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CLOY Episode 17: Hyun Bin And Son Ye-jin Are Finally Married And The Internet Can’t Get Over It

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Ring the wedding bells and grab the tissues. Screen to real life power couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin are finally married and netizens are rightfully in their feels.

During the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, many people were looking for something to watch as they spent their time indoors during lockdowns. For many, that binge watch was K-drama Crash Landing On You starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin. The series became a global hit and to many, their chemistry was undeniable. Fans and viewers hoped that the two would actually end up together in real life. That collective dream became a reality when they announced in January 2021 that they were dating. And hearts fluttered even more as the two are now official husband and wife.


For many BinJin supporters, this moment was a long time coming and was even meant to be. In 2011, Yejin made a memorable cameo in the final episode of Secret Garden that starred Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon. While the two didn’t share any scenes together, you could say that it was destiny working its magic. In 2014, the two were awarded the Producer’s Choice Awards and they were even seated beside each other. In 2018, they worked on their first project together, the thriller movie The Negotiation. Following rumors that Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin were dating after starring in Crash Landing On You, they confirmed their relationship and sealed that deal in February 2022 when they announced their engagement.

The power couple exchanges their I dos at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul on March 31. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the wedding ceremony was held in private. But their entertainment companies, VAST Entertainment and MSTeam, were kind enough to share their official and gorgeous wedding photos.

“Actors Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are holding their wedding ceremony today, taking their first step as a married couple. The ceremony will be private in consideration of the situation with COVID-19, so we ask for your generous understanding. We are sharing the news with their wedding photos instead. We express deep gratitude for the many blessings and warm support sent for their new beginning,” they said in a statement.

They continue, “Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin along with their agencies will continue to put in full effort to give back for the love received.”. Another bridal gown Ye-jin wore was a beautiful tulle dress that had a sheer top with floral embroideries from Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection. Of course, fans of the couple couldn’t help but shed tears of joy as they gave us the real life K-drama ending we wanted and needed. And with recent news that Hyun Bin and Ye-Jin are set to welcome their first child together, the power couple has got us feeling the feels. As you celebrate BinJin’s wedding, check out how some fans have been reacting to the joyous occasion. Crash Landing On You episode 17 indeed.

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10 Times Donny Pangilinan Was A Walking Green Flag

Good looking, respectful, and a man of faith.

He’s got the looks, charisma, talent, and personality. Donny Pangilinan is really out here living his best boy behavior.

They say that the more famous people get, the bigger their ego becomes. The entertainment industry has its ways shaping the mindsets of stars, and unfortunately for some, not necessarily for the better. But that doesn’t apply to Donny Pangilinan. Ever since his entry into showbiz in the late 2010s, his career has been nothing but an upward trajectory. However, despite all the success Donny has achieved, the young actor has remained grounded and down to earth most. He hasn’t let the fame get to his head or inflated his ego. He’s showing that no matter how far you come in life, you still can be a good person and a true gentleman. Here are some moments when Donny Pangilinan radiated best boy behavior.  


Most people associate Donny Pangilinan with being an actor and a famous celebrity. But he’s also a kuya and the second eldest in his family. It’s clear that Donny takes his kuya duties seriously. Just look at how he treats his youngest sister Solana. Donny is very protective of her and has that older brother-younger sister dynamic that any parent would approve of. One of his earliest vlogs on his YouTube channel is bringing Solana on a brother-sister date and remains one of his most iconic videos he’s ever done. And his birthday post for her last year just warms our hearts. Even as Solana continues to grow up, Donny will always be there for her.


Speaking of siblings, Donny also has a great relationship with his younger sister Hannah. If her three part birthday post on Donny’s birthday this past February was any indication, the two are sibling goals. And one of our favorite moments between the two was when Donny flew all the way to Australia to surprise Hannah. At the time, Hannah was studying in the country and Donny planned the whole touching event.


Donny Pangilinan is one of those stars who uses their position and platform to promote good causes. He uses his time for activities such as raising money for the victims of Typhoon Odette. His faith in God also plays a strong part in this as it helps guide him on the right path. In an interview with Karen Davila, he revealed that he tithes, which is to set aside a potion of your income and giving it to the church. He said that he does so because he knows that nothing material in this world is ours and at the end of the day, giving 10% is his way of giving back.


While some stars won’t pay too much attention to the support they get, Donny isn’t like that. He is aware of all the love he gets and has tried to reciprocate that the best he can. There was the moment where he gave a hoodie to one of his fans on Twitter. There was also the time he dropped his latest single, Wings, as a surprise to his fans. And let’s not forget how he has a stuffed teddy bear in his bachelor pad that was given to him by a fan. But our favorite Donny moment with his fans was when he went to his own fans’ homes to give them free shoes as a thank you for their support. Sana all.


