6 Filipino Celebrities Who Are The Blueprint For Y2K Style

No Pinterest? No problem.

Searching for some inspo to bring back the glory days of the 2000s? Look no further than the OG Y2K style icons like Jolina Magdangal, Kitchie Nadal, and more.

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The turn of the millennium brought with it a whirlwind of fashion trends that defined an era. From low-rise jeans to the cosmic comeback of silver eyeshadow, blue eyeshadow, and more, Y2K was all about making a statement—a time of bold fashion and fearless experimentation.

At the forefront of this fashion revolution? None other than the early 2000s personalities themselves. And if you’re envisioning Beverly Hills baddies like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, well, you actually don’t need to look beyond Filipino TV. Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu, Jolina Magdangal—these names not only rocked the trends we’re crazy about today but also set standards as style icons.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remind everyone who walked so we could run today’s trendiest aesthetic.

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin’s effortless cool catapulted her to fan-favorite status in both the entertainment and fashion scenes. Her signature style, characterized by mini skirts, statement tops, and larger-than-life accessories, captured the essence of Y2K chic.

Beyond her television roles, such as her iconic portrayal of Darna (2005), the actress’ influence transcended screens, serving looks on magazine covers and solidifying her status as a Y2K icon.

Anne Curtis

When you’re searching for some serious Y2K inspo, don’t forget about the beauty beats. Lucky for you, besides her singing, hosting, and acting, Anne Curtis shines as your go-to guru for all things Y2K makeup. Picture barely-there brows flawlessly paired with frosted lids and lips—she has you covered with the essential elements for achieving that iconic look.

Claudine Barretto

If you’re itching to recreate the Y2K look on a budget while staying school dress-code friendly, take notes from none other than Claudine Barretto—one of the certified OG IT Girls. Her style may seem simple at first glance, but it’s all about the color combos, playful patterns, and a dash of retro flair that screams Y2K fashion.

Jolina Magdangal

No Y2K fashion chat is complete without a nod to Jolina Magdangal. The pop princess of the early 2000s, this actress-singer rocked a style that was a perfect pairing of cute and playful. Whether she served the classic combination of tank tops with low-rise jeans or spiced it up with tube tops and miniskirts, her final touch was always in the funky accessories. If there’s one word that sums up her style best, it’s definitely kikay—colorful, fun, and oh-so-Jolina!

Kitchie Nadal

Kitchie Nadal wasn’t just belting tunes as the lead vocalist of Mojofly and later a solo sensation; she was a whirlwind in the Y2K fashion scene. Her fusion of punk rock and pop style served low-rise jeans, tube tops, and accessories like nobody else.

Ask your aunties and mother, and they would all agree that this fashionista’s fearless vibe lit a fire under an entire generation of young women, urging them to dive into their own unique looks. It’s no surprise that her Y2K style is going viral—again!

Kristine Hermosa

Kristine Hermosa wasn’t just a star on the screen; she was also a style supernova during her early days in show business. From lighting up the screen in films like Forevermore to her playful photoshoots in the 2000s, her fashion sense was a beautiful blend of fun, flirty, and preppy.

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