ENHYPEN Serves Visuals And Their Inner Bad Boy In The Latest Comeback, Blessed-Cursed

ENHYPEN's new comeback is definitely a blessing than a curse.

ENHYPEN introduces a new side to themselves in Blessed-Cursed, giving us one of their best music videos to date with this visual showcase.

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2021 was a great year for ENHYPEN, to say the least. Following their debut in 2020, the past year proved to be a banner and breakthrough moment for the seven-member group. They low-key dropped one of the best K-pop albums of the year with BORDER: CARNIVAL that contained soon-to-be classics like FEVER and Drunk-Dazed. They then followed it up with their first full-length album, DIMENSION: DILEMMA that was filled with even more bops. And 2022 already looks to be another great year for ENHYPEN with the release of their latest comeback, Blessed-Cursed.


After a bit of drama and an accidental early release, Blessed-Cursed is finally here. A pop-rock, hip-hop, trap hybrid, this release sees the group sing about realizing that they are cursed when they thought they had it all. But it also sees them take initiative on your own life and living the way you want to. The track also serves as a bit of a tie-in to their upcoming webtoon, Dark Moon, dropping on January 16. Sonically, it’s a bit of a retro throwback and different from their past release, especially when compared to their last lead comeback single, Tamed-Dashed. But the new sound suits them quite well.

ENHYPEN has delivered when it comes to the visuals department, but Blessed-Cursed may just be one of their best projects to date. They take on a distinctly more bad boy vibe in the music video, which absolutely worked for them. The whole MV is a visual treat for any fan as seen by those shots of the members in the blue and red lighting. And while every member looks great, a special shoutout has to go to Jake, Jay, and Sunoo for their solo parts. They ate up their fits and did what needed to be done.

Along with the release of Blessed-Cursed is the repackaged album DIMENSION : ANSWER. It includes all the songs from their previous album, DIMENSION : DILEMMA, as well as three new tracks; the aforementioned Blessed-Cursed, Polaroid Love, and Outro : Day 2. With ENHYPEN already dropping another bop and with rumors suggesting that they will be going on a world tour this year, 2022 looks to be another exciting year for ENHYPEN and ENGENE. We can’t wait.

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