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You Can Celebrate The New Year With SB19, Nadine Lustre, Ben&Ben, And Many More For Free

Ring in the new year with all these big stars.

Join Ben&Ben, SB19, Zack Tabudlo, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Maris Racal, Arthur Nery, and more stars in the free online year-end music fest, BYE2021.

And we have come to that point: 2021 is about to close. For some of us, the end of the year couldn’t have come any sooner. While for others, they felt that the year zoomed by. But regardless how your 2021 went, we can all agree that we are ready to move and look forward to a hopefully fruitful and prosperous 2022. And what better way to ring in the New Year than with a free online concert featuring some of the country’s top musical superstars that you can enjoy whether you’re with your friends or family or subscribing to party for one.


As we wave goodbye to the year that was and welcome a brand new one, UMUSIC Philippines presents BYE2021, the latest iteration of their year-end concert. BYE2021 is an online music fest that brings together a cadre of both local and international music stars for a night of good music and vibes to culminate the year that was. The show is all about paying homage to the year’s highlights and celebrating our victories, both big and small. Start of 2022 on the right foot by tuning in to your favorite artists’ performances and stunning visual presentations.

Some of the top tier acts you can expect to see during the show include SB19, Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, Juan Karlos, Arthur Nery, BLASTER, and Over October. James Reid and Nadine Lustre are set to perform along with their fellow CARELESS acts Massiah and Jolianne. Other international acts will also be taking the stage such as Paul Klein and Jake Goss of LANY, Maximillian, and viral artist Lyn Lapid. And it won’t be just a night of music as special guests and content creators will also be making appearances such as Maris Racal and Jim and Saab. A total of over 37 artists are set to entertain you and join you for the New Year. And the best part is that it’s all free, yes FREE.


This year’s BYE2021 online music fest is also set to be bigger and better than last year’s BYE2020. Organizers made sure that this year’s lineup consists some of the hottest artists who will bring the excitement to the audience and their fans.Apart from the return of fan favorites SB19 and Ben&Ben, we’re excited to also include Careless Music Manila artists James Reid and Nadine Lustre. In addition, we also have artists that really highlighted and made a mark this 2021 like Adie, Arthur Nery, and of course breakout superstar of the year Zack Tabudlo,” the team behind the event explained. As compared to BYE2020, we no longer shot on a virtual stage, but on a physical set instead. That said, the production value of our performances are definitely a step up from last year.”

To make your night extra special, you can also purchase the BYE2021 Fan Pack, which includes limited edition event merchandise like a shirt, a canvas tote bag, a cap, stickers, and two cans of Pepsi. Part of the Fan Pack is also a ZoomPit ticket which gives you exclusive access to the meet-and-greet with your favorite artists and also a chance to be featured in the BYE2021 FanCam. The Fan Pack costs 1594 pesos while you can get just the ZoomPit ticket and meet-and-greet access for 709 pesos. You can purchase them here.


BYE 2021 will be held on December 31, 2021 from 7PM onwards. You can access the show’s link and see more content from the show’s featured artists through BYE2021’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube.

Check out the complete artist lineup down below.

Local Artists: Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, SB19, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Juan Karlos, Arthur Nery, BLASTER, Justin Vasquez, Adie, Kiyo, Allison Shore, Yuridope (ExB), Massiah, Jolianne, 8 Ballin’, Elha, Fern., Over October, Cheats, VVS Collective, dia maté, R Rules, Fateeha, Tiffany Lhei, Scye, Jmara, DonWilson, Daniel Paringit, Nobrvnd, and St. Wolf.

International Artists: Paul Klein and Jake Goss of LANY, Bonnie Bailey, Billkin, Maximillian, Lyn Lapid, and Valley

Influential Content Creators: Maris Racal, Albert Nicolas (“Asian Cutie”), Jim and Saab, and Ceejay Laqui

BYE2021 is co-presented by Dove Hair, Creamsilk, Lifebuoy, Dove Skin Cleansing, Breeze, Knorr, Selecta, and U-COIN by Unilever. This event is also brought to you by Pepsi, and Tinder; sponsored by Popeyes; with official streaming partners, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok; and official music partner, Spotify.

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kun maupay man it panahon

Kun Maupay Man It Panahon: A Surreal Tale Of Resiliency

A different take on Filipino resiliency.

Aided by strong performances from Daniel Padilla, Rans Rifol, and Charo Santos-Concio, Kun Maupay Man It Panahon is an interesting take on what Filipino resiliency looks like.

