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Will You Just Shut Up: How To Remain Spoiler-Free In A Spoiler-Filled World

Spoiler alert: It pays to be kind, always.

Consider this equal parts spoiler etiquette guide and a map on how to avoid spoilers altogether, as well as a wedge to save friendships in the process. Believe us, it has happened.


Spoiler alert: Friendships have been through the wringer in the advent of wanting to talk about that WTF moment at the end of Avengers: Infinity War or in Game Of Thrones many moons ago. Meanwhile, tensions have been known to arise from relationships (whether it be romantic, platonic or heck, just hanging out) because someone “accidentally” slipped out a major detail from a show the other hasn’t seen yet. More than once, we have seen people physically block out conversations with their hands or their anti-social headphones because they haven’t had the time to sit down and watch the latest episode of WandaVision. Or in my case, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In extreme cases, some have gone to the greater lengths of muting the all-knowing blabbermouth on Facebook over too much vital information shared about The Mandalorian. Or far worse, ended a friendship altogether. It sounds a little too much, but entertainment and information are all too important currencies that dominate our culture today. Top that with the need to share every little bit of our lives, thoughts and opinions to just about any breathing soul, then it results itself in a situation that has become testy to say the least.

Mind The Spoilers

People who consciously play dumb and posts spoilers are what we in the modern world like to call bottom of the barrel scraping scumbags who have nothing better to do than to take away the joy of enjoying the show or film with complete resignation to the unraveling narrative. This has not only prompted people to take to the aforementioned measures, but even movie outlets and even Deadpool himself has stepped in to make sure that every living and breathing film fan can enjoy what they worked hard on at a very tight-lipped rate.

It boils to simple humanity: Don’t be a jerk. You wouldn’t want to (spoiler alert) fade away in the hands of Thanos or have your sister (sorry, silence) demanded by Wade Wilson, would you? No, really. Stop being a jerk. It doesn’t make you look cool nor does it make you look attractive. So, quit it.

Now, while we live in an age where content is practically shoved down our throats all in the guise of a free flow of information (or well, page views), it has become increasingly hard to navigate the social media plane filled rotten with landmines of TV and film spoilers. My social media timeline is not rid of spoiler-hungry fiends. However, I do pride myself in taking extra precaution when I have yet to find time for I Care A Lot, The Father, or even It’s A Sin. Here, we are extending a map of sorts to guide you to avoid clumsily falling trap to a spoiler or two. It doesn’t take much. What it does require though, is a lot of patience.

Prioritize The Good Stuff

There is just way too much TV and movies to pore through at a given time. While some of you can juggle your given, rent- and Netflix subscription-paying responsibilities on one hand and an episode of The Flight Attendant on the other, then good for you. (I personally leave the audio of a show on the background while I go through my daily deliverables and then get back to it at the end of the day for the full experience. That way, I’m at least updated.) However, some can’t multi-task expertly. So, make a list of shows that you absolutely cannot miss for the world. And then space that out within your day or evenly throughout the week.

A Little More Spoiler Warning, Please?

It happens all too often on Twitter, Facebook, or on Instagram when someone couldn’t take it and just blurted out the latest details on their timeline. Common decency these days dictate that one should preface these things with the words “spoiler alert,” just so one knows when to avoid episodic revelations or gasp, plot twists. Some have taken to out of context posts or coded messages one has to decipher, but others are just too finger happy and they just post what happened on WandaVision or heck, even Grey’s Anatomy. It only takes a few seconds and saves a lot of annoyed reactions. Let people enjoy things when they can, please.

Full Of Spoilers, Absolutely Steer Clear Of Social Media

Or at least warn your immediate physical circle that you haven’t seen the latest musical eye-opener that is Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist or Superstore. I hate to break it to you, but there will be grade-A douchebags who will post their thoughts sans an appropriate spoiler alert warning. So, give it at least a few hours for the dust to settle. For binge shows (i.e, Bridgerton), hopefully you can wait at least a full day before engaging in a full on, no-holds-barred discourse online. A possibility is writing shrouded social media exhales to just get things off your system. If you can, Twitter is best avoided because that is all about the here and the now. That isn’t safe for your spoiler-free souls or your rising anxiety over what happens next on Riverdale.

Also, it is important to note that despite wanting to be in the know, it is imperative to realize that you cannot be part of every debriefing discussion post-show. Again, choose your battles wisely.

Don’t Be Too Sensitive

As a proud, generally spoiler-free person, this one is a bit hard to swallow. Personally, I subscribe to the concept of it shouldn’t be discussed until I’ve seen it, or that people on the giving end should be more mindful of what they spill. While that is still the gospel truth, it doesn’t hold true for reality television, history-anchored shows or dishing out the premise as opposed to a spoiler. You cannot expect the world to stop and shut up just because you haven’t seen something yet. That is also robbing them of their fun on the flip side. Needless to say, don’t have to be a whiny jerk about it, too.

However, this doesn’t give anyone the liberty to discuss things at length just because it was in the book. Sure, the whole film versus book discussion is a whole other thing to go over, but that’s why it’s called an adaptation. I learned this the hard and uncomfortable way when watching Ready Player One right after reading the book. (Or Normal People, but that was much closer to the gutting narrative of Sally Rooney. Some have had the same thoughts with To All The Boys: Always And Forever though.) 

