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Scream at 25: How Scream Revived And Changed The Slasher Genre

An iconic horror movie that changed the game.

25 years later, Scream remains to be one of the most influential horror movies to impact the slasher sub-genre.

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Scream served as a catalyst for future slasher films and was a turning point for the genre. “Someone has taken their love for scary movies one step too far.” That was the tagline for the marketing of the film. And yet in a meta sense, the love for scary movies enabled it to revive a dying genre and change the face of horror for years to come. Now 25 years old and with the upcoming release of the brand-new film simply titled, Scream, coming next year, it’s time to look back at one of the most profitable movie genres and how it was before and after Scream.  


The first thing to note was the state of the horror genre in the 1990s. Halloween was released in 1978 and its success spawned a lot of movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and Friday the 13th (1980) in what was eventually known as the slasher genre. And yet come the 90s, the slasher genre was relativel dead in its tracks with poor box office returns. Jason Voorhees was vanquished in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993). Freddy Krueger had been finally killed in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991). Meanwhile, Michael Myers had been relegated to cheap sequels with Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995). It just seemed that most, if not all, of these beloved franchises, were either dead or were quickly losing relevance.

But because of the love of these films, writer Kevin Williamson sought out to make his own slasher film and wrote Scream. A “whodunit” mystery, he teamed up with horror maestro director Wes Craven, a veteran of the genre, having done films like A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), The Last House on the Left (1972), and The Hills Have Eyes (1977). With their combined efforts, Scream became a box office success and a critical darling, a rare feat for a genre known to be profitable with audiences and poor with critics. Scream was the highest-grossing slasher film at the time, a record it impressively held till Halloween (2018) dethroned it. Scream’s success made sure that the slasher genre was here to stay and is considered the first great slasher film in the 90s.


Scream (1996) directed by Wes Craven • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

The next element of Scream’s success came from its casting. Horror films were considered B-level movies, and so they often employed unknowns and inexperienced actors. Of course, the genre can spawn stars like Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween, Kevin Bacon from Friday the 13th, or Johnny Depp from A Nightmare on Elm Street. But these actors weren’t the stars they are known today when they did those films. The difference in Scream then was the decision to cast well-known actors for the film. This added credibility to the project and was one of the factors why Wes Craven eventually agreed to do the project.

The first one they got was Drew Barrymore. Having been known at the time for her role in ET: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Barrymore’s casting was a huge grab and her signing on drew other actors into the project. The cast would then be rounded up by well-known actors at the time such as David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, and of course, Courtney Cox who was well known for Friends.

In fact, the cast was the big marketing push of the film. Rather than promoting the Ghostface killer, the posters promoted its stars. It billed them in alphabetical order while the image of Drew Barrymore’s face would serve as the poster itself. The casting of this film enabled Scream to have a wider audience. And the success of this decision would be replicated in its sequels and the slasher films spawned by Scream. Before Scream, it was unheard of to cast recognizable faces. But after, well-known stars would come flocking to their own slasher projects with the genre having gained a degree of respectability through Scream.


Finally, the success of Scream spawned numerous slasher films during the decade, all trying to replicate Scream’s formula. The film’s humor and tongue-in-cheek nature was considered one of its strengths because Scream poked fun at horror movie tropes. It would often reference stereotypes such as the virginal heroine or the lines people would say in slasher films that would signal their demise. Because of this, many films attempted to find more humor in their own slasher films. Urban Legend (1998) poked fun at the many urban legends and how implausible they were. Bride of Chucky (1998) gave Chucky a girlfriend through Tiffany. Final Destination (2000) turned dying into exciting, but often convoluted death traps. Even the marketing of Scream was replicated by its competitors.

All of a sudden, slasher movie posters would not feature any killer. Instead, the teen stars attached to it would be promoted, often marketing the movie like teen magazines rather than horror films. Two examples of this would be I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Philippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr., and The Faculty (1998) starring Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, and Usher. Even older slasher franchises would try to replicate the success of Scream. A notable example is Halloween: 20 Years Later (1998), which had the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as its biggest selling point while backed by actors such as Michelle Williams, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and LL Cool J.


Neve Campbell Gives An Intriguing Update On Scream 5

Scream made sure that the slasher genre was here to stay and the trends it set would be present for the latter half of the 1990s. Horror movies would later shift gears with newer tropes such as torture porn in the mid-2000s with films like Saw (2004) and Hostel (2005) or found footage films in the early 2010s such as Paranormal Activity (2009). Scream’s long-lasting influence on the genre would be seen not only by its numerous sequels and MTV show but by the films it inspired as mentioned throughout. Scream is not only a landmark for the slasher genre but a landmark for the 90s as well. Its cast, its scares, its humor, and its soundtrack were all lauded, and rightfully so. And while there are many films before Scream and after, Scream’s success is often duplicated but never replicated.