If it’s not clear already, Donny Pangilinan loves and appreciates his fans. He’s one to go out of his way to show his thanks to them. Back in 2021, along with Belle Mariano, he made a group chat on Twitter with the admins of the Titas of DonBelle just to thank them for their support such as having electronic billboards of the love team on EDSA.



Donny our best boy?❤️ grabi I’m so proud that I stan the right artist?✨ ##donny##belle ##donbell##esnyr ##esnyrranollo ##esnyrrr_fp ##fyp ##foryou ##xyzbca

♬ original sound – Donbelle

When you’re around a big celebrity, it can get intimidating. But according to TikTok star turned Star Magic artist Esnyr Ranollo, that doesn’t apply for Donny Pangilinan. In December 2021, Esnyr made his feature film debut in DonBelle’s first ever movie together, Love Is Color Blind. During one of his live streams, Esnyr shared how Donny, along with Belle Mariano, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Angelina Cruz, easily accepted him into their friend group. But one story that stood out was how Donny helped Esnyr find a place to stay in Manila when he first arrived for filming. Donny offered the guest room in his house for Esnyr to stay in. Esnyr politely declined, so Donny told him that he would be the one to find a place for him. The fact that they remain friends to this day should tell you just as much.


Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are arguably the hottest new gen love team right now. Their pairing and chemistry have earned them many fans, followers, and supporters. But so too have they attracted haters, especially Belle Mariano who has been attacked by bashers for, among other things, her looks and that she doesn’t deserve her fame. But Donny, being the supportive partner that he is, wasn’t having any of it. In an interview, he defended Belle by saying that she is pretty and that he is so proud of all the things she has achieved in her career so far. Donny has always been their to support Belle in what she does and were 100% here for it.


We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Donny Pangilinan was probably written by a woman. Aside from his obvious good looks, Donny is a straight up gentleman and respectful to the people he meets. While he knows how to have fun, he also knows when to keep it serious and do things properly. Take for example when he became Dr. Vicky Belo’s driver and assistant for a day. While waiting in a shop, he was offered a glass of champagne but he declined because he was driving. While some might see this as not a big deal, its those little moments that matter to others.


Before Donny was paired up with Belle for their love team, he used to be part of another popular love team with Kisses Delavin called DonKiss. The love team lasted for around two years before being ended in 2019. But while some might see issues between Donny and Kisses, the two don’t see it that way. There isn’t bad blood between the two and in fact, Donny has talked positively about her past love team partner. In 2021, a fan asked Donny during one of his kumu live streams what he thought of Kisses joining Miss Universe Philippines. “Magaling naman talaga siya sa mga ganyan eh, so it’s nice that she pursued that,” he said. Donny then went on to wish her the best. The way Donny talks about women in general is just the standard really.


Whenever Donny interacts with his elders, he always shows them respect. Whether it be by using tito, tita, po, or opo, Donny never forgets to show his manners. That’s the kind of respectful behavior that many parent would love to see their child emulate (or the kind of man they would love their daughter to take home). Also, the way he treats his parents and relatives is goals. There was the time that he and his mom went on a mother-son breakfast date. And there’s also how Donny went out of his way to support his uncle, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, and his post where he said that Sen. Kiko helped instill the values he has.

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miss universe philippines 2022 challenges

Challenge Accepted: Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Already Has A Winners Circle And We’re Here For It

We love to see them win.

They just keep winning and winning.

If you think the Miss Universe Philippines competition is getting any easier, think again. A huge chunk of the criteria this year now involves social media. Even the challenges are a little different this year, with the winners being voted by the people through the Miss Universe Philippines app in a duration of three days. The game plan of each queen matters and we can see that some of them have already been bagging awards twice. Scroll down below to see who won the challenges so far while we wait for the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 coronation night on April 30.

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First impressions last. The headshot challenge is one of the most awaited in the pageant world, especially since we’re given a sneak peek of who the future Miss Universe Philippines queen will be. Imagine the pressure of having to look perfect since day one. But these girls are up for the challenge.

Top 3: Celeste Corsi, Pasay City. Francheska Alexine Licanto Dadivas, Roxas City. Isabel Luche, Mandaue City

Winner: Isabel Luche, Mandaue City


For this round, the Miss Universe Philippines contestants were asked to talk about themselves and their roots. Despite the pandemic restricting travel, we were able to see their personalities shine and the cities where these beauties came from. The winner of the challenge is Miss Bohol, Pauline Amelinckx. Did you know she can hold her breath for four minutes straight? And that’s on being a certified free-diver.

Top 3: Pauline Cucharo Amelinckx, Bohol City. Shaira Aliyah Diaz, San Pablo Laguna. Lou Dominique Piczon, Cebu Province.

Winner: Pauline Cucharo Amelinckx, Bohol City


The quest for the crown is a little different this year as live-streaming app kumu is on board and will be part of the queens’ tasks. Some of the challenges that were able to give them a huge advantage in the competition are the Follower Sprint, where the prize was a kumu dressing room and Livestream challenge, where the winner will be having her own makeup artist for the preliminaries.

