12 Nail Designs That Serve Big Barbie Energy

This Barbie needs to book her next nail appointment.

With these Barbie-inspired nail designs, we’re literally painting the town pink!

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Barbie has been slaying the game for ages, becoming a symbol of beauty, glamour, and everything feminine. With her flawless hair and killer fashion sense, Barbie has won over the hearts of millions worldwide. It’s undeniable that we’re all just living in a Barbie world. From Barbie-inspired makeup to the Barbiecore fashion trend, the whole town is painted pink. And that includes nail designs that channel our inner Barbie.

Whether you’re into Barbie’s classic pink aesthetic or totally down to experimenting with vibrant colors and rad patterns, these nail designs will help you serve big Barbie energy that’s all about being fun, flirty, and absolutely fabulous. From movie-inspired nail sets to nailing that iconic silhouette, there are literally endless possibilities for your next nail appointment.

1. Real-Life Barbie

You totally can’t get more Barbie-inspired nails than these. Like, they were worn by Margot Robbie herself and were made by Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein. This abstract nail art was the real deal on our real-life Barbie during the Mexico movie premiere. BTW, Betina posted a tutorial for the alcohol ink set! How cool is that?

2. ‘Barbie Diaries’ Inspired

Yes, we’re all about rockstars! Taking inspiration from the 2006 film franchise, Barbie Diaries, this airbrushed nail set by ELINAILS nods to a drummer version of Barbie with stars, gems, and a whole lot of pink and purple.

3. Barbie & Ken

No need to even ask, we’re totally Team Barbie and Team Ken! With this ombré manicure from Phoebe Summer Nails, we’re channeling Barbie and Ken’s power couple energy.

4. Barbie Pool Party

If it’s time to fangirl, we will fangirl hard. That’s Handy Nails turns the Barbie movie pool scene into reality with this nail set. It’s giving summertime with palm trees and a tropical colorway. Yes, the Cardiff-based nail artist even included a 3D pool donut.

5. Barbie, but make it… Baddie

Today, we wouldn’t be baddies without Barbie. Nailing the trending butterfly, flower, and swirls nail art, Annabel Maginnis twisted the usual pink Barbiecore with black French tips.

6. Blushing Barbie

Barbie is all about wearing her heart on her sleeve, and it totally makes sense that her nails would serve some hearts! Just like Barbie’s signature style, Julia Talisman’s blushing pink and red manicure is absolutely nailing it with white hearts and big bows.

7. Cosmic Barbie

Remember when we all wanted to become an astronaut because of Space Discovery Barbie? Well, it’s time to channel that childhood dream with this cosmic set from Q Quirky Nails. Those pink aura nails with small gems and thin tips are absolutely out of this world!

8. Inspired by Barbie’s Fairytopia

Let me tell you, Fairytopia was one of the OG Barbie movies. Diving deep into the garden fairy aesthetic, take a look at this set by Mieux Nails. Besides the fantasy and colorway being to die for, it features purple butterfly wings and a gold chrome base for the tips. ICYDK, this nail artist is based in Marikina City. Take this as a sign to book that nail appointment.

9. Malibu Barbie

Summer is officially one degree hotter. Reimagining Malibu Barbie’s iconic color, Laci Sundays compliments the solid-colored nails with an added chrome base to the classic shade of hot pink.

10. Inspired by Barbie’s Mermaidia

Mermaid nails are the summer manicures we’re seriously craving. Taking inspiration from Barbie’s Mermaidia, pearlescent shell-like shades are taking center stage. Of course, Mere Limtiek took this nail design to another level with 3D waves and pearls.

11. Retro Barbie

This Barbie is going retro. Hannah Taylor takes back last summer’s pale pink, orange, and blue and pink swirls for Barbie szn. Think of this nostalgic design as the nail version of those tie-dye shirts you made during quarantine—they’re fun, cute, and can be worn on a day-to-day basis.

12. Y2K Barbie

Since everything’s trending all at once, might as well mix them together. With many of our favorite celebrities embracing the massive comeback of the Y2K, Q Quirky Nails takes over with pink aura nails, silver metallics, and chains. Talk about a bold choice!

