Our Favorite Performances From YouTube FanFest 2021 Philippines

What was your favorite performance?

From Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, and Natalia Guerrero breaking it down on the dance floor to the iconic collab between SB19 and AC Bonifacio, here are our favorite performances from YouTube FanFest 2021.

Despite the fact that this year’s YouTube FanFest 2021 Philippines was held virtually, that didn’t stop the YouTubers, content creators, and artists from coming together for quite the show. Over the course of three days, creators from around the country came together to entertain the fans, albeit digitally. Episode oe, entitled Island Life, focused on Cebuano creators. Episode two, Everyone Is Beautiful, brought some of the biggest lifestyle and beauty YouTubers together to do a plantita inspired challenge. The third episode, The Finale, was all about ending YouTube FanFest on a high note. And of course, there were also a lot of performances from both YouTubers and artists. While everyone did a great job, here are our favorite performances from the event.

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It was the first time The Juans performed at YouTube FanFest Philippines and their deut appearance saw them perform twice. They first set was during episode oe where they played a medley of their hits from Hatid, Hindi Tayo Pwede, Umaga, and Atin Ang Mundo. Dressed in floral prints, not only was the band on-theme with the episode, but their performance made us feel that we were watching them live at a gig as we jammed along to their songs. For their second performance, they sang their new song, Dulo, during episode three and brought things to a more emotional feeling.


For Lesha’s performance at YouTube FanFest, she gave two whole vibes to the stage. She started things off with her new song Sun Moon Rising. Dressed in a voluminous white gown, she brought the fun, groove, and disco. For her second song, she performed an unreleased track from her album called Karma as she changed to a gold jumpsuit with a gorgeous corset with gold and red detailing. It was a darker and more dramatic performance, but it was just as good. The only thing we need now is for Lesha to release Karma officially.


AC Bonifacio really let out her inner pop star during YouTube FanFest Philippines 2021. During her main performance during episode two, she first danced two Sarah Geronimo’s Duyan. Dressed in a blue satin pajama-like outfit, she glided along the stage with her dance moves before taking things to the next level as she removed her top to reveal her white halter top. She then did a cover of Get Me Down by LouisVint and Juliana Celine. AC is most known for her dancing skills, and rarely do we see her sing, but despite that, she confidently held the mic and made it look like she’s been doing this for years. But that wasn’t the end of AC’s talents, as you’ll see in the next entry.


SB19 wee set to perform at YouTube FanFest and expectations were high that they would do good, and they delivered in a major way. They opened episode three with a performance of MANA. In keeping with the song’s ominous vibe, the boys were dressed in crow-inspired outfits and had dark eye make-up and made for one of their more memorable ensembles. Later on in the show, they performed Bazinga and while it was great, what made it the talk of the town was AC coming in to not only dance with them, but to also sing and rap part of the song. The SB19 and AC Bonifacio collab was so memorable and their performance currently lives rent-free in our minds.


For Zack Tabudlo, his performance was a simple, but so good. He first performed Binibini, followed by Nangangamba. It was during the latter when Zack really stood out, because watching him perform, you can feel the emotion radiating for him. The vocals were on point and he was feeling every word which made for a fulfilling performance. Despite the fact that it was just him playing guitar with no light show or backup dancers, he still killed it and had us in our feels.


You couldn’t have a YouTube-centric event without having the reigning king and queen of YouTube Philippines perform now, would you? To close out episode three and YouTube FanFest Philippines 2021, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero performed their latest song, Mayo Slide. They were cool and confident on stage, but what made it even better (and cuter), was their little sister Natalia Guerrero joining them in the performance. It was definitely a fun and feel-good way to end the show.

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For Donny Pangilinan And Belle Mariano, It’s All About Young Love In Ben&Ben’s Upuan Music Video

The stare speaks volumes.

In Ben&Ben’s music video for Upuan, DonBelle shows us that you can say so much even by just looking at each other.

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For Ben&Ben’s second studio album, Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno, not only does the band continue to show off their impressive musicality, but also their ability to tackle a diverse set of sounds and topics. Pebble House sees the band bring the disco in Kasayaw, tackle mental health in Lunod, speak up on empowerment in Sabel, and stand up against tyranny in Kapangyarihan.

But then you also have staples of the Ben&Ben sound in a song like Upuan, the first track to be released from the album. The up-tempo song talks about love at first sight and how by just looking at each other, you know that the person is the special someone. So when the band dropped the album and released the music video to Upuan, it was only right that DonBelle themselves, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, be the lead stars of the MV. And just by watching the video, you can tell the two took the song’s message to heart.

To Be Young And In Love

Ben&Ben’s Upuan starts in a classroom setting. Donny, Belle, and the members of Ben&Ben play classmates who are having a regular time in school. While everyone is doing their own thing, Donny is busy staring at Belle with a passionate gaze, clearly speaking volumes of feelings unsaid. When they are informed of prom night, Donny tries to ask Belle to be his date, but she leaves before he gets to do so.

The next scene sees the gang at prom with Donny arriving alone as he still wants to hopefully be with Belle. And low and behold, when Belle arrives and the two accidentally bump into each other on the dance floor,  it turns out that both of them like each other, but weren’t able to say it. The two then spend the rest of prom night together.

Kahit Nagtitigan Lang, Tapos Na Ang Usapan

Despite the fact that there was zero audible dialogue in the Upuan music video, and that they didn’t have physical contact, the two were able to get the song’s message across. They captured the essence of the song such that for most of the music video, they just stared, looked, and glanced at each other and were able to express their feelings towards one another.

It’s the feeling you get when you are young and you see someone you like but aren’t brave enough to talk to them, so you just look at them from afar. It’s the nostalgic feeling of falling in love for the first time. But even though no words were spoken, you can tell they like each other.

Ben&Ben’s Upuan fits DonBelle like a glove because even when they just look at each other, it is already saying so much and how they look at each other already explains it. There’s also the fact that Ben&Ben is Donny’s favorite band and Belle used to attend the band’s gigs. So you could say it’s a full-circle moment. Watch the Upuan music video below:

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ugly shoes

Ugly Shoes No Mo’: How These Former Fashion Castaways Became All Sorts Of Cool

You do you, point blank, period.

