nylon manila fashion picks april 2024

NYLON Manila Picks: These Fashion Finds Could Be The Summer Style Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

We're all about keeping it cool and casual.

From casual tops to sickening sneakers, these fashion finds are curated to help you beat the heat with style.

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Feeling the summer heat cranking up ten degrees? Staying cool and casual suddenly tops the list of priorities. Whether you’re soaking up sun by the pool, strolling city streets, or unwinding at the beach, comfort doesn’t have to take a backseat to style. Because let’s be real, looking good is the ultimate mood booster.

We understand the need for fresh yet stylish staples, which is why this month’s curated collection strikes the perfect balance between comfort and trendiness. Check out these fashion finds and add them to your summer style arsenal, ensuring you’re undeniably fashionable all season long.

4CCCCEES Esker Pace

I own no shoe quite like the 4CCCCEES Esker Pace. The sheer bulk, size, and height of this shoe make an impact and adds so much to an outfit without being too out-of-this-world. It also reminds me of chocolate. Don’t be intimidated by the almost 3-inch platform—this shoe is comfy! A worthy investment for the contemporary fashionista that’s trying to diversify her style without going too far. – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer


“This running shoe from the 70s gets a modern and stylish makeover. These shoes have been my go-to pair recently whether I’m going to the office or hanging out with friends. It’s lightweight, comes in a variety of colorways, and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.” – Rafael Bautista, Managing Editor

ROXY Surf.Kind.Kate. Bike Shorts

The first time I slipped into some ROXY was during the GRIND Epic Summer Getaway event, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Whether I’m sprinting, splashing in the water, or just strolling to the nearest café, ROXY is my trusty sidekick as I hustle for that beach body (lol). My top pick? The ROXY Surf.Kind.Kate Bike Shorts and Cropped Lycra, decked out in pink florals that are as comfy as a cloud. No sticky, clingy feeling on my skin—just pure bliss whether I’m on the move or chilling out! – Precy Tan, Beauty Writer


My collection of bra tops has become a little obscene at this point, however I have no intentions of downsizing any time soon as these guys are definitely staples in my wardrobe. Especially now that we are in peak summer, I use them every single week and each of them gets so much love from me. They’re perfect for days when I’m lazy but want to look decent, and the support they provide is pretty good, too. – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

Vanwalk Bowling Bag

The perfect summer bag that can spice up any outfit by ‘Jane Birkinifying’ your bag (adding lots of accessories to its exterior). The pockets are both functional and aesthetically appealing, perfect for storing your summer essentials such as hand fans or sunscreen sticks! The overall bag is spacious and sturdy! – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

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