ILLIT’s First Step In Their World Full Of Whimsical Vibes And Magic: “We Will Make It”

They are the lucky girls.

HYBE and BELIFT LAB’s youngest act, ILLIT is here to entice you into their universe. Will you come?

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If you want to know what gagging the world in less than 10 minutes looks like, check out ILLIT’s debut EP. It’s the five-member girl group’s first appearance on the ever-growing music scene, but their debut album, SUPER REAL ME, has already made the listeners magnetized to its infectious laid-back melodies. Living up to their name, ILLIT, which blends “I will” and “It,” YUNAH, MINJU, MOKA, WONHEE, and IROHA are primed to show everyone their vast potential and facets.

“Each one of us has a unique identity, color, and vibe. I was really excited about the idea of the five of us coming together as ILLIT to create synergy and showcase a variety of looks,” says WONHEE during their debut media showcase. “Our slogan saying that we can become anything is a confidence booster,” utters YUNAH.


My World is the perfect opener for SUPER REAL ME, welcoming you to the world of ILLIT and giving the listeners a peek into ILLIT’s future that’s full of zing. The next single, which serves as the album’s title track, Magnetic, really does draw you in with its hooking tune. And now that you’re in, the members echo the message of carrying on with what the universe is telling them: “to continue the story that has been started and spark endlessly” in the subsequent track, Midnight Fiction. Concluding the EP with Lucky Girl Syndrome, all the girls have to do at this point after successfully debuting is have faith in themselves and recite the spell, “We’re lucky girls.”

Reflecting on working with HYBE’s chairman Bang Si Hyuk (“hitman” bang), who’s involved in the production of the EP, YUNAH highlights the value of the sense of responsibility he instilled in them. “When we do our music, we should have a sense of responsibility. He also monitored our films and gave us feedback,” she says. As ILLIT follows in the footsteps of successful HYBE groups like ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans, who all made a big impact right from their beginnings, MOKA admits to NYLON Manila, “I do feel a bit intimidated.”



However, instead of allowing this thinking to overpower them, they channel it into something they can use to also become great artists like them. And IROHA believes that what makes them unique is that they’re always fully engaged at the moment. “Outside music, we’re also super immersed in our daily lives, and we’re going to show those facets of us to our fans,” she adds. “We have a lot of seniors who we can learn from and look up to. There are also a lot of people who support us, and we know this. So, we try to always remember this and do our best to live up to the expectations,” MINJU states.

It’s just the beginning but the quintet’s music is already making its own way to people’s playlists and worldwide charts (ILLIT entered the Spotify global chart on their very debut date, setting an impressive record among K-pop girl groups). Indubitably, the girls have goals on their list, and one of them is to win the Rookie of the Year award as “this is an award we can get only when we are rookies.” Read our full interview with ILLIT below!

First of all, congratulations on your anticipated debut! Since you’re just new in the industry, introduce yourselves and tell us something that you plan to bring to the table as a member of ILLIT.

YUNAH: Hello, everyone! I’m YUNAH, and I bring energy to the group!

MINJU: Hi there, I’m MINJU with a charming voice.

MOKA: Nice to meet you. I’m MOKA, the quietest member of ILLIT.

WONHEE: Hello! I’m WONHEE, and I’m the most-rounded member of ILLIT.

IROHA: Hello, I’m IROHA, the youngest with a lovely smile.

Since your group name is called “ILLIT,” which is a combination of “I will” and “It,” could you complete this sentence? “I will…” or “We will…”

YUNAH: I will try it.

MINJU: We will make it.

MOKA: We will win it!

WONHEE: We will show it.

IROHA: We will shine.

Tell us how you prepared for SUPER REAL ME. How was your experience recording the songs, learning the dance choreography, and filming the music video? How does it feel to finally put your hands on these for the first time?

WONHEE: We were experiencing everything for the first time, so we were all a bit nervous. But as we neared the debut, excitement started to outweigh our worries.

YUNAH: I did experience some difficulties along the way and it took some time to get used to them since everything was so new to us. However, that made it all the more fun. When we were shooting the music video for Magnetic, that’s when it really sank in for me, and I thought, “Wow, we finally made it. We’re actually making our debut.”



Which of the songs do you think suits you or your musical taste the best, and what was your reaction when you first heard that track?

MOKA: I adore all of our tracks on SUPER REAL ME, but My World truly stood out to me when I first heard the song! There was something about it that piqued my curiosity and mesmerized me. I was especially eager to hear how ILLIT’s voices would complement this track.

IROHA: Magnetic resonated with me the most. I think it captures the essence of ILLIT! I was instantly captivated and thought this is the track I would add to my playlist, even if the track doesn’t end up being included in our album!

In what aspects or ways do you believe your participation in ‘R U Next?’ helped you prepare for the shift in pressure, where public attention is constant rather than tied to elimination rounds?

MINJU: The experience of participating in R U Next? and showcasing our performances will definitely help me feel less nervous when I step onto the stage.

