These Local Brands Are Making The Tsinelas Look Stylish

Not the Islander tsinelas giving us early flashbacks of being spanked ?

Who did it better? Yeezy slides are so 3000 and late. The beloved tsinelas did it first.

Who else is guilty of dressing up just to take some ~aesthetic~ photos for their feed? Now that we spend most of the time indoors, it’s just right that our stay-at-home style needs to kick it up a notch. We’ve already talked about cozy outfits before and the only thing missing is the the best house slippers or tsinelas to wear.

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Fun fact: Filipinos didn’t invent the tsinelas. It was actually introduced to us by the Japanese and called it “zori,” but they were more recognized with that name because of its Spanish origin, “chinelas.” Not only are they a big part of our history, but also of our childhood, reminiscent of days when we would play Tumbang Preso outside. From fuzzy slides to platform slippers, these local brands just gave the tsinelas a major upgrade. Talk about that glow up!


Hear us out, platform slippers are making a comeback and we ain’t even mad!


Cozy lounge wear demands cozy footwear. Hue Manila’s fur tsinelas feels warm especially with the colder season


Erin’s woven slippers definitely reminds us of the traditional bakya.


Tutum Shop’s pastel platforms scream Y2K realness!


If you wanna feel like a living Bratz doll, you better add these plush slippers by Block the Label to cart!