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Resiliency is such a common trait usually associated with Filipinos that you could say it is intertwined with the Filipino DNA. Every time a disaster hits the country, we are usually able to pick up the pieces, carry on, and continue to live on with their lives. While indeed it is admirable that many Filipinos don’t usually give up in the face of real adversity, this mindset can also create a very problematic culture, especially when it comes to accountability and responsibility after the event.

What some may see as the courageous Filipino spirit, others just see it as a way to keep the status quo and let people go through hardship again and again without doing anything fundamental to make life better. As seen by the recent devastation caused by Typhoon Odette, Filipino resiliency can be easily spun into thinking that there’s no need to for true lasting change since Pinoys will remain hopeful in the end.

Resiliency has been a topic discussed in quite a few Filipino movies and TV shows and Kun Maupay Man It Panahon is the latest film to tackle the topic. Fresh off its award winning and news generating international awards run in the past year, the film is now showing in local cinemas as part of the 2021 MMFF lineup. So, how does the movie stand up to other tales of Filipino resiliency? Unlike others that have come before it, Kun Maupay Man It Panahon isn’t your typical tale of Filipinos trying to get by. Instead, it is a story of survival meets the almost surreal lives people live in following a major disaster. It makes for one of the most interesting cinematic experience Filipino movies will offer this 2021.


Kun Maupay Man It Panahon" to compete at SGIFF

Set in the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, Kun Maupay Man It Panahon follows Miguel (Daniel Padilla), his girlfriend Andrea (Rans Rifol), and his mother Norma (Charo Santos-Concio). The three devise a plan to leave Tacloban by boat for safer shores in Manila. But before they can do that, Norma first needs to find her husband and the three soon go on their own separate journeys as they try to find their way in the wreckage of Tacloban.

Even though the movie is out eight years after Typhoon Yolanda, it’s message is still resonant, especially with what parts of Visayas and Mindanao experienced with Typhoon Odette. It’s themes of hope and struggle still hit after all these years and its made more impactful thanks to the movie’s top-notch production design. It captures what a Yolanda ravaged Tacloban looked like. As the movie progresses, you see that there is nearly nothing left for the survivors as desperation makes it way through the citizens. From debris filled streets to chaotic evacuation centers, the movie paints an eerily accurate picture of a dark moment in history.


Kun Maupay Man It Panahon' praised at Swiss film fest – Filipino News

What’s interesting about Kun Maupay Man It Panahon is how unique it can get in a sense that it can verge on the surreal. This movie isn’t a poverty porn flick meant to rub it in your face that people are having a horrible time. While there are some scenes like that, the movie deviates, if the film’s poster didn’t already give you a clue that it would.

For example, the movie’s soundtrack can be both emotional and surprisingly uplifting and whimsical. The film, on occasion, presents imagery that might seem out of place for a movie like this. Sometimes, the movie can get weird such as a scene of a lion watching a group of people do Zumba or a kid eating popcorn out of an empty bucket. It’s a bit absurdist, but not far flung because this is the movie’s take on what resiliency looks like. People had nearly there whole lives blown away literally and figuratively overnight. So, what are they do to? They sing, dance, pray, dress up, and believe in the coming of a savior. It’s this almost surreal bubble people live in as they try to make sense of a major tragedy.

This offbeat take is also seen in how the soldiers and those in-charge to help people react to the survivors. They don’t care and are not inclined to feel sympathy for those affected. They even come off as aloof and not knowing what to do. A scene involving a soldier and a young kid perfectly reflects this and serves as one of the movie’s best scenes. It is nice for Kun Maupay Man It Panahon to take this unique kind of route in portraying Filipino resiliency because it’s not always a one size fits all type of thing.

But this take also can be to the movie’s detriment as it’s not an easily accessible movie. If you don’t pay attention or don’t think about what you saw, you may have a hard time following the movie. It also can get boring at times, especially in the beginning. It’s not the type of film to sit down, watch, and go. It’s best if you think about what you saw after seeing it. For some, this might be off-putting because it’s not a 100% straightforward narrative. You need to come into this movie with the right mindset in order for you to truly take in what the film is trying to say.


Kun Maupay Man It Panahon' releases official trailer | ABS-CBN News

Kun Maupay Man It Panahon features great performances from a talented group of actors. Daniel Padilla gives a career highlight performance with Miguel, the more subdued member of the trio trying to make it by. Rans Rifol is a scene stealer as the no-nonsense Andrea. Her impressive performance is even more amazing when you learn that this is her big screen debut. Miguel and Andrea are two young people who want a better life for themselves. They are giving up on what they know to go to a place they are unfamiliar with just with the hope that they can find a better life for themselves. The two show their resiliency in very different ways which is a reflection of how we all process trauma in different ways.