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blue gold film festival

This High School In Cagayan De Oro City Hosts Its First Film Festival For And By The Students

The kids will definitely be more than alright, folks.

Want to know what the kids are up to these days? Give the youth-made films at the week-long Blue Gold Film Festival made possible by the students of St. Mary’s School in Cagayan de Oro city.

There is no question that traditions were well-established during face-to-face classes, and for St. Mary’s School, humble institution of education on top of a hill in Cagayan de Oro city is no stranger to that convention. Known for its mastery in the performing arts, St. Mary’s School has consistently produced well-rounded creatives in theater, music, publishing and media, among many others. Central to its heritage is the renowned annual play, which benefits the Dr. Michael Anthony Costello Foundation for scholars, has been celebrated for many years, a tradition halted only by the COVID-19 crisis that brought devastation to the educational sector of the whole world and by extension, the Philippines.

To fill the artistic void left by this pandemic, the St. Mary’s School High School Student Council brings to you the 2021 Blue Gold Film Festival, a collection of theatrical classics and completely new short films produced by the school’s ever-talented students.

“The arts are so integral to the educational experience. Through the performing arts, we have seen our students grow in confidence and blossom in different ways,” says Margaret Costello, Academic Director for St. Mary’s School and festival juror of the 2021 Blue Gold Film Festival. “What makes this project amazing is that the pandemic did not hinder our students from creating their own avenues for artistic expression. As educators, we want to empower them. This is their moment. Our role here is to direct the spotlight on them.”

Guided by the theme, Bond, the inaugural 2021 Blue Gold Film Festival, allows for the creative depiction of the different connections that tie us all together, be it through forgiveness (Intertwined), friendship (Sana Okay Ka Lang), or a blossoming relationship (Malipayon). Through this festival, students are empowered and encouraged to express themselves in the field of performing arts, specifically through film. 

Lights, Camera, Action

The film entries offer a unique point-of-view into the world of these students, which are by all accounts artistic and authentic. Harnessing their potential in the field of film, the entries are available to view on the organization’s official YouTube channel. From competition entries to non-competing ones, the future of Filipino filmmaking is alive and well with the featured films, which include: Malipayon (2021, produced by Grade 10 students), Sana Okay Ka Lang (2021, produced by Grade 9 students), Intertwined (2021, produced by Grade 8 students), Montage (2021, non-competition entry, part of the SMS Classics section), Best Friends (2019, non-competition entry, part of the SMS Classics section), and The Hidden Crisis (2017, non-competition entry, part of the SMS Classics section).

The 2021 Blue Gold Film Festival by St. Mary’s School in Cagayan de Oro debuted on October 25, and will run all the way through November 1. Following its kick-off ceremony, which saw the release of all films and the opening of the People’s Choice Awards, the full festival schedule includes panel discussions and scheduled streamings. And just like any film festival, it will culminate in an awarding ceremony on October 31, which will be streamed live simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook.

With a few more days left to the 2021 Blue Gold Film Festival by St. Mary’s School in Cagayan de Oro city, you can catch the entries and take part of the rest of the festivities on their YouTube channel or Facebook Page.


halloween movies philippines

This Halloween, Watch These Filipino Horror Movies Starring These Young Stars

Don't watch these with the lights turned off.

Even young stars like Francine Diaz, Kathryn Bernardo, Blythe, and more have tried their hand at acting in horror movies. Ready or not, give these Filipino horror movies a watch this Halloween.

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For as popular as the genre is, horror usually gets a bad reputation as the place for B- and C-list movies. People sometimes assume that horror movies are just cheap entertainment and only unknown actors appear in them. But as can be seen in the last few years, horror can and has attracted some of the biggest stars in the world to appear in them. All over Asia, where the genre is really something else, and even in the Philippines, some of the brightest Gen Z stars have acted in horror movies to surprisingly great results. So, if you have nothing to watch this Halloween, here are some Filipino horror movies starring some of your fave celebs. Prepare to see them in a whole new different role.


Banal' review: Surprisingly unsettling

From director Peter Abana comes this psychological horror movie set in the woods supposedly based on true events. Banal revolves around five young friends who travel to sacred Mt. Awanggan for a weekend mountain trek. But when they get there, they are informed to not go up the mountain. The group doesn’t listen and in their stubbornness, unleashes the sinister spirits that lurk in the mountain’s deep forests. Banal stars Andrea Brillantes, Bianca Umali, and Miguel Taniflex, and is a movie that has a The Blair Witch Project vibe to it, minus the found-footage POV. If you’re looking for a horror movie about a mountain trek gone wrong with a unique twist and unsettling vibes, then Banal just might be for you. Catch this on Netflix.