Follower Sprint winner: Isabel Luche, Mandaue City

MUPH Livestream challenge: Jeanne Nicci Orcena, Davao del Norte


One of the spiciest challenges in the competition is the swimsuit round. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and complexion as well. Probably the challenge that was hardest to pick a bet because they’re all beautiful in their own way.

Top 3: Michelle Marquez Dee, Makati. Ma. Katrina Llegado, Taguig. Celeste Cortesi, Pasay

Winner: Ma. Katrina Llegado, Taguig


And now, she walks. A Miss Universe Philippines queen always has her signature catwalk. Out of everyone else, the standout was Ghenesis Latugat, Miss Baguio not only because of her sultry strut, but also with how she showcased her city and all its wonders, including her woven dress. It’s the pasarela for us!

Top 3: Chantal Elise Legaspi Schimdt, Cebu City. Ghenesis Latugat, Baguio. Angelica Lopez, Palawan

Winner: Ghenesis Latugat, Baguio


To have a long-lasting effect in the pageant world is a legacy to behold. Miss Universe Philippines has already blessed us with these stunning casting videos of the queens to be and we can’t wait to see more of them.

Top 3: Michelle Daniela Dee, Makati. Celeste Cortesi, Pasay. Annabelle Mae McDonnell, Misamis Oriental

Winner: Celeste Cortesi, Pasay

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rabiya nadine clapback - filipino clapbacks

7 Times Filipina Stars Have Had It And Stood Up For Themselves And For All Women

Everybody say, "woman up!"

Women deserve the world and you can’t tell them otherwise.

March may be known as Women’s Month, but for real, we should celebrate all women in our lives everyday. Imagine the daily struggles girls face mainly just for existing and breathing. With taunts such as “weak” and “too emotional” being hurled at them, it is baffling how some people wonder why they feel so insecure. Despite the efforts of uplifting women, we’re still a long, long, way to go as a society in helping them take up space and treating them better. Take for example these female celebrities who snapped at degrading comments, some ranging from petty to misogynist. No longer just taking it, the time has come for them to stand up and fight back.

Scroll down for their spiciest clapbacks!

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rabiya mateo basher clapback

We might’ve forgotten to mention that there’s a thing called an unfortunate circumstance where women drag other women. Coming to terms and truly comprehending feminism doesn’t just apply to men, but to women, too. Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo is usually a victim of this, especially since she’s in the pageant world. But it doesn’t get to her anymore when someone calls her “talunan.” “Talo nga pero ganito naman po yung face ko, panalo padin.” Tell ’em!


angel locsin basher clapback

TBH, it’s so easy to keep quiet. However, the entitlement of having to comment on other people’s bodies will never be cool and has honestly gone overboard. So, when a basher noticed that she was “covering her body,” Angel Locsin immediately fired back. We all know that our real life Darna will always fight for what’s right, encouraging women by saying “babae ka, hindi babae lang.” We were no longer surprised when she replied to the anon account and said, “so ano hong gusto mong sabihin bukod pa sa malaki ang problema mo sa katawan ko pero mas problema naman ang face at ugali mo? :)” Burn.


nadine lustree basher clapback

What’s wrong with being thicc? Even our president, Nadine Lustre, has been wondering, too. For some reason, body weight has become an easy target all throughout the years, making it even harder for women to feel confident about themselves. But the Filipina actress doesn’t really care at this point. Her only response was “ew body shamer.” Exactly.


Can we talk about this iconic moment inside the PBB house where Dawn Chang shut down fellow housemate Tommy Esguerra’s misogynist comment? Girls can wear whatever they want and it’s a guy’s problem if they can’t control their inner desires. Even years later, Dawn has been firing back at comments like “dami mong alam” and “attention seeker” whenever she posts about women empowerment. As she should.


heart evangelista basher clapback

If Heart Evangelista would be given a dollar every time someone would shame her for not having kids, she’d probably be a billionaire. Not everyone shares the same happiness, it differs for each person and it’s better to leave them be. Of course, the Filipina socialite had the classiest response to a basher who talked about it on her TikTok. ”Not your uterus.” Preach!


In case you didn’t know, skinny-shaming exists, too. On the other side of the spectrum, you have petite girls like Filipina actress Kris Bernal who were just naturally born like that. Asking them what their eating habits are and telling them to gain weight isn’t helpful either. In a TikTok she posted, Kris responded to the basher who spread misinformation that she lost weight due to a sickness in the past with which she exclaimed, “Close tayo? Kilala kita?” It had to be said.


liza soberano basher clapback

For some mind-boggling reason, people automatically assume that just because you’re pretty, you can’t be smart. The concept of being both still frightens society until now, not even Liza Soberano was spared. When she spoke about extrajudicial killings last year, a flock of trolls flooded her with mean comments like ”boba” and ”maganda ka sana kaya lang…” but she stayed unbothered. “Ouch, nasaktan ako,” Liza claps back. Savage.


