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Here’s Proof That Niana Guerrero Has The Best Laidback Style

Too much sauce for a 15-year old. Sheesh!

Vlogger, TikTok star and queen of laidback style, Niana Guerrero pretty much has the best chill outfits.

When you’re a dancer, a TikTok star, and a vlogger with more than 11 million followers each, people expect that you’d be dressed in mostly designer pieces. Not for 15-year old Niana Guerrero though. Her laidback style and sneaker rotation is almost always on point. The formula? Baggy tees, cargo pants, cropped blazers, and just real cool girl energy. Read on below for Niana’s best style moments.

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This is a style combo that never fails. Just ask Niana! The more faded your jeans are, the better, especially when paired with a baggy, vintage tee.

2. 70s STYLE

Best believe that Niana had the grooviest 15th birthday celebration with those dancing pants on.


Plaid shirts are slowly becoming Niana’s signature outfit and we really can’t blame her. They’re ultra comfy!


Who doesn’t love cropped blazers? Niana Guerrero channeled Billie Eilish at the recent TikTok awards with her flame sunglasses and utility pants.


Bakit ka nagssapatos sa loob ng bahay,” comments Niana’s bestie, AC Bonifacio. Same sentiments, but also, why not?


There’s just too much sauce in this photo. The Guerrero siblings in matching denim outfits is so on point!


This is your sign to go through your dad’s or brother’s wardrobe.


Niana means business! This suit and tie look is a real head-turner, especially in hot pink.

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halloween 2021 bj pascual blythe maris racal kaila estrada

Blythe As Beth Harmon, Maris Racal As A Na-Tulfo Guest, And More Clever Halloween Costumes This 2021 (Part 1)

Maris Racal as a "na-Tulfo" guest is gold.

On the eve of Halloween, these personalities already brought their A-Game in the costume department before the night of the 31st.

Boo! This year’s Halloween had no shortage of fun and clever costumes, with different Filipino personalities showing up and showing out. We’re pretty sure though that this is just a pre-game and more looks are about to be unveiled tonight. But while we wait, here’s a round up so far of the best Halloween costumes we’ve seen on the ‘Gram. From Blythe and Seth Fedelin as Beth and Benny of The Queen’s Gambit to BJ Pascual as Zsazsa Zaturnnah, Halloween just keeps on getting better.

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Kyline Alcantara Velma Scooby Doo, Johan Kyle

LOOK: Kyline Alcantara And Johan Kyle Ong Channel High-Fashion Scooby-Doo For Halloween

Scooby-Doo, but make it fashion.

For Kyline Alcantara and Johan Kyle Ong’s first time working together, the duo serves Scooby-Doo with a high-fashion twist this Hallowen.

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Halloween is that time of the year where people are free to dress up as whatever they want, whether it be a fictional character, a real person, or anything in between. While there is nothing wrong with dressing up in a classic costume like a ghost or witch, what really attracts people’s attention is the interesting twist you bring to the concept. That was what Kyline Alcantara and Johan Kyle Ong decided to do for their 2021 Halloween costumes.

For their first-ever collaboration, Kyline and Johan decided to dress up as the gang from the classic cartoon series Scooby-Doo, but with a twist. As Johan calls it, “Let’s do Scooby-Doo, but make it Vogue.” Inspired by the Scooby-Doo movies from the early 2000s, the young stars dressed up as the iconic characters but with a fashion magazine spin. Johan did Shaggy and Fred while Kyline did Daphe and Velma.

Check out the pics below as well as our interview with the two as they talked about the concept and what it was like to work together for the first time.

Why the theme? Who thought of the idea?

Kyline: Johan came up with the idea of a Scooby-Doo theme way back in February.

Johan: Halloween was still months away, but I had all the time to think from being quarantined at home. I liked the challenge of bringing a cartoon into the real world. Of course, there were the iconic Scooby-Doo movies, but those are nearly 20 years old. The idea was, “Let’s do Scooby-Doo, but make it Vogue.”  