Daniel Padilla brings this understatedness to Miguel, but you can feel that behind the curtain, he’s almost resigned himself to what has happened. Andrea, meanwhile, is almost his exact opposite as she knows what she wants and Rans Rifol portrays that to a T. Her rendition of Kantin Dudg’s Gi-Fingers is a film standout and encapsulates the movie’s sense of slight playfulness and impeding doom.

Charo Santos-Concio shines as Norma as she plays a woman in search of her husband who can see through the smoke and mirrors and goes further than most to get what she wants. All three have good chemistry with each other but a scene involving Norma and Miguel near the end shines as the movie’s emotional highlight.


TIFF21 REVIEW: Kun Maupay Man It Panahon [Whether the Weather Is Fine]  [2021] |

Despite the fact that this is director’s Carlo Manatad first feature film, he does a great job. There is this confidence that is present in many of the stunning shots and its impressive how he manages to capture the scale of chaos in the aftermath of the typhoon. Presented in a 1:33 aspect ratio, it can at times feel claustrophobic which adds to the film’s depiction of destruction. For a movie that was seven years in the making, it doesn’t show and Carlos Manatad definitely has a future in directing films.

Kun Maupay Man It Panahon isn’t just a movie about three people trying to get on a boat. It also delves into each of the three leads and the survivors and how they process the events of the typhoon. It’s a visually gorgeous movie with great cinematography, impeccably production design, and impressive acting. Carlo Manatad had wholly unique vision for the movie and a different yet needed take on Filipino resiliency.

Because of this, you get a movie that can get absurd and eerie mixed in with elements of magic realism. But at the same time, you also get a film that is not easy to digest or understand for some people and can get slow which might make for a difficult viewing experience. But at the end of the day, Kun Maupay Man It Panahon is a cinematic experience to enjoy for something different. The movie is not for everybody, but it has a message worth discovering.

Kun Maupay Man It Panahon is currently screening in select cinemas participating in MMFF 2021 until January 7, 2021.

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8 Viral 2021 TikTok Trends You Didn’t Know Were Started By Filipinos

Pinoy users did that!

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Every week, it seems that there is always a new trend or challenge popping up on TikTok. 2021 saw no shortage of trends for users to participate in or simply enjoy for viewing pleasure. But some moments had more lasting power than others and among the trends that truly left an impact in the past year, some of which were created by Filipino users. These weren’t trends that just became a hit among other Pinoy users, but also gained a following all over the world. In a vast ocean of videos made in the past year aiming for viral stardom, there were Pinoy made trends that cut through the noise to become a global hit on the platform. Here then are just some of the viral TikTok trends from 2021 that you may not know were started by Filipinos.



Reply to @alanismanoban Here u go HAHAHAHA ? ##jungmo ##serim ##cravity ##luvity ##cravitypark ##kpopfypシ ##kpopfyp

♬ the psycho intro gone wrong ㅠㅠ – Arielle

Red Velvet’s Psycho remains an iconic song and one of the group’s most signature tracks. That longevity is partially thanks to the song’s memorable opening. It’s not an easy opening to do as this viral TikTok trend shows. User @boopology, who goes by the name Arielle, uploaded her cover of Psycho, but hilariously botched the opening. Users asked her to turn her intro gone wrong to a sound and 150,000 videos later, the viral sound has been used worldwide to comically soundtrack moments gone wrong, usually in the world of K-pop.




♬ Heartbreak Anniversary – Marc Daniel Bernardo

Among the many songs that went viral on TikTok in 2021, one of the most memorable was Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon. The R&B track spread like wildfire on the video sharing app and one reason for the song’s success if Filipino TikTok stars Marc Daniel Bernardo and his girlfriend Katkat. The two created the uber-popular dance challenge commonly associated with the song. Their choreo went everywhere and for a time was even a favorite of ENHYPEN’S Ni-Ki as he would often post his cover of the challenge on the group’s TikTok account.



Reply to @asisti1 Thank uu for supporting my new dance? And congrats to @bellapoarch for her new song Inferno? grabee?? ##ShineSena ##trending ##fyp

♬ INFERNO – Sub Urban & Bella Poarch

The story behind this dance challenge is actually super sweet and a reflection of how anyone can really go viral on the platform. When Bella Poarch dropped her song INFERNO, Filipino TikTok user Shine Sena did a dance challenge for the song and it soon went viral. Bella herself actually caught wind of the dance challenge and not only did she comment on the original dance cover, but she also posted her own version. Filipinos supporting Filipinos, we love to see it, always. 