Polarizing and personal, the expression of fashion leans in on the unique, showing a newfound appreciation for what once was filed as “ugh, as if!” Look who’s laughing now, because among others, ugly shoes are all the rage these days.

Hate is such a strong word, we know, but at some point, the extremely fickle and stubborn world of fashion has turned its back on certain trends that were all the rage for a period of time. “One day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out,” and so goes the ominous reminder of the wise Heidi Klum at the height of Project Runway. A slave to the currency of cycles, trends don’t only come and go, but they are often tossed out after a few months, even if to be completely honest, they weren’t really bad to begin with. It’s just that in the seasonal calendar, it has overstayed its welcome. So, naturally, the all-knowing gods of fashion would deem it dreadful and move on to the new, now, and the next. The victims? The unfortunate branding of ugly shoes, ugly prints, and ugly pants, among many others.

Fashion as an expression is personal, which also makes it very polarizing, especially for those who don’t necessarily subscribe to a specific point-of-view. This also adds insult to the injury to the smearing of certain choices and filing it as “ugly,” because in the objective sense, these trends may not necessarily seem conventionally fashionable, but it is at the very least functional, comfortable, and interesting. The new age adage is gospel here when you want to try on what others call the ugly shoe or whatever else: you do you, period.

If The Shoe Fits

For so long, the world has been fixated on archaic rules, unnecessary pedantry, and soul crushing perfection that anything that goes against the grain is not only frowned upon, but often laid to rest at the behest of fitting in. Thankfully, the last few years has seen a revolution of sorts, where barriers have been broken and rigors replaced with respect and liberty. To each their own, and rightfully so. Naturally, the resurrection soon followed and everyone started to wear what felt like regardless, ugly shoes especially.

In fact, there has been such a predilection for wearing what one pleases and makes them happy that the “uglier” it is, the more interesting it gets. With the tables turned, what one wouldn’t get caught dead in before suddenly became all sorts of cool. Ugh as if? More like, yes, please. “It may be considered aesthetically unpleasing,” explains cognitive psychologist, Carolyn Mair, Ph.D. of the proliferation of disruptive fashion such as the once frowned upon Birkenstocks, the ultimately detested Crocs, and the are-you-seriously-wearing-that dad sneakers. “But it’s this exact feature that appeals to others…Wearing something different that draws attention could be interpreted as risk-taking, which may be perceived as exciting, adventurous, and fun.”

Gone are the days of fitting in, because today, it is all about letting one’s freak flag fly high and proud. Let’s be real, we all have quirks that make us unique. So, why hide it? Life is too precious to waste on figuring out if something is worth wearing. If that ugly shoe makes you smile, then by all means, wear it. “People don’t want to just look good, they also, crucially, want to look different,” add Dr. Matt Johnson, consumer psychologist.

Seriously, Get Into It

All things considered, this should also serve as a lesson for us: if it does you no harm, don’t hate on it. Let people enjoy the things they want to, even if it doesn’t fit what you think is fashionable or not. It’s not your life after all. The only thing that you should be concerned with are the choices you make and if it, to borrow another nugget of wisdom, brings you joy—nothing more, nothing less.

Time may not have been entirely kind to these formerly unfortunate faux pas, but well, the joke is on those were in on the fashion mob mentality, because things like the ugly shoe are no longer worn as irony, but it actually looks awesome. Clogs, Jesus sandals with socks, and jelly shoes, get into it. There are more serious things to dispute about in the world today, like say, the destruction of democracy and decay of humanity. Seriously, wear that pair of ugly shoes. It actually looks pretty good.

From castaways to all sorts of cool, these pairs of ugly shoes are back with a vengeance. Now, this is a Cinderella story we can get subscribe to. True enough, no pair gets left behind.


Suddenly, everyone is in a pair of Crocs today, Jibbitz and all. It seems like it wasn’t too long ago when these colorful rubber clogs were generally abhorred, or at the very least relegated as a guilty pleasure. But thanks to its long-standing coziness and penchant for collaborations, it has become some sort of generational footwear. From Bretman Rock to Justin Bieber, everyone who’s who has stepped into these modern-day slip-ons. Recently, the brand introduced its latest partnership. Irreverent in form and function, the Transformer-like pieces from the Crocs x SANKUANZ collection have stirred everyone to attention online. Conceptual and comfortable, the progressive pairs in meta black, eternal white, and acid green are far from being ugly shoes. They’re bad-ass.


When the world pared things down in a severe attempt to go minimal, fashion wasn’t too far off with its contribution in normcore. (Remember that?) While it was predominantly sedate, it did have its swing into the ugly shoe business with the excess of toes wiggling towards freedom or warmed up in socks through Birkenstocks. Once filed as folksy or religious, the humble pair of sandals has inched closer to the mainstream, sole imprints and all. Its signature cork, leather, and suede have served many generations well, but today, it also earned its badge of cool with updates such as big buckles, as well as of collaborations with Proenza Schouler and Stüssy.


The re-emergence of this ugly shoe trend needs no further introduction or description, because to this day, the waves of this disruption is still felt and seen. From the chunky mix of rubber, mesh, and a lot of neutrals, every brand has jumped on the dad sneaker bandwagon, capitalizing on its unlikely but nonetheless vindictive resurgence. Eventually becoming a normal sight, as it was decades ago, the dad sneakers has seen breezier times with the likes of Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and your standard Nike, Fila, and New Balance putting on their, all of which will surely make any dad proud.


Everyone who wanted to look cool and stand tall were most likely in Isabel Marant’s ubiquitous Bekett trainers. A signifier of the decade that has past, the wedge and sneaker hybrid spawned many wannabes ever since it was spotted on Beyoncé’s Love On Top music video. Ever since then, a waiting list famously existed for people to cop a pair. Now, Isabel Marant is spinning this nostalgia to her advantage with the re-work of the Balskee trainer, which takes off from where its sister pair left, except this time, taller, chunkier, and edgier.


