HUGO Has Arrived: What You Missed At HUGO’s Star-Studded Launch Party

Yes, we painted the town red. HUGO red.

Give a grand welcome to HUGO in the Philippines!

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Big, bold, and imposing, the sleekly reimagined HUGO logo stood in the spotlight and around it were some of the country’s freshest names in music and fashion. Bringing this star-studded cast of unapologetic creatives together was none other than HUGO’s grand launch – a celebration of the brand’s arrival to the Philippines, the new HUGO Fall/Winter 2023 collection, and its collaborative capsule with Gen Z icon and HUGO ambassador Bella Poarch.

In case you missed it, here’s what went down at the grand launch party:


HUGO is all about self-expression and embracing a lifestyle free from limitations. After a successful global refresh in 2022, followed by their official store launch here in the Philippines at Power Plant Mall in June 2023, HUGO made a mark once more by turning up the volume last October 17 at Xylo at the Palace, BGC.

Spotted in the crowd were Brent Manalo, Liam Labrooy, Jason Dhakal, and Blue Zoleta, all decked in the new HUGO Fall/Winter 2023 collection – an eclectic mix of contemporary styles, oversized silhouettes, and the unmistakable HUGO red. James Reid was in attendance, too, partying the night away in a structured dark red HUGO suit. Supercharged with excitement, the rebels proudly arrived in fits across the streetwear spectrum. From tattered denim and graphic tees, to bodysuits and leather jackets, guests truly embodied what #HUGOYourWay stands for: being unapologetically you, no matter the occasion.

With youthful textures, fabrics, and styles, HUGO’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection is nothing but authentic, original, and eccentric. The FW23 campaign connects style to sound, creating two powerful avenues of self-expression. This line includes pieces washed in HUGO red and black tie-dye on denim and jersey, premium metallic trims on handbags, and retro-bold graphics adorning T-shirts and oversized hoodies.

Pieces from the HUGO x Bella Poarch collection made appearances throughout the night as well, and in true Bella Poarch fashion, they were ubiquitous yet strikingly cool.


Inside, the party arena was adorned in red. XYLO’s multi-colored kinetic neon lights, vibrant interiors, and cutting-edge tech ruled the nightclub scene with life-sized jenga and beer pong game stations at the sides. 

Starting the night on a high note was a dance number from award-winning streetdance and hip hop group, the A-Team. They delivered the hottest and most explosive moves that had everyone pumped for the night ahead. “We out here doin’ it,” the group mentioned in a photo, showing off some of the members’ HUGO jackets and tracksuit pants.

Celebrating the brand’s spirit of rawness and realness, HUGO had set up live performances beginning with Massiah’s laid-back yet high-spirited songs like Experience and On God, followed by Denise Julia, who performed feel-good tunes of superficial energy and NVMD that we can all just vibe to.

Taking us to a chill state of mind, Curtismith eased his smooth songs Iñigo Zobel and LDR into the stage. To make the night even better than it already was, international Thai superstar Sorn and multi-talented K-pop icon Seung Yeong made a special appearance and treated the crowd to a can’t-miss performance. Dancing to her Sharp Objects electronic dance song with a strong synth-pop element, Sorn left no crumbs. For her last song, known to be her boundary-pushing moment, she performed Rowdy with Seung Yeon.

And yes, you guessed it right – Sorn and Seung Yeon all rightfully repped the HUGO x Bella Poarch collection, as legends should.

Finally, DJ Nix Damn P took over the stage and rocked the deck with wicked beats to wrap up the show.


No FOMO here, but you better move fast – the HUGO x Bella Poarch collection is only available at the HUGO Pop-Up Store at Greenbelt 5 until this November 5. Get your hands on this exclusive capsule collection of glam-grunge pieces inspired by the multiverse, the matrix, and the otherworldly. Step into your new style territory and we’ll meet you right at HUGO.

In the Philippines, HUGO is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati. Visit, subscribe to SSI LIFE YouTube Channel, and follow @ssilifeph on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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5 Things To Watch Out For Before Joining A School Organization 

Is BS Org worth it?

Here’s a quick primer on what you should be *really* getting out of your school org experience. Spoiler: It’s not clout.

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School organizations have remained a staple of campus life for decades and will probably remain so for the decades to come because of how integral they are to the college experience. For better and for worse, orgs can have a major impact on college life. To some, the campus years are made or broken by their org activities, which is why we always see students who go for that BS Org life. 

And even if you don’t see yourself committing 110% of your energy to orgs, there is fun to be had in joining one, or a couple. So, if you’re a freshie looking to join a school org or are feeling that your current organization is not doing it for you, here are some key pillars of the org experience to keep in mind.