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Kathryn Bernardo Can Add Another International Award To Her Trophy Closet

She's a winner baby!

The Ws continue for Kathryn Bernardo now that she becomes the second-ever Filipina to win Outstanding Asian Star.

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2023 is a big year for Kathryn Bernardo as she has not one, not two, but three movies in the works. This September, Kath and Dolly de Leon will unleash their joint slay in A Very Good Girl, later on, she has the historical drama Elena 1944, and let’s not forget the long-awaited but still untitled KathNiel film. And that’s on top of other projects she has in the works. Clearly, Kath is staying booked and busy. But if that wasn’t enough, the superstar received the latest international award of her career, and it’s her biggest to date.


Recently, it was announced that Kathryn was named Outstanding Asian Star at the Seoul International Drama Awards, representing the Philippines. It can be remembered that she was nominated for the award alongside Daniel Padilla, Barbie Forteza, Dennis Trillo, and Julie Anne San Jose. It was tough competition, to say the least, but after fans voted on Idolchamp from June 15 to July 14, Kathryn came out on top.

Kathryn Bernardo is no stranger to being internationally recognized, with awards from Vietnam at the Face of the Year Awards and even a Kids’ Choice Award in 2019 for Favorite Trending Pinoy. But her win at the Seoul International Drama Awards represents one of the biggest wins of her career given the caliber of the award and the company she will join, both in the Philippines and internationally.

In fact, with her win, Kathryn becomes the second Filipina and second Kapamilya actress in history to win the accolade, with Belle Mariano being the first when she won it last year. Of course, let’s also not discard the effort of her fans for voting for her for the award as they made known their belief that Kath deserved to win it. More than a decade into her career, Kathryn Bernardo continues to stay winning, as she should.

The 18th edition of the Seoul International Drama Awards will be on September 21, with Kath confirmed to attend the event in Seoul to accept the award in person. You can bet we’ll be ready then to see what she’ll be wearing, and maybe break in the internet in the process.

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Hot Debut: HORI7ON Is The First Filipino Group To Perform On MCOUNTDOWN

Who's doing it like them?

It only felt like it was yesterday that we saw HORI7ON be formed in Dream Maker. Now, they’re making history on MCOUNTDOWN.

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We always knew that Dream Maker, ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment’s boy group reality show, would form a Pinoy boy group that would debut in South Korea. But we didn’t realize how fast it was going to come. After all, it was only last February when Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus were voted to become HORI7ON. And staying true to their name of looking over the horizon with their promising careers, the official start of the group’s chapter one is here after they made a splash on MCOUNTDOWN.


Last July 24, HORI7ON made their official Korean debut with the release of their debut album, Friend-SHIP. The surprisingly meaty album features 12 tracks, including their previously released singles and tracks they performed on Dream Maker. It also has new bops added and sub-unit songs such as Jeromy and Marcus on How You Feel and Death Or Paradise with Vinci, Kyler, Kim, Reyster, and Wintson. And the group even bagged features from Lapillus’ Haeun and TFN’s Noa on the album for that extra star power.

But the real highlight of the show is their lead debut single SIX7EEN, with the title and song combining the group’s talents and the youthful energy they exude. And it’s this song they performed for their debut stage on MCOUNTDOWN.


As one of South Korea’s biggest music shows, MCOUNTDOWN is a big deal. So HORI7ON’s stage is an achievement in itself. They boys very much didn’t take the opportunity for granted as they brought a fun and vibrant energy to the MCOUNTDOWN stage, complete with an ending fairy, as their Korean ANCHORs (their fandom name) cheered them on.

If that wasn’t enough, HORI7ON also bagged a mention in the history books as the first ever Filipino boy group to perform on a Korean music show as well as joined a shortlist of other global groups who have performed on the show, such as XG. It’s a moment and breakthrough for Pinoy pop groups and one of the best ways to kick off a debut era. Who knows, they might even get a music show win down the line. 