?무궁화 꽃이 엉덩이에 피면 생기는 일? ##추천 ##fyp ##오징어게임

♬ Squid Game x I Do It For You – Albert Nicolas

Squid Game definitely had its moment on TikTok with millions creating videos about the show all together racking up billions of views. In fact, the most liked TikTok video in the Philippines was one about Squid Game with people recreating the Red Light, Green Light in real life. Speaking of Red Light, Green Light, this viral TikTok trend takes that and combines it with the platform’s ability to make anything go viral. Pinoy TikTok content creator Albert Nicolas combined the gunshot sounds used during the game with the intro to (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Brandy to make for a truly unique sound. And it’s clear that a lot of people liked it with the sound being used nearly 200,000 times and the most popular video using it having over 13.4 million likes. Even K-pop groups like MAMAMOO and ATEEZ used his sound.



new dance who dis ? tag creators u wanna see hit this one ? (DC: ME)

♬ Booty Wurk – Niana Guerrero

Not only does Niana Guerrero know how to kill a dance challenge, but she also can start them to. Earlier in 2021, Niana poster her own dance challenge to Booty Wurk by T-Pain and it quickly went viral. Her sound has been used over 760,000 times that attracted attention from all for corners of the world. Her dance challenge was so popular that T-Pain himself contacted Niana to talk to her. And if that’s not enough, the 15-year-old also had another viral dance challenge with her cover of Kiss Kiss.



##dancetrend ##mashup ##remix

♬ LOTUS FLOWER BOMB x YRN – Michael Napiza

One of the most popular sounds to make its way through TikTok this year was this remix of Lotus Flower Bomb and YRN. If you didn’t participate in the trend, then chances are you at least heard it on for FYP. And you have 18 year old producer Michael Napiza to thank for the remix as he created it. Michael has done some pretty fire remixes over the past year but this one really took off to the tune of over 3.5 million sound uses. He even joked about deleting the sound just for fun.



우리의 컨셉을 맞춰보세요?. ##hook


Nearly anything can go viral on TikTok, including songs that were released years ago. Meghan Trainor knows this very well as she saw Title go from a B-side on her debut album to a mega viral trend used millions of times on TikTok. Another one of her songs that went viral was Me Too and she can partially thank Pinoy content creator and influencer Barry Allen for the song’s extended success. He came up with the viral dance challenge associated with the song. As of this writing, his sound for the song has been used over 1.4 million times.



imagine being posted to this sound aha &lt/3 ##fyp ##inmymind ##CandyCrushAllStars

♬ In My Mind – Lyn Lapid

Many songs went viral on TikTok this year alone, and In My Mind by Lyn Lapid was one of those songs that made an impact on the video sharing app. The 19-year-old Filipina musician based in the US has gone viral a few times already, but her song was one that really made the rounds on TikTok. If having a song go viral on TikTok is not enough, Lyn’s also responsible for the “If you only knew what was going on in my mind” trend. To date, the track has been used over 376,000 times on the platform.

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nadine lustre platform walk the talk

5 Times Nadine Lustre Walked the Talk

And that's on Darna behavior.

Everyone stanned the right president.

In a world known to be superficial and full of ✨BS✨, it’s rare finding someone who keeps it real. Then there’s Nadine Lustre. She’s been walking the talk ever since, always standing up for what she believes in 100 percent. Some of her bashers poke fun at her “aesthetic feed” and feel that it’s the only thing she cares about, however she always uses her platform better than most people at the end of the day. Well, she isn’t nicknamed “President Nadine” for nothing. Read on below for all the times Nadine Lustre walked the talk and used her platform for good.

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Remember the time when some reporters made fun of her for being vocal about her battle with depression? Obviously, Nadine Lustre has had enough. “I’m sick and tired of these boomers treating mental issues like it’s a mf joke,” she said in an Instagram story last year. Just recently, Nadine along with Liza Soberano and Yassi Pressman co-founded a company called Mind You aimed to make mental health services more accessible.


People love throwing rocks at things that shine, don’t they? Nadine Lustre is probably one of the local celebrities who still maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing feed even years later. But even then, she never shies away from using her platform to talk about her causes. Whether it’s sustainability, trying to solve the mystery of the missing P275 billion, choosing the right leaders for our country, and spreading the word on how to help the typhoon victims, here’s a girl who knows how to use her voice.


Here’s how a true plantita should act. This year alone, Nadine Lustre partnered with private organizations like Green Peace, Masungi Georeserve committed to making the world a little better by conserving the environment. No, she doesn’t just post it for the sake. She literally picks up the rubbish on the beach, donates, and helps in rebuilding the forests.


