Just Like You, ENHYPEN Also Listens To OPM As Seen On Their Spotify Playlist

We love to see it.

ENHYPEN included a fan favorite from young rapper Young Cocoa on their Spotify playlist. Now all we need now is to manifest a collab with Young Cocoa and Enhypen.

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ENHYPEN has been making the rounds as of late after dropping their latest comeback. They’ve been busy promoting their new music through variety show appearances and performances. But in between their busy schedules, the boys also have time to curate their own Spotify playlist. And a scroll through their song choices shows that just like you, they too listen to OPM.


ENHYPEN x Ami Paris - YouTube

Recently, Ami Paris, the fashion house ENHYPEN is currently ambassadors for, revealed the Ami Paris XVI – Curated by Enhypen Spotify playlist. As the name suggests, the playlist was composed of picks from the members and includes the usual suspects like their own songs and global stars like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. But scrolling through the playlist shows that the boys also included a track from young Pinoy rapper and musician.


Track eight of the playlist is Manila by Young Cocoa. In case you didn’t know, Young Cocoa is an up-and-coming OPM artist. Released in 2020, Manila is a chill and smooth hip-hop-funk tinged track that sees Cocoa share his love for Manila and what it’s like being in the metro after growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia. The single includes many references to the city such as mentioning locations like EDSA, Alabang, and even Katip. He even adds a reference to Angkas in the lyrics.

Given the song’s sound and vibe, we weren’t that shocked that ENHYPEN would include the song. Though it still is a pleasant surprise given how with all the big OPM acts to choose from, the group chose an artist who is still on the steady rise. While there’s no official word on which member picked the song, it seems as if Jay may have added the song to the playlist. During a recent Vlive, he said that he likes and listens to the song.

“Adding the fact that respected and renowned figures in the Korean music scene openly recommending my music makes it even crazier to digest,” the young rapper/singer-songwriter said in reaction to the inclusion. “All I can really say is it’s changed how I appreciate my own music and gives me so many reasons to be grateful.”


This actually is not the first time a K-pop idol has talked about Young Cocoa’s biggest hit to date. RM once included the song in one of his curated playlists. The track has also been talked about by Eric from THE BOYZ, Omega X, Dawon of SF9 and Lia Kim from 1Million Dance Studio. Manila has actually been trending in Korea for a while now and has a fanbase in the country.

For those who knew of Young Cocoa or heard Manila, then you already know how good of a song it is. But renewed exposure for talented young musician never hurts and in fact, Manila peaked at number five on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 viral chart. All we can say it ENHYPEN has taste and we love how they are using their platform to promote smaller artists. And things got even better when Jay himself responded to Young Cocoa’s tweet telling him that he’s down for a collab. Maybe dreams do come true.

You can check out ENHYPEN’s playlist here. As for Young Cocoa, he’s currently in the works on an EP expected to be dropped this year. In the meantime, check out his performance at the NYLON Manila Live Anniversary Concert below.

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