Their MCOUNTDOWN stage is just one of the many activities HORI7ON has been doing in South Korea. After 100 days of training, the boys have been busy with their promo schedules, from having a media and fan showcase at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, starring in a variety show, meeting Sandara Park, and more. Needless to say, it’s a moment worth celebrating. It’s no joke seeing all-Pinoy talent on MNET as they show to the world their potential. If HORI7ON had something to prove in their debut stage, they did it. We might have to stan even harder we fear.  

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What Is Girl Dinner? A Tiktok Food Trend That’s Actually Relatable

Tonight's girl dinner? Cup noodles and a banana.

Is it a meal? A snack? No, it’s girl dinner.

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You know those late nights in your dorm room, after a tiring day at work, or maybe when you’re just too lazy to go grocery shopping? Whatever the reason, instead of cooking a proper meal, you’re just throwing together whatever’s left in your fridge and pantry. Well, it has a name now: girl dinner. And it seems like everyone has been there.

Alright, let’s keep it real. Cooking sucks sometimes (most of the time if we’re being honest). So, why not treat yourself to the most random food from yesterday? No need for pots, pans, or other chores. Remember: when the secret ingredient of home-cooked meals is love, the recipe for girl dinner lies in the lack of effort.

What is it, exactly?

Girl dinner can be popcorn, mac n’ cheese with ketchup, or even fried chicken from a convenience store. I would bet that almost every one of us has had girl dinner at some point, which is no wonder that it has become the latest trend to take over TikTok.

The trend originated from this LA micro-influencer, Olivia Maher (AKA @liviemaher) as an easy-peasy no-cooking-required combination of food items like cup noodles, canned goodies, fruits, and biscuits for dinner. With over 520 million views for the hashtag #girldinner on TikTok, this trend has taken on a life of its own. Women worldwide are sharing their comical (or concerning) versions of their girl dinner that will have you feeling seen and heard, and realize that you may have never had a unique experience in your life. It’s popularity has even spawned boy dinner with their own genre of effortless meals.

In the Philippines, most girl dinners are made out of pancit canton, energy drinks, canned tuna, and chips. One of the most hilarious ones is rice with sinigang, sounds good? Plot twist: the “sinigang” is purely made out of sinigang mix, like, nothing else.


sinigang with nothing on it but powder 🤌🏼

♬ original sound – karma carr

The real question is: does the relatability of girl dinner be comical or concerning?


10x better if the fries are soggy 😩

♬ original sound – karma carr

TikTok certainly has a reputation for glamorizing not-so-healthy eating patterns, especially through the what I eat in a day recaps. Well, girl dinner isn’t ideal. Snacks, processed meals, and leftovers shouldn’t be considered ‘dinner.’ That said, we can’t always be in the mood (or budget) for a proper dinner every weeknight. And honestly, even before the trend blew up, we were already big fans of no-cook meals. So as relatable as the girl dinner trend is and sometimes a necessity, remember that a girl dinner isn’t something you should always be consuming on a daily basis. Make time for the balanced and hearty meals.

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All the Times Celebrities Championed Filipino Fashion on the Hollywood Carpet

Filipino fashion takes center stage.

From the City of Angels to the world premieres, Filipino fashion takes the scene.

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Filipino fashion is absolutely slaying the Hollywood scene. From red carpets to world premieres, one after another, Filipinos are pushing boundaries, embracing cultural heritage, and championing the unique craftsmanship that traditional Filipino clothing and elements bring to the table.

From Rajo Laurel, Michael Cinco, to Monique Lhuillier, Filipino designers have been dressing Hollywood’s brightest celebrities. However, it’s different when traditional ensembles take center stage. That being said, let’s dive deep into all the times celebrities championed Filipino fashion on the Hollywood red carpet.