Kyline: He actually forgot about it. I had to remind him.

Johan: Yeah! Back in September, Kyline was like, “Hoy, let’s shoot na!” and I was in panic mode. We only had a week to prepare because she would be too busy with taping.

Why did you decide to work together?

Johan: We’ve known for over a year but we never got the chance to work together. Halloween was the perfect time.

Kyline: He told me about it and I was so game. I had no idea what to do this Halloween so Johan made it easier.

What was the shoot like?

Kyline: I loved being with my friends again. It felt more like a hangout than a shoot.

Johan: The pics were taken by my cousin whom I have not seen in months. It was a trippy family reunion. Shoutout to Emil.

Kyline: Oh, another thing that I enjoyed was the TikToks.

Johan: Yeah! But it was also challenging since I was directing and modeling. At times, I would move around too much or carry props, and I would get in trouble cause my clothes were already ironed, or my hair was already fixed. It’s just easier when you have only one thing to worry about.

What do you like most about Halloween? 

Kyline: It’s the most acceptable time of the year to be crazy!

Johan: Halloween is a reflection of you! The risks you’re willing to take, the characters you choose to be, whether or not you even chose to dress up— it’s very telling. I love it.

What’s the secret to a good Halloween costume?

Kyline: I guess you should think of a character that you relate to, and own it.

Johan: It’s the execution. Either you do it so spot on that it’s worthy of respect, or you do your own twist that is so good, you set a new standard. No matter how cool your character is, if you half-ass the execution, it just won’t work. It’s a balance of giving justice to a character and letting yourself shine through.

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From AC Bonifacio, Cassy Legaspi, To Mimiyuuuh, These Lisa Dance Covers Are Heating Up YouTube

It's the year of Miss Lisa. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

From the Philippines to the rest of the world, we scour through YouTube for all the kick-ass dance covers inspired by Lisa Manoban. Now that’s a whole of love.  

Okay, let’s talk numbers shall we? In just under 24 hours, Lisa Manoban’s debut as a solo artist earned the distinction of being the first video to rack up to 50 million views on YouTube with the highly-anticipated release of the enthralling expression, Lalisa. At the full day mark, she obliterated a two-year record previously protected by Taylor Swift with her log of 73.6 million views, rightfully earning her a Guinness World Record in the process.

This wouldn’t be her first one, because this also makes her the most viewed solo K-pop artist in 24 hours. The music video now has 305 million views (as of this writing), 103,149,093 streams on Spotify. Not too long after, the third Blackpink member to forge a solo career following Jennie and Rosé, Lisa soon followed this up with bumping bad-ass bop, Money, which accounts for 142,427,259 streams on Spotify, 190 million views for the exclusive performance video, and 3.5 million videos on TikTok. Now, that’s a lot of Lalisa love and money moves.

On TikTok, where many trends may be fleeting but highly inescapable and without a doubt memorable, the #lalisadancechallenge has 63.5 million views and the similar #lalisachallenge has 432.1 million views, meaning the videos using the audio of the Lisa Manoban track and the many dance covers filed under it are really making the rounds on many FYPs. To this day, a quick, aimless scroll will yield a snippet of “say Lalisa love me” and “dollah bills, dollah bills” and bury itself in your consciousness not too long after. (That is if you don’t wiggle to it first.)

Queen Things Only

With many stellar attempts made on social media, nothing is as spectacular as that of YouTube where several young stars have orchestrated a full production to give justice that the tracks of Lisa Manoban rightfully deserves with banging dance covers. Bringing to life their own takes on Lalisa and Money (or both), Filipino personalities such as AC Bonifacio, Cassy Legaspi, and even Mimiyuuuh really doubled down on the cinematography and choreography, granting us full access into their worlds inspired by the rapper, singer, and singer burning up the charts and the consciousness of many. Unmatched energy, unequalled passion, and unparalleled vibe? Yes, they definitely did that.

