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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Low-key A Fan Of Pinay Rapper Alex Bruce’s Song, ‘Yakap’


During the latest episode of Channie’s Room, Stray Kids Bang Chan gave a listen to Yakap by 15-year-old rapper Alex Bruce. And that’s on your faves listening to OPM.

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To describe Stay Kids’ Bang Chan as a multi-hyphenate is an understatement. He’s the leader of the group, an exceptional singer and dancer, an instrumental part to most of the group’s songs, and is friends with perhaps half of the K-pop industry. But one thing fans also love about Bang Chan is that he has varied taste in music. No matter where it’s from or what language it is in, Bang Chan is down to give many tracks a listen. And that also includes OPM as he listened to a track from young rap star Alex Bruce.


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During episode 157 of Channie’s Room, Bang Chan listened to a bunch of songs recommended by Stays, as it is usual in other episodes. One of the songs he listened to was Yakap by Alex Bruce. And based on his reaction, he very much enjoyed the song, saying afterwards, “Whoa, this is my first time listening to this song, but wow! The song is so good. This is the genre I like, so I feel like I’ve received such a good recommendation.” What makes this even better is that a Pinoy Stay recommended the song to Bang Chan during a fan call event. To that fan, we hope you sleep good tonight.

In case this is the first time you’ve heard of her; Alex Bruce is a 15-year-old Filipina rapper making waves in the industry. Despite her young age, Alex is seen as a fierce performer who not only makes bops, but songs that touch on more serious issues like mental health. The song Yakap was released in October 2020 and is a fever dream set onto slow, hypnotizing beats that takes you in a trance. The R&B love song features both Alex’s smooth vocals, as well as her fiery bars. Upon release, the track charted on Spotify’s Philippine Viral 50, so it’s little surprise that Bang Chan had nothing but good things to say about it. We love a man with taste. Alex did see Bang Chan listen to her song, and she reacted in how most people would react when a A-list K-pop star listens to one of your songs.


By the way, we would just like to point out that the music video of the song features SB19’s Justin. So, if Bang Chan did watch the MV, that means he saw Justin, which brings our SB19xK-pop interaction dreams that much closer. Who knows, maybe next time Bang Chan could listen to a song from the group. This isn’t the first time that Bang Chan has shown love to young female rappers from Southeast Asia. In 2021, he listened to Mirror Mirror which featured his bandmate Changbin. But he also praised MILLI and her verses that were absolute serves. This also isn’t the first time that Bang Chan listened to OPM on Channie’s Room. Some local acts he’s listened to and loved include Ben&Ben and Shane G.

So, be like Bang Chan and go listen to some OPM. If you want to hear more of Alex Bruce, we recommend you play the self-titled debut EP she dropped in December 2021. You’re welcome.

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