As obvious as it sounds, it is important to join organizations that appeal to your skills and interests. Whether it be music, dancing, film, philanthropy, production, performing arts, or more, join an org that you feel is the right fit for you. Sure, you’re free to join orgs that are outside of your comfort zone and explore other possibilities, but there’s an inherent joy in being part of a group that shares the same interests as you. 



We’ve all seen it before, the orgs that people want to join mainly for the bragging rights or the social status associated with being part of it. But organizations should not just be cliques. You want to join an org because you agree with its mission or the field it focuses on. But clout chase? That’s a no. Orgs should serve a deeper purpose than just boosting your social credit on campus. We guarantee you your social standing on campus will not be a factor to recruiters looking to hire fresh graduates. 



School organizations aren’t just things you put on your resume to make it look more impressive. There’s something to be gained if you put a good amount of time and effort into orgs. On the professional side, you get to hone certain skills, practice activities that relate to your prospective career, complement your degree with relevant experiences, and even connect with future employers. And personally, orgs give you the chance to meet, interact, and even become friends with students from different degrees and year levels. If you’re going to spend 100 pesos to join an org, might as well do it for one where you feel like you’ll learn a thing or two. 



A core trait of any school organization is the sense of community and feeling like you belong. Members should not feel like outsiders at an org and officers should foster a welcoming environment. But the sad reality is that some orgs end up feeling clique-ish or give other members the cold shoulder for refusing to do certain things. You’re supposed to be doing the things you enjoy in orgs, not act like you have to fake it until you make it.

Yes, organizational loyalty is a good quality for any member to have, but attaining that through questionable means is not the vibe. And even if certain tasks or initiations are just voluntary, peer pressure to keep up is real, which will sadly push some members to go beyond what they are comfortable with just to show that they belong. If your org is making you do things that are problematic in the name of org solidarity, that’s a red flag for you to go.



Organizations can be that fun distraction from the hustle and bustle of school. But they shouldn’t be a place where you have to pretend to be someone you’re not just to fit in. The whole point of a college org is to be with people that accept who you are. And that doesn’t mean every member of the group should be besties with you, but you shouldn’t feel like an outsider to people who are supposed to share similarities with you. So, find your tribe where you feel encouraged and inspired to do the things you enjoy. 

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The Round-Up: End October On The Right Note With These New Music Releases

Those 1989 TV vault tracks... yeah

Time to update the playlist with new music courtesy of Taylor Swift, SEVENTEEN, Denise Julia, and more.

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October 2023 really tried it, didn’t it? From celebrations, events, parties, and so much more, the past four weeks have been non-stop action. But as we wind down the month with Halloween parties, Undas plans, and elections, let’s not forget the new batch of tracks October has given us. So, as you head about your looong weekend plans, take these new releases with you. Who knows, you may just be bopping to them until the end of the month.


Taylor did not hold back when it came to the vault tracks of 1989 TV, especially for Is It Over Now?, a searing pop banger about Taylor realizing her relationship is over. 


With a message that encourages young women to embrace their sexuality and feel confident about themselves, the rising star and her fellow baddies deliver an empowering track with delicate, pulsing rhythms and sensual undertones.


The OPM band brings the wholesome vibes in this upbeat number about wanting to her that sweet “oo” from your special someone. 


It sounds like SEVENTEEN extracted the essence of happiness and injected it into this song about the universal power of music connecting the world. 


Niall and Lizzy combine their musical prowess for a tender acoustic track revolving on a love so passionate, it can make you want to start a cult (something we don’t recommend). 


Serving as a commentary for those individuals who find themselves in relationships without clear labels, the track draws from acoustic instrumentation with laid-back dreaminess to deliver a candid remark about the state of young love in the time of Discord and digital nativity.


LE SSERAFIM’S first all-English song exudes a vibrant energy and conveys the uplifting message that as long as we are together, it is a perfect night. Complemented by a soft yet catchy melody and addictive guitar riffs, the 2-step Garage track presents the empowering story of solidarity the quintet continues to tell, lyrically painting a picture of a fun night out with friends.


Goodluck getting that chorus out of your brain with the way it doesn’t relent with its catchy vibes and fun attitude. 


B.I gets honest and introspective in this new and somewhat laid-back track on hard truths about love and life.  


The production? Giving. The vocals? Vocaling. The song’s message of calling out an ex who tiptoes around big topics? Feeling it.


RIIZE is definitely talking saxy in this R&B declaration of love that turned to 11 with its incorporation of the saxophone. 


Jason’s R&B rendition of the Sitti jazz classic takes the song’s romance to a new level that hits just as hard as the original. 


Are we that surprised League of Legends delivered with their latest music group? 


Jayda takes no prisoners as she confidently tears through this power ballad of wishing to turn back time before the fallout of her relationship.