In case you didn’t know, everything is political even through music. Growing up with a father that’s popular in the music industry especially one that’s an icon, people can easily say anything they want. The audacity of a basher to even tell Saab Magalona that her father wouldn’t be proud of her is already below the belt. Of course, Saab didn’t hold back.

realme photography

Up Your Street Style Phone Photography Skills With These Fool-Proof Tips And Tricks. Yes, Even At Night

Tonight, we capture the light.

Elevating the phone photography experience, dull and dreary images of the night are a thing of the past with the introduction of the realme 9 Pro Series.

Remember the days when one had to lug around a hefty camera to produce crisp and compelling shots of absolutely anything? Wielding it is another story altogether, but nonetheless cumbersome. As many creatives have asserted, inspiration is everywhere, so whipping out a DSLR requires a considerable amount of effort and time, which is a luxury and skill many are not privileged to, especially in the by-the-second pace of the contemporary and connected world. Today, the bulk of even the near professional camera has been left to the hands of the experts, while the veritable extensions of the self, our smartphones, have become a worthy alternative for the perfect images at a moment’s notice. And let’s get real here, the results, especially when it comes to street style photography are not far off from each other either.

No longer just a feature to add extra value to the brick of communication permanently fused to our palms, the camera functions of a smartphone have become a foremost consideration when choosing a device. In fact, for some, it is the primary hook they latch on to. With content being the currency of consumption, a lot rides on what the phone can capture, so in terms of innovating its technologies, brands have definitely been stepping up their game. Take realme for example, which has claimed the right to be called the number one smartphone in the Philippine market for 2021 (according to sell-in data from global research firms International Data Corporation and Canalys, and its significant push for top of the line features across its range of products.

In its latest introduction, realme packs a knockout punch with realme 9 Pro and realme 9 Pro+, a line of fine-tuned mid-range devices that push the boundaries of phone photography.

Phone Photography Elevated

The message is clear: With the realme 9 Pro Series, you can capture the light like a well, pro. “We know how passionate consumers are when it comes to mobile photography so we wanted to bring the best in camera technology within the midrange segment,” details Austine Huang, realme Philippines’ VP for Marketing. “With this in mind, realme designed its newest Number Series smartphones to cater to content creators and photography enthusiasts and professional photographers, so they may hone their craft and expand their creativity when taking pro-level content.”

More than just an update and upgrade, the latest release from realme elevates the image-making experience from head-scratching to liberating. Taking care of the technicals and technology, it is built to keep up with all your needs. The realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G Processor, 90Hz Super AMOLED Display, Vapor Chamber Cooling System, and a 4500mAh battery, and 60W SuperDart Charge. Meanwhile, the realme 9 Pro is equally capable with thee Snapdragon 695 5G Processor, 120Hz Ultra Smooth Display, Liquid Cooling System, a 5000 mAh battery with 33W Dart Charge, among others.

These days, there is a premium for capturing moments, and realme is not only captivated by this premise, but committed to it. The realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with a Triple Camera setup consisting of the main 50MP lens, an 8MP 119-degree ultra-wide angle lens, and a 2MP 4cm macro lens to cater to any photography need. The realme 9 Pro also packs this setup for its rear but with a 64MP main shooter. After all, magic doesn’t choose a time. When it happens, it happens. All you have to do is click.

Now, with all that locked and loaded in the light-shifting realme 9 Pro Series, you can turn your focus to tips and tricks you can refine to encapsulate the best of what the world has to offer even at night.

Compose Yourself And Keep It Steady

Focus. This is a word that grounds the business of imagery. While there is a certain charm to wispy and whimsical shots that make great use of shakes and sharpness, one cannot discount the power of a concentrated photograph. The basic still holds true: Compose yourself and keep your hands steady. But even with one’s best efforts, not everything will be as balanced. While the realme 9 Pro Series has an impressive autofocus that gives a photo its depth, it also allows for a more freeform control, which you can zoom and focus with a simple swipe and tap. In addition, the realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and AI Noise Reduction Engine 3.0 to address common factors that could make or break any shot taken in low light.

Capture The Light, Even At Night

In photography, light is of utmost importance. Even at its most dramatic, there is always a sliver of light that flirts with a fragment of time, making it even more fascinating. So, when capturing a moment, it is imperative to find the best light. Now, as fickle as nature is, the light will not always be on your side, or who knows, you just wanted to turn that slice of life immortal at night. Do not fret because the realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with the ability to embrace the night with the flagship-level Sony IMX 766 camera sensor. Here, there will be no more fussing with edits just to bring a photo come to life even with the least ideal lighting. Even videos are captured in the best of light with its AI Nightscape enhancement algorithm. On the other hand, the realme 9 Pro is just as capable with its 64MP Triple Camera Setup that has been fine-tuned to capture high-resolution snaps in various lighting conditions.