Of course they aren’t just the only Filipinos heating up YouTube with their Lisa dance covers. With the likes or Krissha x Sammie on Krissha Viaje’s channel and Mutya Orquia, as well as of the impressive Alpha Philippines and the parody of Zynderella, which now has 1.8 views, we simply cannot pass up an opportunity to sass, shake, and shimmy. Not to be left behind, there have been many astounding imprints of Lisa Manoban dance covers on YouTube from all over the world. From Seoul, Vietnam (B-Wild), Paris (Young Nation), Indonesia (Invasion DC), Ukraine (T.B. Unicorns), Thailand (Minizize), Spain (Boys Version), Russia (Dahlia), Brazil (Camis Callegari-Warzone), and Siberia (Luminance), among many others.

If anything, this only proves not only how popular dance covers are in the zeitgeist of pop culture, but also how universal music is. But more importantly, the simple fact of the matter is, the Lalisa domination is really unstoppable at this point. Look, we’re no trained mathematicians, but if all these numbers trailing the success of the combined phenomenon of Lalisa and Money are added up then ding, ding, ding, Lisa Manoban is a winner.

Scroll through this selection of YouTube dance covers inspired by Lisa to see all the Lisa love from the Philippines to the rest of the world.














Hong Kong


New York


The Onitsuka Tiger AW21 Collection Reaches a New Altitude and Attitude


Face the cold and reach the peak in style with a contemporary collection by Onitsuka Tiger that combines fashion with sports, and heritage with innovation

The tail-end of the year has always been characterized by rest. Autumn leaves float down and lay peacefully on the ground. The cold winds make us want to tuck in and sip on our favorite warm drink. Even the holidays give us an excuse to take a break from work and just enjoy the company of friends and family. However, contrary to these natural and instinctual emotions and actions, Onitsuka Tiger believes that when temperatures drop, our spirits must be on the rise.

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For their Autumn Winter 2021 collection, the Japanese fashion brand reaches new heights with a vivacious collection of apparel that goes against the grain of what is stereotypically autumn. Embodying the majestic nature of the towering Himalayas in winter and the elation of the trekking and hiking boom of the 1970s, this latest set of contemporary pieces fuses fashion and sports—a trait that runs deep in Onitsuka Tiger’s DNA.

Onitsuka Tiger Creative Director Andrea Pompilio and nowartt Artistic Director Toyoki Adachi join creative forces in juxtaposing the vintage with the artistic and the analog with the digital. One of the interpretations of comfort of harmony with nature is realized by the Darjeeling Flowers print.

More than the aesthetics, fashion technology is also a focus for such a collection perfect for the outdoors and city lifestyle. Fleece material is excellent for keeping warm and preventing cold during winter mountaineering. The nylon series offers a fusion of dazzling neon colors and intricate and unique embroidery stitches. If you wish to add more sophistication, striped jackets and dresses complete the set for a lean and modish vibe.

Here are some of our must-haves in the Onitsuka Tiger Autumn & Winter 2021 collection:


Rock the HMR PEAK BOOT out on the streets or on the trail with a lightweight, stable, and comfortable build. Rubber touch material and tongue sleeves give it a sleek finish, while FLYTEFOAM™ provides better cushioning, and the outsole grip provides great traction.


For a more casual approach, the HMR PEAK TRAINER comes in a compact silhouette while retaining all the elements that make it a wardrobe essential. It’s of-the-moment fashion imbued with the spirit of the outdoors.


Capturing the vintage appeal, and rightfully so as this model is based on their HIMALAYAN PEAK hiking boot from 1966, the HMR PEAK FUR BOOT features an updated silhouette and design with a high-quality, short faux fur upper.


Nothing says Onitsuka Tiger more than their iconic MEXICO 66 silhouette. This modern take on the shoe, with the Darjeeling Flower print, gives it a new burst of energy with an easy-to-match Graphite Grey colorway, or a more vibrant Royal Azel.

JACKET (PHP 10,790) & PANTS (PHP 7,190)

Put on mod chic at its finest with a sophisticated and modern four-button pinstripe jacket. Dress it up with the matching straight-leg trousers, or dress it down for more comfort while still remaining sharp.