Not mincing her words, Lesha unleashes her inner pop-rock star as she tells off an ex who did not treat her right. As she should. 


Youthful energy + a bopping beat = this fun number from P-pop boy group PLUUS. 

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How These CARATS Came Together To Form The Go-To Shuttle Service For K-pop Fans


TwoTeenTours is a favorite for many fans needing a ride going to the Philippine Arena. It started with a group of Filo CARATs who were looking for one themselves.

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The Philippine Arena has been used as a concert venue for years. But it is in the past year that the world’s largest indoor arena has taken on a new significance in the local concert scene. From SEVENTEEN, Bruno Mars, BLACKPINK, and more, the Philippine Arena has been used more frequently as a go-to spot for the world’s biggest musicians to hold concerts in the country. And while it’s a treat to see S-tier faves perform to a crowd in the tens of thousands, getting to the arena is a whole other conversation. 

Unlike venues such as MOA Arena or Araneta Coliseum, the Philippine Arena isn’t exactly the easiest place to get to. This is where TwoTeenTours comes in to help fill in the gaps, a Philippine Arena shuttle service that has become a favorite among many concertgoers who need a ride. Fittingly enough, the service was started by a group of friends who were bound by the fact that they were fans themselves. We recently got the chance to chat with Miel, Riri, and Mara of TwoTeenTours’ executive team as they opened up about the origins of the service, servicing thousands of fans, and more. 


While TwoTeenTours isn’t the only private shuttle service people can book to go to the Philippine Arena, they stand out from the crowd because they put the fan experience at the center. “We’re a fans-first logistics service. We wanted to do this to help other fans,” shares Miel. The company traces its origins to SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun encore concert in Bulacan last December 2022. It was a big moment considering that they were the first solo K-pop group to hold a concert at the venue. But getting there became a challenge real quick. 

Miel, Mara, and Riri were all CARATs who knew each other as part of the BulaCARATs X account. For Miel and Mara, it dawned on them that even if they weren’t going to the concert, they knew they needed to help other Filo CARATs make it to Bulacan. “There was a lot of apprehension going to the Philippine Arena, especially in December. We may not be there, but we will bring the fans there,” recalls Mara. 

As for Riri, she was in Laguna and hired a tourist bus to go to the concert. But if all she wanted was to find other CARATs to fill the bus, she was in for a big surprise. “I just posted a Google Form on X, and lo and behold, the following day, I woke up and the number of people that have signed up in the form could already fill four buses.” In the end, Riri filled nine buses of fans going to the Philippine Arena, with the trio organizing transportation for over 5,500 fans in total. Soon, it became clear that this was something special, and thus, TwoTeenTours was born. 


Organizing transportation for thousands of fans is not something that is done on a whim. As the trio share, it takes months of planning and preparation just for one artist’s concert. The process starts with their website where concertgoers have to set up an account, book their ticket, the terminal, the time of their departure, input a series of personal information, and finally payment. “We want to make sure of safety and that no one can resell our tickets. As fans, we’re very vigilant about those security concerns,” expresses Miel, who adds that each seat on their buses comes with passenger insurance. 

In the lead-up to the show, fans are encouraged to join specific Telegram chats and other channels to get important reminders and ask any pertinent questions. Then, it’s on to the day of the actual concerts as terminal managers assist fans to their buses and make sure each person is attended to, which includes each rider getting a set of freebies. As for the core team, they have a van dubbed the “Mothership” that serves as their mobile base of operations. “It’s like boarding a plane. That’s the best way to describe it. There’s a lot that goes on,” says Mara. 

From payment to travel to and from the Philippine Arena, post-event feedback forms, and countless updates, the team, which is composed mainly of fans and former passengers, is on top of everything. The whole process, such as getting suppliers, drivers, payments, and passenger insurance, has to be done not the week of the concert, but months before. This is one of the main reasons why TwoTeenTours can’t take new passengers on the day of the concert because of all the planning that goes behind the scenes. 

And while it is a lot, the team prides themselves in how they will always lend their ear to the fans with customer service being a top priority from start to finish. As Miel notes, “We learn from our own experiences and we made many friends for life just because we sat in the same bus going to the concert. The sense of community is really important for fans, so we don’t want that to get lost in the service we’re offering.” 


What TwoTeenTours does is no joke. The work can overwhelm those who aren’t ready for all the responsibility, especially when it comes to servicing fans who are vocal about the experience they expect. “It’s a mix of all emotions literally,” reveals Riri. “Preparation takes a long time. Hindi siya parang concert sa December, November ka magprepare. It takes months.” But the team isn’t backing down when the going gets tough. 

As Mara sees it, ”This kind of work excites us because we love a good challenge.” And for Miel, who described the feeling of the job as “everything everywhere all at once”, there’s something to be learned and gained from all of it. “This is something we love to do and very exciting for us. But of course, as a growing company, we have our growing pains and learning curves.”