Ana Cruz Kayne

As the whole world turns pink, Fil-Am actress Ana Cruz Kayne is no exception. Not only did she slay in a Filipiniana-inspired dress in the Barbie movie, but Anna also hauled the butterfly sleeves and Terno straight to Hollywood. At Barbie’s pink premiere in Los Angeles, Ana flaunted her heritage with a beaded Terno top and a glamorous floor-length fringe skirt. Earning enthusiastic praise as the ‘dreamiest Balintawak‘, the Terno bodice was created by none other than the FIlipiniana fashion designer Dennis Lustico. Adding a touch of Filipino pride, Dennis revealed that the actress specifically requested to wear “something Filipino” for this much-awaited event.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch has never been shy of flexing her Filipino roots, such as when she was spotted walking down the 20th Annual Unforgettable Gala Asian American Awards in a contemporary terno. Tapping into her roots, Bella wore a seafoam green crop top with butterfly sleeves. Adding her personality to the look, the Build a Bitch singer paired her terno top with a high-waisted crystal-embellished pink maxi skirt that had a thigh-high slit. ICYDK, Bella attended the event to co-present with another half-Filipino social media personality, Bretman Rock.

Jameela Jamil

Filipina fashion designer Monique Lhuillier is playing dress-up with Hollywood’s A-listers. Seriously, she’s become the go-to designer of the most prominent celebrities out there. At the Golden Globe Awards alone, her creations adorned the red carpet, worn by Emmy Rossum, Isla Fisher, Kaley Cuoco, and Jameela Jamil. Talk about a star-studded lineup!

While Monique’s works never missed, we’re particularly all about the coral-colored ensemble of Jameela Jamil. The Good Place actress served Filipino fashion elements with the sheer fabric and delicate flower embroidery.

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano proudly flaunted Filipina sensibilities during Gold House’s 1st Annual Gold Gala in Hollywood. Liza was slaying it on the gold carpet alongside fellow Filipino actor James Reid, where she turned heads in an all-black couture customized by Filipino fashion designer Anthony Ramirez. The ensemble features an elegant corset-style bodice, which was a sultry take on the traditional Filipiniana. Again, a butterfly sleeve makes an appearance, nodding to traditional balintawak fashion.

Kris Aquino

In case you didn’t know, Kris Aquino is THE real crazy rich Asian. That being said, she pulled out all the stops for the world premiere of Crazy Rich Asians. The actress spoiled herself with not one, not two, but five gorgeous gowns to choose from. Well, she slayed the right choice of a Michael Leyva Filipiniana in her signature shade of yellow. The ensemble captures the traditional characteristics of a Filipiniana, complete with those fabulous butterfly sleeves, a long flowy skirt, and a blouse.

For Kris Aquino, representing her heritage was a small but meaningful effort. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: the actress was accompanied by her son at the world premiere, and he looked incredible in a barong.

Vanessa Hudgens

By now, it’s common knowledge that Vanessa Hudgens is half-Filipina. Despite being born and raised in the US, she has her Pinoy pride up her sleeves — literally. At the Met Gala 2022, the High School Musical actress honored her Filipino roots in a remarkable way. Her sheer all-black ensemble from Moschino featured puff sleeves that bore a striking resemblance to the iconic butterfly sleeves of the traditional Filipiniana.

Vanessa has always been repping her heritage, and she’s even talked about her hopes of making a project about her Manileña mother. Guess what? It’s actually coming true! 

Zoey Deutch

Once again, at the Met Gala, American actress Zoey Deutch wore a Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda corset inlay gown in illusion tulle with gold embroidery, and cross-stitch floral motifs. With the presence of butterfly sleeves, intricate embroidery, and even the hair-in-a-bun style strutted by the Zombieland actress, it’s undeniable that the get-up was inspired by Filipino fashion. It’s a total bummer that the Italian fashion house didn’t give credit where credit was due. Yes, it caused quite a controversy. But can we all agree that Zoey looked heavenly?

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5 Rage Rooms Where You Can Let Go Of Your Anger Productively

The therapy we need.

Bottling up your anger isn’t healthy. So, release all that pent-up emotion productively in these rage rooms.