Mikhail Red Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Block Z

While zombie films are nothing new to the genre, it’s not common to see Filipino horror movies get their own zombie flick. That was until Mikhail Red’s Block Z arrived. This horror film centers on a group of pre-med students who are trapped in their university after it is quarantined during a zombie outbreak. Now, the group must band together to survive and make it out of campus. Block Z  stars a who’s who of young stars like Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, and Maris Racal and they all deliver great performances. Julia Barretto particularly stands out for her strong and badass performance as PJ. Check out this movie if you want to see zombie movies done the Pinoy way. You can stream this on iWant TFC.


File:Janella Salvador in Haunted Mansion (cropped).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Janella Salvador is no stranger to acting in Filipino horror movies. She was in Bloody Crayons, The Heiress, and even The Killer Bride. But Haunted Mansion may just be her best work so far. The film centers on a group of students who go on a retreat with their teacher to a remote house. As expected, the house harbors some dark spirits who start haunting the group. This is where Ella (Janella Salvador comes in. She can see evil ghosts and together with her friends must stop the spirits. Considering that this was her first project after wrapping up Be Careful with My Heart, it was a risky move, but one that paid off. Stream this on Netflix.


Maledicto' review: Hesitant evil

Maledicto stars Tom Rodriguez as Farther Xavi. At the beginning of the movie, he is a brilliant psychiatrist who after losing his sister to what seemed to be a possession, decides to become a priest and debunk possessions and exorcism. One day, a clairvoyant priestess named Sister Barbie (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) notices that one of her students, Agnes (Miles Ocampo), is experiencing signs of possession. She turns to Father Xavi for help and the two realize that they are dealing with more than just simple possession.

While on the surface, Maledicto might just be another The Excorcist rip-off, it is so much more than that. The movie can get genuinely scary at times. It has an interesting story, and it also focuses on the human aspect of things with how Father Xavi re-evaluates his life and beliefs. Definitely one of the more underrated Filipino horror movies of the late 2010s. You can watch this on Netflix.


Pagpag: Nine Lives | Netflix

For some people, Pagpag can be considered an underrated classic especially in the filmography of KathNiel. This Filipino horror movie is based on the superstition that you shouldn’t go home directly after a wake so the spirit of the deceased won’t follow you home. A group of teenagers attend a wake but don’t believe in the superstition. Because of this, the spirit of the deceased man hunts down and kills the nine people who refused to follow the belief. To date, this is the only horror movie KathNiel has ever done and in fact one of the few horror movies starring a major love team. Pagpag is sure to be a gem of a watch. Stream this horror movie on Netflix.


Tenement 66 Is Good Enough For A Good Scare

Tenement 66 follows Teban (Francis Magundayo) a young man who just got bailed out of prison. He, along with his older brother Tony and cousin Ron-ron (Noel Comia Jr.) move into the titular residential building. Teban isn’t looking to get back to a life of crime. He wants to help his older brother make some money and pay off their debt by getting a job. One day, Tony gets involved in an accident which leaves Teban with expensive medical bills.

He then meets a young woman named Lea (Francine Diaz), his neighbor who asks him to help her rob their neighbor, Old Man Nando (Lou Veloso). She tells him that she saw him steal a large sum of money and that they should steal it back and split it amongst themselves. They agree but their heist soon becomes their biggest nightmare when they realize that their neighbors are holding some dark secrets.

Director Rae Red’s horror crime thriller is a bit like if Don’t Breathe was set in the Philippines with a few twists and turns. Francine Diaz is mostly known for her sweet, innocent, or dramatic roles. But in Tenement 66, you see her in a whole new light as the jaded Lea and she really pulls it off. Tenement 66 should be your go-to Filipino horror movie if you’re aiming for tension and suspense. You can watch this on iWant TFC.


The Debutantes” Review: Effective Scares in a Color Horror Movie – PELIKULA  MANIA

Director Prime Cruz has given us some amazing movies over the past few years. On one side of the spectrum, there is the underrated Filipino horror movie Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B, and on the other are emotional dramas like Sleepless and Isa Pa, with Feelings. The Debutantes is then probably one of is his more under appreciated works.

The teen horror film centers on shy and friendless student Kate (Sue Ramirez). She has the ability to have visions of her classmates’ deaths as they turn eighteen. Lara (Miles Ocampo) tries her best to include Kate in her clique of mean girls. But problems arise as a deadly curse follows them ahead of their 18th birthday celebration. The Debutantes gives a slight Carrie vibes and even features a look inspired by the classic Italian horror film Suspiria. This movie should be on your list if you’re looking for a debut gone wrong. Stream this thriller on Netflix.