More than just a source of income or a means to make money, TwoTeenTours operates on a philosophy of giving fans the experience they deserve. It’s no wonder then that they’ve become a favorite for many K-pop fans who need a ride to the Philippine Arena. In just under a year of operation, the service has transported an estimated 17,000 fans, a number that also includes foreign fans who travel to the country. It’s impressive numbers for a company that doesn’t even have a physical office space yet. “It’s been moving so fast. We didn’t realize it would grow so quickly,” says Miel. 

While the pressure is real, so is the desire to be a company for fans, by fans. “We didn’t expect this to be known to the fans. It’s such a nice feeling to be top-of-mind for fans. And with more people knowing us, there’s more responsibility. That’s why we value feedback and engage with our community. We are fans ourselves and we put ourselves in their position of how we can make this the best experience that I will ever have,” states Mara. 


Scroll through the comments section of any post on social media about a concert being held at the Philippine Arena, and you’ll probably find a good share of people who would rather have it be held somewhere else. Some push for concert producers to not normalize the arena as a concert venue. But for the TwoTeenTours team, they welcome the Philippine Arena as a viable concert venue. 

“If your artist goes to the Philippine Arena, that’s growth,” states Riri matter-of-factly. Adds Miel, “We need to normalize it so that we can develop a system that works. The reason why it’s not nice initially is because there’s nothing set in place yet. Our dream is to contribute to the solutions that are going to go towards making the Philippine Arena easier to access.”

And while concerts in the Philippines will always have its debated moments, especially when it comes to the topic of accessibility for fans, TwoTeenTours wants local concert producers to know that as long as you’re actively listening, you’re on the right track. “Realistically, it’s not possible to please every single fan, but most of the time, people just want to know they’re heard. At the end of the day, fans are people who care deeply, so if they know the organizer of their favorite artist’s events care too, sometimes that’s more than enough.” 

As international concerts at the Philippine Arena, and soon other venues such as the Philippine Sports Stadium and New Clark City Stadium, continue to be held, so too does TwoTeenTours continue to evolve and improve themselves. The team grows by the day, and they’re starting 2024 strong as they transport thousands of attendees to the back-to-back concerts of Coldplay and SEVENTEEN. But no matter where the team goes, they will always strive to have the interests of fans at the front and center of it all. 

And speaking of that, Miel, Riri, and Mara give fans who plan on watching a concert at the Philippine Arena some words of advice. First, change your mindset of going to the arena and not think like you’re just going to the mall. “The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is perspective. So, treat this like an adventure.” Second, don’t let what happens to you while waiting for the concert ruin what may well be a core memory. “Do not let the slight inconveniences throughout the day ruin the entire experience for you. Let it go and just try your best to enjoy the day.”

Finally, you’re all there to have fun and see your faves, so enjoy, make the most out of it, and be kind to each other. “Be a safe space and don’t be afraid to reach out if you want to be with someone. Open yourself up to the safe spaces that are there for you.”

Photos courtesy of TwoTeenTours

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Beauty Goes Sci-Fi Futuristic at the NYLON Manila Year 3000 Party

Serving face in 3023.

From Lady Morgana to Maxine Trinidad, the NYLON Manila Year 3000 Party is no ordinary event – it’s a vision of the future, where the boundaries of beauty are pushed to their limits.

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When everyone else dreams of flying cars, teleportation, and that microwavable pizza from Back to the Future in the Year 3000, beauty girlies are anticipating the futuristic makeup trends that will dominate the scene. And NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Halloween Party was nothing short of a spectacular glimpse into the future of beauty. With a theme that revolved around space, sci-fi, and the Year 3000, hundreds of stars gathered in their freakishly futuristic makeup looks.

Step into a world where metallic hues, holographic textures, and avant-garde makeup take center stage. From Lady Morgana to Skye Chua, these makeup moments are a vision of the next generation, where the boundaries of beauty are pushed to their limits.

AJ of G22

There is one thing that stylish people will agree on: accessories are stunning additions that will transform any look from basic to best-dressed. But, what if we’re talking more than typical necklaces and earrings? If we were taking it to the next level, we could have taken notes from AJ of G22 who brought a lip ring into the mix, embodying the edgy future of beauty. This subtle yet striking accessory added an element of rebellion to the otherwise otherworldly and ethereal looks at the party.

Jamie Casiño

While warm-toned bronzy eyes were the trend in the noughties and 2010s, Jamie Casiño shows us that frosted eyeshadow is the look of the future. Channeling her inner Christina Aguilera, this model and content creator complements the style with two-toned hair, reimagining trends and the new era of modern makeup looks.


