Cherry Cola Lips are Tiktok’s Latest Beauty Trend

It's Lana Del Rey coded.

Deep browns reminiscent of cola syrup and cherry reds are at the core of the lip trend. 

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Another day, another rapidly rising beauty trend, as Tiktok content creators have been swapping in the ‘latte makeup’ for something similarly caffeinated. With 13.9M views, we’re introducing the Cherry Cola Lips. Guess what? It’s serving Lana Del Rey realness. Think cherry reds, soda pops, and southern gothic-esque—the trend is totally screaming the Americana aesthetic and LDR lore. 

Given that she literally has a track titled ‘Cola’, Tiktok’s take on the Cherry Cola Lips style is slightly juicier, rather than leaning towards the nostalgic, melancholic, and coquettish ambiance of Lana Del Rey.

All About the Cherry Cola Lips

@lydiafowlermua1 🥤🍒 would you wear it? #cherrycolalipgloss #makeuptrend ♬ Say Yes To Heaven – Sped Up – Lana Del Rey

If you’re down to try out the Cherry Cola Lips look, you gotta grab a red-brown lip liner, a few shades darker than your skin tone, and a cherry gloss. If you don’t have ’em, no worries, we’ll recommend locally available lippies later.

Alright, for step one, it’s all about overlining those upper and lower lips, keeping in sync with their natural shape. Now, step two is where we tackle those outer corners using a trusty (not crusty) lip liner. For the final touch, take your go-to gloss and get those lips looking extra juicy!

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