Take to the streets with an asymmetrical jacquard design and double-striped jacket, with knit pants to match the fit. Comfy and lightweight, take this pairing wherever you go.

The Onitsuka Tiger Autumn Winter 2021 Collection is now available in Greenbelt 5 and Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Visit their website to see more about the collection. Make sure to also them on Facebook and Instagram.

new music october 29 2021

The New Music Releases Of The Week

More new bangers.

This week in new music sees Nadine Lustre release her first new song in over a year, Jeon Somi drop her first album, and a lot more.

Just like that, October 2021 is coming to a close and it’s fair to say it was a good month for new music. The final week of the month also didn’t skimp when it came to giving us new music. Before you head off into the long weekend and enjoy your vacation, here are some of the new music releases of the week that we think are worth a spot in your playlist.

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Wait For Me – Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre is back with new music with the release of her new song Wait For Me. The track serves as Nadine’s first original solo song since the release of her album Wildest Dreams, which celebrated turned one year old this week. The emotional ballad sees Nadine pour her heart and emotions as she sings about moving on in a relationship.

XOXO- Jeon Somi

It’s a big day today for K-pop solo artist Somi. First, she is now going by her real name, Jeon Somi. She also dropped her first studio album XOXO which also serves as her first release under her new name. The eight-track album includes her four previously released singles as well as four new tracks. The title track, XOXO, serves as the comeback single.

Overpass Graffiti – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran fans get excited as the British singer finally released his latest studio album, =, this week. The new album is Ed’s first one in 4 years. Along with the release of the album, Ed also dropped his latest single Overpass Graffiti.

Pabilin – Moira Dela Torre

If you’re looking for a good cry, then Moira Dela Torre has got you covered. The singer is out with new music this week with the release of two new singles Pabilin and Pagitan. No matter which song you listen to, prepare to get in your feels.

Telepath – Conan Grey

After teasing the song on TikTok, Conan Grey finally dropped his newest song Telepath which features a disco-80s pop sound.

Favorite (Vampire) – NCT 127

Not long after the release of Sticker, NCT 127 is back with new music with the release of the repackaged album Favorite – The 3rd Album Repackage. Favorite (Vampire) serves as their latest comeback single and features a hip-hop-trap-pop sound and a music video that sees the group turn into vampires.

WEST – Warren Hue

19-year-old Indonesian rising rapper Warren Hue releases his new track WEST this week. WEST hypnotizes from the jump with a mesmerizing reel-to-reel tape loop that feels equal parts nostalgic and triumphant. Warren Hue wrote the song based on his experiences living in LA, as exemplified in its catchy trap groove that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Enemy – Imagine Dragons and J.J.D.

Imagine Dragons teams up with rapper J.I.D on the new song Enemy.  The epic and electrifying new single examines living with conflict, both internal and external. Enemy will be featured in the upcoming animated series based on the League of Legends Universe, Arcane, and will also appear on the accompanying soundtrack.

Oh Na Na – Camila Cabello, Myke Towers, and Tainy

Off the heels of Don’t Go Yet, Camila Cabello teams up with Myke Towers and Tainy on her new song, Oh Na Na. The track is an upbeat bilingual song that mixes English lyrics with Spanish and finds Camila exploring her Latina roots while embracing her incredibly pop and urban-leaning past. The song serves as the second single from her upcoming third studio album Familia.

kung nag-aatubili – syd hartha

syd hartha is out with new music this week with the release of kung nag-aatubili. The song reflects her complicated attitude towards romantic relationships and intimacy, which stemmed from the traumatic experiences that she endured during her younger years. The folk-pop tune will be part of her upcoming 5-track EP to be released in the first quarter of 2022 and serves as her first original material for 2021.


Back in early October, IV of Spades guitarist BLASTER announced that he was joining Island Records Philippines as a solo artist. Now, he just released the Tagalog version of his track Disko Forever. So get ready to party like it’s 1975.