Who said that aliens were green? Coming in an all-pink ensemble matched with an all-pink hairstyle and makeup look, this alien-inspired look of Janio just disagreed with the sentiment. Merging the worlds of sci-fi and style, pink was the new intergalactic beauty look in this futuristic vision.

KZ Tandingan

Whether it’s with streaks, two-tones, or a full head of hair, blue hair is the biggest bet of the season. Like, look at singer-songwriter KZ Tandingan, who sported a bold hairdo as a testament to the audacity of futuristic style.

Lady Morgana

Described as a fusion between babaeng ahas and a disco ball, Lady Morgana’s look exudes a sense of extravagant futurism. Imagine villains in the future looking like this? Especially when the look is matched with a smokey glam, we would probably surrender and ask for beauty tips and tricks instead.

Maxine Trinidad

With green highlights that were perfectly paired with neon eyeliner, Maxine Trinidad’s entire look channels the bold energy of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. It’s a look so powerful that even Mojo Jojo might need to step aside and make way for this makeup moment.

Minty Fresh

Dusting down the mullet (aka hockey hair) and matching it with a bold makeup look, Minty Fresh is manifesting rockstar realness in the Year 3000. The fusion of a classic hairstyle with futuristic makeup creates a perfect balance between the past and the future that will never fade out of style.

Pau Pelaez

After the Euphoria Effect, we’ve witnessed a multitude of ‘extra’ eye makeup trends emerging this year. Colorful eyeliner and mascara? Been there. Glitters in your hair? Done that. And now, rhinestones, pearls, and crystals on top? Take a look at Pau Pelaez, who’s proving that these embellishments are not just a passing trend, but they’re here to stay.

Zoe Vinuluan

Zoe Vinluan’s silver clips, meticulously scattered throughout her hair, is a trend that we’re all loving this season. We hope this hairstyle endures because it captures the essence of a world where even the smallest details matter when it comes to beauty.

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What It’s Like To Work With HORI7ON For NYLON Manila’s October Cover

Best boys.

HORI7ON served rising star realness when they graced our October cover, but what were they really like behind the scenes? Read on to find out more!

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Whether you’ve been tuned into the global pop group since the very beginning or you just found out about them recently, it’s easy to tell how passionate, hardworking, and lovely the seven boys of HORI7ON are. They came in bright and early to the studio, getting ready for the long day ahead. Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus were every bit the young professionals, but exuded plenty of fun and youthfulness that made the entire team agree: it was really fun to work with them.

The shoot had three layouts that all came together to tell a story of time passing, from dawn to dusk. Individual photos were shot, along with group photos. Then, HORI7ON, clad in their stage outfits as seen on their appearance on Korean music show The Show, sat down with Editor-In-Chief Ayn Bernos for a quick chat about their music, lives, careers, fans, and relationship as a group.

The day was long and busy, but the members found time to dance, sing, joke around, and cheer each other on. Their aura filled the studio, youthful and energetic. While initially a little shy around each other, both HORI7ON and the NYLON Manila team and the crew eventually synced to a rhythm that made the shoot one to remember.

hori7on cover


@nylonmanila Did you see this coming? #HORI7ON is our October cover stars! Follow us for more content with them and tap the link to read the cover story! 🔥 #NYLONManilaPresentsHORI7ON ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

“Super professional and fun,” creative director of the shoot and multimedia artist Gelo Quijencio commented about HORI7ON. “They were very G with all the concepts and nararamdaman talaga ang Gen Z energy. You can really tell how passionate and determined they are with their craft.”


@nylonmanila Clearly, #HORI7ON’s a fun bunch even behind the scenes! 🙌🏻 Tap the link to read the full cover story 📲 #NYLONManilaPresentsHORI7ON ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

What’s a shoot without some music? As the shoot playlist included a medley of K-pop, P-pop, HORI7ON’s own music, and the songs HORI7ON performed at their first concert, the members couldn’t help but dance or sing along to it. They made even the smallest spaces beside the backdrop their stage, dancing to songs like SEVENTEEN’s Super, ENHYPEN’s Drunk-Dazed, or Somi’s Fast Forward.


hori7on layout 3

As performers, the boys couldn’t help but do some dance moves while in their spots for a group shot, but when that camera was raised, they morphed into models, giving their best angles and most piercing stares. Tyra would be proud.

When doing a photoshoot, one of the best things to witness is when you get that shot and everyone looking at the monitor voices their approval. That happened with every member, and every time the boys got photographed together. They may be a music group, but the way they moved and the way they committed to the shot were proof that they could make great models as well.


hori7on layout 3

HORI7ON were also so sweet and lovely the entire time. They greeted everyone politely and were so down for everything, even if they were getting shy, like in the charming point TikTok they made together with Shane Sy, our Social Media Associate—whose first day on the job just so happened to land on cover shoot day!