A fixture of many a childhood, the familiar sparkle, sheen, and scent (ah, bubblegum), the jelly shoes that many young girl have taken a fascination for returns to the mainstream. From princess daydreams to 90s Sunday’s best, the glittering PVC sandals are no longer a part of one’s past. Making a slow and steady comeback across the decades, more so in the past few years, the plastic pair have shifted from transparent to opaque, without losing its sturdy appeal. The prophet of quirk himself, Alessandro Michele, has subverted many of his whimsical collections at Gucci with similar slides and slides that everyone suddenly wants in on again.


jann bungcaras filipino designer sustainable

This Designer Is The First Filipino To Join The Runway Show Where Kate Middleton Walked For

And that's on ROYALTY.

Having been the first Filipino designer to showcase his collection at the prestigious runway where Kate Middleton once walked, Jann Bungcaras is just getting all warmed up for royalty.

Taking us to other worlds with his whimsical and vulnerable point-of-view in fashion, Jann Bungcaras is the Filipino designer from Cebu City that’s been truly making a mark as of late. After winning the Gen-Z Approved Fashion Designer/Brand at the NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards, the champion of global sustainable fashion design competition, Redress Design Awards, and now, designing a collection worthy of the royal treatment, Jann Bungcaras is paving his path to greatness.

As with anything in fashion, it’s not all glitz and glamour as one would assume. The Filipino designer is known for his outstanding upcycling methods, using only rescued textiles from landfills that he transforms and manipulates into breathtaking creations. No wonder he was the first Filipino brand chosen to showcase his collection at the prestigious DON’T WALK show where the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton once walked (and met Prince William). Below, we were able to catch up with Jann Bungcaras on how this is a huge win for all the aspiring Filipino designers.

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Describe your aesthetic as a designer?

For physicality; we are in-your-face whimsical, comical however wearable (in its loosest definition) and genderless, since we do not gravitate towards any gender and most of our wearers are female though we always put our garments in men on the runway and look books. Beyond what wearers and viewers could see, my aesthetic as a designer often falls into my desire to radiate my own story, thoughts, politics and environmental advocacies towards them. A feeling that can only be accomplished once I thread-in familiar narrations to make where I am coming from relatable. 

We are anti-fashion because we do not follow the standards of the fashion industry, we do not create new collections every season, we ban certain types of people from wearing our clothes, we are unapologetic about using damaged and discarded fabric from textile-waste landfills, and we even tell people to not buy new clothes, which is contradictory to the purpose of owning a clothing business. We merely exist because I would like to think that it is my purpose to give light to issues using the narrations I tell through sustainable clothing.  

How does it feel being the first Filipino to present in this fashion show?

I feel appreciated, heard, and seen. Since 2015, I have been trying to put myself out there even without a fashion degree by joining fashion competitions that I barely even make it to the top; and even in 2020 when we were up for the People’s Choice for Redress Design Awards, I received so much “seen zones” from acquaintances and local publications, to the point that I even doubted myself if I was the right person to be there. I knew my ailments and diagnosis shortened my lifespan, so since then, I am on my toes trying to be someone impactful in the field I chose; and this was surreal. 

The revelation from Grace Dreher that I was the first Philippine-based brand that they ever featured made me speechless and it took me awhile to absorb it as it only means that I got a stamp of approval from the Royals of Scotland and the UK since Saint Andrews is where Prince William and Princess Kate graduated College. Fun fact: Kate Middleton and Prince William met at DON’T WALK as she was one of the models back in 2002. 

Why is it important for you as a designer to remain sustainable?

I would say that it is important for everyone to be sustainable for by its simplest definition we really need to sustain what is left of our world and undo the damages that we made as humans since we discovered our dominion and power over all things.

As a designer, it is important because it is my responsibility, the promise to my younger self and my purpose. I am only one person, trying to inspire people everyday by being as transparent as I can in my personal sustainable practices, revealing the unglamorous side of a sustainable brand as we take extra steps just to limit our negative impact to the environment: commuting, recycling, reusing, rescuing, storing, and upcycling.

Sustainability is an immense word to grasp because it can connected to a lot of things—the economy, the market and the survival of the human race. But it can be rooted to “how can we meet our needs while sustaining the next generations.” And the answer truly is to make this shift in consumption wherein we should be mindful on the things we buy for while there is demand towards a certain damaging product, people will still produce it. And furthermore the government, as the most powerful system, should also take action for it is only through their unbiased intervention that harmful production can be stopped.  

How long did it take to conceptualize the collection?

This collection was actually done in pressure, and took us less than a month to complete from concept to reality. This was before I decided to not follow the existing fashion format of designers releasing at least two collections per year. 

The Eromenos: loving the beloved, was supposed to be my letter to my younger self telling me that being gay is okay as being one existed even before the binds of religion through the love and mentorship between the Eromenos and Erastes of Ancient Greece; but due to deadlines and my whole team succumbing to the flu we only had a week to finish all 13 looks for a runway show in Mindanao. (This is where I bought the Pashmina scarves that I later on fashioned into an ensemble for Nadine’s Wildest Dreams MV, ah, everything happens for a reason!) 

This collection was not even included in my website, because I am truly doubtful of its impact compared to the Wanderings of a Child Prince and Howling: a Wolf’s Longing; and how we only did everything in a week. Which is why DONT WALK’s interest in the collection came to me as a surprise and eliminated the inferiority I felt. This collection was also chosen to be in a showroom in Paris but the event got canceled. The uneasiness I felt the moment I released Eromenos was the reason why I no longer strain myself to the fashion rule of new collections bi-annually; and would only release new narrations once we have strong stories to tell. 

Share with us three of your proudest moments as a designer.

I still consider myself as a bud waiting to bloom; however choosing only three moments that led me to where I am now would be really difficult; but try I must. 