While not a Filipino horror movie per se, CLICK LIKE SHARE is still a worthy watch given its unique premise. The anthology show is like if Black Mirror was set in the Philippines since every episode deals with abusing social media and technology. For season one, each episode starred each member of the Gold Squad. Kyle’s episode, Reroute, sees his character get addicted to an app called Aria that ends up falling in love with him. Francine’s episode, Cancelledt, is about her character experiencing social media fame but at a real-world cost.

Seth’s episode, Trending, revolves around his character manipulating a video he posts online of an encounter he has with another driver that leads to some grave consequences. And Andrea’s episode, Poser, is about her character using an app that removes all the imperfections in her face but in return causes a clone of hers to come to life and replace her. You can watch the series on iWant TFC.


Ruby_28❤ on Twitter: "Catch Maymay Entrata on CLICK. LIKE. SHARE Premier  Aug 8 at 8:30PM on A2Z kapamilya Channel, KOL and @iwanttfc! HAPPY  ANNIVER5ARY MAYMAY #MayWard @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_…"

CLICK LIKE SHARE finds itself on this list again with an episode from its second and most recent season. Lurker stars Maymay Entrata who plays a hardworking waitress named Beng. She has a tendency to share a lot of her life online, even with things that she shouldn’t. One day, a rich online influencer named Trish (Michelle Vito) embarrasses Beng at work. This then causes Beng to seek revenge by lurking on Trish’s social media accounts in an attempt to ruin her life. But Beng will soon find out the dangers of oversharing on social media. Catch this on iWant TFC.

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summer heartbreak virtual camp 2021

Of Ice Cream And Sad Songs: This Virtual Camp Will Ease Your Summer Heartbreak

Do you ever wonder what heartbreak tastes like?

While the season of the sun and actual camp sawi is not possible just yet, the digital counterpart, Summer Heartbreak: A Virtual Camp, is here to help you through your heartbreak, whatever that may be.

There is no known cure for heartbreak, unfortunately. A human condition known and felt since time immemorial, people have long struggled with the sharp pangs of heartache, finding ways to rid oneself of this crummy feeling that really weighs a person down, no matter where one is situated in the barometer of strength. There have been avenues for catharsis, as seen in a lot of different interests, particularly in the arts where many offshoots, expositions, and pursuits have given us many realizations of that mostly unbearable and often unspeakable hurt There have been ways to ease through it, before you know, eventually letting go and moving on from the grieving process.

Whether it be sad songs to dance to, movies that compel a good cry, food filed under guilty pleasures that no one is really guilty of, and a little help from our friends, there are ways to process the emotional misery business. And while it is never bound by time, striking anytime when you least expect it, we have waxed poetic, quite lengthily at that, and sobbed endlessly to summer heartbreak, which comes into full focus in an eternal playlist of songs on Spotify to soundtrack your music video-worthy musings and a virtual camp to get you by.

summer heartbreak playlist virtual camp

While we definitely know what it feels, to some extent, we know what heartbreak sounds like. However, did you ever come to wonder what it tastes like? Yes, aside from sad and bitter, which is but natural to the trajectory of feelings. Well, giving us a bite and keeping us company as we simmer in the mood is the Summer Heartbreak: A Virtual Camp.

Of Ice Cream And Heartbreak

Sure, summer has long gone by now, but because heartbreak is a year round thing, the e-m-o-t-i-o-n-s are at an all high with the Summer Heartbreak 2.0 campaign by Universal Music Group (UMG). While an actual camp sawi is not possible for the time being, the spirit of communal anguish continues online on November 5, with a playlist of songs that will grip your soul with tender tellings and aching professions of love, or whatever of it lingers.

From such tracks as Summer Of Love (Shawn Mendes), ex i never had (LANY), Somebody (Keshi), Oh Shit…Are We In Love? (VALLEY), Leave Before You Love Me (Jonas Brothers, Marshmello), Happier Than Ever (Billie Eilish), Mood Ring (Lorde), Cold Heart (Elton John, Dua Lipa), and Angel Baby (Troye Sivan), not only will you get to sit, sway, and sulk away to the song, but if you join the Summer Heartbreak: A Virtual Camp, you will also get to dig into nine specially crafted ice cream flavors to complete the heartbreak scene. Inspired by the aforementioned tracks, you can get treated to all scoops and swirls of Butterbeer, Buttery Milky Goodness, Corn Flakes Cereal Milk, Dark Chocolate, Smores, Vegan Cookie Dough, Matcha Green Tea With White Chocolate, Strawberry Margarita Sorbet, and Fruit Loops Ice Cream With Rainbow Sprinkles And Marshmallows.