“It was fun working with people with so much energy even behind the scenes. They’re also easy to work with since they’re pretty much down to do anything like TikToks,” she remarks. The members also made their own TikToks and took their own photos and videos in between. HORI7ON’s boundless energy and dedication were awesome to witness, and no matter how long the day went, it was a great time working with them.

Watch the Seated with NYLON Manila podcast episode with HORI7ON on YouTube!

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All Our Fave Interactions We Spotted At NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party 

A peek inside closed doors.

All our faves in one frame? Just one of the many reasons that made our Year 3000 party so special.

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Sure, you can go to a party alone. But where’s the fun in that? There’s no denying the joy (and not to mention the comfort for introverts) of attending social events with people you know. It hits even better when you cross paths and catch up with a friend you didn’t expect to see at the party. It’s a feeling even celebrities experience, and that was on display at our Year 3000 party at KAO Manila. In between the energy and excitement the crowd had in our first Halloween event were stars, content creators, and other special guests using the moment to meet each other for the first time or catch up with friends. 

With all those celebrities in one room for hours, there’s bound for something to happen. The stars truly aligned, and not just because guests were dressed in futuristic and galactic ‘fits. Here are some of the special moments we spotted that we’ll probably remember until 3023. 


Young stars like Niana Guerrero, BGYO’s Gelo, Mikki, and Nate, and Dia Mate in one frame? The tectonic plates might have shifted a bit when this photo was taken. It’s the definition of young and talented. 


Excuse us, we’re experiencing a case of FOMO given the fact that we weren’t able to join Zack Tabudlo, Jayda, Niana Guerrero, Dom Guyot, and more in this photo. The amount of fun this group was having together was next level. We even spotted them hyping Zack Tabudlo as he danced to Tyla’s Water, water splash included. And peep Zack’s new hair color, it might just mean we’re getting new music soon. 


Individually, Zack Tabudlo and Niana Guerrero are icons who are leaving an undeniable mark in their respective fields. But together, they radiate joint slay energy as we spotted them partying it up together. Zack and Niana have known each other for a while, with Niana even making an appearance in Zack’s Gusto music video. So, seeing the two together again was everything because they knew how to have fun and what it meant to have a good time. 



Not only do Arshie Larga, Andrea So, Roce Ordonez, and Evan Tan have enough followers on social media to start their own country, but they also can serve looks like any talented besties can. And while it was nice seeing the four of them together, they upped the head-turning factor even more as we spotted them chatting with other personalities like Jayda. And don’t get us started on this link-up between Roce, Andrea, Mitch Briones, and Niana Guerrero. When are we getting the collab girls? 


The power this picture holds is immense. It was just serve after serve with some of OPM’s biggest and most promising Gen Z stars in one frame. When we made the theme for our party Year 3000, this was one of the reasons why. This is the future standing proudly together. 




Looks? Check. Mugs? Check. 0.5 selfie? Check. If Naia Black, Minty Fresh, and Lady Morgana ever decided to compete in the same season of Drag Race All Stars, we truly wouldn’t know who would take home the crown. It’s giving Philippine drag excellence. 

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What These Artists and Creators at NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party Are Manifesting In Their Futures

Future's looking bright.

Your favorite stars and creators at NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party are manifesting everything from flying cars to world peace, future successes to immortality. What are you manifesting for your future?

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The year 3000 is a long ways ahead, and while plenty of our guests acknowledge that they won’t see what it would be like, they generally carry with them a hope for the future. From Arshie Larga to Sofia Pablo, Niana Guerrero to BGYO, our guests shared with NYLON Manila what they wanted the future to be like.

The future looks different to everyone. It’s different to the Jonas Brothers, it’s different to people back in 1923, and it’s different to each star, creator, and artist. There’s nothing wrong in trying to manifest for things to be cooler, easier, and better. We asked our guests at our Halloween Kick-Off party what they’re manifesting for in the Year 3000 (or in the future in general), and let’s just say if we all manifest these hopes and dreams and wishes together, we’re in for a bright future ahead.


@nylonmanila We asked @Jayda for her manifestations for the future. Here’s her answer 👀 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila We’re with @Arshie Larga, @Evan Tan, and @KYO QUIJANO on their manifestations. 🙌🏻 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

Pharmacist and content creator Arshie Larga did not skip a beat when he said he wanted a cure for cancer and other incurable diseases by the year 3000. Like our guests said, by the year 3000, surely we’d progress as a society and have technology that would actually make our lives easier and better, right? Like maybe flying cars?

Kidding aside, our guests do want to see a better world. More accessible, as Jayda said, and easier to navigate. Maybe teleportation, as content creator Zoie Garcia wishes. Although immortality, which BGYO’s Nate and NAIA Black wished for, might be a little harder to manifest, we stand by them. See you in the year 3000.


