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Don’t Just Live In Your Sweats: How To Up Your Work From Home Style Game

It's time to get out of your sweats.

Imagine if these women actually lived under one roof? The power that they hold.

You can say we’re still stuck in limbo right now, especially with a new strain of the virus slowly spreading in different parts of the world. This only means, no matter how cute you look or how bad your FOMO is, it’s best if you just stay at home. But that doesn’t mean dressing up is so last season. In fact, online shopping sales even went up last year. (Anyone else guilty of hoarding during 12.12?)

Oftentimes, we underestimate the impact of how dressing up affects our mood. Being in isolation for almost a year now also means considering a number of internal factors such as your comfort level, feelings, and mood when at work. Sure, workleisure took over 2020 in form of sweatpants and the perfect Zoom sweater. But part of our new year’s resolution is also discovering how to amp up your work from home style game. You know, just the usual, but with a few upgrades.

How much has the convenient sweater-sweatpants combo evolved a year after the pandemic? We take cues from these celebrities as we find more and more reasons to get all dressed up without knowing where to go (and even included tips on how to dress according to your mood). Who’s to say there’s anything wrong with that?

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These are outfits when you’re in need of a major confidence boost. Whether it’s acing that pitch, leading a Zoom meeting, or you just want to feel a little more energetic than usual, your work from home wardrobe should also consist of go-to pieces like your favorite blazer, a dress that highlights your body type and/or a top that makes you feel like a million bucks. Now, go get that bag.


If you want to feel more productive, opt for clothes in a neutral palette. The colors are calming and put your mind in a state of focus. Button-downs, fuzzy sweaters, and overalls will help you feel polished and get into the mood to finish your tasks and also be more organized. Marie Kondo who?


There are days when you just don’t want to do anything at all. (Why are we so obsessed with productivity?) In moments like this, comfort is top priority. Oversized silhouettes like vests, kimonos, jackets or even baggy trousers actually help in balancing your mood while keeping things cozy.


Perhaps the most effective, dressing in bright colors are the ultimate instant upgrade. Colors help in characterizing yourself and the people around you even if you’re in work from home mode. It either heightens your mood or (red usually means persuasion or desire), or drowns it (they say gray is an unemotional color that makes you feel detached). Time to bring out your colored mock necks, trousers, and even hats!