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The Funniest Memes About Karen Davila’s Interview With Lyca Gairanod

*Patiently waiting to get our invites to Karen and Lyca's birthday party*

A new meme is born thanks to Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod.

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The best thing about memes and viral videos is that they can come from the unlikeliest of places. Memes aren’t things that you anticipate, they just happen when they happen. And that was what unraveled on Monday, August 16, when a clip of Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod went viral on social media.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Karen Davila interviewed The Voice Kids Philippines season one champion Lyca Gairanod in her hometown of Tanza, Cavite. Among other things, Lyca said that she sold the house that she won on the show so that she could live nearer to her grandmother. But what caught everyone’s attention was when Karen asked Lyca when her birthday was and she said November 21, which happens to be the same birthday as Karen. This caused Karen to react with extreme shock, catching Lyca off-guard and making her take a step back.

The clip quickly went viral with people finding how hilarious both Karen and Lyca’s reactions were. And of course, when something goes viral, the memes soon followed. So, here is a compilation of the funniest and most hilarious memes we found on the internet.

Face crack of the century

Lyca channeling Bobby Salazar

Scorpio Vibes

Good mood to start the week

Lyca Gairanod, queen of Twitter memes

*pretends to be shocked*

Pinoy-baiting things

When you and your friend hate the same person

When you realize it’s Monday again

That one overexcited friend

When you forget to mute the mic

No comment

Karen giving Bimby energy

Karen and Lyca’s joint brirthday bash

Reenactment, with feelings


BIRTHDAY KO YOOOONN!!!! ??? ##KarenDavila ##LycaGairanod

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