@nylonmanila Celebs like #SofiaPablo and #AllenAnsay dish on their future manifestations. 🛸 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila Social media free free from toxicity? Flying cars? More tours? We’re all in for the same vision! ✨ #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

There’s an eternal kindness in the way people answer world peace—or similar optimistic manifestations that really shed a light on how kind-hearted people are. Whether it’s for people to change in terms of taking care of the environment or each other, hoping for a better world is something we all share. And that world, according to our guests, include safe spaces, accepting communities, progressive societies, and generally just kinder people. God knows we need more of those.

“Sana ‘di na po toxic sa social media,” Niana Guerrero cheered. Preach.


@nylonmanila #BGYO, #G22, and #YesMyLove partied with us last night, so obviously we had to ask them about their manifestations. 💫 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila These content creators kept it 100 with their manifestations 🙌🏻 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

Honestly, relatable. Plenty of our guests are manifesting that their career takes off higher, that they become richer or more successful. Others, like Chikana, manifested their own homes, or to be able to buy their families new homes. So many people aspire for stable careers, to be able to live well and provide for their loved ones. Stars—they’re just like us.

The musicians, like Illest Morena, Zack Tabudlo, and Filipino groups Yes My Love and G22, manifested more great songs that would become a hit, and that they’d still be doing and sharing music. “At sana mas marami pang mga opportunities ang makuha ng mga OPM artists,” KZ Tandingan shared.

What about you? What are you manifesting for in your future? Check out our TikTok for more of their answers!

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19 Fabulous Futuristic ‘Fits At NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party

Welcome to the future.

NYLON Manila kicked off Halloween weekend with Year 3000, a party that saw stars and creators decked out in their most epic futuristic outfits! Check out some of our favorites here.

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If the future looked like this, then we’re ready to travel in light-years. NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Halloween Kick-Off was nothing less than a blast, and hundreds of stars, artists, and creators gathered to celebrate. The dress code was futuristic, and everyone understood the assignment as they dressed in silvers, metallics, punk glam street style, retrofuturistic outfits, and modern and innovative styles. The dance floor was a blur of neons and metallics, chunky accessories, and wild, wild hair.

And while our attendees all served, these nineteen guests stood out with their outfits, embodying the futuristic concept in different ways. From all-black sets to metal arm accessories, silvery sequins to face gems, these “costumes” were the epitome of Year 3000.


niana year 3000

Dancer, content creator, and forever winner at life Niana Guerrero channeled her inner Men In Black main character and served chic, sleek futuristic baddie in zippered leather, sunglasses, spiky accessories, and fun nail art.


G22 year 3000

Move over Totally Spies, P-pop’s female alphas G22 are here to save the world in their gorgeous color-matched outfits! AJ, Alfea, and Jaz totally understood the assignment, looking stunning in colored metallics and gemstones.


arshie year 3000

Pharmacist and content creator Arshie Larga never misses with his on-theme and out-of-this-world outfits, and his Year 3000 ‘fit didn’t disappoint! He’s giving Neo Space Age cowboy with the belt, silver corset, and bright green sash.


maxine trinidad year 3000

Maxine Trinidad’s creative accessories and neon green accents on her youthful and futuristic outfit made the room so much brighter. Eyeliner and hair tutorial please!


sofia and allen year 3000

Talk about a power couple! Young stars Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay were very much giving futuristic it-couple of the Class of Year 3000.


zack tabudlo year 3000

Bucky Barnes who? Musician Zack Tabudlo looked absolutely dashing in a black jacket, denim, and a metallic arm accessory.


The lovely Jayda was a vision, decked out in glam and sparkles from head to toe that was fit for the party and the stage. She also slayed the runway, by the way, glittering like the star she is.


turing year 3000

The future better have us all wearing these sleeves, no matter the reason. Turing’s rumba-inspired metallic sleeves from Ha.Mu were stellar, eye-catching as it ruffled with every movement.


yes my love year 3000

The six-member P-pop boy group looked every bit the casually-futuristic boy band of your dreams at the Year 3000 party.


bgyo year 3000

Gelo, Mikki, and Nate from boy group BGYO were casually cool and effortlessly modern as they wore dark pieces and metallics, with chunky accessories and a superstar energy. We’re into it.


minty fresh year 3000

The queen paired her mullet with an all-black ensemble. You can’t go wrong with sheer and leather, and Minty Fresh rocked Year 3000 in this edgy get-up.


illest year 3000

The R&B artist paired her beachy waves with a spunky silver get-up that shone from way across the room.


dia mate year 3000

Dia Maté looked edgy-cool in her shredded top and metallic two-piece peeking through. It’s giving post-apocalyptic, but make it fashion.


lady morgana year 3000

Lady Morgana took Taylor Swift’s mirrorball to heart as she was decked out in a full mirrored one-piece with a beaked headpiece. It was epic and avant-garde and 100% what we’d want everyone to look like in the future.


mitch briones yar 3000

This killer neon pink jacket caging a sequined silver dress with leg warmers was an absolute serve by Mitch Briones.


