Going Viral: 5 Reasons Why Criza Taa Is The Internet’s Crowned Queen Of GRWM Videos

She's that girl.

If you’re looking for funny GRWM videos, Criza is your girl.

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Thanks to social media, Gen Z celebrities have been rising to stardom faster than ever. Apart from promoting the latest talents in the showbiz scene, it’s incredibly easy for them to capture the hearts of the madalang people when we get a glimpse of their day-to-day lives beyond our TV screens. A case in point: Criza Taa.

Since her stint as one of the former housemates on Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the 19-year-old actress has never ceased to be in the spotlight. You might recognize her as Roxanne in Kadenang Ginto or as Naih in He’s Into Her. Regardless, there’s a good chance you’ve scrolled through her TikToks with the ABCD Girls. Just when we thought Criza Taa couldn’t become any more viral, she adds GRWM Queen to her already extensive list of accomplishments.

Below, we’ve rounded up five fun reasons why she’s taking over the throne.

She’s That Trendy

@mscrizataa Replying to @user6811863810404 ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Strawberry makeup look? Served. Searching for clean girl makeup products? Check her yellow basket. Before influencer marketing managers could tell you what the hottest TikTok trends and hashtags are right now, Criza Taa has already tapped into it. From fashion-forward looks to the latest beauty releases, she’s the trendy icon who effortlessly dominates the ever-changing landscape of social media. If you’re looking to start creating content, take notes from her feed.

That Transition was Smooth 


gimme more babe

♬ Originalton – speed up songs

Apart from her GRWM vlogs, you know what really makes Criza’s content stand out? It’s that seamless flow, fam. When she’s filming a makeup look, this 19-year-old is killing it with transitions smoother than butter and a beat drop. Now, to whoever said that content creation is ‘not that hard,’ try recreating her most viral videos.

Authentic and Relatable AF


bday shoot vlog link in bi0OOO!!

♬ original sound – Criza Taa

While most celebrities wear a carefully constructed persona, this actress isn’t afraid to share her authentic self. Did I mention that she’s also relatable AF? She’s like the friend you can always count on for real talk and chismis.

If I were you, watch her videos whenever you’re getting ready. For starters, who isn’t obsessed with her sense of humor? Plus, there are her gentle reminders about self-love and self-confidence that will make you feel like that girl.

Criza Taa Bought It? Consider Me Budol-ed


another unboxing ang atake ko

♬ Cool modern chill out, 10 minutes(1001927) – 8.864

If you’re looking for the latest makeup that lives up to the hype, you better check out Criza’s yellow basket. It’s even more on point if you watch her haul videos. You’ll be in the know about all the hottest beauty products she’s loving and why they’re total game-changers. I remember buying those gray non-prescription contact lenses, and you best beliver I’m not the only one who got budol-ed into trying them.

Going Viral (For Other Reasons)


mr. mahiyain naman ang darling ko na yern

♬ walshy bae owns this sound – RECXRDDEAL

Criza Taa is indeed the crowned Queen of GRWM videos, but she’s not just going viral for her beauty content. Besides proving the incredible power of female friendship with the ABCD Girls, everyone is shipping her with Onie de Guzman. If you need one more reason to stan, she’s currently living life in a boy best friend trope—and we’re here for it.

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