5 Of The Latest Releases From Local Beauty Brands That Should Be On Your Holiday Wishlist

Are your carts ready for this beauty rush.

From GRWM Cosmetics to ISSY, here’s a curated list of the newest releases from local beauty brands deserving a place in your makeup bag and skincare routine.

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While people have always seen local brands as worth supporting, it’s an energy that has taken on a new meaning in this day and age. This shift is especially significant because it has moved beyond a focus on national pride—it’s all about the insane innovations that local beauty brands are throwing into the mix. In this era of a constantly evolving beauty industry, Filipino beauty brands assert their presence with top-tier formulations and trend-setting releases.

As we dive deep into the exciting landscape of homegrown beauty, we’ve scoured the beauty scene to bring you a list of the latest releases from local beauty brands that deserve a spot in your makeup bag and skincare routine and high-key should have a spot on your Christmas wishlist.

Careline Cosmetics

If you’ve headed back to school this week, here’s lesson number 1: the latest trend is back-to-school makeup. It basically revolves around a minimal makeup and a base-brow-lip routine. When we’re talking about affordable, fuss-free products without compromise, we can all agree that Careline Cosmetics is the perfect beauty brand for students.

With lightweight lippies and the cutest collaborations with cartoon characters, this local beauty brand never misses a beat. Now, they’re back with an easy, everyday school-friendly product—the Tinted Mint Balm. The fact that it’s infused with Vitamin E for sunlight exposure makes this lip balm the final touch for your perfect pout. Note: if your school really restricts makeup, the shades Brunch and Pink Skies are your best bet.

Colourette Cosmetics

Winged or straight, siren or doe-eyed, everyone has their eyeliner preference. How you choose to line your eyes can dramatically alter their appearance, from lifting them to making them appear larger. And, with all the cool new eyeliner colors available from local beauty brands, it’s exciting to explore beyond the basic black.

It’s time to create colorful moments with Colourette Cosmetics. With one flattering flick, drawing thin and thick liner looks has never been easier. The brand’s latest launch, Colourflick, comes in seven shades, ensuring there’s something for everyone—whether you’re elevating your everyday look or experimenting with your more creative side. If you can’t decide on one shade, my personal picks are Blueberry, Pumpkin, and Sorbet.

GRWM Cosmetics

If you’ve ever wondered why beauty brands reformulate their best-selling products, it’s all about responding to valuable feedback. Whether it’s an all-new formula or upgraded packaging, the ultimate goal is to give girlies the very best.

So, guess what? GRWM Cosmetics is taking the plunge by reintroducing their iconic Milk Tints. Picture this: a fresh lip-loving formula that’s all about serving both style and substance. To top it off, they’ve got these fan-favorite tints decked out in a more modern packaging. Classic shades like 2.15 Coffee, Milkshake, and Pomelo were major, but there are some new shades in town that are legit must-haves for your makeup stash. We’re talking peaches, mauves, browns, and reds – GRWM Cosmetics has you covered.


We all remember our firsts—and if you’re a beauty enthusiast, that includes the first time you applied foundation, wondering if it was the right skin shade match. Emerging from that era, we’re witnessing the evolution of our local beauty brands, with their expansive collections featuring a plethora of foundation, concealer, and powder shades. While that is a win, it has been a while since they experimented with new formulas for base makeup. That’s why we’re living for the latest launch of ISSY.

Skin of the Future features an Active Foundation, True Flex Perfecting Powder, True Flex Adjuster, and a Weightless Loose Powder. However, what we’re most excited about is the True Flex Skin Balm, which is undeniably a first in the local scene—a complexion pot with a balm-to-powder formula. This one-of-a-kind foundation comes in 12 shades and includes a little spatula for maintaining your hassle-free and hygienic makeup routine.

Curated Colors

If there’s something that local beauty brands have excelled at for years, it’s crafting the perfect polish. And, if you’re craving something sweet, Curated Colors has just released their Melt With You collection. It’s literally serving a delicious array of shades, promising a burst of sweetness at your fingertips. From taupes to browns, they’ve got every November nail trend covered.

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