First was when we broke the record for the Redress Design Awards People’s Choice, because it was the moment that I really feel the love from everyone around the world especially from my countrymen. As I said earlier, while in the competition’s campaign we were seen-zoned, but an influential bunch took notice and campaigned for us non-stop. We received support and campaigns roughly from every continent even when they do have countrymen competing for the same title. Ekaterina Brovkoff of Ukraine even made several fashion illustrations to be used as Campaign paraphernalia. So I am really grateful that this happened to me and also being recognised by the top NGO for sustainable fashion is every sustainable designer’s dream; and we achieved it early on.

Second was when we were discovered by i-D magazine’s Lia Savillo and she wrote an article about us, our sustainable practices, and our brand; and introduced us internationally via the magazine. At first I thought it was i-D Asia who will publish us, but I literally shivered to the ground when Lia sent us a screenshot of i-D’s Instagram Story about our feature. It was unbelievable, humbling, and a great elation. The elevation we needed when some were already sick of the notion that we have no new collections yet. It was the perfect international introduction for our brand and we are very thankful and blessed to have this happened to us.

Last but not least was the moment I saw my parents at the audience of Bench Design Awards 2. Though I know that they were in Manila for the event, I already expected them to not attend judging by the phone call we had during rehearsals when they told me they had nothing to wear. The moment was encapsulated by the Bench Photographers as I scoured the audiences for them and heard my mother scream my name and my father waving his hands. Remembering it still makes me cry as it was the only fragment of time when I feel that they are genuinely happy for me, in my truest form, dressed as The Little Prince and telling my story. 

Photographer & Videographer EWAN HARVEY


Head of Fashion GRACE DREHER 

Fashion Logistics ELIZABETH REAGAN 




NYLON The New Song Releases Of The Week

The New Song Releases Of The Week

Make room in your playlist for these songs.

From BTS, Megan Thee Stallion, Selena Gomez, and more, here are our picks for our favorite new song releases of the week.

Even though it may be the last week of August, it wasn’t a dull week when it came to music news. Among other things, Lisa’s solo is nearly upon us, BGYO and BINI announced a back-to-back concert for November, and Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are set to appear in the music video for Ben&Ben’s Upuan this Sunday. The offering of new song releases wasn’t lackluster by any means as there were a lot released this week that fit a variety of moods. Here are our picks of the new song releases of the week.

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Butter Remix – BTS and Megan Thee Stallion

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion, or should we say, BTS and the hot girl coach dropped a surprise collab in this remix of Butter. Megan is as smooth as butter in the song and the adlibs she does throughout the song make it even better. To think, this fire remix nearly wasn’t released because Megan’s label tried to block the release.

The Tradition – Halsey

After a series of teases over the past few months, Halsey finally dropped her new album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. This era is giving us dark Victorian vibes thanks to the moody songs and the stunning album visuals. Speaking of visuals, there is also a movie that accompanies the album currently playing in IMAX theaters around the world.

Ginhawa – SUD

It’s been five years since SUD released an album. But the wait is over as the band finally released their second LP, Dumaloy. An album five years in the making, it features both new songs as well as remasters of previously released songs. Dumaloy isn’t just about love, but also about gratitude and the threads that connect us to different people.

Marry Me, Marry You – Darren Espanto

Darren Espanto released a new song this week called Marry Me, Marry You. It serves as the official soundtrack for the upcoming ABS-CBN show of the same name starring Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino. Unlike most OSTs, Marry Me, Marry You is actually quite upbeat that features a live band backing Darren’s vocals.

Someday – OneRepublic

OneRepublic fans rejoice as the group is out with their first album in five years with the release of Human.

Thunderous – Stray Kids

Stray Kids’ latest comeback is here with the release of their new song, Thunderous. The pulsating track sees the group clap back at their haters. They also released their second full-length studio album called NOEASY.


Fern. is out with a new song with the release of LOOPING, a laid-back R&B-inspired track that shows off Fern.’s smooth vocals as he sings about the feeling of infinite limbo.

Sandali Lang – Over October

OPM band Over October is out with their first all Tagalog song called Sandali Lang. The emotional track sees the band sing about the feeling of falling in and out of love and the power of letting go.

999 – Selena Gomez and Camilo

Selena Gomez is channeling her Spanish roots once again with a new Spanish song with Camilo called 999. The mid-tempo song has a slightly psychedelic music video that sees Selena dress up in bright-colored outfits.

One Night – Griff

Griff has a new song out with One Night. Not only is the chorus going to get you jamming, but it also has an important message of dealing with your anxieties during late nights and wanting a peaceful night away from your burdens.


With SPICY, CL continues to prove that she is still that girl after all these years. The banging track sees CL rap and sing with energy and ferocity as she reps Korea to a global audience. She’s got the sauce, and she’s spicy.

B.T.W – JAY B and Jay Park

JAY B becomes the latest member of GOT7 to release a solo album as he just dropped his first solo album called SOMO:FUME. The six-track album sees JAY B let out his producer and R&B side and features collaborations from fellow artists like Jay Park, MAMAMOO’S Wheein, and JUNNY.

justified – Kacey Musgraves

Aside from the fact that she announced that she’s dropping her new album on September 10, we got not one, but two new songs from Kacey Musgraves. The first is the more cinematic and emotional star-crossed. The second new song is the break-up-themed justified.

Wake Me Up – One Click Straight

OPM band One Click Straight has a new song out with the release of Wake Me Up. It is an upbeat track that is reminiscent of their neo-synth pop-punk sound. The song is about the frustrations of losing oneself in order to belong and the search for something real in a society that is obsessed with social relevance.

Future Starts Now – Kim Petras

Kim Petras released her first solo song of 2021 with Future Starts Now. And true to its name, the song features a futuristic sound that makes you want to party like it’s 2080.

Listen to Your Heart – Cydel

Up and coming singer Cydel dropped her latest single Listen to Your Heart. It is an upbeat and inspirational pop song that talks about the need to listen to the quiet voice we all need to hear.

Long Drive Home – Yamashita Treasure

OPM band Yamashita Treasure released their new song, Long Drive Home, this week and it’s perfect for some weekend vibing. It’s the kind of song you want to play during a road trip and get lost in the vibes.

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Genshin Impact: Reasons Why You Should And Shouldn’t Get Into It

Genshin Impact ain't your typical free-to-play game.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get into Genshin Impact, here is a guide to help you decide whether or not the game is right for you.

