’s actually one of his viral videos that got him in the corporate world. In 2017, Kris Aquino caught wind of one of his videos and offered him a job at Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP), where he worked on her vlogs. In 2020, he had a short stint in a social media position at an entertainment company. 

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Here Are All The Reasons Why Joji’s Pandemonium Tour In Manila Was One Of The Most Memorable (and Hilarious) Concerts I’ve Been To

Filthy Frank is back!

With a concert and comedy rolled into one, we were far from slow dancing in the dark during Joji’s Pandemonium Tour in Manila.

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Concerts have always been synonymous with an atmosphere teeming with performances, the best crowds, and shaking stages. But what if I told you it’s more than that? Last November 28, Joji just completely flipped the whole concert script on its head, bringing forth one of the most memorable experiences you could ever catch—an unforgettable fusion of music and unparalleled moments. When the audience arrived with expectations of sad songs, ready to dive deep in a sea of emotions, little did they know that Joji had a surprise in store.

For those who missed out on this eclectic experience, FOMO might indeed be an understatement. From the onset, Pink Guy and Filthy Frank—the singer’s comedic alter egos—commandeered the stage, serving memes, comedic sketches, and a concert show that left the Araneta Coliseum in stitches. Here are all the moments you might’ve missed at Joji’s Pandemonium Tour in Manila.

A Pink Guy Multiverse

@ftcjoji krazy event in manila #joji #pinkguy #jojiconcert #pandemonium ♬ original sound – lili IS SEEING JOJI TOMORROW

While it’s customary for fans to wear costumes at events, the sight of a dozen Pink Guys took everyone by surprise. It was like stepping into a real-life rendition of the Spider-Man multiverse meme. The replication of this iconic character injected a sense of playful camaraderie and creativity into the event, leaving attendees amused by this unexpected turn of fan representation.

Barry O is Calling…

Within concert etiquette, the common consensus was to silence phones to prevent unwelcome interruptions. However, what if the unexpected caller on the other end turned out to be former US President Barack Obama? Suddenly, the rulebook seemed to have an exception.

Picture this: amidst the pulsating beats of the concert, a comedic sketch unfolded, featuring Barry O. expressing disdain for the same music filling the scene. Now, here’s where personal preferences diverged; while it might have been amusing, disagreeing with a president’s taste seemed like uncharted territory. After all, who would dare argue with the playlist of a former commander-in-chief?

BRB, Joji just told me I’m pretty

It’s not new for Filipinos to receive compliments and love from artists worldwide. While we’ve always been dubbed as the craziest crowds, Joji expresses enthusiasm over our food and our faces. BRB, I think Joji just called me pretty—a pretty boy. LOL.

‘Do you want to see a meme?’

Filipino fans never would have imagined seeing memes in the middle of a concert, but there we were. Personally speaking, the best one has to be Big Bird giving birth to a full-grown man. This comical twist injected a burst of laughter and incredulity into the evening, marking it as a standout and unforgettable moment for the concert crowd.

Poblacion Party Realness

We were at Araneta, but Joji’s performance had transformed the stage into a bustling glimpse of Poblacion’s energy. The ambiance shifted as the artist took center stage, infusing the space with beach balls, pool noodles, and a DJ-fied version of his saddest songs. If we were talking vibes, the aura seemed to transcend the confines of the venue, transporting the audience to the eclectic streets and pulsating nightlife of Makati.

What Sad Songs?

@rynldmgn Filthy frank | Joji in Manila #joji #pandemoniumtour2023 #jojiinmanila2023 #jojiliveinmanila #manilaconcert #joji #jojipandemoniumtour #concert #pandemonium #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound – Kio

Again, Joji’s Filipino fans were primed for an emotional rollercoaster, fully prepared to immerse themselves in their saddest playlist IRL. To say the least, Joji literally called out the mood by saying, ‘what sad songs?’ The show swiftly transformed into an electrifying experience, Joji steering the wheel toward a lively atmosphere. It was Joji in his element, connecting effortlessly with the electric energy of the concert crowd. The event didn’t just meet expectations; it exceeded them, leaving attendees with an incredibly memorable and exhilarating night to remember.

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Some Things To Keep In Mind When We Raise Issues on Social Media

With great power comes great responsibility.