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No matter what time or day it is, life always tries it. Whether it be your personal or professional life, there are just so many things going on that can lead to a torrent of emotions. Even as simple as watching the news or traveling on the road can get stressful. The frustration is real as we feel as if our mental health is battered daily. Understandably, this can lead to a build-up of feelings and a desire to let it all out. But keeping all that in or bringing it out through unhealthy outlets can lead to even more problems and headaches, and that is the last thing we need.

Luckily, there are rage rooms around the country that allow you to let it all out safely and legally. Throw some plates, smash an old TV, and let out a good cry. After all, letting the stress out and unwinding is something we all need and deserve once in a while. So, if a venue to let out your anger and rage in life is what you need, check out these rage rooms around the Philippines that serve as safe spaces to let you feel your feels.


Located at BF Homes, Paranaque is the first rage room with a coffee shop in the country where, for just 120 pesos for 15 minutes, you’re free to let out your rage by throwing plates and glass bottles. And, if you’d like to direct your energy towards a specific person, you can request to have a photo of someone pinned on the wall. When you’re done, cool down with a cup of coffee. While they’re only located in Paranaque as of the moment, they are expanding to a new location in Ayala Malls Circuit in Makati, and potentially in Pasig and Rizal too.


Stop by La Loma, Quezon City for the firs rage room in the Metro where a metal pipe, safety equipment, and objects for you to destroy await you to release. Choose from one of three packages, Woke Up & Chose Violence, Peace Was Never an Option, Life is Short Smash Sh!t, with rates starting at 299 pesos for 10 minutes. And they do allow add-ons in case you wanted more objects to feel your productive anger.


From Breakout Philippines comes Break Room Philippines, whose name doesn’t hide what you’ll do in the room. Choose between bats, golf clubs, and sledgehammers as the physical tool to let out your rage as well as one of three packages, Quick Release, Stress Management, or Anger Therapy. And to top it all off, this Mandaluyong-based rage room lets customers bring the items they want to break.  


If you’re traveling north to get away from it all, you may want to stop by San Fernando, Pampanga to check out this rage room. Superslam Rage Room, which bills itself as the number one rage room in the Philippines, offers customers a safe space to scream and break things to their heart’s content for 150 pesos. And if their name sounds familiar, then you’ve probably seen some of their viral TikTok videos that show the healing power of letting things out in a rage room.   


Ironically enough, this rage room in the north is located in the town of Maligaya in Mallig, Isabela. Step inside Barrio Rage Room and pick your poison between a wooden bat, golf club, hammer, tennis racket, or metal pole.


You may be familiar with Isdaan Floating Restaurant for its concept as a seafood restaurant with guests staying on cottages floating on water. But aside from the food and ambiance, you may also want to check out the Tacsiyapo Wall, which lets guests channel their frustrations by throwing plates and other objects at a giant wall. Fill your tummy and your soul.  

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Pitch Perfect: Meet The Team Who Will Lead Billboard Philippines

Collab of the year.

As we get ever so closer to the official relaunch of Billboard Philippines, it’s time to get to know the core team behind the authority in music. 

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Music isn’t made with just a snap of a finger. Often, it requires someone or a team of individuals to make the magic happen. After all, behind your favorite bops and albums are people who turned empty noise into music. That much also applies when it comes to Billboard Philippines. As the authoritative music platform, Billboard PH will have its finger on the pulse of the new, next, and now in the local and international music scene when they return to the Philippines, under the direction of Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) through AGC Power Holdings Corp. 

Billboard Philippines hopes to be a home for meaningful content that champions inclusivity, diversity, and global collaboration that will allow the discovery and rediscovery of music by Filipinos for Filipinos. And to do so, the publication will need a core team who will lay down the foundation for OPM to reach greater heights. That is why Billboard Philippines is bringing together a group of trailblazers who come from the varied industries of the local music scene to help lead the team. So, check out the four individuals who will serve as the key pillars for Billboard Philippines. 


Invalid image block format.

Bret Jackson is no stranger to the limelight. The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate has flexed his talents in the worlds of acting and music. But it’s the latter he’s proven most adept at. He was co-founder of the independent record label Paraisla, which is home to some of the hottest rising stars in OPM, and the production house 7640. Bret has worn many hats over the years, but his love for music has led him to take his biggest leap yet as the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Billboard Philippines.