Being at home like most of us, chances are high that you’ve also spent both your work hours and downtime online. While scrolling through your feed, you might have observed that some of your friends are game streamers now—whether be a hobby or as a sideline. If something colorful catches your eye and you find a friend jumping for joy over a digital character or thanking the heavens for getting that dream role, then it’s probably because of the 2020 hit video game, Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact - State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

Released by miHoYo back in September 2020, Genshin Impact is an open-world game that took the gaming scene by storm. The game’s protagonists are siblings, who depending on which one you choose, has their sibling taken away by a god. The story is centered on exploration across countries, with looking for your sibling as the primary objective. Obviously, with this being a game, there are a lot of challenges along the way. 

The game is undoubtedly popular and was even one of the most tweeted hashtags in the Philippines in the first half of the year. Genshin Impact has also seen a recent slate of major updates that bring with it more content for players old and new. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get into Genshin, here are some reasons why you should give it a try (and some why you shouldn’t).

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Most players of this game were drawn in by the anime-style visuals. Switch up the language settings to Japanese Audio and you’ll be pleased to hear familiar voices from your favorite anime characters across the board. Though the English voices aren’t bad either.  


Each city feels different and with enough exploring, you can tell which countries they’re based on. When you travel from place to place, it’s not just the visuals that change but the musical score is also region-specific. This audio-visual harmony succeeds in pulling you in Teyvat, which is the closest thing we’ll get to travel for now. There is a polish to the game that signifies the creators’ attention to detail, and it shows. 

Genshin Impact slow download issues on PC include a possible fix | Gaming |  Entertainment | Express.co.uk


Besides the main elements of the story, which are already around 60 hours of playtime, there are still a lot of side quests and missions, bringing this game close to the triple digits, especially if you like exploring the world. Considering that just three of the seven areas are out for the open world, it’s very clear that Genshin Impact will be a game for the long run.


Each character is unique and has its own set of skills. Since characters operate in teams of four, it will be up to the player to optimize each one’s skills and find a balance that works for them. Whether one’s goal is to stomp enemies as quickly as possible or to have a fun setup that requires a lot of player involvement, this is an open space. 

Genshin Impact shows off update 2.1 and Aloy's moveset | Rock Paper Shotgun


With everything Genshin Impact offers, here is the biggest shocker: you can do everything you need to in the game, free of charge. Honestly, if you have incredulous amounts of self-control to not spend a single real-life penny, this is the biggest steal right now. miHoYo will actually give you what you need to complete the story puzzles. The main form of currency to get new characters, Primogems, can be attained by playing. Artifacts to make your character stronger can be farmed as well. There is no real need to spend.


Whether you’re on PC, PS4/5, or just on your phone, you can get started with Genshin Impact. The best part is you can play with your account on any of these devices, depending on where you are. If you need to do some time-sensitive quests but you’re heading on a trip with friends, then you can just whip out your phone before bed and get those quests over with. The multiplayer system is unique in its own way where up to three friends can join your world and help you with bosses, domains, and material farming. The only restrictions to this are story quests aren’t available in Co-Op play and you can only join worlds of people with at most the same level as you are. 

Genshin Impact 2.1 update – stream, release date, and more | Pocket Tactics


While miHoYo is no stranger to successful games with Honkai Impact 3 in their library, no game of theirs has ever had the acclaim and Western/worldwide acceptance of Genshin Impact. Knowing this, the company has intelligently poured most of its resource capability into the game, and it shows in the quality of new content, server maintenance, and the constant gathering of player feedback for the long-term betterment of the game.


Based on everything, it can be fair to call Genshin Impact a F2P triple-A title. Its fame is well-deserved. However, like most things, there are some caveats to it that I’d like to lay down and you need to know before you smash that download button:


The game is free-to-play. The catch is: miHoYo beautifully designs new characters and even features them in trailers for hype on their channel before releasing them, giving players the option to try them out for a bit. When you’ve decided that you finally want to get that 5-star (highest-tier) character, you have to roll the dice on the in-game system called “wishes” and pray you get them. This consumes in-game currency and gives you a 0.6% chance of bringing them home.

After 90 tries you’re guaranteed a character of that level, but not necessarily the one you are going for. Since 90 (or more) tries are expensive and you only have three weeks to avail of rarer characters per year, players often buy more in-game currency with real money in order to get who they want. Of course, this applies to higher-tier weapons as well. This might not be the ideal setup for those with a history of gambling. 


Given the stunning open-world of Teyvat and the flashy battle animations, the game gobbles graphical resources like a champ. Because of this, phone players often jest about leaving their phones in the freezer after playing to bring temperatures back to earth. Despite optimization for Playstation systems due to the Sony-miHoYo partnership, the game can barely run smoothly on the base Playstation 4. While there is no data to back this up, There have been several accounts of people upgrading to PS5 just to get 60 FPS gameplay.

Genshin Impact Generates Close To $400 Million in First Two Months,  Averaging More Than $6 Million a Day


Once you’ve figured out your favorite team composition, the gameplay can get pretty repetitive unless you want to experiment with other characters. After you’ve completed the story (so far) and quests, your routine will mostly be looking for mobs to obliterate, playing domains to hopefully get good artifacts, and farming resources while waiting for Mihoyo to release new content and characters. Luckily, in the 11 months the game has been out, they have been active in hosting events for players to do and giving ample rewards for participation.


miHoYo has made it almost impossible to level up beyond AR 55 and characters as of now top out at Lvl 90. Given the fact that players are grinding every day to make their characters stronger while waiting for new content, it would be interesting to see how the company makes future updates more challenging for players. Based on rumors, they now have a 12-year content plan laid out for the game instead of the original 5-year plan due to the game’s profitability and success.

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Guide – How to Find

All things considered, Genshin Impact is a trailblazer for the genre of Free-To-Play Triple-A titles. Most people had never even touched a gacha game in their life before GI, but having actual 3D sprites of unique characters with backstories makes spending the money not feel like gambling to most. Based on the record-breaking revenue GI’s made so far since its release not long ago, there is a compelling reason to finish what they started with this game.

