BANG YEDAM Is Definitely Above “Officially Cool” Status

Joint slay.

BANG YEDAM opens up about his new single, working with aespa’s WINTER, meeting his Filipino fans, and more.

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BANG YEDAM has worked with quite a handful of artists over the years. But his most recent one is arguably his coolest to date. Last April 2, the solo artist got the K-pop world talking when he dropped his new song, Officially Cool, with aespa’s WINTER. The two artists combine their impeccable vocal abilities for an easy-to-listen tune that you’ll have on replay for a while. The song reminds us that there indeed is a rainbow at the end of the storm as the post-breakup bop talks about a couple who is no more yet come to terms with where they are and sustain an officially cool relationship as friends. 

It’s an energy YEDAM and WINTER brought to the number, and YEDAM has nothing but praise for his collaborator. “Her abilities are perfect and I definitely think she really fits the vibe of this track,” YEDAM gushes to NYLON Manila. And while YEDAM does admit their first moments on the set of the music video were awkward, he and WINTER were able to find that easygoing chemistry as the shoot went on. “We found ourselves chatting away as we filmed so the atmosphere at the shoot became lighter.” 



It’s yet another meal from YEDAM to his listeners, especially his Filipino fans who are just a few weeks away from seeing YEDAM in person when he travels to the country for his first fan meeting in Manila on June 1. And yes, as early as now, he already has his eyes set on doing the pilgrimage many idols have done whenever they come to the Philippines. “It’s my first time going [to the Philippines] and what I do whenever I visit a place for the first time, I always try local foods or experience really delicious cuisines,” he explains. “I heard about the hamburger place, Jollibee. I would like to go there and enjoy their food.” 

Get to know more about Officially Cool, YEDAM’s time working with WINTER, and more in our interview with the multi-hyphenate performer below. 

If you are to describe the track, ‘Officially Cool’, in one word, what is it?

I think I would describe Officially Cool as “tingly”.

How was it working with (Aespa’s) Winter? How did you think that she’s the perfect fit for the track?

First of all, her abilities are perfect and I definitely think she really fits the vibe of this track. She is the best!



Did you feel any pressure while doing this collaboration? As it is a project with a big star, did you have any worries or such?

It was really, really, quite burdensome than I thought since she is really a huge star. Also, it was a chance to show our vocal chemistry. I thought that was very important. But I think a good synergy came out of it so I’m proud of it.

Are there any points you have learned from this collaboration?

The track has very high notes and originally I had this fear and pressure to hit high notes. But when I tried it, I was able to hit them. So in the future songs that I will be making, I can now express myself in a wider vocal range and that makes me proud of myself.



Are there any fun episodes during the music video shoot with (Aespa’s) Winter?

It was really awkward during the first few hours. But as time passed, as we’re also humans, we found ourselves chatting away as we filmed so the atmosphere at the shoot became lighter. I also prepared a gift for her. She said she really liked it so I was touched.

These days, TikTok challenges are a thing to promote songs, have you thought of making or is there already one for ‘Officially Cool’?

Since this track is a duet, I think couples or friends can use it in certain situations where the song fits and vibe to it – please make and do the challenge for me. I think it would be fun!! I think the 2nd verse is the perfect part for it. There’s a part that goes, ‘block (hold up), pause (what?)’, I think if the couples make it fit that part. I think it would be fun!



You’ve collaborated with big names such as Winter, B.I, and Big Naughty; are there any artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Collaborating with hip-hop and R&B artists? I’ve thought about that lots of times. I think it would also be interesting to try with artists who have very distinct colors but do different genres than me. I think that would result in unique sounds so I am looking forward (to trying those).

You are an all-rounder – writing, composing, vocals, etc.; you participate in a lot but is there a field that you would like to try and explore deeper?

I like watching movies and playing (video) games. I also like watching sports. I don’t think I’ve thought about going deeper in just one area; I do everything little by little, I feel like I just watch everything closely. But I do think I might fall for something this time around. I bet baseball has a high probability! I find baseball to be fun these days.



You are about to meet your fans in the Philippines this June, how do you feel about that? Do you have anything that you would like to do there, like a bucket list or something?

I really wanted to meet the fans in the Philippines. It’s my first time going there and what I do whenever I visit a place for the first time, I always try local foods or experience really delicious cuisines. I heard about the hamburger place, Jollibee. I would like to go there and enjoy their food.

What message do you have for your Filipino fans? 

To the Philippine BY:Ds, I know you’ve waited for a long time but I’ll be seeing you soon so please look forward to it and please do support me. I love you!

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