A recent viral video about a food service worker brings up important things to question and consider about the power of social media to influence and change practices.

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We’ve all spent years on the Internet, so we’re familiar with the way social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to social issues. It’s a primary avenue of information, thereby of raising awareness, but as with anything involving humanity, the power of social media lies in the hands of those who use it. Such power often comes in the form of bringing to light societal ills or unjust circumstances through simple posts, photos, or videos. Just recently, a video of a Chowking food service worker went viral because of the unusual and unfair work she was made to do.

In the TikTok video that was then posted on X, Shella, a staff member of Chowking SM City Davao branch in Ecoland, revealed that it was required for her and other staff to walk around the Ecoland area going door-to-door asking people if they’d like to order from Chowking. She had to walk around the subdivision by herself, use her own money if she were to commute, and hand-deliver the orders in order to boost the “small” sales of the branch. The video incited criticism about the way the restaurant treated their workers.

Social media can do plenty of good, like getting Shella in contact with people who can donate to her or people who offer her better opportunities, or, on a bigger scale, raising enough awareness for people to collectively demand for change in a certain place or practice. But there are pitfalls to bringing everything to the Internet, and if we want to reap the good that it has the potential to bring, we’re going to have to echo what our teachers have always been telling us to do: think before we click. (And consider a few other things below).


When issues like this come to light, a lot of people do try to get to the bottom of things or look for ways they can help. For instance, people called out Chowking, tried to reach out to Shella, and brought more information to light about labor malpractices and instances of mistreatment in the food service industry. As they should—these are all valiant, admirable acts.

But it’s not always perfect. Misinformation, like Shella being fired (both Chowking and Shella denied this as Chowking said that the “concerned team member” is still a “member of the store”, but not long afterward, Shella said that she resigned), spreads just as quickly as correct information—if not quicker. You see it in the medical field, you see it in Hollywood.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing or agreeing with something because you see it on the Internet, or because plenty of other people agree with it. It’s easy to get angry and dogpile individuals before we even know that the information we have is correct. A whole lot of effort, critical thinking, and media literacy should be involved in our use of social media, and it’s important to stay vigilant.


While it’s clear in the TikTok that Shella consented to the video being posted, consideration doesn’t end when the issue is brought to light on social media. People had a point in bringing up that there might be a negative impact on Shella when the video was posted—that perhaps neither she nor the uploader were prepared for all the possibilities of what could happen after it was posted. What if she had been fired, or given harsher, stricter working conditions?

It’s fortunate that Shella didn’t experience anything bad, and that even Chowking issued a statement that they were taking the matter seriously. Collective action does work, people!

“I have a platform and I’m gonna use it,” Maria Cabral, the owner of the TikTok, stated in the video. Her intent and efforts paid off as the video went viral, perhaps even being a catalyst that allowed Shella to “move to another opportunity.” But in general, when we highlight, talk about, or engage with issues—and there are plenty of them, from the global to the local—we have to ask ourselves: how are we actually helping?


One of the other issues that arose from the Chowking staff video was the placing of accountability. There were users that called out Chowking for the treatment of their staff and the practice of outside-of-store order taking, but there were also those that criticized the uploader for posting something without considering the effects, or for posting things for clout but without the intention of actually helping—which is, sadly, a very real thing that happens on social media.

Accountability, though, can not just take on many forms, but can also be taken on by many people. It is an establishment’s responsibility to treat their staff fairly and be accountable for the way they treat their workers, and it’s a person’s responsibility to care about the causes they champion and the issues they bring to light. When we involve ourselves in matters of the social, the political, or the like, who or what do we hold accountable and how?

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Don’t Get It Twisted, Dexie Diaz’s Love For Cars Is The Real Deal

She's running laps with Zulu.

What started as riding in her dad’s blue manual Honda Civic became a life-long passion for Dexie Diaz.

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As much as the traffic of Metro Manila can be an actual hellscape, there are still many who live for the unapologetic thrill and vibe of being behind the wheel. When it’s just you, your car, and the open road, (and maybe a bunch of your car-loving friends too), it’s a feeling few experiences can match. And not to mention the general fun of geeking out over all things automobiles. It’s a world Dexie Diaz is well versed in.