No two pieces of literature are ever created alike, much like our DNA is different from our closest living relative. Look it up, it’s science.

Shut Your Pie-Hole, Buddy

Okay, so you’ve finally managed to watch WandaVision and you are now free to start discussing with friends who quite frankly aren’t over the whole thing. Don’t take this as an opportunity to start yapping away within earshot, because most likely, someone still hasn’t seen it. Talking in hushed voices or retreating to the watering hole will be your safest option to go at it with the post-mortem, because remember, no one likes a know-it-all.

If all else fails, go ahead and ask if everyone has seen or if you are free to talk about it. Who knows, at this point, maybe no one really cares anymore.

Be Mindful Of Your Scheduled Streams

Spoilers are a very big deal, especially when it comes to multi-million and billion dollar franchises that have done everything from physically silencing their stars (Hello, Tom Holland) to giving out fake scripts (Hello, Tom Holland) just to keep the entire film’s premise sacred for the audience. It is also a modern day debacle of epic proportions that have caused uproars when key plot points have been posted on Twitter. We are looking at you, AMC.

This also leaves you with as much responsibility, too. These days, it’s all about scheduling your shows appropriately and booking that virtual ticket to stream the cinematic release online as soon as you can. Much will be left to chance, but at least you’ve done your part. You can deal with the rest of the collateral damage later. It blows when you’re the only one left out of rambunctious conversations or you have to purposefully detach from social media. Do what you can before it is too late. Meaning, either it gets pulled out of from circulation or the final dagger through the heart, a cancellation. (Sorry, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.)

Meanwhile, let’s keep the internet tension free, shall we. At least on the harmless TV and film entertainment side. It is a big space for everyone to enjoy. But in the end, exercise a whole lot of decency and courtesy for the next viewer. Be kinder, people. The whole world will be a much better, less muted place if we all learn how to play fair and nice, right?

candle philippines

Would You Light My Candle? Where To Find These Flickering Filipino Finds


Oddly enough, the blocks of wax have seemingly found its way back into the corners of our homes. A source of light and little joys, consider these proudly Filipino-made candles.


In a time of great destabilization, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are finding ways to simulate, manufacture, or discover pockets of joy within such a curious time of global crisis. While safety and survival obviously rank high up in the list, there has been a frenzied focus on self-care and self-love, which you know, stacks up to self-preservation when you really think about it. Now, whatever the manifestation may be, whether it be through an overwhelmingly precise process in skincare or several add to cart clicks, we are basically just allowing ourselves to live a little. From the confines of four walls, hey, it’s the least we can do for ourselves, right?

Surprisingly, from this desire for fragments of personal indulgence, an unlikely winner has emerged from the pack—home scents and candles. With fired up Google searches for “room spray” and “candles,” the veracity of which is validated by the study conducted by CNBC saying that sales for both rose by 13% in the last year alone. Now, you would think it’s a little bit odd to be obsessing over pots of scented wax when the world is practically in disarray. But if you factor in Mr. Maslow and his much studied and referenced hierarchy of needs, the foundation of the triangle counts warmth as a primary physiological need, sitting comfortably beside the basics such as the all too important rest.

A Case For Filipino-Made Candles

While it isn’t quite the primary source of light as it was in the pre-electric times, candles have since remained necessary, just in case the light runs out. But aside from being stashed in the emergency cabinet, it also has positioned itself as a lovely addition to sprucing up a home, upping its fundamentals with invigorating scents and interesting decorative details. Some turn to it for special occasions or a much-needed me-time, but for others, it has become some sort of therapeutic focal point. Let’s be real, when nothing else is distracting, nothing can be quite entrancing as a flicker of fire dancing from a candle in a corner.

Locally, many people have grown fond of the burning block of wax, especially as of late. From indulgent extensions to grown-up manifestations, there has been a rising trend in Filipino-made candles. A quick scroll on Instagram would lead you to many wellness and decoration accounts proudly displaying their mostly artisanal wares. Flaunting the fiercely Filipino, these flickering finds have graduated from an add-on to a full-on obsession.

Light It Up

Who knew we’d come to a point where we’d be talking about Filipino-made candles at great length? Look, you don’t have to really be into it to understand how it not only lights up a room. A considerable source of bright light as it is, the assortment of Filipino-made candles that are popping up all over our timelines and weekend markets make a space more special, sentimental, and yes, sacred. Winsome in its wafting scent and warmth, there is much to feel good about these objects of desire. Whether it be sourced from different regions of the Philippines or lovingly made out of creative frustration, it might be time to consider these Filipino-made candles a place in your home.

Now, by all means, go ahead and light that candle, Roger.

Don’t know where to start in your search for these lovely Filipino candles? Look no further and follow the light in the curated list below.

Stoa Studios
Salamangka Atbp.
Mitsa Manila
Aroma Junkie
sarah geronimo tala concert

What Makes A Pop Song Great? A Deep Dive Into Tala By Sarah Geronimo

Gusto niyo ba ng Tala?

Ahead of her one-night-only live streamed concert experience, we look back at one of our conversations with Sarah Geronimo and further study Tala, the song that has endeared itself to an entire generation.


Gusto niyo ba ng Tala?”