Malapit Na Akong Mahulog Sa Iyo – Lyca Gairanod

While some people may know Lyca Gairanod as the queen of Twitter memes, she actually is a great singer as she did win season 1 of The Voice Kids Philippines. Her vocals are on display once again in her new song Malapit Na Akong Mahulog Sa Iyo. Here, she sings about an uncertain leap of faith of love as she beacons with her poignant voice of a heart that hollers assurance to know whether to dive for it or let go.

Mirror – Maximillian

Maximillan has dropped his anticipated debut studio album this week called Too Young. The album is a collection of genre-fluid songs about the troubles of youth, friendship, and love.

Mirror Mirror – F.HERO, MILLI, and Changbin from Stray Kids

A collaboration we didn’t expect but we’re happy we have it. Thai rappers F.HERO and MILLI have teamed up with Stray Kid’s Changbin for the hip-hop track Mirror Mirror. The track features both Thai, English, and Korean rap. All three did a great job, but MILLI and Changbin really ate it up.

Yuno – Press Hit Play

P-Pop boy group Press Hit Play is out with their latest single this week with Yuno. The upbeat and fun pop track serves as the second single the group has released since debuting in August 2021.

Hakbang – Cheats

OPM band Cheats dropped new music this week with the release of Hakbang. The catchy tune is the band’s second-ever Filipino single and the first from their upcoming third studio album. Hakbang was originally written in English but later translated to Tagalog to fit the theme of the song. The track’s music video, meanwhile, was directed by Quark Henares and stars Piolo Pascual.

Charmander- Aminé

Rapper Aminé, who you may know from his smash hit Caroline, returns with a new energetic single called Charmander. The single represents a new sonic chapter for Aminé, featuring a bubbly and clubby beat buoying his tongue-in-cheek lyrics about reclusion and introspection. The track marks the first new song from Aminé in 2021.


Morissette is out this week with the Christian song WATERWALK. The inspirational song is the first track to be released under the newly created Waterwalk Records, a sub-label under Sony Music Philippines solely dedicated to worship and Christian music.

Dance Like This – Blanks

Rising indie-pop artist Blanks has released his debut studio album Nothing Lasts Forever And That’s OK alongside a new single Dance Like This. Across ten tracks, Blanks draws inspiration from the bittersweet nostalgia of his past, like meeting his first love and unforgettable summers spent with friends.  The first half of the album sees Blanks unfurling a classic tale of summertime love. In the latter half of the record, Blanks reminisces on the summer gone by with an underlying sense of melancholy.

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nylon manila favorite music release october 2021

POLL: What’s Your Favorite New Music Release Of October 2021?

Which new song stands out for you?

As we say goodbye to the month of October, it’s right that we look back at all the new music and songs the month gave us. Among other things, October 2021 saw superstar artists make their comeback to the music scene, fast-rising P-pop acts drop their first album, local artists break records, and much more. But with the month soon coming to a close, we wanted to know: what is your favorite music release of the month? Vote in the poll below for your pick. Voting ends on November 5, 11:59 PM.




shows that will leave netflix this november

FYI: Your Name, All 6 Seasons Of Hunter X Hunter, And More Are Leaving Netflix This November

Get that watchlist ready.

From anime, action blockbusters, and more, catch these titles before they leave Netflix Philippines this November permanently.

We are nearing the month of October, which means a new month for new movies and shows on Netflix. But that also means that movies and series will be sadly departing the streaming service. As much as we would like to have these titles forever, the reality is that some titles have their licensing agreements expire, which means there are no longer going to be available on Netflix. The titles leaving Netflix Philippines this month include a slate of anime series, a beloved anime movie, a smattering of Hollywood blockbusters, and even an adored Filipino film. Here are the titles you need to see before they leave Netflix. (Note that the following titles are subject to change.) 