Expose The Streets

If you think painting your street style photos with streaks of heightened colors is impossible? Think again. Even without technical settings and a tripod at your disposal, you can bring your dull and dreary night shots to life with smart long exposures. With just a touch using the Street Photography 2.0 of the realme 9 Pro, the limits of creativity are challenged with a surprising ease. Here, this pro-level photography feature will help make you take better shots straight from your phone with its inherent Long Exposure Mode. Bokehs and neon portraits aside, you can also make use of the Neon Trail, Light Trail Portrait, Rush Hour settings to enhance your captures with color, clarity, and creativity. In a click, the ordinary becomes decidedly extra.

And filters? They can be your friend, when done just right. Flick through the realme 9 Pro series and make use of the Nightscape and 90s Pop filter where you can capture the light at its most magnificent in a photograph worthy to be admired from day to night.

The realme 9 Pro (8GB+128GB) is available for SRP P16,990, while the realme 9 Pro+ (8GB+256GB) retails for SRP P23,990. These are available via the realme Official Store on Lazada at all realme official stores and partner dealers nationwide.


em beihold - Numb Little Bug

Em Beihold Turned Her Languishing Into The Viral Chart-Topper, ‘Numb Little Bug’

Do you ever get a little tired of life?

Em Beihold turned her anxiety and numbness into a song. One viral TikTok later, Numb Little Big became her biggest song to date.

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When Em Beihold wrote Numb Little Bug in mid-2021, she never expected it to be the viral hit that it would eventually become. At the time, she was going through what many have experienced this past two years and are currently going through—she was languishing. As explained by the New York Times, languishing is the state of being blah where you aren’t at your lowest depths, but you also aren’t thriving. It’s that in-between feeling you get when you think that your life is going nowhere and you get indifferent to your indifference.

“All of my dreams were coming true. Everything I wanted was happening, but somehow I didn’t feel anything. I was struggling with some heavy anxiety and I was on anti-depressants. Songs weren’t really coming to me the way they used to. I felt numb. The anti-depressants sucked the soul and energy out of me a little bit,” says Em Beihold at the time of the song’s release in January 2022. Like any musician, she turned to music to pen down her feelings. With just the lyrics, specifically the chorus, and a piano backing, she shared her draft on TikTok, which went viral and led her to releasing the song in full. Oddly enough, a song about feeling empty and stale brought Em Beihold’s career to new heights.

NYLON Manila recently got the chance to chat with the young musician where she opened up about her surprise hit, dealing with pressure, and getting over the slump feeling.


If Numb Little Bug is the first time you’ve ever heard of Em Beihold, then know that her music is a sprinkle of sunny melodies over sadness or serious topics. As seen in her previous singles like City of Angels and Groundhog Day, her songs sound upbeat and fun, but they tackle often times dark or moody topics. While Numb Little Bug, from the name itself to its music may sound bright and quirky, its lyrics give way for a narrative of what its like to not feel present in the moment.

“I always grew up listening to artists like Regina Spector, who kind of like, write with this bouncy piano thing going on. And because that’s what I grew up on, that’s just kind of how I write,” she says in our interview. “I always have this like, mindset of dancing through your depression, because I think that’s the only way to get through things sometimes. And I tried to translate that through my music.”

Music has always served as a powerful tool to help both musicians and listeners get through whatever struggles they have in life. Artists jot down their feelings through songs when they can’t express it through words. Regular listeners scroll through their playlists to find that song to fit the mood, whether it be going through a breakup, losing a loved one, a song for protest, or anything in between. This coping mechanism is something Em agrees with greatly. “I find music to be the best form of therapy for me.”


Being honest in your music can also be scary, especially when you share your insecurities with the world to hear. But for Em Beihold, that fear doesn’t really affect her because it’s part of her truth. “When I first wrote Numb Little Bug, I had the line, ‘I don’t feel a single thing’. And when I wrote it, I kind of like laughed at myself. So like, that’ll never be released into the light of day. But I was just kind of putting my thoughts down. And then I was like, ‘but no, it’s true.’ That’s how I feel. So I left it. I’m glad I did.”

Numb Little Bug references a lot of what Em went through. She even dedicated the second verse to the prescription medication she was taking. It’s no surprise then to learn that she describes herself as an open book and blunt about everything. “My friends tell me that like my biggest weakness and strength is that I’m always really straightforward. So I do the same music.” Em credits some of this straightforwardness to “very open and good communication with my parents.”