It is hard to imagine a time when Tala wasn’t quite the pop culture stronghold that it has managed to work itself up to be. You know, where the mere first few beats of its stirring percussion would be enough to make time seemingly stand still before giving way to a pandemonium of decibel-breaking shrieks and screams. Here, all hell breaks loose—in a good way—with an entire room crammed with patrons and passersby singing at the top of their lungs and even busting out the signature snappy choreography that is quite honestly, not that easy to pull off.

It shouldn’t be lost in the sea of sweaty souls that in this moment, the anthemic pop song turned phenomenon by Sarah Geronimo fosters a sense of belonging for the LGBTQIA+ community. And for four minutes and five seconds, the spectrum of defiance, distinction, and diversity becomes one in a swing of cathartic release.

But we have to take things way back to a time before Tala has taken flight following a gust of second wind from a community that has long pledged its allegiance to the church of Sarah Geronimo. Years before the sparkling tune, co-written with Nica Del Rosario and Emmanuel Sambayan, would gain prominence in local airwaves a good few cycles following its initial release in 2016, we sat down with the pop star royalty for a rare one-on-one for MEGA magazine.

There Was A Time

With the airiest of pink as a backdrop, there she sat quietly in front of us, hands held together as she patiently waited for our conversation to begin. Her fingers unfold one by one, slowly figuring into light rhythmic snaps. She hums under her breath as the world around fusses over her—we figured it was a Beyoncé melody judging by the pouting of her lips and quick shoulder movements. It is a most dainty imagery by all means, her sentences peppered by “po” and “opo,” which doesn’t hint of irony.

It is very easy to categorize the reigning pop princess as sweet and self-effacing. However, the very moment you figure her into a box, she pulls the rug from under you and dispels every preconceived notion about her. Assured with the right amount of maturity, Sarah Geronimo has indeed come into her own as a young woman—ready to tread new paths in life, we suppose.

As if reading our train of thought, she breaks out into a well-meaning smile.

The Stars

Lording over the radio and music channel charts (as well as all over the Internet) are her lyrics of unrequited laced with a deep-seated sense of passion. Her hits boast of a refreshing sense of grown up. Lofty ideals of a bright-eyed wonder are replaced with unexpected but welcome lashing of everyday reality. Ikot-Ikot talks about being consumed by an unnerving trepidation, which forces one to just to keep skirting the emotion rather than facing it straight on while Kilometro warbles on going the extra mile (or well, couple of kilometers) despite a tainted love affair.

Whether you’d look more into what it is, one cannot deny that this new sound is not only entertaining but it also tugs at the heartstrings, in a major way. This transformation, which we would argue to be a transition more than anything, isn’t coincidental. This is no longer an offshoot of her early To Love You More phase. What it is, we begin to realize is a return to what is essentially Sarah.

Alam mo kasi sa tingin ko, yun talaga yung roots ko—kung saan ako kumportable. Malaki ang influence sa akin musically si Michael Jackson. Pop. Ngayon ang laking impluwensya nila Beyoncé—talagang R&B kung saan nasho-showcase ang vocal prowess. Nag-umpisa kasi ako sa business na ito na birit eh, belter,” she muses. “Pero I realized na talagang mas nag-e-enjoy ako and mas at ease ako pagka mga ganoong klaseng songs ang pine-perform ko.

The Legacy Of Sarah Geronimo And Tala

Sarah Geronimo is very intelligent, too. Having been entrenched in show business for over 15 years and counting, she is aware of the need to transform every now and then for a very discerning audience. “Dapat every time may bago kang i-o-offer sa audience mo, sa listeners mo. Ako bumabawi ako talaga sa talent eh, dun sa talent ko na kailangan may bago akong natututunan na bago, may naibibigay akong bago as a singer,” she reasons. “Since first love ko ang singing, dito talaga ako naka-concentrate. Kaya talaga mahigpit ako na kelangan may bago every time,” she finishes.

It may have been quite a while since we’ve heard anything new from Sarah Geronimo, but for what it’s worth, Tala, along with her illustrious body of work, is enough to tide us over until she makes new music again. Millions of plays, streams, and views aside, people are still being moved by her discography, which is truly a testament to the artist that she has sculpted herself to be.

“Pop songs that still sound good when unvarnished tend to be well-written ones, because they get the fundamentals right,” explains Joey Santos, a DJ and music producer who has played Sarah Geronimo’s music much to the delight of his audience drenched in glittering sweat. “The way the song is written makes it a great pop song. The track has a lot of synthesized and electronic elements, but if you play it on the piano or acoustic guitar, you’ll find that the essence of the song remains unchanged.”

Therein lies the difference for Sarah Geronimo. Setting herself apart in the gleaming galaxy of stars as a beaming bright light that continues to illuminate, guide, and navigate the path challenged by feelings and emotions.

Going Beyond Tala

“When you listen to it beyond its dance production, it is actually a sad song. I think that’s the genius behind Tala. You can’t help but dance to it, then feel it once you understand it—much like another LGBTQIA+ dance floor favorite, Robyn’s Dancing On My Own,” details Paulo Castro, tireless advocate, party promoter, and overall governess of the nightlife. “Some songs just have that inexplicable magic that makes people feel good. You hear it and know it’s going to mean something to a lot of people. Tala is one of those songs. Each generation has songs that define a certain moment of their lives, this is one of them.”

