8 OPM Artists K-pop Idols Can’t Get Enough Of 

These idols are low-key stans of OPM.

Check the playlists of some of the biggest K-pop stars in the world, and you’ll find these OPM stars in their roster. 

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In the same way that Filipinos listen to a lot of genres from around the world, so too do other nationalities listen to OPM. As OPM continues to grow, so too do its listeners as the rest of the world catches up to what we’ve been enjoying for decades. And among international OPM listeners include a few K-pop idols. TBH, we don’t blame them for how they have OPM tracks in their playlists and recommended folder. Even your faves listen to OPM. Check out these unexpected but welcome crossovers between OPM and K-pop. 


In just a few years, Zack has built a global fanbase thanks to his piercing tracks that cross boundaries and language barriers. Some of those fans happen to be K-pop idols. BTS’ JungkookENHYPEN’s Heeseung, and G(I)-DLE’s Minnie have all listened to, recommended, and even covered Zack’s songs.


Baddies supporting their fellow baddies? We know that’s right. Denise Julia has been taking over the charts recently with the release of her debut album, and one of the tracks that has caught listeners’ attention is B.A.D. The sensual and catchy R&B banger is a fitting display of the queen of situationship’s talents to the point where it’s even got aespa’s Giselle and KISS OF LIFE’s Belle moving. And not only did the aespa member share on Instagram that she was listening to the track, but she even posted a cover of herself doing the viral B.A.D dance challenge on social media..


Filipinos aren’t the only ones who obsess over Ben&Ben’s heartfelt anthems. So too do K-pop idols. Over the years, superstars such as TWICE’s MomoRed Velvet’s Wendy, and NCT’s MarkRenjun, Chenle, and Taeyong have all heaped praise on the OPM folk band, the latter even doing a cover of Pagtinging during one of his livestreams. And let’s also not forget the time when DAY6’s Young K hopped on a remix of Leaves after the idol shared his admiration for the track during a livestream. 


@galelvsjw JAY IS SO COOL 😎 #jay #jongseong #enhypen #fyp #foryou #engene #raininginmanila #lolaamour @lolaamourmusic ♬ Raining In Manila – Lola Amour

When Lola Amour released Raining In Manila earlier this year, little did they know that not only would the track bring them to new heights, but also have their music reach new borders. Case in point, the hit song reached the ears, and not to mention playlists, of ENHYPEN, where the members, such as Heeseung, Jay, and Jake, played the tune on their lives. 

Jay even learned how to play the track on the guitar while Jake bopped to it on two separate occasions. And if that wasn’t enough, Jake also listened to another viral Lola Amour track, Fallen, during one of his livestreams. P1HARMONY’s Jiung and GOT7’s BamBam also listened to the track and treated their Filipino fans to their cover of the track.


July 9, 2022 will be the day remembered for when V shared to the world that he jams to a Filipino artist in his playlist. In a vlog, V sang and jammed to some of his favorite songs, which included Sorry from OPM artist Paolo Sandejas. The fact that V sang some of the lyrics to the 2020 jam about what ifs, regret, and finding closer means that he’s heard it enough times to be familiar with the song. Paolo, understandably, was over the moon over the inclusion and dropped a cover of V’s Christmas Tree as a thank you.


If you need any more reasons why Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM should be on your bias list, she once shared on X (formerly Twitter) that she listens to COME INSIDE MY HEART by IV OF SPADES. The absolute taste! 


@ateez_official_ GENTO #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #SAN #산 ♬ GENTO – SB19

GENTO really is that girl. In one of our favorite pop culture moments of the year, SB19’s lead single off their PAGTATAG! EP became a viral trend in South Korea, leading to dozens of K-pop idols jumping on the Gento dance trend as it became the dc of the moment for many idols. Everyone and their mothers were doing it. And that’s on top of other Korean artists recommending the group’s songs to their fans. 


Here’s your sign to expand your OPM tastes beyond the mainstream acts. There’s exciting music to be found in young and up-and-coming local stars. Even K-pop idols know this with how BTS’ RM, ENHYPEN’s Jay, and THE BOYZ’s Eric have all included Filipino rapper-singer Young Cocoa’s hit track Manila in their playlists at one point or another. JAY X Young Cocoa collab when?

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