As a player myself, I can’t wait to see how this will translate to new content moving forward. This is a ride that will last years, but as long as GI sticks to its roots of what made it fun while still innovating, this should entertain millions more and find itself among the titans of video games. At the end of the day, deciding whether or not to play Genshin Impact will fall on you, and hopefully, this list helps you make that decision.

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chunky heels shoes filipino brand designs

Channel Dua Lipa With These Chunky Heels From 5 Filipino Brands

These chunky heels can step on us any day.

You can never have too many chunky heels, especially when they’re Filipino made.

Everything chunky’s been having a moment. From sneakers, boots and now, heels. Seen on musicians and style icons these days, such as Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ariana Grande, chunky heels have been the feminine counterpart of the edgy, platform boots. (Make no mistake about it though, the cool factor is intact.) It’s easy to spot ’em being sold by cool brands like Naked Wolfe, Nodaleto, and Jeffrey Campbell, but these Filipino-made chunky heels deserve all the love, too. Scroll down below for 5 local brands that we spotted on Instagram.

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For the wild at heart, La Soledad Studios got you covered. Their chunky heels are Filipino-made and can last you forever.


If you’re into dainty, feminine silhouettes, Tutum Shop is your go-to. Established almost a decade ago, they have everything from chunky heels, slides to wedges.


Hand-made in Marikina, Jos Mundo, (mostly known as Studio Josanna) is a Filipino footwear brand that gained cult status in the industry throughout the years. Their edgy, fashion forward designs are also being sold in the US and Canada.


MX Studio is a Filipino footwear brand known for their chic designs as seen on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam featuring the power house queens of the Philippines and the boots worn by Lizzo in her dominatrix outfit.


These sleek and minimalist designs by Filipino brand Aztrid are making us miss the good ol’ days of dressing up. From loafers, sandals to heels, make some space in your wardrobe for these classics.

Photos in featured art by Robin Manuel for Jos World, BJ Pascual for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

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These Filipino Filmmakers Are Set Compete At The SeaShorts Film Festival 2021

Catch these titles at the SeaShorts Film Festival.

Philippine cinema continues to make waves abroad as four Filipino filmmakers are competing at the 2021 SeaShorts Film Festival.

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Cinemas have closed in the country for nearly a year and a half now. But Philippine movies continue to do well internationally, at least when it comes to representation at international film festivals. Tenement 66 made its international debut at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. On The Job: Missing 8 is set to play in competition at the Venice film festival. Kun Maupay Man It Panahon is set to be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. And now, not one, but four Filipino filmmakers are set to compete at another film festival, the 2021 SeaShorts Film Festival.


The SeaShorts Film Festival is an annual event held in celebration of cinema and short films in Southeast Asia. With the theme of “Reimagining Short Films, Reinventing Southeast Asia,” the SeaShorts Film Festival 2021 will be held online from August 25 to September 2 with a series of cinematic and cultural programs. SeaShorts aims to showcase Southeast Asia’s stories and culture through the lens of emerging filmmaking talents and cinema from the region. Some of the programs to expect are screenings, workshops, forums, masterclasses, and Q&A sessions with the filmmakers.

“Despite the ongoing pandemic, Southeast Asian shorts still manage to thrive, with many of the works selected at SeaShorts having come from some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals,” said jury member Raymond Phathanavirangoon. “That said, SeaShorts has also been the place to discover new, previously unsung talents, and those are exactly what I am looking forward to discovering this year.” Among the 438 submissions across SEA, four Philippines titles were chosen to be part of the 20 official short films to play in competition to win the coveted SeaShorts Award. The winner of the prize will be taking home awards sponsored by brands like Aputure, Zoom, and Deity, as well as a cash prize from Da Huang Pictures.


The first film is Gutab by Mary Andrea Palmares. It is set in a small provincial town and tells the story of two young women. One is Jo-an, an innocent and beautiful young woman who is known for winning different local beauty pageants. The other is Sabel, a free-spirited mat weaver’s daughter who dreams of being free from certain societal constraints. Their last encounter together before Sabel permanently leaves home urges Jo-an to make a life-changing decision.

According to the director, the film essays “how societal expectations and standards limit women’s choices when it comes to the people they wish to love.” The word “Gutab” is a Kinaray-a word, the mother tongue of the director’s hometown of Libertad, Antique. “I decided to incorporate our locality’s oldest weaving practice into this short film–and it became an allegory for separation and unification, as well as oppression and freedom. I also decided to tell this women-oriented story which takes place in a provincial town and at the same time tackles culture because I think that women in these similar situations have consistently been underrepresented in cinema and even in any media.”

In making this movie, she hopes of “inspiring women to become more empowered and be reminded that they are not mere objects confined inside their homes. And that they have the right and power to defy different constraints brought by society.”

Mary Andrea Palmares is actually an upcoming senior at UP Visayas taking up Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies. Gutab is her first-ever movie she has directed and started out as a course requirement in her directing class. While she did acknowledge that making Gutab was not easy thanks to monetary and pandemic-related concerns, she expresses that “the whole experience was extremely memorable and an eye-opener.”


The second film is Mutya by Jon Cuyson. The film tells the story of Mutya, a shy young transgender woman who works as a gardener at a resort south of Manila. She takes care of the blind mother of her OFW seafarer boyfriend, Kerel. The film is anchored on their phone conversation, which may or may not be real. This becomes a catalyst for the manifestation of their individual anxieties and desires reflected in a dream-like visual journey. Mutya is director Jon Cuyson’s first-ever experimental short film he’s ever done.


The third movie is Kids on Fire by Kyle Nieva. The short film is about a prepubescent boy who discovers the power of his sexuality during a religious camp, which is happening as preparation for the end of time. At just 24 years old, Kyle is already an award-winning director and producer. His recent work as a producer for Filipiñana won the Silver Bear Award at the 70th Berlinale in Germany. It was also nominated for Best British Short at the British Independent Film Awards and at the London Critics Film Awards, among other accolades.