YUNAH: What I experienced and learned during R U Next? proves to be most helpful when I’m on stage. As I prepared for our Debut Show ILLIT: I’LL (SHOW) IT, memories and lessons from R U Next? flooded back to me. Reminding myself of the challenges I’ve overcome throughout the show allows me to manage the stress and nervousness, and gives me the confidence to perform in front of a larger audience. 

Tell us what’s one thing you’ve picked up from participating in the survival show program ‘R U Next?’. What was the most precious memory you remember or the core memory you have from the show?

WONHEE: I participated in the show shortly after becoming a trainee and I gained invaluable experience in such a short period of time. I was fortunate that I had the chance to further improve my performance skills on stage and learn what it takes to excel as an artist.

IROHA: One valuable lesson I took away from R U Next? is the importance of facial expressions — I learned that with the right look and expression, I can take the performance one step further. After each round, I monitored myself and tried to reflect on the feedback I received, which I believe helped me enhance my expressions to better deliver the performance.



Do you recall the first time you met each other? What were your first impressions?

YUNAH: MINJU might come across as quiet and composed, but I found her incredibly funny when we first met! She seemed a bit shy at the start, but soon enough, she showed her hilarious hidden talents. I remember thinking, “Wow, this new girl is very funny!” (laughs) MOKA seemed relatively reserved and laid-back, while WONHEE had naturally adorable charm; with her round face and glasses, she looked like a cartoon character. IROHA appeared like a cute younger sister, but her dance moves were on par with seasoned artists!

MINJU: Upon first seeing YUNAH, I was taken aback by her model-like aura. And MOKA had this serene and laid-back vibe about her. But when she hit the dance floor, her moves were anything but subdued – they were absolutely electrifying! WONHEE possessed a captivating charm that effortlessly drew people in, and despite being one of the younger trainees, IROHA’s dance skills were impeccable.

MOKA: I’ll never forget the first time I met WONHEE; she was just too adorable to describe with words. Right from the beginning, I vividly recall YUNAH greeting me with her big, radiant smile. MINJU stood out as one of the strikingly beautiful trainees and IROHA seemed extremely cool whenever she danced.

WONHEE: When I first met everyone, I was struck by how beautiful they all were. Especially when I saw YUNAH, I was in awe, thinking, “Wow, she is so pretty!” I remember MINJU being one of the people who first came up to me to say hi. She was stunning with her own soft and graceful allure, while MOKA exuded an air of calm and poise. I was surprised by how fluent IROHA was in Korean even though it’s not her native language. Plus, she had such an adorable name that perfectly matched her charm.

IROHA: Meeting everyone for the first time is etched in my memory like it happened yesterday. YUNAH was always beaming with her kind smile and uplifting personality, no matter what the situation was. MINJU’s unique alluring voice caught my ears! MOKA, a fellow Japanese trainee, showcased remarkable dancing abilities and I remember finding WONHEE incredibly cute, who can also sing very well.

How does it feel to be the first girl group under BELIFT LAB, following the steps of ENHYPEN, as well as the girl groups LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans, who all are making names for themselves in the industry? Is there anything we should look forward to ILLIT in the near future?

MOKA: At HYBE LABELS, there are so many artists with amazing careers that we look up to. I do feel a bit intimidated, but we’re eager to showcase our individual charms and personalities as we strive to become great artists ourselves. What makes us stand out is that we have a playful and high-spirited vibe, like fun high school students, that everyone would like to hang out with!

YUNAH: I think our playful, witty, and whimsical identity will resonate well with the audience.

You made your Paris Fashion Week debut, filmed many introductory content for fans, became new faces of Acne Studios, and more even before you debuted. Now you’re busy with your album preparations and promotions. How’s your idol life so far? How would you describe living the life you’re dreaming right now, and what are you looking forward to the most doing and achieving?

WONHEE: I’m genuinely grateful and feel privileged to have had such opportunities even before our debut! My aspiration is to grow as a K-pop artist and connect with as many fans as possible through grand concerts.

MINJU: So far it’s been much busier than I imagined, but I feel blessed as I’ve finally achieved my dream of becoming a K-pop artist. I’m eagerly anticipating the chance to engage with our fans through stages, fan meets, and content.



Was there a moment when you had second thoughts on whether you’re now sure of pushing through this career, or is being an idol your No. 1 dream in the first place?

IROHA: I always liked dancing, so before dreaming of becoming a K-pop artist, I wanted to be a dancer. It was after watching performances by various K-pop artists that I felt inspired to pursue a career as an artist.

MINJU: I had a lot of aspirations, such as being a violinist, a kindergarten teacher, and more.

Speaking of that, which artists helped you decide that you’re going to also take the path they took? Are there any artists that were a big part and influence on your music journey?

MOKA: There are many artists who have influenced me, but my love for K-pop started after seeing BIGBANG’s performances, and I began dreaming of becoming a K-pop artist.

YUNAH: It’s challenging to single out just one, as there are a number of K-pop artists who have inspired me along the way. However, BTS has had a significant impact on my journey towards becoming a K-pop artist.

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