BLACKPINK Jennie fashion editor

Are You Ready For The Reign Of Fashion Editor Jennie On Vogue Korea?

Is there anything the girls of Blackpink cannot do?

From the pages of Vogue Korea to standing in as a contributing fashion editor, Blackpink’s Jennie is making her dreams come true, one striking visual at a time.  


Is there anything the girls from Blackpink cannot do? Wait, scratch that. There’s no need, because obviously, the quartet of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose are taking over the world, one area at a time.

With successful forays into entertainment, endorsements, and engagements that stretches far beyond the entrancing Korean domain, the Blackpink crew is quite the force to be reckoned with in fashion. Heavily inspired by their high-octane, head-banging, and hip-swiveling music, the K-pop girl group has made quite the impact with their unique style personalities. Apart from the visceral visuals of their music videos, concerts, and off-duty airport look, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé have also played muses to high fashion houses.

From Rosé fronting campaigns for Saint Laurent, Lisa named the muse for Hedi Slimane’s Celine, Jisoo being named the face of Dior beauty, and Jennie rocking the hallowed house of Chanel, the ladies of Blackpink are unstoppable. Proving to be powerhouses individually, they all are making strides on their own, too. With solo music and such, we are slowly getting to know them outside the phenomenon that is Blackpink. Take Jennie for example, who recently set our social media timelines ablaze with her announced stint as Fashion Editor for Vogue Korea.

All Hail Jennie, The Fashion Editor

In an old interview that resurfaced online, Jennie was once asked: “If you were not an idol, what occupation would you be?”

“Magazine editor or fashion designer…I want to do those,” Jennie replied in earnest.

Well, dreams do come true, because while the images that were published of her by Vogue Korea were spellbinding, it was the accompanying statement that revealed a more interesting facet to the whimsical shoot. “Jennie has taken photoshoots as a model, but this is the first time she has participated in photo shoots as a planner, deciding on her own concept, and deciding on hair and makeup drafts, including styling,” writes the international magazine.

While this isn’t the first time Jennie found herself on the pages of Vogue Korea, this turn is a major feather on her cap as she was credited as Contributing Editor for the photo shoot found in the magazine’s March 2021 issue. Being a hands-on creative for this decidedly effervescent effort, Jennie really sat down and put herself into the production of this visual, especially in the style department. After all, she isn’t nicknamed “Jennie Trend-nie” by her ardent supporters for nothing. This is perhaps why on Twitter, “Jennie Fashion Editor” was (and still is) a trending topic of conversation as we speak.

This Is Her

With her undeniable and unparalleled influence in everything she does, it goes to no surprise as to why she would eventually find herself ticking off her lifelong goals of being a magazine fashion editor—and for Vogue, no less. If the striking and searing images are any indication, it sure looks like Jennie is in full control as fashion editor. And you know what, we would definitely like to see more of her in this creative capacity.

In the series of photos, Jennie essays a revelation that is light, graceful, and precise. From the lightly tousled hair, the denim dungarees paired with cream Chanel slides, and breathtaking pink-stained, barely there beauty, this fashion editor knows what she is doing. More so, it is instances like these that are equally so refreshing, especially since we get to see our idols in a way that is decided and defined by themselves.

Hello, Fashion Editor Jennie, it is a pleasure to meet you, finally.