In the scope of the song, Sarah Geronimo is commanding and compelling in both its tenacious and tender aspects, the latter of which is seamlessly integrated into the spirit of the lyrics. “At kung hanggang dito lang talaga tayo / Hindi pababayaan ang daang tinahak na kapiling ka / At kung umabot tayo hanggang dulo,” and so goes the aching hook of Tala. “Kapit lang ng mahigpit / Aabutin natin ang mga tala.

Treading on the seemingly impossible, as well as of the promise of hope, the assurance of Tala comes from beyond the echoes of the enduring track by Sarah Geronimo. Having felt something similar at some point in our lives, perhaps even treading the same path as it was written, it is a sense of belonging that has given it the lifeline to stand the test of time and fleeting musical preferences. From a distilled understanding, there builds a confidence from whoever sings and dances to Tala, that while things may be out reach for now, just hold on, because the stars will be within reach eventually.

Sarah Geronimo, Always

Sarah Geronimo has nothing to prove to anyone.

A product of a dream, hard work, undeniable talent and passion, she has every right to claim the stake that she is in the local entertainment scene. This, however, is most apparent when she’s most herself—performing. “Sir Gary (Valenciano) would tell me, ‘There’s a big difference when the artist sings with something to prove—to prove that he or she is good, and an artist that sings because he is expressing what’s from the heart.’” And that is what Sarah Geronimo is all about: heart.

The world may not be privy to the innermost beatings of her heart, but that isn’t to say that she is selfish. Not that it matters anyway. What matters is that when she steps onstage and inches towards the spotlight, she becomes the person that she has to be—her true self. Baring her heart and soul, she strikes a chord in each and every one of us and at that singular moment it becomes clear why there is no one quite like Sarah Geronimo.

On March 27, 2021, Sarah Geronimo will premiere Tala, a one-night-only concert experience to be live streamed on Tickets are on sale now.

hyun bin philippines

5 Things We Hope Hyun Bin And Son Ye-jin Will Do In The Philippines

See you soon, hopefully.

Here are our humble suggestions for travel activities that Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin can do on their much-awaited arrival in the Philippines


We started the year right when Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s agencies confirmed that they are in a relationship last January. But just when we thought we already received the best New Year’s gift, we got the official news recently that Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin (aka #BinJinCouple) will be visiting the Philippines. With all that is said so far, we can’t help but play tour guide while we all wait for this pandemic to come over, finally.  

Enjoy A Day Or Two To Play Golf

If you are a #BinJin fan, you already know how much Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin love this sport. When the two appeared in the 56th Baeksang Awards last June 2020, Ye-jin’s tan lines were a dead giveaway that they may have been golfing together. 

We highly recommend that the two spend at least a day in Tagaytay Highlands Golf Course after some sightseeing.

Appearance in 56th Baeksang Awards


제56회 백상예술대상 남자 틱톡인기상 현빈 손예진 백스테이지 인터뷰 cut. HYUNBIN SONYEJIN baeksangartsawards

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – TikTok K-ENT – TikTok Stage

Visit Palawan

Son Ye-jin visited the Philippines more than a decade ago with her family. Now that she will be coming over with Hyun Bin, we suggest that they try to go to Palawan again to relax. We think Nacpan and Calitang Beach in El Nido would be an adventure for them. Maybe drink some Pinoy beer while watching the sunset?

Drink And Eat Pinoy Food

Even until now, we can’t help but still swoon over Captain Ri when he made coffee for Se-ri? For their visit, we hope Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin will be able to try our very own Kapeng Barako or Kape Alamid. This is best served with suman sa lihiya or maybe biko since Se-Ri loves nurungji dipped in sugar.

Karaoke Night

Nobody else can beat Pinoys in Karaoke. The best way to prove this is if these two can hold a special fan meeting where a few chosen fans can sing and laugh with them. In music, there is no language barrier. So, we feel that this will be a fun thing to try over some pulutan

Teach Us Korean traditional Art Or Play A Korean Traditional Game

2021 marks the 10th year anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. In celebration of this, we can’t help but look forward to seeing Korean stars sharing their traditional art and culture with all of us. We have seen that both Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin decorate a calendar and play beer pong before. How about this time, maybe the couple can show us how to make a Hanji Rubber Shoes, a Hanbok Key Ring, a Hangul Eraser Stamp, a Korean Fan, and a Pressed Flower Mirror at home? Or if they are up for it, I want to see who can play jegi (similar to sipa) better, Hyun Bin or Son Ye-jin? We know Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year) is over, but maybe they can teach us how to play Yut Nori

Video – Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin playing beer pong:

These are some of the ideas that we have so far. But we know that our fellow #BinJinShippers can come up for more. Should Nylon Manila do a part two? Let us know!

As for our message for Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin? We can’t wait to see you soon. 


Son Ye-jin’s cameo in Hyun Bin’s show, Secret Garden 

virtual store

The Time Has Come To Finally Embrace The Virtual Store Experience


Efficient, economical, and encompassing, the exacerbation of the times have finally compelled a stubborn industry to finally go full throttle on the possibilities of the virtual store.  