Your Name. : Funimation Films

This November, a couple of popular anime titles are leaving Netflix. Hunter X Hunter, the action-packed show about a young boy dreaming of becoming a legendary Hunter like his father, is leaving the streaming service on November 1. All six seasons of the show are going, so if you have plans to watch the show, do it now. Or, if you’re currently binge-watching the series, you may want to hurry that up.

Probably one of the biggest titles leaving Netflix Philippines this November is the critically acclaimed anime film Your Name. The awe-inspiring movie about a boy and a girl who switch bodies is leaving the streaming service on November 26. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor and do so now. Feel free to also watch this again one last time. 


November will also see quite a few major Hollywood films leave Netflix. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is leaving on November 1. Given how all three films of Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is on Netflix and the second is highly regarded as the best in the trilogy, you may want to watch this. An iconic and groundbreaking cinema trilogy is sadly leaving Netflix as well. The Godfather Part 1, 2, and 3, are all leaving the streaming service on November 1.

For the action lovers, all three Die Hard films on Netflix, Die Hard, Die Hard 4.0, and A Good Day to Die Hard will be gone by November 1. Taken 3 is also heading for the exits on November 1. Finally, there’s the 2015 remake of Point Break which is leaving on November 14. For sci-fi fans, Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes and Alien 3 are leaving Netflix on November 1 while Jurassic Park III will leave on November 16, for what it’s worth.

The Nun ending explained - How The Nun fits into The Conjuring universe

A few horror movies are leaving Netflix as well this November so feel free to binge-watch these just in time for Halloween. The Conjuring prequel The Nun is leaving on November 7. The last time you can watch The Purge Anarchy on Netflix Philippines is on November 15. The Mummy and its sequel The Mummy Returns will be gone by November 16.


REVIEW | 'Kita Kita' is an eye-opener for the romantic comedy genre

Finally, the acclaimed Kita Kita is leaving Netflix on November 16. This heartwarming film follows a Filipina tour guide in Japan, played by Alessandra de Rossi, who goes blind. She then befriends a fellow Filipino, played by Empoy Marquez, who helps her deal with her blindness and find happiness in the little things.

Also, if you watch K-Dramas, then know that Ms. Hammurabi starring Go Ara is leaving Netflix on November 16. The show follows the life of a rookie judge who partners with an experienced justice as they handle the legal system and people they encounter.   

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meta facebook

Enter The Metaverse: Facebook Company Is Officially Changing Its Name To Meta

VR and AR are taking over the "next internet."

Reflecting a major shift, Facebook is changing its name to Meta as it seeks to build a shared virtual environment for everyone called the metaverse.

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When Facebook first launched over 17 years ago, the social media company immensely changed the way billions of people around the world connected online. It ushered in an era of the social media network and changed the way how we communicated with one another. Now, Facebook is looking to change society once more as it recently announced that it was changing its name.


Facebook Changes Name to Meta

On October 29, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the Facebook Connect conference that the Facebook Company was officially changing its name to Meta. The change came with a new logo that looks like an infinity symbol. The name change was first reported by The Verge last week and has now been made official with this announcement.

Going forward, Facebook’s company name will be called Meta. Facebook (the social media site and app), WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, and more will be subsidiaries under the umbrella company. Zuckerberg said during the conference that the new name was inspired by the Greek word meta, which means beyond. “For me, it symbolizes that there is always more to build.”


Facebook changes its corporate branding to Meta | TechCrunch

This name change reflects how Facebook as a whole is aiming to usher in the new face of the internet. The company is looking to build and expand upon shared virtual environments, which they call the metaverse. The ambitious plan will see virtual and augmented reality become the norm of the internet, or as Zuckerberg has called, “the next internet.”

Facebook teased during the event there will be virtual spaces where users will summon avatars to work, play, and consume media. Some activities you can do in the virtual realm include talking to and interacting with other people, playing sports, attending concerts, having gaming experiences, going to work, and even going to school. Facebook is imagining a future 10 or so years down the line where virtual realities and spaces become second nature for internet users. (Think Ready Player One IRL)

They are already taking steps to make that happen. Last August, they launched Horizon Workrooms, a virtual meeting room where people using virtual-reality headsets can gather as if they were at an in-person work meeting. The name change is the biggest step they have then so far. “I’ve been thinking a lot about our identity. Over time, I hope we’re seen as a metaverse company,” said Zuckerberg.  