While on the outside looking in, some might think that Dexie is just a gamer. But she’s much more than that. The streamer, cosplayer, and content creator is also an avid fan of automobiles, something she isn’t shy to showcase besides her gaming content. Dexie talks about cars quite a lot, as evidenced by how much love she shows to her famous orange Subaru BRZ. And like with many automobile enthusiasts, she has a name for her car, which she fondly calls Zulu. More than just a recent hobby, Deixe’s love of cars has been with her since her childhood and is as important to her as the platform she has built through her livestreams.

Get to know more about the car enthusiast side of Dexie in our exclusive interview with the streamer below.

When was the first time you fell in love with driving/racing cars?

When I was a kid, I loved going with my dad on his work errands just to watch him drive his blue manual Honda Civic. I even stayed awake the whole trip just to watch my dad drive. That sparked my interest in understanding cars and wanting to learn how to drive!

How would you describe the feeling whenever you’re behind the wheel?

Whenever I’m behind the wheel, I feel both free and mature. Driving is not just a hobby or passion; it’s a skill that requires accountability.



What is it about cars and being behind the wheel that you enjoy about it?

What I love about being behind the wheel is listening to good music while driving. I enjoy hearing the roar of the engine and seeing the positive reactions of people who see Zulu.

What’s the most memorable drive you’ve ever had?

There was a time I borrowed my Ninong’s car and forgot to bring my seat booster. You can imagine the struggle I experienced the whole trip with my cute height! Haha!

How do you prepare to have the stamina and energy to do what you do?

I don’t have anything special in my daily routine, but if listening to good music to start the day counts, that’s it!



Have you ever had to deal with people in the automotive industry who look down at you just because you’re streamers? If so, how do you deal with those moments?

I haven’t experienced anything harsh, but there was a time when I posted a pic of my car, and some people in the comments section gave negative opinions about my car’s setup and decals, saying things like “balik ka nalang sa ML.” I tend to ignore these kinds of comments; after all, it’s my car, my rules.

There are those who say that race car driving and car culture in general are meant for men and not women. What do you have to say to those people?

Come on! It’s already 2023; quit gender stereotyping!



Given that you’re a public figure, do you feel like there’s a pressure to meet expectations? And if so, how do you handle that?

I don’t feel any pressure right now, but if there is, maybe the pressure of feeling everyone’s eyes looking at me. I have a personality where I want to do things at my own pace. I do what I feel like doing.

What’s one thing about driving and racing cars that you wish more people would know?

Racing is not just putting your foot on the gas pedal; it’s about gaining new friends from the community, enjoying the adrenaline, and exploring something new ahead of you. It’s all about passion and doing the things that you really love to do.



What message do you have for young people out there who hope to do what you do someday?

Don’t rush things; you’ll achieve it at the right time. Don’t be like me; be better than me.

What advice would you give to new or would-be car owners on how they can properly take care of their car?

I recommend knowing the basics like road signs, understanding the dos and don’ts while on the road, and always checking your car’s condition before going for a drive. Don’t be scared of using your car frequently; it’s healthier for your vehicle to be used than being stuck in the garage.

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Is Makeup Considered an Art? These Creative Filipino MUAs Say Yes

That beat is everything.

From recreating cartoon characters to portraying ethereal entities, these local MUAs prove that makeup is a work of art. 

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Within our own beauty routines, favorite foundations, and must-follow trends, we often tend to overlook the transformative power of makeup. While it may refine our features, narrowing noses and brightening eyes, the true creative potential of our makeup collections goes unnoticed. Like brushes sweeping across canvases with an array of colors, shades, and textures, some individuals harness these humble products and transform them into miniature masterpieces.

The quick question of whether makeup is deemed an art gains validation through the lenses of these local MUAs. Their vision, passion, and dedication affirm that makeup transcends mere adornment; it’s an artistic expression that consistently captivates and redefines beauty in extraordinary ways. From recreating cartoon characters to portraying ethereal entities and much more, scroll through their creations that substantiate this sentiment.

Alejandro Roberto

Over the top, camp, and avant garde: there are plenty of words to describe Alejandro Roberto Torrontegui’s makeup creations. His works exude creativity when he indulges in glamorous transformations, transcending the unconventional. This content creator’s resourcefulness shines through as he ingeniously incorporates yarns, glue guns, and beads into his repertoire, elevating his artistry to unprecedented heights. The photographs he shares showcase not just mere makeup but pieces of art worthy of gracing the glossy pages of editorial magazines.