Devastating as it is disruptive, the impact of the pandemic continues to pummel through our lives nearly a year into the crisis of unimaginable proportions. Rewiring the way we go about life as we knew it, COVID-19 has really turned things on its head, forcing people to rethink the present and mindfully redesign the future that was and still is unclear. With no soul, sentiment, and slice of society spared from the wrath of the pandemic, it is a known fact that the everyday has given in to the challenge of survival.

While capitalism has certainly found a workaround with the decisive turn to a mostly digital way of life, it still is a big blow to the industries that subsist within, counting closures, furloughs, and recalibrations as collaterals to the cruel context we live in today. While it has inadvertently shut down what now stands to be a thing of the past, the reality has compelled players to really rev up the innovations and developments online to be able to meet the growing demands of the swiftly changing market. From by-the-way consideration and appendage of accessibility, it was clear that the only way to survive was to take things online. And we aren’t talking about mere websites with e-commerce extensions, glorified lookbooks made to take the place of an in-store experience, or a slow-loading catalog that is a soulless counterpart to the shopping. Sure, these slow burn of commercial functions may lure customers in, especially those acclimating to the digital landscape, but it stands little to no chance ensuring a sale—or at the very least, loyalty.

This is where virtual stores come in, the retail advancement that was always just there but never really given much attention, until now.

The Future Of Retail

virtual store tumi

With websites that look and feel identical as the next open tab on your browser, promising the same presence, speed, and convenience no longer cut through all the noise. Now more than ever, customers are looking for the same care and experience that goes in the religious in-store experience online. This isn’t to say that this movement necessitates all the bells and whistles of the imagined future with augmented reality or clunky virtual reality headsets to simulate what is fundamentally limited for the time being. What the world needs now is to elevate the mindless swipe, taps, and clicks before adding to cart by immersing themselves into the creation of virtual stores.

Repetitions and overemphasizing of what is already should be standard aside, think of virtual stores as an expansion of what is already there. Yes, there is necessary architecture needed in the same way you would build a store. However, it still is comparably economical, efficient, and encompassing to the market craving for a chance to connect, even if it is just in a fraction of what used to be.

“The past year has shown us the importance of connection and we at Tumi have been exploring and developing new ways for us to connect and engage with our community as a result. This season, we are thrilled to elevate the experience of our Asia Pacific and Middle East fans with the new Tumi Virtual Store,” says Victor Sanz, Creative Director for Tumi. Apart from the introduction of seasonal Spring 2021 offerings, the leading international travel, lifestyle, and performance luxury brand debuts the retail breakthrough. “I can’t wait to show you how the Tumi DNA lives on in our Spring 2021 launches, share our latest innovations, and highlight how sustainability is playing a big role in this season’s collections and the brand moving forward.”

Immersing Into The Virtual Store

virtual store

Immersive and interactive, the Tumi Virtual Store is an innovative omnichannel experience that translates the offline to the online landscape. A growing necessity in the retail market, brands such as Dior and Clarins have been carving out their own digital domains, widening the paths for this to become the actual playing field in the sport of shopping and style.

Going beyond just a destination to make purchases, these virtual stores become access points to introduce and indoctrinate people to the traditions of these brands. With state-of-the-art technology married to the retail concepts, the commitment to the customer is still of topmost consideration. A digital maquette of the age-old brick-and-mortar standalone staged online, these virtual stores employ a seamless integration of what the brand is known for, this time made more interesting with interactive and in-depth details of the products, add-ons, and easy purchase points.

Taking to 360° 3D and AR to highlight their new season of bestsellers such as the Alpha Bravo, Alpha 3,  Tahoe, Voyageur, and Harrison collections, as well as of Instagram and WeChat Games and Magic Mirror Selfies, you get the full experience without having to leave the safety of your home. No store? No problem, for sure. Just click, swipe, and explore to the content of your heart and bandwidth.

The Limit Doesn’t Exist

“For the last few years, we have been pioneering new digital experiences and looking for ways to enhance and elevate the customer journey. Our new Virtual Store is part of this holistic approach to connect with our customers wherever they are and evolve with their changing circumstances and lifestyles,” explains Adam Hershman, Vice President of Tumi, Asia Pacific and Middle East. “Accelerated digitization and shifting customer habits brought on by the turbulent 2020 have reinforced this direction and shown that we must continue to create exciting, meaningful interactions both in the physical and digital worlds.”

An elevation of their mantra: Perfecting the journey, their virtual store is a confident step into their future. This time, however, the bounds of the physical doesn’t stand in the way. It can finally be said, the limit doesn’t exist.

filipino beauty tiktokers

7 Beauty TikTokers Worth Following If You Love Makeup

These TikTokers took makeup transformations into a whole other level.

These Filipino beauty TikTokers will make you want to get your makeup tools and brush up on your skills.

In this house, we only stan real talent and that includes the art of creating makeup looks. These makeup lovers will not only inspire you to experiment on new colors and techniques, but also help you appreciate the hard work that goes into makeup.

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Below are the best Filipino beauty TikTokers you ahould follow if you want to see jaw-dropping makeup looks.



Reply to @dubuchie EMOJI MAKEUP CHALLENGE ?

♬ dark horse – beth ?