While Facebook’s plans are quite grand, don’t expect any major changes right now or in the near future. How you use Facebook as a social media site won’t change that much just yet. These changes might take years to achieve and even more to have a majority adoption. But down the line, social media and the internet, in general, may just fundamentally change.


Of course, all of this is happening as Facebook is experiencing one of its worst PR crises in company history. For the past few years, the company has been in near-constant assault for its loose moderation tools and how easy it is for misinformation and fake news to spread on the site. More recently, former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed company documents about how Facebook knows that it is lacking when it comes to handling misinformation, safety, and policy but doesn’t do active steps to try to fix it. The documents also revealed how Instagram has a negative impact on the mental health of teenagers.

Facebook wants nearly your entire life on the metaverse, but the fact that they can’t get their act together now should be a cause for concern. Maybe instead of trying to distance themselves from controversy, they should focus on fixing their many problems first.

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nadine wildest dreams

Here’s How Nadine Lustre Made The Wildest Dreams Of These Filipino Designers Come True

She did THAT.

A year after Nadine Lustre dropped her surprise visual album, Wildest Dreams, we spoke to some of the Filipino fashion designers who are still over the moon.

We’re still in disbelief when we found out that Wildest Dreams was Nadine Lustre’s debut album as a musician despite all the collabs and bops that she made throughout the years. Of course, Wildest Dreams was the ultimate testimony of Nadine’s creativity and a way for her to re-introduce who she really is, not only as a musician, but as a creative director. Her choices in fashion is unmatched, too. Keep in mind that despite being produced at the early onset of the pandemic in 2020, she pulled off more than 50 looks on the 30-minute visual album alone, which were created by mostly Filipino fashion designers. A year later, we spoke to these creatives on how Nadine Lustre has impacted their career.

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“Creating a custom look for Nadine’s Wildest Dreams was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. You have to imagine, I was in a creative rut, in the middle of a pandemic with strict lockdowns and very limited access to a lot of things. The project brought me back to life, it made me excited, and made me dream again my wildest dreams.”


“It’s really difficult to produce a piece during the lockdown since everything has to be done online as much as possible. There was a point that I had to ride our family business truck to pass through check points just to get my materials. No fittings and personal meetings, so there were no room for mistakes because we need to finish the piece in just two weeks. I am happy with the placement of the embroidery and that it perfectly.”


“Being able to make the Filipina Version of Venus for Nadine’s Wildest Dreams is truly a dream come true for me, the moment I saw Lyn Alumno’s styling presentation, I know that I needed to get this part. An anxiety-inducing story for me is the delivery process, since there were no same day delivery from Cebu to Manila and it was delivered during quarantine, I went through delivery couriers in Cebu to look for one that can deliver on time until Lyn introduced me to PalCargo just hours before they closed.”


In a conversation with Coleen Aytona, the young designer behind Yeen Studios (who made the chain mail dress on NYLON Manila’s cover), she mentioned that it was one of her first custom pieces ever since she started the brand. Talk about dibs!


“About WD, seeing the vision come to life was mind-blowing! Definitely one of the highlights of my 2020. It jumpstarted an entire line of body chains for Stone River because y’all got me so inspired!”


“Back in July this year, Lyn Alumno, Nadine’s stylist for her digital album contacted, because Nadine is requesting if I can make her a full look inspired by raindrops. I accepted the project sans second thoughts. This is my first commissioned project after almost two years of not accepting custom pieces. One main reason why I accepted this project is that I missed dressing Nadine. It took me a month to finish the whole ensemble because I have to wait for the crystals to arrive from abroad. Nadine is one of the first celebrities whom I was able to dress when I was starting and will be one of my muses, FOREVER!”