@embeihold to think my whole life changed from a little voice memo I recorded in my car – eternally grateful for you all #numblittlebug ♬ Numb Little Bug – Em Beihold

With a catchy chorus, a deceivingly bright sound laced by an airy piano, and lyrics like “Do you ever get a little bit tired of life/like you’re not really happy, but you don’t want to die/like a numb little bug that’s gotta survive?”, it’s not hard to imagine why Numb Little Bug is doing great and went viral both as a TikTok post and later as an official releases. It is a quirky and pensive pop anthem, with lyrics that quickly resonated with many listeners who can relate to what the song is trying to say. As of this writing, Numb Little Bug has racked up over 65 million streams on Spotify while the track has been used over 213,000 times on TikTok. The song even topped the Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 Viral Chart.

“I mean, I never really expect anything to go viral per se. But after the first video of me teasing the song on piano, got, I think seven million views. I have a feeling it would stream like just decently well because of that number. But I had no idea. It would be this crazy,” shares Em.

Even the track’s accompanying music video reflects the vibe with its bright aesthetics contrasting with the relatively dark lyrics. But in fact, the music video would have even been darker. “I actually filmed a music video with my friends that didn’t come out. And that video was like me in a hospital gurney being pushed by doctors underneath the dark freeway underpass.” While she admits that it was a well done video, it felt too dark. So, they switched directions and ended up with what was officially released.

By the way, if you’re wondering why the song is called Numb Little Bug, there’s actually no special meaning behind it. It instead came from a spontaneous moment. “When I made the TikTok where I introduced the chorus, I had started with a little talking portion where I was like, ‘Hey, I’ve been feeling like a numb little bug lately. And so I wrote a song about it.’ That’s just the way I speak. Like, there was no intention to name it numb little bug. But all of a sudden, like, in the comments was like, We want numb little bug. So, I kind of just had to call it that at a certain point.”


Em Beihold is currently experiencing the most success she has had so far. To score a viral hit like that could make anyone happy. But like with how people have their own journeys when it comes to dealing with their problems, Em admits that she isn’t 100% sure that she’s at the right place yet. “I mean, with Numb Little Bug, like people expect me to be over the moon happy because it’s going so crazy. And I’m super grateful. But in truth, I don’t know if I’ve quite shaken the numbness. Because it’s a very difficult thing to process. Like, I mean, I’m still living with my parents currently in my childhood bedroom. Like, it just doesn’t really make sense to me. But I guess in, in a way, at least I’m on brand.”

With everything that has been happening with her life so far, Em still hasn’t fully comprehended exactly the change she is going through. “Since the song came out, there’s been so many opportunities. And I’m often like, taking meetings before I eat breakfast. And I’m so incredibly grateful for everything but it’s very overwhelming to the point where I don’t know if I have a lot of time to process feelings, because I’m always running.”

It definitely is normal for people to feel like this because we all take our own time to process things. It’s actually refreshing to hear Em Beihold be open about this. She knows that the pressure is on her to deliver with her next releases as she admits she might “flop” after her next song. So how does she handle that pressure? “I’m still figuring it out.”


After starting of her 2022 with a bang, Em Beihold is hoping to keep up her momentum for the coming months. To that end, she shared that she has a few singles coming up and is set to be the opening act for Anson Seabra’s tour this April-May. She also hopes to perform at festival down the line. As for her advice to those who are going through the same struggles she’s going through. “I would say that it’s okay not to be okay. That’s something that I’m still trying to teach myself. And that it’s very natural to just have moments where you want to hit pause on everything, but the moment will pass.”

If Numb Little Bug piqued your interest with Em Beihold and are looking to listen to her other songs, she suggests Nobody Else “if you need a little confidence, boost,” or Forgive Yourself. And she teases, ”I have more kind of coming in a similar vein. So, keep your eyes peeled.” At the end of the day, all she wants for her listeners to feel when they play her music is like they’re with a friend. “Something that’s always been very important to me is having an inclusive environment for people who listen to my music because I spent a lot of my life kind of being the different one and often being excluded. So, I want to feel like a friend to whoever listens to my music.”

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ph celebs who studies abroad

10 Stars And Personalities Who Studied Abroad

Following dreams and getting that education.

When it comes to their education, these young stars didn’t stop at local boarders and went overseas to continue their studies.

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To be able to go to school and achieve an education is a dream and goal for many, regardless of where you come from. And for others, an even bigger dream is the provo to be able to study overseas and preferably in a prestigious university. Admittedly, it is not easy. But for those who have managed to do it, those experiences can yield life changing results. Even celebrities have dreams and ambitions of moving to another country to pursue higher education and some have actually made that dream a reality. Whether it be full degrees or short courses, these following stars were able to go to school outside the shores of the country.  


Ever since she won her season of PBB, Maymay Entrata has become one of the biggest stars of her generation. From being in box-office hits to walking in international fashion shows, Maymay has achieved so much that many could only dream of. But despite how far her career has taken her, the young actress and performer still considers her education as one of her top priorities. She has stated in the past that her dream is to study abroad and she did just that when she recently moved to Canada for school. We admire how Maymay put her career on hold for her to pursue her educational dreams.   