Relocated from America to Dumaguete when he was 13 years old, Bret is as Pinoy as they come, especially when it comes to OPM. But his love for the art isn’t just relegated to the borders of the Metro, but all over the Philippines whose regions are as diverse as its music. “Hearing their stories really instilled in me a relentless feeling to want to do more for the people and places I loved. This led to becoming a full-time student of the Filipino music industry,” he narrates. 

As EIC of Billboard Philippines, Bret hopes to use the platform to celebrate Filipino music in all its forms and showcase the best of every island to reach a global audience. For Bret, it’s a matter of rising above the noise and giving a space for Filipino music to reach its full potential. Under his watch, Billboard Philippines will become a bridge to help artists and labels collaborate to make the sweetest kind of music. 


Invalid image block format.

Music runs through the DNA of Francis Reyes. After all, the OPM icon is not only recognized for his booming voice as one of the pioneering radio jocks for then-Philippine rock radio station NU107, but he’s also a phenomenal guitarist for the iconic Filipino rock band The Dawn. And after years of being in the thick of the local music industry, Francis brings his experience to Billboard Philippines as Editor-at-Large. 

In the same way that he has used music to tell stories, so too will he with the content in Billboard Philippines. He shares, “The Philippine music landscape is healthy and diverse, encompassing countless scenes, communities, tastes, and perspectives. Billboard Philippines will hopefully be able to reflect, report, and create a roadmap of sorts for all audiences — local and international — as a resource. It won’t be easy, but we are excited to take on the challenges and help celebrate the triumphs of Philippine music.”


Invalid image block format.

Name an A-list OPM star and chances are Paolo Valenciano has worked with them. The noted creative has directed concerts for titans such as Bamboo, Eraserheads, Sarah Geronimo, Ben&Ben, Regine Velasquez, Sharon Cuneta, and more. And now, one of the most in-demand concert and event directors in the country becomes the Executive Producer for Billboard Philippines. 

With his penchant and talent for elevating music to new visual heights and delivering core memory-worthy experiences, expect the creative maestro and Billboard Philippines to push the boundaries on what can be done both onstage and off. “I am so thrilled to be a part of such an iconic brand like Billboard. I’ve always believed that our local acts deserve to be on a global stage and this new era of Billboard Philippines will give our artists even more opportunities to be seen and heard,” he reveals. 


Invalid image block format.

The audio experience isn’t complete without the podcast, which is an area that Billboard Philippines will not be lacking. And leading the charge for the publication will be Anton Molina, an experienced radio jock with years of expertise as an audio production head. Given the experience he brings to the role, Anton will help deliver podcasts under Billboard Philippines that will serve as a medium for Filipino musicians to connect with their music and life stories with audiences all over the world. 

On what he hopes to see for Billboard Philippines, Anton shares, “I envision the brand to be a home for the latest in the local music stage and to be a place wherein a lot of fans discover artists or rediscover their love for other artists.”

Billboard Philippines is set to have its formal launch on October 2023. Catch the latest news and updates on Billboard Philippines at https://agcpowerholdingscorp.com/category/news/.

Styled By Gee Jocson

Assisted by Angelo Vasallo and Jason Mago

Special thanks to Vans Philippines

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All The Times Andrea Brillantes Was The Main Character At Concerts

Ang tunay na pinagpala sa lahat.

Sana all can vent to Sabrina Carpenter about their love life.

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With ticket prices these days, just being able to attend a concert is enough for us. But sometimes, our inner delulu pines for more, in particular, having that special one-on-one moment with our fave musician. You’ve probably seen those moments where artists pick out someone from the crowd to bring on stage and serenade them or have a special moment in the spotlight. You then wonder to yourself , how can I live that Y/N life? But for Andrea Brillantes, she doesn’t need to wonder because she’s lived it multiple times.

