10 K-pop Stars Whose Guilty Pleasure Is Jollibee

Bida and saya.

K-pop idols, they’re just like us.

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There are a few things more quintessentially Pinoy than Jollibee. The fast food chain has stood toe-to-toe with the biggest international chains to become not just a local favorite, but one whose impact is felt in other countries, too. Whether as a budget lunch or a congratulatory meal after school, Jollibee is that fast food staple enjoyed by generations. 

There’s nothing like biting into a crispy piece of Chickenjoy, savoring the sweet sauce of Jolli Spaghetti, and don’t get us started on the peach mango pie. It’s something even K-pop stars can’t resist. Consider it a must-do experience for any international idol that their trip to the country won’t be complete without trying the local favorite. Check out the K-pop artists who’ve indulged on some Jollibee.  




It’s no secret that Sandara Park loves Filipino food, including Jollibee. Our Pambansang Krung-Krung makes it a point to order from the fast food chain whenever she visits the country. And her love for the iconic bee extends to her members from 2NE1. ICYDK, when the girl group was in the country in 2014 for a concert, they held an actual party at a Jollibee branch. Who says a Jollibee party is only for kids? Not 2NE1. 




The real ones know that Jollibee hits best when you have it as a congratulatory meal after doing well in school or a long day at work. So, when SEVENTEEN wrapped up their two-day sold-out Be The Sun shows at MOA Arena last October, they naturally celebrated with a meal, and that included Jollibee and Mang Inasal. 


Believe it or not, there isn’t a single Jollibee store in South Korea (shocking, we know). So, it’s understandable that when aespa landed in Manila for the first time last April, they went searching for the local staple. Members Giselle and Karina both shared their experience trying their food, with the former saying that she wanted to order more of the gravy because it was so good (same) and the latter showcasing her full meal of Jolly Spaghetti, Chickenjoy, Jolly Hotdog, and peach mango pie. They’re just like us fr. 


@superryujin ITZY TAKING THEIR JOLLIBEE ❤️😄 #ITZY #lia #chaeryeong #YUNA #itzyinmaniladay ♬ Cheshire – ITZY

It seems quite fitting that when ITZY arrived in the Philippines at the start of 2023 for their two-day concert, one of their first meals was Jollibee. The set-up of the rows of Chickenjoy and Jolli Spaghetti with the soft drinks lowkey gave birthday party vibes, but we’re kinda here for it. And to top it all off, when the group returned a few months later for their BENCH fanmeet, they were spotted checking out Jollibee t-shirts. 


As men of culture, GOT7 is no stranger to the tastes of Jollibee, with members such as BamBam, Yugeyom, and Youngjae all sharing that they’ve had Jollibee. The latter even went on Instagram Live to do a Jollibee mukbang.


@yoyo_ik0n Yummy😋 #Jollibee #inManila ♬ How`s Your Day – aAp Vision

You know the Jollibee is hitting when you dedicate an entire video to it. Such was the case when iKON’s Song shared a video of him on TikTok walking to a Jollibee branch reportedly at Ali Mall in Quezon City and getting the go-to meal of many, a 1 pc Chickenjoy and Jolli Spaghetti. 




One of the many reasons why we love ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo is that the Korean superstar used to study in the Philippines for a few years. So, as someone quite familiar with the country, it’s no surprise that he has eaten at Jollibee before, and even shared a picture of himself holding a cup from the red bee. 


When LE SSERAFIM made their anticipated first trip to the Philippines to attend the Asia Artist Awards in Bulacan, not only did they slay their performance and steal the hearts of their Filo fans, but the group also enjoyed some Jollibee. Before the trip, Yunjin asked Filipino FEARNOTS for food recommendations, one of which was Jollibee. So, when she was in the country, she helped herself to some Jollibee and Halo-Halo. And yes, she said she enjoyed it. 


iKON’s 2020 concert in Manila is remembered by many for when the group devoured their dance cover of Sarah Geronimo’s Tala. But the concert was also the time when Yoon mentioned that Hoony brought them to Jollibee and had a great time enjoying the food. 


Given how many times the members of EXO have been to the Philippines, either as a group or for their solo activities, you would think they would have tried Jollibee at least once right? Yup, they did, along with other local delicacies. 

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