Sounds delicious? Well, while we no one has to go through the strenuous spirals of heartbreak, it is but a part of life. Sure, there is no crying over spilled milk, but at the very least, you can make something out of it. Ice cream perhaps? BRB, we’re putting our hair up in a bun, snuggling in our most comforting loungewear, playing the Summer Heartbreak playlist, and binging on ice cream. Time to indulge in the decadence of feelings. No guilt here, okay.


10 Halloween Makeup Looks For When You’re Running Out of Ideas

10 Halloween Makeup Looks For When You’re Running Out of Ideas

It's time to get snatched and spooky!

If you suddenly decide to get glammed up for spooky season, we’ve got you covered. Let’s switch it up a little with these easy to do Halloween makeup looks for when you’re running out of ideas. It happens, don’t worry.

We get it, you feel the FOMO when scrolling on the latest Halloween countdown posts on Instagram and TikTok. But you know what they say, it’s never too late! We’ve rounded up some easy to do Halloween makeup ideas to try all thanks to different Filipino content creators for that much needed inspiration. From Mimiyuuuh’s Lalisa glam to Maymay Entrata’s rosy look, it’s about to get real snatched and spooky.

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Lalalisa is in the house. Mimiyuuuh’s glam team, Slo Lopez and Mycke Arcano, nailed this easy hair and makeup look by Lisa of Blackpink in her solo concept photos. That hint of red on the eyes was a nice touch, too.


If you still don’t have a halloween costume, switch things up in this default devil look and paint the town red like Kylie Celebre.


Beauty content creator Yanna Rayos just showed us an easy ethereal look with clean brows, neutral eyeshadow with a hint of glitter and the perfect pout. Plus points for when you use your necklace as a head piece!


Channel your inner drag queen ala Gottmik with just black and white face paint like makeup artist Kenric. Find the beauty look too complicated? You can always do an easy mime makeup.


Serving face and angst, makeup artist Ida Siasoco is giving us déja vu with her glitter tears similar to Zendaya’s beauty look in Euphoria.


Let’s face it. Kathyn Bernardo as a sultry corpse bride was the last thing we expected from last year’s halloween, and she definitely nailed the look!


Another go-to Halloween look, is this bloody glam as seen on makeup artist Raffy So’s recent work. Good luck removing those stains, though.

8. A 60s BABY DOLL

Gen Z star Andrea Brillantes looks like a modern day 60s supermodel with those defined lashes, bushy brows, and beehive hair.


Ready to play the game? Sae Byeok from the Netflix series, Squid Game, is one of the most recreated beauty looks even before Halloween. This recreation in particular by makeup maven Raiza Contawi made us look twice because of how on point it is.

10. A ROSE

Life’s been rosy for Maymay recently, especially with her new career in music. Makeup artist Owen Sarmiento complemented the petals on her face with a matching swipe of red.

halloween bgc

Celebrate Halloween With This Spook Street Drive-By Halloween Event

Go shopping, get scared, take home prizes.

Bonifacio High Street’s Spook Street Halloween event is open to all ages and sees participants take home loot bags and prizes just for shopping.

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Ah, Halloween, the time of the year when people of all ages dress up as anything they fancy, go to parties, get candy, watch a horror movie or two, and enjoy the spooks and frights the season has to offer. But with the pandemic still continuing, celebrating Halloween isn’t what it used to be, at least for the time being. But that won’t stop us from enjoying the joys that Halloween has to offer, safely of course.


spook street bgc halloween

If you’re looking to celebrate Halloween this year and get treats along the way, then Bonifacio High Street has a thrilling adventure for you. On October 30-31, BGC is hosting Spook Street: A drive-by Halloween experience. Located at 9th Avenue in BGC, Spook Street will be a time for visitors to get their scare on and get some prizes along the way. The best part is that all you have to do to get these prizes is to go shopping. What’s not to love about that?


For a minimum purchase of P1500 to P2999 of single or accumulated receipts from Bonifacio High Street, One Bonifacio High Street, One and Two Parkade, visitors will be entitled to get one Spook Street tote bag. For customers whose purchases reach P3001 and higher, they will be entitled to two Spook Street tote bags.

Some of the goodies in the tote bags include juice, stationery items, a face mask, and alcohol, so you can celebrate Halloween safely. And yes, there will be candy, because Halloween isn’t complete without candy. You don’t have to dress up to receive the prizes, but no one is stopping you from doing so either.


spook street halloween bgc

The redemption period will be from October 30-31, 2021. Purchases made from October 23 to October 31, 2021, will be applicable for the event, so get those receipts ready. Validation of receipts will be at Lane O corner 9th Avenue while the redemption of Spook Street Tote Bags will be at 9th Avenue Activity Center.