If you’re still looking for more reasons why Nadine Lustre has become a gay icon, it’s because she’s an active supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. In 2019, she attended Pride march in Marikina, and last year, she raised funds for displaced drag artists and the elderly gay community.

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Nadine Lustre has been residing in Siargao for most of 2021, even calling it her home base and only travelling to Manila when she has to work. When she could’ve stayed safely in the comforts of Manila while Typhoon Odette was happening, she returned to Siargao by traveling 6 six hours in a pump boat just to help the island’s residents. She was even spotted buying all the solar panels in one hardware store just to help in streamlining the communication and signal. Can we also talk about how she’s been amplifying calls for help for the people of Vis-Min on social media? And that’s on Darna behavior.

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joshua garcia tiktok

Joshua Garcia Really Shook The Internet With His First TikTok Video

His power... it amazes us sometimes.

Normalize maulol kay Joshua Garcia.

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Whenever people talk about the top leading men and actors of the current generation, Joshua Garcia is still relatively underrated. While he is indeed popular, he sometimes is not as talked about as some of his contemporaries. This is a bit of a shame, because while we first got to know him from PBB, Joshua has established himself as a truly talented actor.

Aside from his good looks, which could pass him off as a young John Llyod Cruz (who he is also likened to in terms of skill) or your favorite oppa, he also is a true gentleman. In fact, that was recently seen during the 2021 ABS-CBN Christmas Special where he came to Jane de Leon’s rescue when she had a wardrobe malfunction on stage. And let’s not forget that he has a friend group that he truly deserves.

But these days, it seems that Joshua Garcia is enjoying a bit of a renaissance, though it’s not as if he needed one. He’s currently starring in the TV series, Viral Scandal, which has been lauded for its timely and sensitive portrayal of sexual abuse and other related topics. He’s also set to star in the highly anticipated, Darna: The TV Series, where he will play Brian Samonte Robles, the love interest of de Leon’s Narda/Darna. And as further proof of Joshua Garcia’s star power, he shook the internet this week and all because he joined TikTok.



but you know i stay HAHAH ##fyp

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

On December 20, Joshua became the latest star to join TikTok. So, what did he post for his first ever video? His version of the Ginseng Strip 2002 trend from Yung Lean. Lip-syncing and gesturing in the video, Joshua kinda bodied it and made many people fall in love with him all over again. As of this writing, his video has over 36 million views, 4.6 million likes, and 131k comments.

The Ginseng Strip 2002 sound has been used over 1.8 million times and Joshua’s video sits firmly at the top despite being just a few days old. Aside from how the trend is currently the flavor of the week on TikTok, it made many people realize the undeniable charms of Joshua Garcia and needless to say left many people (rightfully) simping for him. Here are some of the best reactions we found to Joshua and his viral TikTok video.


@JOSHUA GARCIA 님과 ##이어찍기 ##stitch everyone say “salamat po Joshua Garcia” ##fyp

♬ original sound – Juwonee・゚✧

Normalize maulol kay @iam.joshuagarcia

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

##yeonjun ##enhypen ##joshuagarcia ##zaijian

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

willing ako makipagbardagulan for ü arghhhh

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

ginawang ritwal si Joshua Garcia eh

♬ original sound – Juswa ☻

Gagi Joshua Garcia kasalanan mo ‘to. Napaghinalaan tuloy ako ng asawa ko. Hahahaha ##fyp

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

kasalanan mo yan @iam.joshuagarcia

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

Kabog kayo ng wallpaper ko. ##jowareveal ##joshua ##joshuagarcia ##fypシ ##foryou

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.


joshua—i—let me explain? ##joshua ##svt ##carats ##세븐틴

♬ GInseng Strip 2002 – calf

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abs cbn christmas specials outfit belle mariano kathryn bernardo blythe

11 Outfit Ideas From The Christmas Specials You Can Copy For The Holiday Season

Hooray for more outfits ideas in time for Christmas dinners!

Any excuse to dress up is always a good idea.

Consider Christmas eve as your chance to look extra, extra dressed from head-to-toe. Well, there really wasn’t much occasions to consider either since we’re all just practicing safety inside the house. But you can’t deny how a good outfit instantly changes your mood or shifts you to becoming the ✨ main character.✨

Spicing up the holiday season, more than 100 stars from ABS-CBN recently got together at the Star Magic Christmas Special to celebrate the spirit of togetherness in their best dressed looks and we’re already taking notes. From Darren Espanto’s sparkly suit to Belle Mariano who *literally* became the belle of the ball, here are some outfit ideas to copy from these stars in time for Christmas eve.

