6 Reasons Why The ABCD Girls Have Such A Relatable Friendship

Best of besties.

Andrea Brillantes, Bea Borres, Criza Taa, and Danica Ontengco, or the ABCD Girls, have a kind of friendship that’s relatable to watch.

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There’s nothing quite like a friendship with a group of girls. It involves a lot of laughter, a lot of chika, a few fights, plans that don’t come true, and a whole lot of love. There are plenty of girl squads that we love to watch, from the Euphoria girls to Taylor Swift’s girl squad, and we often relate, admire, or associate them with our own friendships. In this age of social media, friendships in the spotlight are fun and interesting to see—one of which is the friendship between the ABCD Girls.

Andrea Brillantes, Bea Borres, Criza Taa, and Danica Ontengco are four young women collectively known across social media as the ABCD Girls, a squad of besties that chronicle their lives and friendship in vlogs and videos on the Internet. The girls aren’t just some of the hottest content creators and artists of today—they boast stunning style, strong wills and mindsets, and a close friendship, too. Here’s why the ABCD Girls are one clique whose friendship is solid as a rock.

@blythehotasf ABCD GIRLS!!! #fyp #andreabrillantes #beaborres #crizataa #danicaontengco ♬ original sound – Chuychuy – SkyLoveCruz


From admitting that they sometimes use the fame card as creators and that they’ve drunk-dialed their exes to acknowledging their faults and mistakes, the girls always, always keep it 100 with each other and with their audience. Their friendship transcends beyond the camera—it’s their real lives and their real friendship, and we’re just getting a peek.


ABCD girls andrea brillantes criza taa bea borres danica ontengco


ABCD girls andrea brillantes criza taa bea borres danica ontengco


ABCD girls andrea brillantes criza taa bea borres danica ontengco


Their Mean Girls Halloween squad costume was just the tip of the iceberg—the girls can turn basics into the trendiest ‘fits. Their secret? It’s probably the confidence they carry. The ABCD Girls may have different styles reflecting their differing personalities and vibes, from “ka-petty” Bea Borres’ all-pink outfits to GRWM Queen Criza Taa’s youthful and sleek looks, but you can bet their personalities show every time they serve a look.



NILARO NA LANG TALAGA!!! manood kayo ng vlog namin link in bi0 HAHAHAHA + FAKE BODY we’re 18+

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A day with the girls is often just what we need, whether we’re feeling happy, sad, or angry. From playing drinking games to getting ready together, the ABCD Girls exude such girlhood energy. We learn their secrets, laugh at their jokes, and experience new things like we’re right there with them. Watching their vlogs makes you feel a similar kind of energy you feel when you’re getting ready with your girl friends or when you’re sitting down with them having a long-awaited chika session. And truth be told, there’s really nothing like those moments.


They cook together, they prank each other, they go into haunted houses together, they crash each other’s dates…the ABCD Girls have got the world at their feet and they’re making the most of it. With all the opportunities presented to them, they make sure to live their best life as individuals and together.


They may be a close barkada, but these four girls are getting to live out their own dreams individually. Traveling the world, creating content, attending events, and earning their own money for themselves or their family are just some among the list of things Andrea, Bea, Criza, and Danica have achieved at such young ages. Want that for me (and my friends).


In the midst of the chika and the kulitan, these four young women are each other’s Day 1’s through and through. They stick by each other, attend each others’ events, hype each other up, and recognize each other’s love languages and strengths.

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