Of course, in the spirit of Halloween, before you get your loot, you first have to go through a scare tunnel filled with mystery and spine-chilling surprises and characters. All of this will be done in the safety of your car. Redemption of the tote bags will be from 3 PM–7 PM. And for the early birds out there, there’s a special gift just for you. The first 150 customers to redeem their loot bags gets one Krispy Kreme box of three original glazed donuts. So, get to shopping and get your fright on this Halloween.

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people's choice awards 2021, bella poarch, olivia rodrigo, saweetie

Bella Poarch, Olivia Rodrigo, And Saweetie Are Nominated For The 2021 People’s Choice Awards

Another achievement for the girls.

Filipinas continue to make waves in the American music scene as exemplified by Bella Poarch, Olivia Rodrigo, and Saweetie’s nominations at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards.

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2021 has proven to be a breakthrough year for Filipinas, especially in the music scene. Pinays have been breaking records and topping charts left and right throughout the year. And their much-deserved success was further validated during the recently announced nominations for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. On October 27, the PCAs revealed this year nominees over 40 categories across movies, TV, music, and pop culture. And among the nominees, three fast-rising Filipino musicians received multiple nominations.


First is Bella Poarch, whose transition from TikTok to music has proven to be more than successful. She is nominated for The New Artist Of 2021. This follows her recent three nominations at the 2021 Streamy Awards including Creator Of The Year. Then there’s Filipino-American rapper Saweetie who received two nominations. One is for The Female Artist Of 2021 while the other is for The Collaboration Song Of 2021 for her viral hit Best Friend with Doja Cat.

But it is Olivia Rodrigo who walks away as one of the biggest nominees. She snagged five nominations at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. She is nominated for The Female Artist Of 2021 alongside Saweetie. Olivia is also nominated for The New Artist Of 2021 alongside Bella. Olivia also racked up nominations for The Song Of 2021 and The Music Video Of 2021 for Good 4 U and The Album Of 2021 with Sour.


BTS Kicks Off 2021 Festa With Adorable Family Portraits | Soompi

On the K-Pop side of things, past winner BTS is nominated for The Group Of 2021 and The Song of 2021 with Butter. Meanwhile, in The Music Video Of 2021 category, BTS has two nominations: one for Butter and another for My Universe with Coldplay. TOMORROW X TOGETHER also got a nomination for The New Artist Of 2021 while Squid Game received a nomination for The Bingeworthy Show Of 2021.

Voting for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards begins now and will run until November 17. You can vote for the nominees through their website. The 2021 PCAs will be held at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California on December 7.

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magarehistro ka voter's registration playlist IG filter

Making A Mad Dash For The Last Few Days Of Voter’s Registration? The Pila IG Filters and Pila Playlist Will Keep You Company

“Sugod mga kapatid, tayo ay magsama-sama.”

If you find yourself waiting in line for your turn before the final deadline of voter’s registration, turn to these filters and playlists (hello SB19, BINI, and even James Reid) to while your time in between.

When setting out for a long day of errands, school or work, and perhaps, you know, saving the future from further peril, you bring with you the essentials. Apart from the necessary water, snacks, a power bank, and the will to live, you have your trusty phone in hand, where you can while the time away in between with time spent on social media, streaming sites, and Spotify. Whatever your agenda may be, all these help and more, especially when time or lines stretch far too long than intended. This couldn’t be made more clear than in the case of the rush to the last few days of voter’s registration for the upcoming Philippine elections in 2022.

No day goes by without seeing at least a handful of digital imprints making it known that whether it be a young’un eligible to vote for the first time or a disenchanted adult exercising the constitutional right and civic duty to the electoral decision, finally, they are scaling the steep challenge of voter’s registration

Look, it already isn’t made easy in the Philippines where one has to set aside time to physically go through the process of enlisting oneself for the voting system, but as evidenced by the nearly two years of the persisting and punishing pandemic, it has proven to be difficult to say the least. From lockdowns and community quarantines to necessary limits, as well as of the resonating calls to extend the voter’s registration, heeding the call of democracy, especially at a most crucial national elections is nothing less of an undertaking.

Before The Mad Dash

With a lot of effort directed to the voter’s registration, such as decentralizing it from COMELEC offices to satellite sites, as well as of making things easier with online aspects to the process, there has been a swell in the spirit of accountability, which has equated to a surge in the voting population. As of September, the COMELEC has logged in 63 million voters for the May 2022 Philippine elections.

“As of September 11, we already processed 63,364,932 registered voters,” declares COMELEC Chairman Sheriff Abas, which is already above the initial projection of 59 million. “Our new registrants are around five million. Some 871,000 people [reactivated their data], while 3.2 million [applied for] transfer of voter data.”