To many, Kakie Pangilinan is known as a musician, outspoken advocate for women empowerment, and the eldest daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. But Kakie also has a passion for reading and writing. And she’s taking that focus to the next level as she’s currently studying at a university in New York City.


As the eldest daughter of showbiz royalty Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, Atasha Muhlach has had her fair share of experiences in the industry. She’s a model, theater actress, and an endorser for many brands. But education is still top priority for the young star. After graduating high school from British School Manila, she enrolled in a business related course at a university in London, where she currently resides. Aside from that, Atasha is also into sports and painting, which you can see in one of her IG story highlights.  


Like his twin sister Atasha, Andres Muhlach is a model and has been a face for a few brands. And like his sister, he too studies abroad. Currently, Andres is living in Spain where he attends college.


Lorin Gutierrez is a young style star in the making and is one of the next-gen stars to keep an eye out for. But before she makes big moves in the industry, she is putting her education first. In 2021, Lorin moved to California to begin attending school at Pepperdine University.


Hannah Pangilinan has been a go-to YouTuber for many thanks to her fun vlogs, great personality, uplifting content, and aesthetic visuals. But aside from being a YouTuber, musician, and podcast host, Hannah can also add international student to her resume. In 2019, she took a one year course on Film and Television at Hillsong College in Australia.


Young actress and musician Melizza Jimenez’s journey with her school life has taken a few interesting turns to say the least. After she graduated high school in 2019, the He’s Into Her star decided to take a gap year for personal reasons. After, she enrolled in Queensland University of Technology where she initially went to school via online set up. But her studies and her work soon collided. Melizza was set to return to her role as Elle in season two of He’s Into Her. But because the shoot days kept on being pushed back, it conflicted with her moving to Australia to attend school on-campus. In the end, the role of Elle was recasted while Melizza is currently in Brisbane taking up a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communication.


Showbiz seems to run in the Portunak family as Ina Raymundo’s eldest daughter, Erika Rae, entered the industry by signing with Cornerstone Entertainment a couple of years ago. While she hasn’t done much yet, keep an eye out for her in the music industry. Not only has she released a couple of songs, but she also is currently studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. Expect to see her hone her music skills in the coming years.


While Kiana Valenciano has enjoyed a successful career in music, there was the possibility that she would have instead entered the fashion industry. That is because Kiana actually graduated from the Raffles Design Institute. She then took a few courses on fashion design at Central Saint Martins in the United Kingdom. But music called her name and the rest is history. Clearly though she hasn’t forgotten her fashion roots as her style game is on-point.


While Callie Ahmee did not take from her mom the desire to enter the entertainment industry, she did take after her in a other ways. The 18-year-old is a YouTuber and has her own fashion brand called Cal the Brand. But ultimately, her dream goal is to be a pilot. And to that end, Callie just recently moved to Australia to study Aviation Management at Southern Cross University. Who knows, a few years from now, your next flight just might be piloted by Callie Ahmee.

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trip lang tiktok funny

This TikTok Trend Captures How Life Can Hit You With A Plot Twist

Life's so crazy sometimes.

TikTok once again resurrected a song from relative obscurity and turned into a trend about the randomness of life.

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As much as you want to plan for your days, weeks, months, and even years ahead, the matter of the fact is, you can’t 100% predict how your life will go. You may think that things are going a certain way, then all of a sudden life takes an unexpected turn. Life isn’t set in stone and pre-determined as much as others would believe. And this trend that has been making its rounds over TikTok, capturing just how crazy and off-beat life can get.


TikTok is known for turning seemingly obscure or random songs into viral moments. And that was on full display when the song Trip Lang by Shehyee and Sam Pinto started going viral on the video sharing app. Released in 2013, the song is about living in the moment and enjoying your life the best you can. Don’t be too stuck up and just go with the flow. Whether its message, fun sound, its earworm of a chorus, or a mix of all the reasons, it inevitable became a TikTok favorite beginning in early March.

As of this writing, Trip Lang has been used in over 460,000 videos, and that’s just the official version. True to the song’s message, many users used the song to soundtrack their moments in their lives when life decided to give them a plot twist. Here are just some of our favorite videos we came across and see how life is filled with those unexpected, and admittedly fun and memorable moments.

Not the kind of closure we were expecting


♬ original sound – Dallie

Don’t sleep on the bus (her story of how it happened)


♬ original sound – Sheley?

Take out the sticker first

@deeperdej Sheesh #fyp #foryou ♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

Sisterly bonding


yari tayo kay mama sis

♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

Sana all

@rffyid Mahal na mahal ko po anak mo, Abuji #songjoongki #vincenzocassano #fypシ #joongki ♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

Is this death do us apart?