Rov Mizuse on TikTok absolutely killed the emoji makeup challenge, fitting four stunning makeup looks in one video. Not only that, but her TikTok page is full of diverse makeup looks and story times that is interesting enough to make you click that follow button.

Abby Soniedo


My cheeks said BrAtZ ✨ ##fyp ##foryoupage ##bratz ##makeup

♬ Pretty Face – King Staccz

Bee stung lips, a cute button nose, and eyes like daggers – Abby Soniedo is a living, breathing, Filipina Bratz doll. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at how she nailed this Bratz look!



2020: TAONG HINDI MALILIMUTAN!?? ##alsumadsad ##makeupartist ##makeup ##BeyondK3PYAẞ ##fyp ##trend ##viral

♬ 2020 HAPPENINGS IN THE PHILIPPINES – Alonzo Sumadsad ??

Alonzo Sumadsad takes makeup transformations into a whole other level with his creations. Using his face as his canvas, he creates beautiful artworks with his makeup tools.



Reply to @vince_ampaso ??? ##makeup ##makeuptransformation ##christmas ##fyp ##replytocomments ##foryou

♬ original sound – Juztin Tiu

Jusztin Tiu’s attention to detail in his makeup looks is simply admirable. The striking colors will get your head turning for more.



All the makeup trends in 2020 ? ib: @heyaldoluna #fyp #foryou #makeup #makeupartist #makeuptrend #tiktokph #xyzbca #viral #trend #sass

♬ 2020 makeup trend mashup – Madison Schulz

Hedda Andre will show you how makeup is done with her TikTok videos. She’ll give you naught or nice, and everything in between!



Which one would you get? #makeupph #makeupartistph #phmakeup

♬ Baby Work It – Your Favourite Garçon

If you want the inside scoop of what it’s like to be a makeup artist, Miss Nate is the one you’re looking for. Spilling the tea on new makeup releases, how to deal with clients, you’ll get them all on Miss Nate’s TikTok page.



she bacc!!! ??? #fyp #makeupph #tiktokph

♬ Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

Pretty girl Maru never disappoints with her creative makeup looks and that’s why we enjoy seeing her on TikTok!




youll never see the same me twice

♬ itty bitty piggy – arii

Okay, so she may not be Filipino but this young makeup enthusiast keeps serving looks and giving us ~range~ that’s so worth mentioning. She really wasn’t kidding when she said you’ll never see the same her twice.

art attack youtube

It’s A Renaissance: Relive Your Childhood With Episodes Of Art Attack On YouTube Now

This is an art attack. This is an art attack. This is…art attack!

Remember when paper mache, PVA glue, and paint splats were all the rage in our art projects? Now you can revisit your youth online with episodes of Art Attack.


At some point in our formative childhoods, we were made to believe that we had the potential to be the next great artist of our times. While it may have been overly patronizing and too early to call, especially since we were barely familiarizing ourselves with the concept of primary and secondary colors, as well as dabbling in the fine art of finger painting, there was no shortage of encouragement from our well-meaning parents and teachers. Thoroughly convinced that the paint splats and splashes we did was an intervention of Jackson Pollock, those stick figures would one day progress into a movement of French impressionist art just like Edgar Degas and his fascination for dance, or a humble scribble of curves in brown and green would herald the second coming of Monet, there was no bigger source of encouragement than Neil Buchanan on the seminal classic that was Art Attack.

“This is the show that is going to give your eyeballs a very big shock,” he boldly declares in the first episode, which premiered on June 15, 1990. A lofty swing for what is typically a sedate fragment of life usually cordoned off for the high brow, Art Attack gave creativity and imagination a space to run free and think out-of-the-box—literally. With an irreverence coddled in the bookends of mainstream educational television, this arts and crafts show not only exposed a generation of children to the possibility of aesthetics, it also instilled a sense of joy in the virtue of creating.

Sorry, Not Banksy

“We are going to go wild with art,” says Neil Buchanan. “You don’t have to be a great artist, we’re jut going to have fun being creative.” Here lies its greatest promise, which has held the audience at the palm of its paint-stricken hands for years to come. Simple and straightforward, Art Attack was an exhilarating exercise of entertainment that encouraged the young (and young at heart) to find the beauty in the mundane. Crafting paper mache sculptures, detailing illustration to something we thought we could eventually master, and dreaming up of larger-than-life installations meant to be appreciated in the big picture point-of-view, Art Attack was certainly a playground of possibilities.

Nothing was more standard and searing into the memory than the friendly-faced Neil Buchanan in his iconic red sweatshirt running around in an artistic space of oversized art supplies. In fact, even after over 30 years, here we are, still talking about it. And it isn’t just us. Last year, a conspiracy theory emerged pointing him as the elusive trickster of modern-day art, Banksy.

While he dropped those rumors as mere hearsays and wishful thinking, much like a paint-filled balloon plopping to an explosion of vibrant colors on a surface, Neil Buchanan is quite proud of the work he did on the children’s show. “Art Attack was in the kids’ show slot but I never did a kids’ show,” he says in an interview with iNews. “What I was trying to do was inspire people.”

The Undoing

Sure, there were those who would go on to find their corner of the sky and carved out space on Earth in art through Art Attack, but for those who wouldn’t be traditionally creative, it still remained an outlet of happiness. Giving do-it-yourself art a more immersive and engaging spin, Art Attack was an artistic oasis where the only problem that would arise is “can I have more stuff to make a visual mess with?” or “we need more PVA glue.”