While this is well and good, at this point, every new register and vote matters. After all, at the end of the day, the elections is a numbers game. Now, with three days left to the last day of voter’s registration, it is anticipated that it will be a mad dash, as seen during the initial deadline of COMELEC.

While You Wait

Here, we saw a ballooning of crowds, snaking of lines, and a lot of confusion and frustration. While this has been defrayed in the past few weeks, it also served as a lesson for those heading to voter’s registration. While people have been better prepared this time around, internalizing the process mentally and physically, the good folks over has rolled out more ways to not only encourage people to register, but to also be entertained while they’re at it.

Instructional and interactive as it was, it is expanding its scope through digital efforts that are entertaining and educational, all while waiting in line. With the MagpaRehistroKa Pila Instagram Filters and Pila Playlist, your time spent will at least be a little bit more bearable.

While you already are going to take photos and selfies documenting your turn at voter’s registration, the Instagram filters by Mullenlowe Treyna will definitely add an interesting layer. Whether it be upon arrival at the venue, while waiting in line, or after registration, snap a photo, add the filter, and post. As the heroes on your shoulders will say, “Today is da day we register!”

Magparehistro Ka

Meanwhile, a Spotify and YouTube Pila Playlist has been curated for your time and efforts to staking a claim in your future through the electoral process. Filed according to the featured heroes on the Magparehistro Ka website, namely the Ya Softboi Rizal (“El Feelings-busterismo”), Kween Melchora A (“Girl Power! #SoraNotSorry”), and Bonifacio’s Supreme Rakrakan (“Punitin ang inyong mga eardrums!”), all your musical needs are well considered. From What? by SB19, Tatsulok by Bamboo, Sugod by Sandwich, Born To Win by BINI, Ate Sandali by Maris Racal, Tala by Sarah Geronimo, Nadarang by Shanti Dope, and Cool Down by James Reid, and so much more hits and hidden gems, it won’t be long before you notice that it’s your turn to hand in your requirements and have your biometrics taken.

While these are cool and fun, nothing is as impactful as committing to the process first and foremost. This means doubling down on the remaining days of voter’s registration, whether you are a first-time voter, reactivating your status, an address transferee, or even a concerned citizen trying to get more people involved in democracy. All efforts are important at this point, because as anticipated, it is going to be the most important Philippine elections we’ve had so far. Remember, your vote is not only important, but is at this point, a matter of life and death. So, what are you waiting for? Sugod mga kapatid.


halloween costume diy last minute easy

15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes That You Can Easily Recreate

In case you feel a little FOMO but still don't want to exert that much effort.

Still don’t have an outfit for Halloween? Let these last minute costume ideas inspire you to get dressed, even at home.

Spooky season is fast approaching and we’ve got more personalities already celebrating the occasion ahead with different costumes before the eve of the 31st. Most people take Halloween religiously, but for some of us who are more on the chill side of things, just a green diamond above our heads will do. Scroll down below for some last minute halloween costumes you can easily recreate at home!

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Top model turned actress Hoyeon Jung’s look in the Netflix series Squid Game is one of the easiest to recreate. You just need a green tracksuit, red under eye makeup, and faux freckles!


The Tiktok sensation and breakout pop star has been on a roll ever since the year started. Recreate Bella Poarch’s with high pig tails and anything leather.


Just like what Bretman says, “if I was a fairy I’d only wear my wings,” and he’s not wrong! Best to find any nude body hugging outfit and just edit the fairy wings in the photo for your last minute Halloween costume.


We all have that one friend who eats boys for fun, right? Look no further than Jennifer Check from the horror teen flick, Jennifer’s Body. All you need is a white tee, necklace with a heart pendant, a flip phone, and a lighter. (Blood splatters optional)


If you’re going as Edna Mode, the fashion designer and ultra rich auntie from The Incredibles, then it might just be the easiest Halloween costume you’ll ever be doing.


Literally, the only thing you’ll need for this halloween costume is a green diamond above your head. Easy peasy.


TBH, this could easily pass off either as Esther from The Orphan of even Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family. Take your pick.


Applauding the real ones who can pull off this outfit by Kim Kardashian at the MET Gala. A cultural reset.


Kill your Halloween look by channeling Gen Z’s favorite pop star, Olivia Rodrigo. A white corset top, plaid mini skirt, and black gloves will save your day.


Filed under: images you can hear. If you still don’t have anything for Halloween, just get a blue hoodie and some sunglasses on like Damian from Mean Girls.


Fabulous! With Sharpay Evans, the diva from High School Musical, all you have to do is think pink!


Let our collective response be: “even if you were broke, my love don’t cost a thing.” This all white outfit by JLo will never not be legendary.