This will also be Kids On Fire’s latest international film festival. It premiered in competition at the 25th Busan International Film Festival and at the 47th Film Fest Gent. The film was also part of this year’s line-up for Cinemalaya 2021. It took home two awards, Best Director and Best Screenplay.


The fourth and final film is How to Die Young in Manila by Petersen Vargas. Staring Elijah Canlas, the movie centers on a teenage boy who follows a group of young hustlers. He thinks that one of them may be the anonymous hook-up he has arranged to meet for the night. As he anxiously finds a way to get closer, each of the other boys inexplicably turns up as dead bodies strewn in pavements, until only one is left.

This isn’t the first time How to Die Young in Manila played in an international festival. It had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival. You may know Peterson Vargas from his directorial debut, 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (2016) while How to Die Young in Manila serves as a teaser to his second full-length film, Some Nights I Feel Like Walking.

Workshops, forums, and Q&A sessions will all be streamed on the festival’s Facebook page free for everyone. To watch the movies and attend masterclasses though, you will need to purchase a festival pass, which costs $15. Once you do so, you can stream the films here. You can check out their website and their festival schedule for more details.  

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Quiccs Shares What It’s Like Being The First Filipino Artist To Design Shoes For Adidas

Quiccs Shares What It’s Like Being The First Filipino Artist To Design Shoes For Adidas

Quiccs is living the dream.

Not only is Quiccs one of the most well-known designer toy makers in the Philippines, but he’s also the first Filipino artist to have a long-term partnership with adidas.

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It’s not hard to imagine that when you ask kids what their dream jobs are, one of the answers would be a toymaker. The idea of designing and creating your own toys is an appealing and enticing idea that a lot of kids aspire to have. Who wouldn’t want to make toys for a living, right? That was true for Juanito Maiquez, or more popularly known as Quiccs. Growing up, he had an extensive collection of toys that ranged from GI Joes to Legos, Voltron, and Japanese robots, which instilled in him his love for toys and toy making.

That dream though soon became a reality since Quiccs, who started his career as a freelance artist, soon became one of, if not the most, revered local toy designers. But the buck doesn’t stop there as he’s also the first Filipino artist to partner with adidas, a brand he just so happened to wear and love growing up.


Quiccs’ love and passion for toys and toy making started when he was young. As a kid, his dad would buy him GI Joe action figures every Sunday after they would hear mass. He would also watch Japanese and American animated shows like Voltes V and Transformers. Seeing his older brother sketch a lot inspired Quiccs to hone his artistic talents further.

By the time Quiccs was about to enter college, he was set on having a career in the visual arts and was thinking of taking Fine Arts in Ateneo. But, as he explains, his parents wanted something else for him. “My parents told me that I should take up Business Management instead. They think that art is forever there and that my talent is just there. What I need to learn is how to make a living out of it. Thus, I entered Ateneo and took up Communications Technology Management. It’s pretty much Business Management with subjects on arts, communications, and digital technology.”

But Quiccs wasn’t bitter about this change, in fact, he’s grateful he did so. “True enough, this has helped me establish my career and my business. Thank God I listened to my parents.” After graduating college, Quiccs became a freelance artist before pivoting towards making designer toys.


When Quiccs started making designer toys, they didn’t attract that much attention locally as the designer toys market was still small in the country. But over time, as more people started gravitating towards designer toys, Quiccs started to gain attention. Today, he has made a name for himself as one of the country’s most famous and premier toy makers. And these aren’t regular commercial toys you find at the department store. The toys Quiccs makes are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and collector’s pieces that people around the world pay top peso to buy. He is most known for his TEQ63 series of toys that are a must-own for any prospective toy collector. And these aren’t just collector’s pieces too, they also are an extension of who Quiccs is as a person. “TEQ63 represents who I am. TEQ63 is I.”

Quiccs, who got that nickname from his classmates in high school based on his last name “Maiquez – QUEZ – QUICCS”, cites Japanese robots, graffiti art, and hip-hop as his biggest passions and themes for his work. It’s a motif that can be seen in most of his work such as his famous TEQ63 line of toys (TEQ is short for technique while 63 is the Philippines’ country code). He also cites his family and long-time partner Mara as a source of inspiration. Hongkong artist and toy designer Michael Lau, seen as a trailblazer in the world of urban vinyl style designer toys, was also an influential figure for the graphic designer and illustrator.

When it comes to making his globally recognized toys, it’s an all-hands process that he executes from end to end. “First, I sketch. Then, I do the molding of the toy. Then, I hand-paint it. After which, I also do the graphic design for the packaging.”


But Quiccs would soon get his biggest break career-wise in January 2020 when he was tapped by Adidas to be the first Filipino to sign a partnership with the brand. The partnership was initially just a proposal between him and a collector of his toys who works for adidas for a t-shirt project. But adidas HQ wanted to turn the project into a partnership.

He described feeling “ecstatic” to work with Adidas and called it a “dream come true.” Working with the iconic shoe and sportswear brand was also a no-brainer for Quiccs as he explains, “Ever since I was a teenager, I have already been wearing the adidas superstar. If you notice, my toys are wearing the adidas superstar as well. My toys represent who I am, which is why adidas offering me to collaborate and have a partnership with them is a dream come true.” His first project for adidas was a t-shirt collection called the Quiccs Manila tee pack that featured his own designs mixed with Philippine iconography.


His most recent and high-profile collaboration to date though is with James Harden on the Manila Heritage shoes. He famously wore a pair during Game 3 of the Brooklyn Nets’ first-round series against the Boston Celtics, which made local and international headlines. Released just in time for the country’s 123rd Independence Day, the shoe was a redesign of the Harden Volume 5.

“When I came onboard our partnership with adidas, one of the key categories we were going to collaborate on was Basketball. For 2021, the shoe to be showcased was the Harden Volume 5. So adidas asked me to create studies incorporating my style to the shoe with the Philippines-inspired colorway being chosen in honor of our Filipino, ‘Manila Heritage’.” When it came time to designing the shoes, Quiccs chose to use his Manila Killa colorway, the most popular colorway among his toys. “I chose this colorway to be applied on the shoe to represent the Philippines. Also, because this is the first time, a Filipino artist designed a shoe for adidas.”