As if Blythe’s life hasn’t been blessed enough, over the years, the Gen Z star has not only attended the concerts of some of the biggest musicians in the world, but they’ve also interreacted with her, which led to moments that broke the internet. While some may say that she’s an attention seeker, we see it as living the fangirl life in situations that we all wouldn’t mind doing if given the chance. Scroll down for the times Blythe radiated main character energy at concerts.


Even during her early teen years, Blythe was already in that Y/N life with global pop stars. Case in point, Andrea was living every Arianators’ dream when she met Ariana backstage during her Manila stop of the Honeymoon Tour in 2015, was standing by the barricade, and got recognized by Ariana when she was seen on the screen at the Araneta Coliseum. The fact that Ariana said that she remembered Blythe when she saw her in the crowd, Andrea was winning that night.


Promposals can sometimes be grand gestures of love that are meticulously thought out. But Blythe decided to one-up everyone during prom season 2023 when she had BLACKPINK help her in her promposal. During the group’s concert at the Philippine Arena earlier this year, Rose noticed Blythe’s sign asking BLACKPINK to help her prompose to Ricci Rivero. Soon enough, one of the biggest girl group’s in the world got involved in the moment which, as we all know, led to a yes. In hindsight, the moment didn’t age well considering where the two ended up, but at least Blythe has a fun story to tell her kids in the future.


@nylonmanila IYKYK 😗 #SabrinaCarpenter #SabrinaCarpenterMNL #AndreaBrillantes ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

If Blythe got BLACKPINK to help her prompose to Ricci, she’s venting to Sabrina Carpenter about the downfall of her relationship. ICYDK, Sabrina has a moment in her Emails I Can’t Send world tour where she interviews an audience member in the front row about their love life. And during her highly-anticipated Manila stop, Sabrina just so happened to interview Andrea. 

Blythe shared with Sabrina about her breakup and how she’s ready to leave it all in the past. At this point, we’re just living vicariously through Andrea in these moments. And we can all thank her sister, Kayla Aan, for the moment as she surprised Blythe with upgraded front-row tickets to Sabrina’s show when she was initially set to sit in Row 10.

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Forget Truck Simulator, We’re Playing Jeepney Simulator

The jeepney and the furious.

Created by two college students from Davao City, Jeepney Simulator is a Filipino-made game that is exactly what you think it is.

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The thing about video games is that there probably is a simulator game out there for whatever aspect of life. Want to manage your own city? Download Cities: Skylines. Dream of traveling across Europe in a truck? There’s Euro Truck Simulator. Want to soars across the skies without having to go through the proper training? Microsoft Flight Simulator has got you covered. There even is Goat Simulator if ever you wanted to know what it was like being a goat, albeit unrealistically.

But there hasn’t been a game that lets you live out what it’s like driving the king of the Philippine roads, aka the jeepney, until now. Get ready to make some space in your hard drive for the Filipino driving simulator you’ve been waiting for, Jeepney Simulator.


Released on Steam early access last July 17, Jeepney Simulator is a simulation game about driving a jeepney. The basic gameplay has the player take on the role of a jeepney driver in the fictional Dabbo City (based on Davao City) as they pick up passengers, drop them off at their destinations, calculate change, deal with the realistic traffic of the game, and more. You have to go to gas stations to manage your gas and can visit money exchangers to swap cash for coins.

Jeepney Simulator Game

When you boot up the game, you’ll first have to go through a tutorial and then choose the type of jeepney you want to ride. Jeepney Simulator allows players to customize their jeepney, such as with its fuel efficiency and capacity. Aside from the main gameplay loop of jeepney driving, the game also introduces household management, with the player having to take care of their wife, Jennice, and son, Timmy. Players will have to manage their income between taking care of their jeepney and supporting their family, with the decisions they make affecting the outcome of the story.


The Filipino-made game comes from indie developer Spacezero Interactive, which is currently made up of two college students from Davao City, 21-year-old computer science student Joshua Renzie Bicoy and 20-year-old IT student Alvin Vann Arapoc. The idea for the game came when one of them was riding the jeepney and imagined what it would be like to drive one in a video game. The rest is history.