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First up on this list? Channeling old Hollywood glamour and Jessica Rabbit is Blythe with her red mermaid gown by Carl Arcusa paired with a fur stole by It’s Faux PH, dripped in diamonds.


Donny Pangilinan looks suave and sharp in his red velvet suit. A total class act.


Aside from her breathtaking ball gown, Belle Mariano also showed us a bit of her sultry side in this Boom Sason mini dress. Trust us to show up at the Christmas dinner in this head-turning look.


Who cares about dressing in red when you can look this good in burgundy? The pearl strands and the glass slipper also added to the fairytale drama of it all.


If you’re on the classic, minimal side of things, then Kathryn Bernardo’s red hot look by Martin Bautista is enough to make an unforgettable impact. All it needs is some diamonds and a low pony to match.


Feather you like it or not, Lovi Poe’s full on plummage fantasy by Patty Ang is completely divine. Here’s an outfit idea if you want to go all out and steal the show.


In Darna we trust. This sparkly gown by Froilan Dosdosen just screams regal and blazing hot, complete with her strappy Giuseppe Zanotti heels.


Showing up in a stunning cut-out dress by Maison Soriano, breakout actress Charlie Dizon stuns in this sequined look.


Bow down to the queen. Still haven’t decided on what hairstyle you’re going for on Christmas eve? Francine Diaz just gave us the ultimate inspo with her half updo and red bow.


We just filed Jayda’s red mini dress look accessorized with gold chains and platform heels under our outfits to try when you don’t wanna put any effort, but end up being the standout.


‘Tis the season to wear a red sparkly suit like Darren Espanto. ‘Cause why not? This look was complete head turner.

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How To Prepare For Unnecessary Comments From Your Titas And Titos This Christmas

Another party, another awkward comment.

The tita/tito apocalypse is coming once again. Here are some responses to help you against their ever so annoying questions.

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Christmas is a time for family and friend reunions and get togethers. The season is filled with many parties and moments to meet up with people that you may have not seen for a long time. But let’s be real, Christmas is also the time for that dreaded reunion with your titas, titos, and other relatives who may not understand you. While there is nothing wrong for them to ask questions about your life, there’s always that one person who is going to ask that oh-so invasive, pointed, and loaded question. As we go through the rest of this holiday season, here are some annoying questions you may face in a family reunion and how you can prepare for them.


11 Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps to Try in 2021

The age-old question. If you are already in a relationship, then this question shouldn’t be a problem. But if you aren’t, things can get tricky. You can keep it real and say that you aren’t currently looking or interested in having one. And if they try to be nosy and ask why it’s been so long since you were in a relationship or you’re still single, then you can say, “‘Di po sila ready sa kagandahan ko.” Your life should not be determined by whether or not you are in a relationship.


Nearly half of Japanese people who want to get married 'unable to find  suitable partner' | The Independent | The Independent

If your titos and titas won’t ask you if you are in a relationship, then they may ask you why you aren’t married yet. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions any person will make in life and it’s not something you usually do on a whim. If you’re relatives are of the understanding type, then you can say that you aren’t ready to do so, whether it be mentally, emotionally, or financially. And if you want to add a sense of humor, you can say, “Kasi hirap pumili po.” Marriage is not a decision for your relatives to make for you.


20+ Best Free Graduation Pictures on Unsplash

Everyone has had a hard time during the pandemic, more so for students. The shift to online learning was not easy for many, not to mention the mental and emotional toll the past two years have taken on students. It’s understandable if you took a break or are taking your time. If you are asked why you haven’t graduated yet, you can be honest about your personal experiences if you feel comfortable in telling. Also, you can hit them with how busy you have been in your life, whether personally or academically, to show that you aren’t a lazy bum who does nothing. Just remember that at the end of the day, what you are going through in school is not the same as what your relatives went through. Everyone has their own pace.


It’s one thing to finish school, but it’s a whole other ball game when it comes to discovering what you want to do in your life. The “real world” is a crazy jungle and sometimes, your path won’t be as clear as others. When hit with the inquiry about your life plans, just say what you are currently going through, whether it be rest, still looking for a job, or what have you. It’s ok that you don’t have your life planned out until your retirement. Life’s a journey, not a race nor is it a competition. 


Style GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Unless the party you are going to has a theme or dress code, you can more or less dress how you want. For some of us, our idea of style may be a 180 from what others expect or even deem normal. If you’re sense of style bothers some of your relatives, just say that you are showing off your style and “Nirarampa ko ang outfit ko.” Remember, your haters are just your secret fans. And more importantly, don’t let those side comments stop you from being true to who you are.


