NYLON Manila Picks: These Beauty Buys Kept Us Feeling Fresh In April 2024

We're summer ready!

From skincare saviors battling the heat to makeup must-haves that beat the sweat, we’re spilling the secrets to surviving and thriving in the scorching summer months.

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Dive into the summer scene. As the sun’s rays intensify, we’re turning to tried-and-true beauty buys that not only keep us feeling fresh but also bring out our inner glow. If you can’t imagine yourself basking in the warmth with flawless skin and makeup that stays put through the hottest days, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with our must-have products of April 2024. Scroll through the selection of summer staples that have been put to the test and approved by our team of beauty girlies.

BARENBLISS Set N Slick Lasting Browcara

I thought the Barenbliss Set N’ Slick Lasting Browcara would wash off easily with my regular cleanser in the shower, but to my surprise (and amusement), it didn’t budge. My eyebrows stayed put, and I had to use some micellar water to remove it. It’s long-lasting, pigmented, and definitely waterproof. The only thing I would mention is that it deposits a bit too much product for my liking, so I use a clean spoolie to brush it through my brows. – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

Colgate Purple Whitening Toothpaste

At first, I was drawn to it because, hello, purple! But being a tea, coffee, and colorful beverage lover, my teeth had seen better days. So, when I stumbled upon this product and saw its bold claims, I was SOLDT with a capital T! The minty flavor leaves your breath super fresh, and I swear, my teeth were visibly stain-free after using it. – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

GRWM Cosmetics Glam & Go Stix

This local beauty brand has been my ride-or-die since day one, and they just keep leveling up! Their latest release for summer? The GRWM Cosmetics Glam & Go Stix—it’s a game-changer. While the entire line boasts blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighters, I can’t get enough of their blush shades, especially Pablo’s Latte. We all know cream formulas are supposed to last, but this one? It survived a full beach day without budging! – Precy Tan, Beauty Writer

KIMUSE Hair Finishing Stick

I personally have a lot of baby hair, so the KIMUSE Hair Finishing Stick saves me from constantly picking them out, especially when I do a clean, low bun hairstyle. It’s also perfect for all hair types and saves you from bad hair days, haha! It stays longer compared to other hair sticks I’ve used! – Jasmin Dasigan, Production Associate

Rom&nd’s Better Than Cheek

My beauty picks of the month are Rom&nd’s Better Than Cheek powder blush in Vine Nude and Rom&nd’s Glasting Color Gloss in Peony Ballet. The blush shade is the perfect topper for any liquid and cream blushes, while the gloss makes my lips look plump and juicy. Put them together? Soft girl realness. – Shane Sy, Social Media Associate

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

It is a perfect “one and done” product that I just put all over my lids and it makes my eyes sparkle. It lasts long and, though it does crease on me as the day progresses, it’s very forgiving and easy to fix on the go. The shade that I have in particular (Wanderlust) also has a subtle pink-green-gold shift, so it makes my eye look seem more elaborate than it is. – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

ZEESEA Milky Way Setting Spray

I initially thought ZEESEA Milky Way Setting Spray was just another TikTok hype, but I gave in due to its price. Girl, was I surprised! It’s not just talk—it works wonders for my naturally sweaty skin, especially in this summer heat! – Mika Tafalla, Creative Services Producer

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