“I was trying to take audiences through the ‘I can’t do that’ barrier,” the host explains. “Every kid thinks they’re Picasso until they’re about six or seven. We all draw crap but we think it’s brilliant—and that’s the key. Unfortunately our parents, teachers and siblings say: ‘That’s not how you do it.’ Art Attack was undoing all that damage.”

This Is Art Attack

For many of us who grew out of the strictly artistic phase, there is now a chance to revisit our impressionable youth as a godsend on the internet has managed to upload most, if not all of the episodes of Art Attack on YouTube. Housed under the account, The Art Attack Restoration Project, this is the biggest collection of English Art Attack clips. Here, there is not only a chance to relive our childhood, but we get to introduce its wonders to a new generation who are starved for more visual possibilities to translate IRL or on their social media domains.

Now, the renaissance may not have been in the cards for some, nor will our amateur attempts at art make it into the guarded posterity of the Louvre. But for what its worth, our strokes of pastel colors on paper, dinosaur dioramas out of strewn laundry, and smears of oil-based paint on canvas were a manifestation that confidence is completely of our own doing, and that if we believe we could, then we very well could, because what? This is an art attack.

Filipino Podcast Spotify

If You Like To Listen In On Conversations, Press Play On These Filipino Podcasts

This time, we’re finally listening.

From the incessant demands of well-meaning friends, we finally relent to the gospel of podcasts with these proudly Filipino selections for your listening pleasure.


“You should listen to this podcast.”

“I’ve stumbled on this podcast—it’s amazing.”

“Why aren’t you listening to my podcast suggestions?”

And so goes the usual dramatic litany of a friend who is really into his podcasts. Listen, it’s not as if I am actively avoiding podcasts, but I figured, with everything there is still to consume and plug into, the rather straightforward and no-fuss premise of the purely audible experience sounded a little bit disconnected to me. Preferring something more tactile and visceral, this is also the same reason why I cannot seem to get into the convenience of audio books. (Relax your brows, people. I have tried it several times and it just isn’t the same as the religious experience of cracking open a spine of a new book and flipping each page devouring each word printed in ink.)

This doesn’t mean I detest it by any means, because after all, I am just like most of you—permanently in my bubble with earphones practically part of my body. Whether it’s new music on Spotify, a Netflix series, or an autoplay of late night interview clips on YouTube, it would usually just run in the background as I go about my day. Along with 85% of Filipinos in 2020, tuning in was and still is a way to cope with the meandering day-to-day that swings from mundane to manic at a whim. So, before running out of things to entertain myself with, I’ve slowly accustomed myself to the ease and entertainment of listening to podcasts.

What’s So Special About The Podcast?

In detail, a podcast is a series of episodic conversations rendered as audio files that populate the internet. With topics that run the gamut from relationships, pop culture, economics, politics, and sex among others, this access to easy listening is one that informs through osmosis of discussion. Much like a function of eavesdropping, except one that is excused, these podcasts are meant to enhance and engage dialogue to further enrich our points-of-view. Yes, it is the sound of pure pleasure, but it also leans toward productivity because since it is audio-based, you can juggle tasks while listening to a podcast of your choosing.

Blazing through your daily deliverables as you work from home? Press play on a podcast. Working out a sweat session to induce endorphins? Press play on a podcast. Checking out chores and errands on your to-do list? Press play on a podcast. Going about your business on your white ceramic throne in the tiled room? Press play on a podcast. Drowning out racing thoughts as you lull yourself to sleep? Press play on a podcast. With this alternative listening experience, the possibilities are endless, really.

Sans the bells and whistles of a pristinely and precisely produced offshoot of amusement, there’s a lot of thrill to take from podcasts. Taking you far off places and with topics that are truly diverse and unique, it truly is worth your while for at a few minutes to full on hours of chit chat. Filling in the gaps of your day or fractions of silence, it doesn’t require the most gleaming of creations, too. All you need is a compelling subject of conversation, a command of the language, and the authenticity to keep things going, and you’re good to go.

Filipino Made Podcasts

In fact, in the Philippines, there is a growing community of podcasts with dedicated Filipino creators expanding the discussion on the local sound stage. From independent minds to studio collectives, there is a lot to discover on whatever platform you subscribe to for streaming. Offering fresh title to obsess over, the first ever Filipino Spotify Original Podcasts was launched recently. From gaming, wellness, and queen things, this slate of Filipino-made shows will navigate everything that we should know of and understand in our lives today.

Joining the ranks of Michelle Obama and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are seven distinctly homegrown Filipino figures that are set to dominate this permutation of internet radio. Say goodbye to long-drawn out silences or unnecessary noise by tuning into the selection of Filipino Spotify Original Podcasts such as Between Us Queens (Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti, and Carla Lizardo), Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na? (Donnalyn Bartolome), The Raid With Alodia & Ashley (Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao), Superhuman (Wil Dasovich), Huwag ‘Tong Makakalabas (Juan Miguel Severo), Payaman Insider (Junnieboy, RogerRaker, Peachy Twice, and Boss Tryke), and Growing Up With Ben And Kris (Benedict Cua and Kristian Somera).

