7 Filipino Dancers K-pop Idols Are Lowkey Stans Of

These Filipinos may just live rent-free in the minds of these idols.

TBH, we don’t blame them. When you dance this well, you have no choice but to stan, as these Filipino dancers prove. 

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When it comes to K-pop, no music video or performance is complete without killer choreography. Being a good dancer is expected from any idol. The genre often entails slick dance moves that showcase their talents, not to mention have fans dropping their jaws in awe. As such, K-pop idols can appreciate someone who also can set the stage on fire with their moves, something a few Filipinos can attest to. 

Whether they’re content creators or choreographers, a few talented Pinoy dancers can proudly say that their global fanbase includes some of the biggest K-pop idols in the world. Talent supporting talent? We love to see it. Check out the Pinoy dancers who have caught the attention of K-pop idols and had us go, sana all.  


@nianaguerrero this song and dance is everything 😭🔥 #standingnexttoyou ♬ Standing Next to You – Jung Kook

At this point, which K-pop idol hasn’t noticed Niana Guerrero? From groups to soloists, the social media superstar has been living the Y/N life with how many idols have done her viral dance challenges, liked her videos, and even danced alongside her. Even Jungkook is a fan, as seen by how he follows her on TikTok and has liked and commented on a few of her videos. An idol among idols fr. 




Filipino choreographer Brian Puspos has made a name for himself as one of the most talented dancers in the industry, and he has the clientele to prove it, such as his work with BTS. Not only are the members big fans of him, but they’ve also done some of his choreography. Serendipity and Butterfly are just some of the BTS tracks Brian has choreographed. Most recently, he was tapped by Jungkook to be one of his dancers for his Golden era, a stint that went from initially being two weeks to five months. Brian and JK are practically besties at this point.


No list of iconic K-pop choreographers is complete without including Shaun Evaristo. He’s often associated with his work for YG Entertainment, where he helped choreograph timeless hits for stars like Taeyang, G-Dragon, 2NE1, and Se7en. The Fil-Am dancer and choreographer’s work and style inspired generations to come, which is no wonder why he became a favorite of many idols. 


@yg_treasure_tiktok You ain’t ready for this… Blue Hunnids Challenge with @AndreeBonifacio 🥶💙 #트레저 #TREASURE #하루토 #HARUTO #박정우 #PARKJEONGWOO #HELLO #MANILA ♬ original sound – JMRBLS

Ever since she was a pre-teen, AC Bonifacio has been making fans with her dance moves. So, it’s no surprise that her fanbase expands all four corners of the world. And that attention includes the world of K-pop. Some of her many, many achievements include taking home second place in the How You Like That global dance cover competition, getting praised by Kyle Hanagami and Kiel Tutin, and TikTok collabs with TREASURE’s Haruto and Jeongwoo and XG’s Jurin and Maya, to name a few. 


Founded and headed by hip-hop dance coach duo The Ardas (siblings MJ and Angelica Arda), A-Team has been killing it on the stage since 2011, winning several major international titles. Not only that, they’ve also worked with a few global A-list stars, most notably Jessi when she tapped the Careless Music signee to perform at and alongside her at her concert in Manila. Oh, and when YG Entertainment came to the Philippines last April to hold auditions, they chose A-Team-owned Zero Studio in Quezon City as the venue. Even a company from the Big Four knows what’s up. 




If you see Keone and Mari’s names on the credits of a K-pop music video, you know the choreography is going to eat. Whether together or as individuals, this couple has the distinction of working with the Big Four companies (YG, JYPE, SM, and HYBE) as well as top groups like 2NE1, GOT7, F(X), and BTS. Some of the songs you can catch their choreography in include Fire, Not Today, and Just Right

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