How To Recreate The Trending Strawberry Girl Lewk, According To These Gen Z Stars

It's giving Strawberry Shortcake realness.

The Strawberry Girl lewk is surprisingly simple! Just peep AC Bonifacio, Criza Taa, and Ashley Del Mundo for the tutorial.

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From Cherry Cola lips, we’re in for something sweeter and food-based with the Strawberry Girl makeup look. Only this time, we’re all about flushed and freckled cheeks. Think of the trend as a no-makeup makeup look, but with that post-beach glow (or maybe, post-strawberry picking glow).

The Strawberry Girl makeup look serves radiant, sun-kissed skin, with luscious lashes, and a touch of berry-pink-red blush. It’s like taking tomato girl summer and adding that sweet, Strawberry Shortcake realness. While we’re mimicking the seeds of an actual strawberry, the Strawberry Girl lewk is surprisingly simple—no stress. Just peep celebs AC Bonifacio, Criza Taa, and Ashley Del Mundo for the tutorial.

AC Bonifacio


grwm strawberry makeup + small kwento hehehehe

♬ Cool modern chill out, 10 minutes(1001927) – 8.864

With those amazing red curls, AC Bonifacio is already rocking the Strawberry Girl look. Still, that didn’t stop her from recreating the trend. In a chill GRWM video, she’s serving Strawberry Shortcake realness while spilling the tea about her most spontaneous trip from Korea to Bali. Girl? Let’s absolutely talk about those travel goals!

To achieve the lewk, the trendsetter blends the Ready Set Glow Badass Face Tint in Over the Moon with the Rare Beauty Positive Light Luminizer in Enchant. While admitting she isn’t always a blush girlie, here’s her go-to trick: she grabs a blush brush and casually sweeps that combo across her nose, lids, and cheekbones–no biggie. And AC Bonifacio, being extra as always, sets everything with an added layer of blush.

Criza Taa

@mscrizataa Replying to @user6811863810404 ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

If you’re looking for funny GRWM videos, Criza is your girl. Seriously, I had to rewatch everything because I’m all about her humor.

In her recent TikTok post, the actress and content creator recreates the OG Strawberry Girl look—with freckles and all. She starts off slowly with a bright pink SHEGLAM blush, swiping it over the tip of her nose and her cheekbones. Moving on, she creates faux freckles by dotting on a SHEGLAM freckle tint. Her trusty tip? Pop those bad boys in the most random places to keep ’em looking totally au naturel.

Ashley Del Mundo

@lallainashleyy Had to try it out 🍓 #strawberrymakeup ♬ original sound – 🌛

Ashley’s take on the trend is perfect for everyday makeup—it’s just that easy. Is everyone starting school next week? Well, better take notes.

Just like AC Bonifacio, she’s blending blushes to serve that very berry lewk. She tops the Lucky Beauty Blush and Lip Cream in Delicate with a Rare Beauty Soft Pinch blush in Happy. Seemingly going for that all-pink glow, she slays the look with a soft shade of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss.

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