With a whole lot to choose from, the dull and dreary in-between will well be a thing of the past. And one that is decidedly and distinctly made for the Filipino audience? Finally, we can relate a whole lot more and perhaps make the local culture of Filipino podcasts a pop cultural zeitgeist as it has done so across the pond.

Just Listen

As a convert of this school of substantive and often subversive sound, I understand now why my friend was stubbornly unyielding with the gospel of podcasts. A whole world in itself, it is quite the adventure to hop from show to show, getting my fair share of information and inspiration. Besides, whether we like to admit it or not, we like to listen in on things that are beyond our scope. (Or in Filipino, chismis.) So, it works well, because this time, there is a purpose to the pursuit.

Sure, we’ve always heard of it, popping in conversations from time to time. But this time, with a more compelling Filipino slant, we can finally listen.

Now, while you’re here, you might want to give these other Filipino podcasts a spin in your spare time. Trust us, you will want to give these topical titles a go:

Paano Ba ‘To?
Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast
The Linya-Linya Show
Walwal Sesh
Gabi Ng Bading
Wake Up With Jim & Saab
The Halo-Halo Show
Boiling Waters PH
Super Evil Podcast
vivoree sarah geronimo

Written In The Stars? Vivoree Wore The Exact Same Look As Sarah Geronimo For This Performance

For one night, the rising sweetheart became pop star royalty.

What could be more daunting than performing as your idol? Well, for Vivoree Esclito, embodying Sarah Geronimo was a challenge meant for her to shine.


Taking on pop star royalty can be quite the daunting task in any circumstance, even when being made into one’s own. But what more when challenged to fully live out a living legend in a performance forever etched as a pop culture phenomenon? It was a baptism of fire for the assemblage of artists taking part of the new season of Your Face Sounds Familiar, but for young actress Vivoree Esclito, this was her rite of passage. After all, her debut was no small task, because the icon she was impersonating? Sarah Geronimo.

Vivoree was certainly up to the challenge, even promising to be more “palaban.” That said, it couldn’t have been more fitting that she was assigned to portray Sarah Geronimo. “Idol ko po talaga ‘yan,” she reveals. Always bringing a sense of grit and grace to her performances, anything Sarah Geronimo does is meant for the tough and brave. From her mentoring sessions with Nyoy Volante and Jed Madela, Vivoree Esclito very much step up to the plate, proving that she is definitely in it to win it. “Sana ma-embody ko na ang Sarah Geronimo,” she says.

And embody she did.

Vivoree Channels Sarah Geronimo

With the premiere of Your Face Sounds Familiar, the sweet and charming Vivoree Esclito was nowhere to be found. Instead, emerging from a curtain of smoke and lights was her take on Sarah Geronimo, wearing the actual electric blue and white-feathered Neric Beltran original the pop star wore for her Tala Nation performance in January last year.

A determined Vivoree blazed through the melody and movements of the unparalleled hit that is Tala, proving that she is one to watch out for. Singing live and executing the signature choreography that is by no means simplified, she certainly came into her own in this performance—fierce and feisty, no less. Understandable as it is, the judges sensed initial nervousness from her. But with her strong overall showing, it she made a strong impression to the trio of Gary V, Ogie Alcasid, and Sharon Cuneta. The audience responded very well, too, because on that day, this number was a trending topic on social media.

For any wide-eyed wonder, this was a moment to reach for the stars—and she sure did. Making the moment all her own, under the guise of Sarah Geronimo, Vivoree Esclito was a shining force all throughout. Here, she finally made it known, that we should all be keeping an eye out for her even more, because clearly, she is a star.

6 Trendy Hairstyles You’ll Want To Copy From AC Bonifacio, The Rumored New Queen Bee Of Riverdale

Queen Bee incoming!

We already know that she’s a young superstar in the making with her dancing skills, but AC Bonifacio is also a constant inspiration for the trendiest beauty looks!

Fixing yourself up in quarantine can be quite challenging at times, (especially if you’re stuck in isolation, but doing your hair and makeup to cope with these uncertain times doesn’t hurt, too. Take it from AC Bonifacio, our unproblematic teen queen who is rumored to be Riverdale’s new HBIC to give you some inspo for beauty looks to try at home! You know, where a mask doesn’t necessarily smudge the makeup on your face most times.

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From curly bangs to a blunt bob, AC Bonifacio makes us want to copy these amazing hairstyles! We could only wonder how it feels to be an 18-year-old with that much influence and accomplishments. #GirlCrush alert!


AC Bonifacio

If you’re too lazy to curl or straighten your hair, gather some strands on the front section and braid them.


AC Bonifacio

You’ve already seen the classic pigtails being sported by most people, but AC shows them how it’s done by adding some curly bangs!


AC Bonifacio

Some people prefer to keep it prim and proper. Take it from our girl AC and wear a wide headband whether you wanna go sporty or just wanna feel like Cher Horowitz.


AC Bonifacio

For her How You Like That Dance Cover, AC goes super blunt like Lisa Manoban on Blackpink’s sickening music video.


Heavily popularized by Kendall Jenner, AC looks every bit like a super model in a messy bun.


Who says only Ariana can own the high pony hairstyle? AC channels Jennie Kim with her blonde highlights.