The Manila Heritage shoes are filled with details that make the shoes uniquely Quiccs and pay homage to the Philippines. The sole of the left shoe has Quiccs’ TEQ toy wrapped in a jacket of Philippines colors, meanwhile the right shoe has a stylized design of Harden holding a basketball. It also has a “+63” on the sole to represent the country code and three yellow dots to represent the country’s main three islands.

While James Harden wasn’t involved in the design process of the Manila Heritage shoes, Quiccs made sure to pay tribute to the NBA star and his bond with the Philippines in the shoes. On the shoe’s collar is the number “06.26.19,” which is June 26, 2019, the last time Harden visited Manila. The shoes also fulfill Harden’s promise of designing a shoe for his fans in the Philippines. Along with the release of the shoes, adidas Philippines also released Manila Heritage tees designed by Quiccs.


While Quiccs does acknowledge that he did feel pressure when designing the shoes, that didn’t change his style or how he approached making them. “Whatever design I have been doing for the toys, I apply them on the big collaborations. I stay true to my craft, nothing significant changes. I think they appreciate the designs applied to their brands. The amount of effort and creativity I give is the same.”

If you’ve been enjoying Quiccs’ work with adidas so far, especially with the shoes, then here’s some good news for you. He shared that there’s going to be another Quiccs-designed footwear release in the next few months. This time, it’s for a classic sneaker under adidas Originals.

Even with all the success and recognition that Quiccs has gained, it’s clear that he still does things his own way. “A great toy designer is someone who is representing a particular theme or a value he/she holds true. They are not just riding the hype or whatever is trendy.” This is an idea he hopes future generations of young creatives take to heart in their craft. “My advice to aspiring creatives is to stick to their style. Stick to what they believe art is. Do not conform to just what is hype or trendy. One day someone will notice your work. Just keep believing in your art.”

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good 4 u olivia rodrigo concept shoot filipino creatives

These Creatives From Cotabato Did An Olivia Rodrigo-Inspired Shoot At 7-Eleven In 10 Minutes

P10 budget for wardrobe? No problem.

Imagine the adrenaline just to get that money shot. Now that is good 4 u.

Olivia Rodrigo, the freshest punk rock princess, Gen Z icon, and spicy Pisces has been unstoppable ever since her viral track, drivers license. Following millions of streams on Spotify alone, Olivia also dropped the music video for good 4 u three months ago, which now has 232 million views and counting. The Petra Collins-directed video was an ode to some of the biggest early 2000s movies such as Bring It On and Jennifer’s Body, portraying Olivia as a school cheerleader who was out looking for revenge.

The way good 4 u, deja vu, and drivers license had a chokehold on TikTok’s FYP for months just proves Olivia Rodrigo’s impact on pop culture and not just within the music industry, but also to aspiring creatives inspired by her vision. Just look at the work of these young creatives from Cotabato who did a good 4 u-inspired shoot at 7-Eleven that was shot in 10 minutes. Yes, 10 freaking minutes. We talked to The Quinzel Gallery about their process, the adrenaline of shooting the concept under pressure, and working with a P10 budget for wardrobe.

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How long did it take for you to conceptualize and make the shoot happen?

olivia rodrigo good 4 u inspired photoshoot the quinzel gallery filipino creatives

It was a hilarious moment since good 4 u was not our first concept of the shoot and it took us three months before we set it. Our first concept focused on angels or greek gods themes, however, we weren’t able to pursue it since I lacked the financial means to provide everything that was needed. Then on 14th of May, Olivia Rodrigo and Petra Collins released the good 4 u music video, while watching it on repeat, I thought this might be a good concept, then I immediately called the model and shared to her the idea of a shoot inspired by the music video.

How was your team able to pull off the shoot in a grocery store and locker room? It looked almost the same as the MV’s set!

Planning the location was nerve-wracking, especially during this pandemic. The first time I watched the music video, I knew 7-Eleven was the perfect place to do the shoot. On my list, it was the first set, and we should be in the store by 7 AM, since few people will be there at that time. We had to buy food and drinks then while paying, I asked the cashier if we can do a quick photoshoot inside in a span of 10 minutes, which was then approved by the store employees. It was very challenging because our time was limited, the light was not in our favor, and the worker was always checking on us.

olivia rodrigo good 4 u inspired photoshoot the quinzel gallery filipino creatives

The locker and the burning set were just a projector. I asked some school personnel if we can do a shoot inside the school, but we were not allowed. In the burning set, my original plan was to create a backdrop and set it on fire—literal fire—but for the safety of the model and everyone, I canceled it.

Can you share with us how you made it work from the photography, the set, and the clothes?

olivia rodrigo good 4 u inspired photoshoot the quinzel gallery filipino creatives

I always find my photographs like screenshots from a certain film. I was trying to process and absorb it from colors, pose, feelings, and everything, though it was not very much alike. I want my audience to feel that while looking at my photographs it’s like watching the music video and that it can manifest an image that the audience can actually hear.

From the stylist: [They] reached out to me and without hesitation, I said yes. Their plans and theme were immediately relayed to me. I noticed that they were having difficulty in searching for a similar clothing Olivia Rodrigo wore in the good 4 u MV. However, I did not tell the team that I can actually sew a similar one because I am scared I cannot finish it on time. I do not own a sewing machine, so I had to hand-sew it. I went to the local thrift store and found a P10 polo and later transformed into an “Olivia Rodrigo” outfit. I invested so much time and effort in hand-sewing the entire outfit. Nevertheless, it was all worth it when I saw the team was happy with what I made.

Any advice for upcoming creatives?

olivia rodrigo good 4 u inspired photoshoot the quinzel gallery filipino creatives

I have a list of concepts that I want to achieve, but I will just keep it in my vault for now. Whatever creative idea I’ll be making, I will always make sure to invest my time and effort to such project.



Assistant: CHRIS ANGELO 



You can watch the music video for Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘good 4 u’ below:

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