4 Times ENHYPEN Showed Love To OPM

It feels correct.

ENHYPEN has taste, wbk.

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Sometimes, we have those moments where we wonder whether or not our faves listen to the same music as us. You and your bias bopping along to the same tunes? Yes, please. But Filipino ENGENES don’t have to imagine that scenario or write it in AUs as ENHYPEN has listened to OPM.

The group has on occasion pressed play on some of the OPM hits that are a staple of our playlists, and even did their own covers to some of them. Not only is this yet another win for ENHYPEN’s Pinoy stans, but also another reminder that OPM is and will continue to go global. Here are those moments where the group said “stan OPM” and added another entry to the ENHYPEN Filipino-coded moments compilation.


You know what’s better than seeing your bias listen to Pinoy hip-hop? Your bias listening to Pinoy hip-hop from a young artist. Such is the case with Jay and his well-documented love for young Filipino artist Young Cocoa and his track Manila. Jay included the song in the Ami Paris XVI – Curated by ENHYPEN playlist on Spotify last year, responded to Young Cocoa on X, talked about the song a few times during his lives, and mentioned the track in previous interviews. We bet Manila is one of Jay’s top plays on Spotify. Young Cocoa x ENHYPEN collab when?


@packayeji i'm lwgit shaking while editing tbis #enhypen #jake #raininginmanila ♬ One and Only – ENHYPEN

Consider this the ENHYPEN, ano ba talaga tayo comments and playlist titles brought to life. Lola Amour’s Raining in Manila quickly took over the airwaves and charts following its release last June. The track even garnered attention from listeners outside the Philippines, including ENHYPEN. Heeseung, Jay, and Jake all played the Lola Amour hit on their lives while Jungwon responded to a fan on Weverse that he’d listen to the song. Jay even learned how to play the track on the guitar while Jake bopped to it on two separate occasions. And if that wasn’t enough, Jake also listened to another viral Lola Amour track, Fallen, during that livestream. And speaking of…


@luvsunghooon Jake, vibing and liking "YK" by Cean Jr! The pambansang au song! 🎶💓 #ENHYPEN #JAKE #fyp ♬ YK – Cean Jr.

Technically, this Jake live from early August was just him playing some of his favorite songs as well as recommendations from ENGENE. But it might as well have been a Spotify Philippines Top 50 listening party with the way he listened to not one, but four OPM songs. First, he listened to Lola Amour’s Raining in Manila and Fallen. Then, he played the AU national anthem, aka YK by Cean Jr. And finally, Jake showed some love to Shoti’s LDR.


@enhypen Surprise Present for ENGENE! 🎁 #ENHYPEN #HEESEUNG ♬ Give Me Your Forever – Zack Tabudlo

Once again, Heeseung continues to flex his Pinoy blood. This time, it was through this short yet sweet cover of Zack Tabudlo’s Give Me Your Forever that left Pinoy ENGENES shook. A surprise present indeed from Ethan Batumbakal. Don’t be shy Heeseung, drop the full cover.

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