Gerry Doctora

Gerry Doctora’s makeup artistry can be encapsulated in one word: delicate. Despite the bold exterior, this daring content creator’s approach to makeup intricately weaves together a careful play of curves and lines, challenging the perception of his creative style. In this paradox lies the essence of his artistry—a fusion of audacious flair and meticulous precision, creating a distinctive makeup narrative.


While he didn’t invent contouring, Kendra did take it to the next level. In the realm of sculpting and shadow play, he reigns supreme, and a scroll through this content creator’s gram will illustrate why. If you’re aiming for that killer eyeshadow and eyeliner look, Kendra has you covered with his sharp creations.

Peter Paul Laguisma

Angelique Manto, Kathryn Bernardo, Naomi Campbell—this makeup artist has recreated their looks and more. Peter Paul Laguisma, the creative beauty behind Looks by Peter Styles, presents a repertoire of makeup designs that blur the lines between celebrity emulation and artistic expression. Through his iconic works, this content creator inspires audiences, offering glimpses into a world where makeup becomes a conduit for channeling both celebrity allure and individual artistry.

Marsh Marlo

In the world of Marsh Marlo, it’s all about more is more. From film characters transitions to enchanting fairycore looks, this content creator is taking glam to the next level with the most vibrant gram you’ll ever encounter. All thanks to her how-to tutorials and face paint products recommendations, we’re empowered to recreate vivid versions of our artistic visions. 

Maxine Gorospe  

Whether you’re seeking everyday beauty beats or outside-the-box ideas, Maxine Gorospe is a must-follow for you. This content creator’s feed offers a little bit of everything—imagine sugar, spice, and everything nice. From cosplays to runway-ready glam and the most random concepts, what’s admirable is how she makes it all seem so wearable.

Pau Pelaez

No glam team? No problem—Pau Pelaez can run this show solo. This content creator’s portfolio reflects an artistic vision challenging traditional beauty standards. From makeup resembling real-life beauty filters to recreating Pokémon, it’s no wonder she’s going viral on TikTok.


Roleus is redefining beauty on his terms, showcasing a range from all-season glam to spine-tingling spooktober looks. This content creator’s versatility effortlessly shifts between beauty styles, ensuring that each visit to his profile unfurls a tapestry of beauty redefined and creativity unbound. Best believe that if you hit the follow button, you’ll find yourself recreating that sad clown look.

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6 Staples From Danica Ontengco's Closet For Style Inspo

Channel Your Inner Low-Key It-Girl With These Style Staples As Seen On Danica Ontengco

Basics are never boring.

Danica Ontengco’s got a face card that has no limit and a closet that makes every outfit a serve. Take style inspo with these items she’s been spotted loving!

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Do you ever wonder how creators and celebs look so stunning in just the simplest basics? Is it the confidence? It’s probably the confidence. Twenty-three-year old Danica Ontengco, or Danica O., is known for her chill vlogs, effortless style, and radiant aura. Her fashion is modern, minimalist, and best of all—comfortable. With her closet, Danica can go edgy, feminine, or casual-cool—a stylish versatility the new generation is fond of embracing. She looks fire in every outfit she wears, whether she’s in one of her signature white tanks or an oversized coat over a lace bra.

The creator, vlogger, and occasional actress pairs simple items with a never-declining face card and an air of confidence, her makeup always natural but striking. She opts for glitter and glam sometimes, but her off-duty casual looks are just as captivating. She’s got the effortless it-girl formula down to a T. So, whether you own the pieces below or not, take some inspiration from Danica Ontengco to be confident and look your best self in whatever you wear.


danica ontengco style inspo

A Y2K staple, a lacy or frilly camisole is making the rounds in the fashion cycle once again, and we’re kinda here for it! Honestly, in this weather, a thin sleeveless cami is a perfect airy piece. These days, you can find camis with different knit patterns, colors, and straps both in stores and at thrift shops, really solidifying their comeback.