Body Weight and Health: Why the Number on the Scale Is Deceptive

Weight has always been one of the most sensitive topics for many of us. Whether you’re gaining or losing weight, it’s topic many of us try to avoid talking about for a variety of understandable reasons. But sadly, some people can’t help but point out your body weight. If your tita or tito says that you’ve been gaining weight, show that you’re unbothered and say “Glowing po ako ngayon.” Yes, there is a line between body positivity and being in a state that is detrimental to your health. But we all know that commenting about someone’s weight is unnecessary because we may not know what they are going through.  


How to Vote - Elections - Subject Guides at University of Iowa

Politics is something that many of us would try to avoid talking about in family reunions. But with the important 2022 elections coming up fast, the topic may come up. If you are your family share the same politics, then good for you. But if you don’t, then don’t feel pressured to conform to what others may tell you. If are of voting age and your relatives ask you who you are voting for, then be honest and tell them. And if they ask why, then give them facts and receipts as to why that person is getting your vote. Also, don’t be afraid to clap back at fake news being spread by your titos and titas if need be.

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typhoon odette donation local brands

These Local Brands Are Donating Portions Of Their Sales To The Ongoing Typhoon Relief Efforts

They'll need all the help they can get.

Here’s a better way to spend your Christmas by helping out our fellow Filipinos.

Typhoon Odette recently annihilated many parts of Visayas and Mindanao, leaving the cities with no power, no connection and no more shelter. You’ve probably seen the photos of the famous tourist spots in Siargao and Cebu after the storm and they’re all heartbreaking, almost like a ghost town. As non-government organization Kids for Kids puts it, “we hate how our country has become a poster-child for the Climate Crisis.” And nope, no amount of motivational quotes, resiliency-packed statements and band aid solutions are enough to solve the real issues. We hate to admit it, but most of the time, we’re left on our own.

In the spirit of solidarity and community, here are some of the local brands that have committed to donating portions of their sales to the ongoing typhoon relief efforts.

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Local cult brand Proud Race recently opened their archives again and will be donating part of the proceeds to the victims of Typhoon Odette. There’s the memorable Mahal Kita print, Daddy tees and cutout dresses, and more streetwear staples,


Cebu-based designer Shayne Lopez of Tie Diet is one of the people who witnessed the rage of the Typhoon Odette first hand. In an Instagram post, they shared that the city won’t have electricity for a month or more. They’re currently selling some of the colorful pieces that the brand has been known for.


Sustainable local brand ANGKAN has always been supportive of our indigenous communities by promoting the work of our artisans. This time around, they’re donating 100% of the proceeds from their Surf slingbags to the relief efforts of Typhoon Odette.


Eyewear brand Ilaw Company may be a new kid on the block, but they’re already taking the necessary steps to make the world a little more brighter by donating 80% of their sales for the relief efforts.


Jewelry brand The Library is known mostly for their dainty, handcrafted pieces made out of vintage materials. They’re donating a portion of their sales from their holiday collection to help those in Negros Occidental.


Beauty brand Hypergleam’s initiative this time is if you send them P100, you’ll get a voucher in return. You can also donate a larger amount to receive a voucher of the same value.


Aira Medina, co-founder of local brand Neon Island, has also seen the devastation in her hometown Cebu that was caused by Typhoon Odette. For their recent collaboration with Tapies, they’re giving 50% of their sales to fundraising organization, Courage Cebu.


You can now shop Filipino makeup brand Issy & Co.’s products like their skin tints, hydragloss lippies and cleansing butters for a greater cause. They’re donating 100% of their storewide sales and 50% from their skincare line to the victims of Typhoon Odette.


Bare Canvas, a new beauty brand devoted to consciously-crafted skincare products, is donating 50% of their profits to purchase hygiene kits to those affected by the typhoon. The kit includes shampoo, soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, comb, and face mask.


Before you plan for the holidays, think about how you can also help our kababayans in Vis-Min. When you purchase a planner or a drink from The Lula Club, 100% of the profit will go directly to relief efforts of Typhoon Odette.

If you want to know more ways you can help, we’ve compiled a list of donation channels here.

BTS Christmas Gift 2021

Seven BTS-inspired Gifts That Even Your Non-ARMY Loved Ones Would Love

Alexa, play BTS Christmas Carol Medley.

Whether your shopping for Christmas presents last minute or sharing the cheer over the rest of the holidays, here are gift ideas for the BTS ARMY in you. And for the not quite the fan just yet? Give any of these and they’ll be stanning in no time.