@kyrhilleee nagpaalam naman kami guys? #fyp #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fypシ ♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

No comment

@jennyalexandrite plot twist yern ? #fyp #foryou ♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

Front page news

@kyrhilleee huleeee tuloy HAHAHAHA #fypシ #foryoupage #fyp #viraltiktok #trending @inquirerdotnet ♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

You miss every shot you don’t take

@a.shix ken really said “take that risk” ? #sb19 #sb19_ken ♬ Trip Lang – Shehyee

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kd estrada alexa ilacad body shamed

KD Estrada Claps Back At A Basher Who Body-Shamed Alexa Ilacad

We can honestly feel the second hand embarrassment.

TBH, that tweet should’ve stayed in the drafts.

At this point, we’re still wondering where anon accounts on the Internet get the audacity to say whatever they want no matter who they’re talking to. It’s always a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t when dealing with these petty trolls, but when it comes to “harmless comments” that are below the belt, you can’t help but fire back. Case in point, KD Estrada. Just a few days ago, he saw a basher’s tweet shaming his partner Alexa Ilacad’s body and that didn’t sit well with him.

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Alexa has been known for her curves that are beautiful in every way and she knows it. She isn’t afraid to show it off, too despite the many people criticizing her. But that isn’t really the case for other people who just drop mindless comments that can obviously be triggering. “GASUL KA GHORL?,” a basher’s tweet reads, mocking Alexa’s build and likens it to a gas tank. For the record, what’s wrong with that?

Kapal ng mukha neto ganda ka?,” KD claps back. The dangers of body shaming is unimaginable. Not only does your mind trick you into thinking that you’re only worth your weight, it highly damages one’s self-esteem. The world is already harsh enough, do we really have room for other people commenting on our bodies? It’s not that hard to keep quiet when you don’t have anything nice to say. Self-love and confidence is a work in progress, so it helps when you’re surrounded by those who have your back no matter what happens, even if it means not feeling yourself at times. And that’s on having a parter-in-crime. Now repeat to self, “my body, my rules, all day everyday.”

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Francine Diaz Bola Bola

Here’s How Francine Diaz Transforms Into Thea In Bola Bola

Now that's committing to a role.

For the first leading role of Francine Diaz in Bola Bola, she has to go through a rigorous process to get into character.

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From starting out in bit roles, Francine Diaz has risen to become one of the brightest leading ladies of the new generation. In just a few years, her roles have landed her a coveted young star status. And just recently, the young actress achieved a major career milestone when she landed her first ever lead role in a series. Last March 25, fans and viewers alike got a chance to finally see this much-awaited project when Bola Bola finally landed on iWantTFC.


Directed by acclaimed filmmaker JP Habac (I’m Drunk, I Love You, Gaya Sa Pelikula), Bola Bola follows 17-year-old Thea (Francine Diaz), a 200-pound late bloomer who loves life and most especially, food. She and her friends Julian (KD Estrada) and Issa (Analain Salvador) are set to go off to college and are currently enjoying their summer break. But plans change for Thea when her childhood crush, Lucas (Akira Morishita), returns from the US and moves back into their community. Now, Thea is on a mission to get with Lucas, but that is complicated by the fact that he already has a girlfriend.

Aside from the love story and rom-com aspect to Bola Bola, the limited series also impresses with how it’s early episodes have dealt with the all-too important issues of weight and body size. In the show, Thea is made fun of for her love of food and her weight. But we see in the premiere episode that Thea’s love of food was borne out of a traumatic experience and like many, it helps her deal with her emotions. Bola Bola is opening up those discussions of how body, weight loss, and what makes you happy isn’t a one-dimensional discussion.

Of course, the show wouldn’t impress if it weren’t for the good acting from the cast, most especially Francine Diaz. Not only is the show Francine’s first ever lead role, but she also had to undergo a major transformation to become Thea. In order to become Thea, she had to put on face prosthetics and a fat suit, which wasn’t an easy process.


On her YouTube channel, Francine Diaz showed the behind the scenes process of how her transformation into Thea came to be. In the vlog, we see that it starts with Francine putting on a bald cap to protect her hair. Her entire head, neck, and shoulders are then covered in the prosthetic formula. And when we say covered, as in all of it, as if they mummified her. As seen in the vlog, she couldn’t move and only her nose was not covered. She had to breathe through that during the entire process. Though according to Francine, she felt safe and enjoyed the transformation.

Afterwards, the effects department move on to the rest of her body. They start with the legs, which is covered in tight plastic wrap followed by the same substance that was used for her head. After the initial mold had cooled, they then did her arms, chest, and tummy. Once the molds for her entire body were made, the team then did their thing to turn them into the prosthetics we see Francine wear on the show.

Francine is a naturally petite young woman, so for her to have to put on all that for many scenes must not be easy. But like the pro she is, Chin pulls it off. For anyone who has worked with prosthetics before, you know that it’s not an easy process. Props to the effects department for their work and Francine for her dedication to the character. Bola Bola is currently streaming on iWantTFC with new episodes coming every week.

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