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LOOK: These Students Made A Wildest Dreams-Inspired Music Video And It Only Took Them Two Days To Shoot

These kids would make anyone proud, perhaps even Nadine Lustre herself.

We know the Wildest Dreams visual album is Nadine Lustre’s most ambitious project up to date, but one debutante took it to the next level and made it her own.

From fan art to song covers, we’ve seen it all. When Nadine released her much-anticipated debut album, everyone wanted their own Wildest Dreams moment. But what happens when you re-create the whole visual album?

The floating bed scene in Ivory

Created by Project Blank Canvas, they made their first ever film and boy, they did not come to play. “Inspired by Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams visual album, we vow to break the tradition and convey a story.” What better way to celebrate your coming of age than to take inspiration from the first ever visual album made by a Filipino artist? Princess Shoebelyn exactly knew what she wanted and Project Blank Canvas flawlessly brought their vision to life.

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We asked the collective behind the stunning music video, which is spearheaded by Vince Lim, on how the project came to life. “It only took us two days to finish everything last December because we want to tidy things up as soon as possible.” Two days yet so much artistry and thought into each scene? We are in awe. Vince also shares that they explored places to shoot in their hometown Davao since they only had limited resources. “There was no big budget in this project. Just our hope to be recognized in our crafts through our creativity and effort.”

The lotus reveal in Grey Skies

The biggest surprise yet? They were all made by STUDENTS. “We are just students from Davao with big dreams and we are still starting po.” Another fun fact: they named it HERSTORY as they’re all Drag Race fans, too—just like Nadine. “Our materials for production design are just made from scratch. We thrifted some wardrobes and we utilized the available costumes we got from the online market,” reveals Vince.

The terno scene in Grey Skies

“We pay tribute of course to Nadine’s Wildest Dreams visual album for the main creative inspiration, but we want to interpret it in our own way so we entitled it, Herstory. This is our call for our fellow creatives to not be hindered by the world. Creativity is above and beyond.”

One of the first scenes in Dance With Danger

Vince tells us, “this is about our dream to convey that people, and not just women, have their own unique and vivid identities. We should never live up to anyone’s expectations, and we must embrace our paths as it is perfectly designed for us to flourish in life.”

Final scenes from Wildest Dreams

And just like that, they produced their biggest project up to date. Watch the whole music video here.

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