Superstar Silver Eyeshadow is Making a Cosmic Comeback

A blast from the past.

Celebs like AC Bonifacio and Francine Diaz are rocking the 90s Hollywood silver shadow look. Here’s how to recreate that iconic slay.

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Way before contouring became the makeup gospel, and when we all thought 2016 was the epitome of makeup trends, there was a decade that truly shaped the glamorous world of beauty. This era showcased makeup looks donned by iconic supermodels and chart-topping pop stars, effortlessly transitioning from the glitz of Hollywood to the glossy pages of magazines. And like we’ve seen time and time again, these trends have resurfaced, surging into the limelight and emerging everywhere from TikTok tutorials to the most high-profile runways. Among the standout throwback trends leading the charge: silver shadows.

The Trending Look in 90s Hollywood

In the vibrant era of 90s Hollywood glamour, one makeup trend reigned supreme: superstar silver eyeshadow. Celebrities from iconic films and red carpet events sported this cosmic-inspired eye look, embracing the boldness and shimmer that silver eyeshadow offered. It became synonymous with glitz, glam, and an undeniable touch of futuristic elegance, elevating every eye it adorned.

It’s Cosmic Comeback

In the ’90s? They were all about metallics—from shining, shimmering, splendid puffers to swanky pants, and you bet, makeup had its moment too. These epic eyeshadow looks, offering a crazy range of shades, from magical glimpses of gold, silver, and purple shades are stealing the spotlight again, stirring up major vibes and reviving our serious love for them.

Zooming into today’s beauty sphere, the superstar silver eyeshadow is making a cosmic comeback that has everyone talking. Celebrities, content creators, and makeup aficionados alike are rediscovering this iconic look. It’s a nod to nostalgic glam but with a slick twist, totally slaying for today’s trendsetters.

3 Ways to Wear a Silver Shadow

90s Classic Combo

Bringing back the ’90s classic combo with silver shadow, striking liner, and a bold lip look. This iconic style takes your glam game from day-to-night, elevating your look to the next level. Start by sweeping an eyeshadow base across your lid, lavishly applying the silver shadow. Wing it out with liner, define those brows, and add mascara or falsies for that extra drama. Complete the look with a bold lip for a touch of Hollywood aura.

Rockstar Realness

Dress up your eyes for a night out with a smudgy, sultry smoky eye that screams sophistication and allure. Ideal for those glamorous galas, don’t hold back on the drama—embrace boldness with this eyeshadow look.

To craft the perfect rockstar silver, begin with a dark eyeshadow base on the lid, setting the stage for dramatic depth. Layer powder shadow onto the lid and blend, creating the desired smoky hues. Elevate the drama by adding a sparkly, silver shadow that brings the metallic factor with every flutter of your lashes.

Soft and Sheer

For on-the-go girlies, this soft and sheer silver look is the epitome of ease. Apply a creamy base to your lid and sweep a shimmering silver powder shadow up to your brow bone. Softly blend it with your fingertip for a light and dreamy touch. Finish off with a subtle cream blush on your cheeks and a hint of pomade on your eyebrows, giving you that refined yet effortlessly beautiful finish.

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