Meet The Filipino Fashion Designers Reviving Divisoria’s Textile Sector At Rampa Manila 2

They're bigger, bolder, and brighter.

For its second edition, RAMPA Manila isn’t just celebrating Filipino fashion—it’s on a mission to revive Divisoria’s status as the textile capital of our country.

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Manila City is buzzing with anticipation as the stage is set for the highly awaited second edition of RAMPA MANILA! Following the smashing success of last year’s debut show, the city is gearing up for another milestone in Filipino fashion. June 19, 2024 will see the prestigious Bulwagang Antonio Villegas in Manila City Hall transforms into a spectacular runway for RAMPA MANILA 2.

With the theme of Textile, Texture, and Technique, this year’s edition honors the remarkable artistry and innovation woven into Filipino fashion. With that, a who’s who of local fashion staples are set to showcase a dazzling display of masterpieces. These designers, sharing their talent and creativity, look to captivate the audience with their breathtaking creations.

Get ready to scroll through and get acquainted with the designers behind the spectacular pieces you’ve admired and adored before. It’s a fashion fiesta you won’t want to miss.

Anthony Ramirez

From self-taught prodigy to powerhouse, Anthony Ramirez’s work is a testament to creativity, dedication, and the talent behind Filipino fashion. For 15 years, he’s been mastering his craft, soaking up every detail in the workshop of seasoned designers, and the results? Nothing short of spectacular.

Whether it’s his signature form-fitting masterpieces or ornate creations that steal the spotlight, Ramirez knows how to make heads turn. And now, as he sets his sights on putting Divisoria on the fashion map, we can’t help but wonder: What concoctions will this designer whip up next, blending techniques, textiles, and textures to perfection?

Jhobes Estrella

No runway spectacle at Manila City Hall is truly complete without the essential elements of traditional Filipino fashion, embodied in the signature style of Jhobes Estrella. With his trademark use of butterfly sleeves, intricate patterns, and expertly woven fabrics, Estrella effortlessly fuses the past with the present, affirming that heritage attire isn’t mere history—it’s haute couture for every Filipina’s closet!

Marc Rancy

From humble beginnings in a suburban Manila car garage back in 2008, Marc Rancy’s eponymous label has evolved into a beacon of exquisite dresses tailored for sophisticated and sensual women. Fuelled by nothing but passion, talent, and unwavering dedication, Rancy steadily amassed a loyal following among Manila’s elite and celebrities alike.

Armed with a design degree from Raffles Design Institute Manila, a prestigious subsidiary of Singapore’s Raffles Network, Rancy has recently completed a dual-master’s program in Fashion Management at Paris’ IESEG School of Management and Istituto Marangoni, further solidifying his status as a dynamic force in the fashion scene.

Neric Beltran

If you caught that iconic SB19 performance at BYS Fashion Week 2023, chances are the striking white and blue bridal to night looks sported by the Kings of P-Pop left a lasting impression. Behind these killer creations? None other than the talented Filipino fashion designer, Neric Beltran.

With that in mind, it’s no secret that every Neric Beltran piece is made out of meticulous detail, showcasing a beautiful blend of textures and textiles—a signature style we eagerly anticipate seeing at RAMPA Manila 2.

Val Taguba

When it comes to bridal couture, Val Taguba challenges tradition with his innovative designs that prove brides don’t have to wear white. Famous for infusing drama into every piece, this Filipino fashion designer is celebrated for his breathtaking bridal looks featuring unconventional takes and unique color combinations.

What makes Val Taguba stand out? His designs aren’t just for wedding vows—they strut down red carpets, own runways, and rule debutante balls, turning heads and stealing hearts wherever they go!

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