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Saweetie’s Filipino Flag-Inspired Gown At The Met Gala Only Took 24 Hours To Make

Swagapinos, assemble!

You already know Saweetie’s crystal-encrusted gown at the Met Gala was inspired by the Filipino flag and Black American heritage flag. But did you know it only took 24 hours for the gown to be made?

It’s only been two days since the Met Gala 2021, but we’re still hungover with all the interesting details and facts about the looks of our favorite personalities who attended. Case in point, Filipino American rapper Saweetie. In her interview with Vogue, she revealed that it was her first time attending the Met, and she definitely showed up.

It was a night to remember as Saweetie shared that it was also her designer, Christian Cowan’s first time attending the Met Gala. “Shoutout to Christian Cowan, who designed my dress in 24 hours.” Yes, you read that right. Even Emma Chamberlain was shook while interviewing her. “This is the best 24-hour project I have ever seen,” says Emma in disbelief.

Saweetie said that she’s “very indecisive” and appreciates Christian Cowan for “changing with her mind.” How on Earth did the designer and his team pull that off in 24 hours? “It took eight people to get me dressed today. Eight people, eight hours,” Saweetie shares. The result? A beautiful gown with 10 million hand-placed crystals, diamond chain, and Cowan emblem embellishments that were draped to adorn her body, with the train that proudly shows both of Saweetie’s cultures—the Filipino flag and the Black American heritage flag.

“Proud of my heritage,” the Icy Bae captions on the dramatic image she posted on Instagram. We know, that’s right! In fact, she is known to always be on the ready when it comes to opening up about her roots. Saweetie has talked about being Filipino in most, if not all of her interviews in the past. She even said that some of her Filipino fans call her “Ate Icy” as she’s known for her moniker, Icy Girl. If you still can’t get enough, Saweetie did an interview with MTV Asia where she actually ate pancit and sinigang. “I’m always ready to eat, I’m Filipino.” Where is the lie though?

You can watch Saweetie talk about her gown with Emma Chamberlain below:

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