Jeepney Simulator Game

Joshua and Alvin had little to no budget for making the game (they were the ones who voiced the NPCs in the game), so they had to turn to creative means to promote their game, which meant TikTok. And in fact, some of their videos have gone viral on the platform, racking over a million views and more than fifty thousand followers, which led to a positive launch for the game on Steam.


As of this writing, Jeepney Simulator is currently in early access, so it isn’t the complete package content-wise. So far, players have access to the tutorial, main game, basic customization, and a part of the story with a cliffhanger ending. But the developers did promise that more content is on the way. In particular, players can expect daily events, more customization options, the final story, which will involve the mysterious Hiraya Corporation and their shady work in Dabbo City, a boss fight, police chases, and more. They also promised to include the community in the game’s continued development with their feedback and other input, and have even included voice lines in the game from other players. 

Jeepney Simulator Game

It’s not every day you find video games centered on the jeepney, so you may want to check out this student-made gem. If you want to try out the game for yourself, you can download Jeepney Simulator for 199 pesos on Steam.

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I Failed My Board Exam Notes to NYLON Manila

I Failed My Exam, Now My Graduation Is Delayed. What To Do? #NotesToNYLONManila


What do we do when our timeline falls apart and our future isn’t what we planned?


#NotesToNYLONManila is a weekly advice column for all things Gen Z. From college applications and our first job, to situationships and financial woes, let’s talk about what it means to be growing up in this generation and how to thrive through the best and the worst of it all.

This week, we have a letter about confidence and failure, and what it means to believe in yourself when you don’t succeed.

#NotesToNYLONManila: On Failure, Delays, and Confidence

Dear NYLON Manila,

I had my last exam last month. It’s a pre-board exam that would determine if I am going to graduate this year or not, and sadly, I did not pass. It was my first failure — first big failure. I had all the confidence in the world back then, two months ago. I was pretty sure that I was going to pass. Not anymore. I seem to not know anymore. People don’t believe na hindi ako nakapasa, all because they know how crazy confident I was. I still wake up in disbelief sometimes. How do I gain my confidence back to continue trying despite the delays and setbacks?

Black Swan

Dear Black Swan,

Delays are scary. Failure is terrifying. And confidence? Confidence only truly manifests itself when tested.

In the school system, we are raised to follow a strict timeline. When we plan out our lives, we more of less do the same. A failed exam or class can sometimes mean pushing back our “life” by a whole year, and I completely understand how daunting this might feel, especially when everyone else around us seem to be moving forward. When we’re taught a singular way to look at our future, detours can look like dead ends.

You must be thinking, “If I can’t do this now, what’s my life going to look like at 30?” Or maybe you’re wondering, “Does this failure mean this isn’t the path for me?”

Let me share with you something that’s comforted me at one point in the past, too.

Stan Lee, the man behind the Marvel Universe, created his first hit comic at 38 years old.

Viola Davis landed her leading role at How To Get Away With Murder in 2014, 18 years after her broadway debut.

Vera Wang became an independent bridal wear designer at 40, after leaving her stable career in journalism.

When I started looking at people who found success later in life, I wondered if timelines might not be as rigid as we were taught. And as I grew older and took even more career detours, I’ve only been met with confirmation.

Just like you, my own failures led to my delayed graduation and bouts of anxiety that clouded my college experience. I watched my barkada march without me. I scrolled past as my classmates added jobs to their Facebook profiles, while I remained in the classrom. I spent late nights and early mornings furiously googling ways out of my situation. However, more than just the external pressure and the threat of a skewed timeline, it was the self-loathing that was hardest to overcome.

Know that you are not defined by your failures, but by the choices you make afterwards. What’s more important than passing an exam or graduating on time is understanding that you are the kind of person who will work hard, try, and push forward no matter what.

Let’s cultivate confidence not from our accolades nor our milestones, but from each time we decide to get back up and learn. The sooner we accept that failure is an inevitable part of life, the sooner we’ll gain confidence as works-in-progress.

You might not be moving forward in the direction and in the timeline of your choosing, but you can choose to be the kind of person who continues anyway.

I’m rooting for you,