danica ontengco style staples style inspo matching sets

Who doesn’t love a matching set? It’s like stylish pajamas. Whatever pairing the set comes in—shirt and shorts, shorts and a tank, tank and pants, pants and a jacket, jacket and a skirt—it’s perfect for those days where you don’t feel like thinking too hard about your outfit. You can even build your own. Pair the same shades with different styles and textures, like Danica’s satin tank with corduroy cargo pants, and you’re a style star.


danica ontengco style inspo slicked back hair

Not everyone enjoys the way they look with slicked-back hair, but you can’t deny the impact of an updo or ponytail with the hair slicked back. It’s sleek, it’s simple, it’s perfect for glam looks to show off the outfit or makeup—and it even works out perfectly when you feel like you’re having a bad hair day.


danica ontengco style inspo knit top

Whether you’re at brunch or at the beach, a cute crocheted top adds so much personality to an outfit. It’s breezy, it’s comfortable, and it’s totally in style. Not just a swimsuit cover-up, crochet tops can be paired with jeans, shorts, linen bottoms, and skirts—and they come in all sorts of styles and colorways. Bonus points if you know how to knit or crochet yourself!


danica ontengco fashion style inspo lace

Something about lace, particularly black lace, just adds a level of elegance and sensuality to an outfit. Danica’s lace bralette elevates the matching suit jacket and pants, and allows her to embrace her inner baddie and exude a confidence amplified by wearing the kind of fashion one loves. Lace can add so much to an outfit, and she knows how to utilize it well.


No matter how alternative you think your style is, there will always be room for a floral dress. It may be “feminine” or “too soft girl-core” for you, but a floral dress has proven time and time again that it can be styled in any number of ways and fit your persona however you see fit.

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6 Maris Racal Performances That Are The Definition Of Scene-Stealer

Her acting roles are lethal.

Whether it be the main role or a side character, you know Maris Racal is going to give what needs to be given.

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Ever since people first got to know Maris Racal in PBB, it was clear that there was a spark in her that made her destined for bigger things. And in the years since, she has delivered on that hype in a multitude of fields, especially when it comes to acting. In the dozens of acting projects Maris has taken on, the multi-talented star has proven to be a natural in front of the camera. 

Not just a meme queen and P-pop star, Maris doesn’t disappoint in the acting department. Whether it be a comedy, drama, or horror, she’s given us performances that have people talking for all the right reasons. Here are some of her scene-stealing roles from film and TV.


It’s a testament to Maris’ acting abilities that she’s able to stand out in the all-star cast of Can’t Buy Me Love. As the unapologetically mean-spirited baddie Irene Tiu, Maris relishes in the role as she gives us a rich socialite who doesn’t come off as cringe. The evil stepsister archetype in telesryes has been done to death by this point, but Maris makes the villainess fresh and exciting. There’s a reason why Maris’ kontrabida role has been going viral and got netizens raving. 


Here Comes The Groom follows two families, who, after crashing into each other under a solar eclipse, switch bodies with one another. And that includes Blesilda, played by Maris Racal. In the film, Blesilda is a devout Roman Catholic who holds her rosary and Bible close to her chest. But she switches bodies with Awra’s kontesera trainer Whitney. For most of the movie, Maris embodies Whitney’s kabogera and fierce attitude to a T as she brings to life Whitney’s joy of being in an actual girl’s body with a real family. Remember the “si nena ay baby pa” trend earlier this year? Yup, it came from this movie and specifically, Maris’ character. 


In this series from Antoinette Jadaoine, Angelica Panganiban plays Doctora Kara Teo, a sex guru who hosts a no-holds-barred midnight sex advice talk show called The Kangks Show. However, as her ratings plummet, a new upstart rises in the form of Maris Racal’s Cassandra, the host of a provocative sultry TikTok show called Kan *toot* Kalimot. As you can expect, their rivalry goes to some heated places. The show is arguably Maris’ most adult project to date, but she takes on the challenge head-on with the unapologetic youthfulness of Cassandra. Not to mention how she can hold her own with Angelica Panganiban. 


While many may remember 2016’s Vince & Kath & James as the film that helped launch Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia into superstardom, let’s not sleep on the fact that Maris Racal gave a strong performance in the film as well as Vince and Kath’s bestie, Maxine. While she didn’t have a lead role, Maris made sure to make the most of her scene-stealing screen time.  