Only the real sk8r girls know! Channel Avril Lavigne with a necktie, a white tank top, and cargo pants.


Here’s to our favorite bookworm, Arthur Read. No closed fists spotted!


Gang’s all here! If you have shaggy hair, a goatee and a green shirt, then Shaggy Rogers of Scooby Doo can be your last minute Halloween costume.

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instagram reels philippines

The Hack Days Are Gone: Instagram Reels And Music Finally Lands In The Philippines

Quick, get that update, because now, we can relate with the rest of ‘em.

Following its global roll out of updates, the Philippines finally unlocks the access to Instagram Reels and Music, making way for more creation and connection on the no-longer-just-a-photo-sharing-app.

No, this isn’t some elaborate scheme to dress Instagram up ironically as TikTok for Halloween. Being one of the apps that have inadvertently shaped the way the world operates on social media and arguably exacerbated how society pushed aesthetic, curation, and influencing beyond mere buzzwords into actual ways of life, the popular photo-sharing app has always been at the forefront of the innovations, or at the very least, adapting to it when necessary. But seeing as the consumption of media has evolved from mere stills to mostly video content, changes had to be done, and fast. After lording over the visual domain on the virtual space, the Head of Instagram, Adam Moserri, declared in July that the Instagram we have come to know and love is no longer just a photo-sharing app.


“There’s stiff competition and there’s more to do. We have to embrace that, and that means change,” he shared in a video posted on Twitter and and Instagram, alluding to the heavier thrust of embracing video on the grid of the app. “Changes are coming to video on Instagram,” he wrote. “At Instagram, we’re always trying to build new features that help you get the most out of your experience.” And that, he says, is to be entertained. So, beyond IGTV, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels, the company also committed to exploring the algorithm beyond who you follow and to make video a more full-screen experience. While this was met with doubts and concerns, the leaning in on has been working quite well with more and more users taking to Reels as some have on TikTok.

However, in the roll out of the update on the app, the Philippines was on the outside looking in as the rest of the world got acquainted with Reels or even the long-awaited Instagram Music. Until now, that is.

Hello, Instagram Reels

From painstakingly adding song lyrics to music shared through Spotify or posting TikTok-like snippets on Instagram Stories, the days of hacking this update is now put to an end, becaues as of 8:00 AM on October 27, 2021, Instagram Music and Instagram Reels is finally available for Philippine users.

“We are continuously listening to and taking inspiration from what our community wants,” says Erin Pettigrew, Product Manager at Reels. “They’re telling us that in addition to all the ways to share video, they want the opportunity to make and watch short-form, edited videos that entertain and be a creator on a global stage with a bigger and diverse audience. We see Reels as a core part of the future of entertainment on Instagram; and today, we are excited to give people in the Philippines new ways to express their authentic selves through Reels.”

From casual viewers to consistent creators, the entry of Instagram Reels in the Philippines means more reasons to scroll through the app for whatever form of entertainment fits your fancy. This experience, especially if you are itching to go beyond mere Instagram Stories, allows you create and edit up to 60-second short-form vidoes and an opportunity to be a creator on a global stage. With its easy-to-use interface, people can discover, watch, and interact with a diverse community in the dedicated corner of Reels on the app.

While instinct lets you access Reels through the Instagram Stories panel, the biggest change is seen through the Instagram camera, which lets you access the tab directly. Here, you can film videos directly or upload from your gallery where you can use a host of tools to take your videos to an extraordinary level. Whether it be speed, timer and countdown, timed text and stickers, align, and touch-up, dedicated users in the Philippines can now let their creativity soar with Reels.

Finally, Music

Another cool and highly-anticipated update specific to the Philippines is the unlocking of Instagram Music. No more copy pasting of lyrics or hearing silence with a pesky notification that says, “Music is not available in your country” anymore, because now, we can integrate songs into our Instagram Stories, as well as on Facebook.

“We bring music into all of the places people already are sharing and connecting,” says Revie Sylvania, Entertainment Partnerhips Director for the Philippines. “This makes our opportunity with Music even more distinct: we work with our music partners to build social music opportunities for artists, writers, music lovers and people across our family of apps—in particular, Facebook and Instagram.”

A change long time coming, the arrival of Instagram Music together with the launch of Instagram Reels in the Philippines makes connecting, consuming, and creating all the more fun and cool. Particularly for Instagram Music, which was made possible through a partneships with FILSCAP, this includes the expansion of the audio library for user-generated content with licensed music, music stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories, lyrics on Facebook and Instagram Stories, and finally, music on one’s Facebook Profile.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your app, start creating, and get posting. The world is waiting for the unique point-of-view of the Philippines to take the stage an shine through. No longer left out, we can finally relate with the rest of ‘em.