8 Viral 2021 TikTok Trends You Didn’t Know Were Started By Filipinos

Pinoy users did that!

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Every week, it seems that there is always a new trend or challenge popping up on TikTok. 2021 saw no shortage of trends for users to participate in or simply enjoy for viewing pleasure. But some moments had more lasting power than others and among the trends that truly left an impact in the past year, some of which were created by Filipino users. These weren’t trends that just became a hit among other Pinoy users, but also gained a following all over the world. In a vast ocean of videos made in the past year aiming for viral stardom, there were Pinoy made trends that cut through the noise to become a global hit on the platform. Here then are just some of the viral TikTok trends from 2021 that you may not know were started by Filipinos.



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♬ the psycho intro gone wrong ㅠㅠ – Arielle

Red Velvet’s Psycho remains an iconic song and one of the group’s most signature tracks. That longevity is partially thanks to the song’s memorable opening. It’s not an easy opening to do as this viral TikTok trend shows. User @boopology, who goes by the name Arielle, uploaded her cover of Psycho, but hilariously botched the opening. Users asked her to turn her intro gone wrong to a sound and 150,000 videos later, the viral sound has been used worldwide to comically soundtrack moments gone wrong, usually in the world of K-pop.




♬ Heartbreak Anniversary – Marc Daniel Bernardo

Among the many songs that went viral on TikTok in 2021, one of the most memorable was Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon. The R&B track spread like wildfire on the video sharing app and one reason for the song’s success if Filipino TikTok stars Marc Daniel Bernardo and his girlfriend Katkat. The two created the uber-popular dance challenge commonly associated with the song. Their choreo went everywhere and for a time was even a favorite of ENHYPEN’S Ni-Ki as he would often post his cover of the challenge on the group’s TikTok account.



Reply to @asisti1 Thank uu for supporting my new dance? And congrats to @bellapoarch for her new song Inferno? grabee?? ##ShineSena ##trending ##fyp

♬ INFERNO – Sub Urban & Bella Poarch

The story behind this dance challenge is actually super sweet and a reflection of how anyone can really go viral on the platform. When Bella Poarch dropped her song INFERNO, Filipino TikTok user Shine Sena did a dance challenge for the song and it soon went viral. Bella herself actually caught wind of the dance challenge and not only did she comment on the original dance cover, but she also posted her own version. Filipinos supporting Filipinos, we love to see it, always. 



?무궁화 꽃이 엉덩이에 피면 생기는 일? ##추천 ##fyp ##오징어게임

♬ Squid Game x I Do It For You – Albert Nicolas

Squid Game definitely had its moment on TikTok with millions creating videos about the show all together racking up billions of views. In fact, the most liked TikTok video in the Philippines was one about Squid Game with people recreating the Red Light, Green Light in real life. Speaking of Red Light, Green Light, this viral TikTok trend takes that and combines it with the platform’s ability to make anything go viral. Pinoy TikTok content creator Albert Nicolas combined the gunshot sounds used during the game with the intro to (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Brandy to make for a truly unique sound. And it’s clear that a lot of people liked it with the sound being used nearly 200,000 times and the most popular video using it having over 13.4 million likes. Even K-pop groups like MAMAMOO and ATEEZ used his sound.



new dance who dis ? tag creators u wanna see hit this one ? (DC: ME)

♬ Booty Wurk – Niana Guerrero

Not only does Niana Guerrero know how to kill a dance challenge, but she also can start them to. Earlier in 2021, Niana poster her own dance challenge to Booty Wurk by T-Pain and it quickly went viral. Her sound has been used over 760,000 times that attracted attention from all for corners of the world. Her dance challenge was so popular that T-Pain himself contacted Niana to talk to her. And if that’s not enough, the 15-year-old also had another viral dance challenge with her cover of Kiss Kiss.



##dancetrend ##mashup ##remix

♬ LOTUS FLOWER BOMB x YRN – Michael Napiza

One of the most popular sounds to make its way through TikTok this year was this remix of Lotus Flower Bomb and YRN. If you didn’t participate in the trend, then chances are you at least heard it on for FYP. And you have 18 year old producer Michael Napiza to thank for the remix as he created it. Michael has done some pretty fire remixes over the past year but this one really took off to the tune of over 3.5 million sound uses. He even joked about deleting the sound just for fun.



우리의 컨셉을 맞춰보세요?. ##hook


Nearly anything can go viral on TikTok, including songs that were released years ago. Meghan Trainor knows this very well as she saw Title go from a B-side on her debut album to a mega viral trend used millions of times on TikTok. Another one of her songs that went viral was Me Too and she can partially thank Pinoy content creator and influencer Barry Allen for the song’s extended success. He came up with the viral dance challenge associated with the song. As of this writing, his sound for the song has been used over 1.4 million times.



imagine being posted to this sound aha &lt/3 ##fyp ##inmymind ##CandyCrushAllStars

♬ In My Mind – Lyn Lapid

Many songs went viral on TikTok this year alone, and In My Mind by Lyn Lapid was one of those songs that made an impact on the video sharing app. The 19-year-old Filipina musician based in the US has gone viral a few times already, but her song was one that really made the rounds on TikTok. If having a song go viral on TikTok is not enough, Lyn’s also responsible for the “If you only knew what was going on in my mind” trend. To date, the track has been used over 376,000 times on the platform.

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