It’s a shame that Pamilya Ko ended its run early due to the one-two punch of the COVID-19 pandemic and the denial of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, especially since Maris ate nearly every scene she had. In the series, she played the feisty yet loving Peachy Mabunga, who was not afraid to fight for the people she loved and the things she believed in. Her confrontation scene with the Irma Adlawan is already a highlight in itself. 


For her 5th and final appearance on Ipaglaban Mo, Maris saved the best for last. In the episode entitled Kakampi, Maris plays Maya, an immigrant living in Canada who has a close relationship with her special needs cousin Tin (Mary Joy Apostol). Sadly, Tin receives harsh treatment from her stepmother and half-siblings as Maya is away. When she discovers how badly mistreated Tin is, Maya files a petition to become her cousin’s legal guardian. Maris came in hard in this episode with a mix of anger and vulnerable emotion. She brought to life Maya’s stalwart defense of Tin as she made sure she would no longer be hurt by her stepfamily. 

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5 Reasons To Tune In To Nadine Lustre’s New Action Thriller Series ROADKILLERS

5 Reasons To Tune In To Nadine Lustre’s New Action Thriller Series ROADKILLERS

Stacey's on the run.

Nadine Lustre stars as a woman pushed to her limits to do whatever it takes in action thriller Roadkillers, streaming on Prime Video starting November 30. Here’s why we’re tuned in.

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We are so here for Nadine Lustre’s action-horror-suspense-mystery-thriller era. The 30-year old star has proven time after time that she’s able to take on a multitude of genres, earning herself a shelf chock-full of acting awards, from FAMAS Awards to a Gawad Urian. This time, she’s putting on her action-star boots and playing Stacey in Roadkillers, her first series since 2017. Stacey is a young woman pushed to the edge, embarking on a thrilling chase after a series of unfortunate events unfold—but is she the one chasing or being chased?

Roadkillers is a four-episode action-thriller series streaming on Prime Video starting November 30. It looks to be suspenseful and thrilling, featuring strong performances and a compelling story that has yet to unravel once the series airs its first two episodes on the 30th. In four episodes, we’ll learn why Stacey has a dead body in her car (and why it was stolen from her trunk), what happened with her father, what the shady deal she made was, what she’s running away from (or towards), and what in God’s name is truly going on. Here’s a few more reasons why we’re tuned in to Roadkillers.


nadine lustre roadkillers amazon prime video

Clearly a driven, spunky, and resolute young woman, Nadine’s Stacey takes on a whole slew of physical and emotional challenges in the series. From chasing down her enemies to jumping out of windows, pointing guns at bound-up people to carrying a corpse, Nadine is giving very much action star in Roadkillers, and we simply can’t wait to see her show off her rage, her range, and her stellar acting chops.


Redemption or retribution? Are you still at fault when you’ve run out of options? Is she the hunter or is she the prey? These are the questions presented to us in the teasers and trailers—the released clips give us only a glimpse into the thrilling story, pulling us into Stacey’s world of violence, desperation, and intrigue.


Filmmaker Rae Red wrote and directed the series. Rae is known for writing and directing crime thriller Babae at Baril (2019) and earning multiple awards for the film such as a Gawad Urian 2020 Best Cinematography award. She also co-wrote Birdshot (2016) and upcoming Nadine Lustre-starrer Nokturno with cousin Mikhail Red.

Rae has a penchant for the thriller genre, as well as for presenting harsh societal realities and the the complexity and power of women in films, thereby challenging the status quo and bringing something new to the fore. With the rise in popularity of women-led revenge films and the “final girl” concept, Roadkillers might just be a treat for those of us who love to watch a woman take the reins, kick butt, and look awesome while doing it.


A central relationship in Roadkillers is that between Stacey and her father, a bond that leads to Stacey doing unspeakable things to fulfill a promise. While we don’t know the whole story yet, we can assume all the events that transpire revolve around the two characters and that Stacey will do anything to do right by the people she loves.


Helmed by Rae Red, starring Nadine, Jerome Ponce, Bodjie Pascua, Francis Magundayao, and Elia Ilano, with cinematography by the award-winning Tey Clamor, known for 2019 films Babae at Baril and Metamorphosis, the action-packed and emotionally-charged Roadkillers looks to be a visual and narrative gem, with distinct style and tone creating an eerie, mysterious vibe that’ll get us glued to the edge of our seats.

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