Neo France Garcia’s two-piece set looked like pure silver as he was walking down the entryway, but when the flash hit it, it transformed into a stellar flash-reflective multicolored look. Gagged us for sure.


Some things about Angel San Buenaventura’s outfit is giving Y2K, like her fun hairdo and makeup, but her black and silver getup is totally perfect for the girl-next-door in the year 3000.

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Here’s What Went Down Inside NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Halloween Kick-Off

Alexa, play Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers.

We traveled one thousand years into the future for a party that may very well be the blueprint for celebrations in the Year 3000.

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We’ve done movies, traveling, and a throwback to the 90s. And as Halloween rolled around, we knew that our first-ever spooky celebration had to be equally as special. So, instead of looking back, we went forward with Year 3000, our first-ever Halloween kick-off event. Taking inspiration from the vast expanse of the next one thousand years, we started the season in futuristic style as we set off on a course into parts unknown. Here’s a rundown of the major moments of our Year 3000 party. 


A signal was sent far and wide as celebrities, content creators, and young personalities who represented the future made their way to KAO Manila on October 27. The dress code for the evening was Year 3000, and as expected, guests showed up in outfits and costumes that would be right at home on the streets of 31st-century Manila. Golds, metallics, silvers, and more were shining on the red carpet as guests got their photos taken at the LED cube from our co-presenter Barenbliss. It was crowd-favorite spot for sure, just look at the material.

Guests also stopped to snap a few pica at the Havaianas photowall. And before they entered the venue, guests were given stylish futuristic shades that lit up and changed colors. 

Inside KAO Manila, attendees stepped into the future as they were greeted with an LED runway at the center of the club as well as a space-themed NYLON Manila logo. As they mingled with one another, guests enjoyed free-flowing drinks such as cans of Heineken that we just couldn’t get enough of.

Beside the main stage was a Dazzle Me photobooth that became a busy attraction during the night. It was practically busy the whole night as guests lined up to get their printouts.


As guests settled down, a quick program began with host Erika Kristensen welcoming everyone to this futuristic voyage. She then called on NYLON Manila’s Brand Manager Elyse Ilagan to share a few words. “NYLON Manila as a brand always strives to look towards the future, which is why we’re dedicating our Halloween to doing just that. The fact that you guys are here today means we see you as the next generation that represents what the future will look like, and it couldn’t be any brighter,” she said to the glistening audience. 

Afterward, NYLON Manila’s Editor-In-Chief hyped up the crowd even more as she teased the special segments that were in store. And speaking of those, the night featured two. The first was the Barenbliss runway as thirteen finalists for best dressed were asked to strut their stuff down the runway to pick a winner. The serves were serving as all the finalists looked so good, but in the end, Jamie Cansino, Janio, and Klyza Castro were named the winners and took home a special package courtesy of Barenbliss. 

The second segment was Y.O.U Beauty’s Martian Egg Hunt as guests had to find ten silver eggs hidden around KAO Manila. The finders took home goodies from Y.O.U Beauty, and two lucky winners whose eggs contained a NYLON Manila sticker even received the top prize from the beauty brand. And because glowing skin is still a must in 3023, we also had a special award called Y.O.U Beauty’s Most Radiant of the Night. While it wasn’t easy choosing a winner, Minty Fresh, Zoe Vinluan, and Niana Guerrero won thanks to their radiant glows that were felt across the room. 


Just like that, the night ended with partying as guests took to the dance floor until the AM to the beats of DJ Jimmy Nocon, who got the crowd riled with classic throwbacks and modern hits. And if the guests weren’t dancing, they were mingling and catching up with each other. Where else can you see Zack Tabudlo throwing it back to Tyla’s Water while Niana Guerrero, Dom Guyot, Mitch Briones, and more hype him up? Yeah, it was a moment. Before guests went home, they got loot bags courtesy of Y.O.U Beauty, Havaianas, Barenbliss, and Dazzle Me. Go to a party and get gifts? What’s not to love about that? 

Thank you to everyone who came. Year 3000 wouldn’t be possible without the support of our co-presenter Barenbliss, major sponsor Y.O.U Beauty, minor sponsor Dazzle Me, Havaianas, Heineken, and KAO Manila. This event was just the beginning of what you can expect from our new chapter moving forward, and we can’t wait to show you more. Happy Halloween!  

Photos by Ed Simon, Excel Panlaque, and Kim Santos

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