Let’s get one fact of the matter straight: 2021 has been a VERY big year for BTS. And because of their generosity despite being on “vacation,” the ARMY keeps on growing by the day. This also means you and I are running out of ideas on what to give to your bangtan buddies this Christmas. So, in the spirit of giving, here are seven BTS-inspired gifts that you can give to the seven ARMY loved ones in your life. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it is never too late for gifts, especially those that come from the heart.

For your older sister or cousin

I Decided to Live As Me Planner from Apop

Your kuya or ate probably already ordered the 2022 Season’s Greetings and Wall Calendar already, so what gives? Well, this undated personal life organizer has enough space for him or her to list down his or her tasks, doodle, or vent about adulting struggles. Peppered all over the 288 pages are English and Korean passages from the Jungkook-approved book, I Decided to Live As Me. This will definitely be a thoughtful gift to the person who is your guiding Light in this long tunnel called life.

For your mom and dad

BTS Footwear by

After years of looking after you, your parents deserve the best in the world. Whether it’s realizing you’re no longer a baby or going through the empty nest syndrome, it’s no surprise that your folks cannot resist TinyTan. You can support their growing fascination with these cute characters by giving them these comfortable slippers. Maybe teach them a few steps or two of Permission To Dance while you’re at it.

For your mentor, a college professor, or boss

Locally-produced scented soy candles by scent/ences

There is a saying that “You will find BTS when you need them the most.” And in my case, I stumbled upon this newly-opened candlemaker when I was browsing through my favorite BTS Facebook group. The candles were high-quality and serves the aesthetic that I was looking for. Three of the four Bangtan Seonyondan-inspired candles also come with florals and gems that represent the story behind each creation.

For your best friend

Chant sweaters, shirts and hoodies from The Purple Source

I personally want to own one of the Fear of God sweaters and hoodies that the boys have. Unfortunately, everything that the boys wear usually gets sold out in minutes or is not quite within budget. So, this Christmas, you and your best friend can choose to go twinning with these tops that guarantee unique and witty designs. Who wouldn’t want to wear their heart on their sleeves (quite literally)? And trust me, I never knew Gildan can be this comfy.

For your partner

A date in the Rkive Cafe

We have seen a lot of BTS-inspired cafes all over the Philippines. But let’s admit it, your significant other may not be ARMY…just yet. So, in the spirit of not shocking him or her into the fandom, this café comes highly recommended. They’ll enjoy eating the best-seller, the purinkle fries, bacon, shrimp with cheese sauce. Or, you can try the newest addition to their menu, the Purple lemonade. The cafe also started a mini library that curates books read by the BTS members. ARMY or not, who wouldn’t enjoy this date?

For your batchmate and drink buddy 

Oh Slap! The ARMY Edition card game by Funby Games

This fandom-inspired card game incorporates your love for the boys with your barkada. All you have to do is to do the fan-chant, race against your opponents to slap the corresponding name to the card in order to collect as many cards as you can. With 75 cards in one deck that contain illustrations featuring OT7, who wouldn’t want to own one deck for yourself to play or maybe, display as a photocard?

A personal disclaimer: I may or may not own 70% of the gifts inspired by BTS enumerated here. But hey, who’s counting? It’s the season of giving, so why wouldn’t I get one for myself?


holiday ideas

8 Fun And Exciting Activities To Do With Your Barkada This Holidays

You know what's better then having fun? Having fun with friends!

Looking to spend some quality time with your barkada, but don’t know what to do? Then let these suggestions help you have an enjoyable Christmas with friends.

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The Christmas season is once again in full swing, which means another time for family reunions, parties, and get togethers. If 2020 was a time for us to stay indoors, 2021 is the year when people are coming out and meeting their friends and family face-to-face. Of course, we should always practice proper health and safety protocols whenever we go out, especially considering that we are still in a pandemic and a new variant is currently making its way around the world. But as long as you’re vaccinated, wear a mask, and observe proper health rules, then this Christmas can be a fun and safe time. If you and your barkada are fatigued with having Zoom and Discord meet-ups and are looking to have in-person activities, then here are some barkada spots you should consider.


FIRST LOOK: Ayala Triangle Gardens' Gallery of Lights 2019 - ClickTheCity

One of the most anticipated parts of the Christmas season is the Christmas lights and decorations put up in homes and buildings around the city. If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, try taking a trip to the different Christmas exhibitions around the Metro. There’s the Ayala Triangle Gardens’ Festival of Lights, the SM Mall of Asia Night of Lights, and the CCP’s lights show, to name a few. Enjoy the show and take in the Christmas feels with your friends at these visually appealing spots.  


Best Movie Theaters for Dating in Metro Manila

Now that movie theaters are finally open, why not enjoy a movie at the big screen? While you can’t site beside your friends or eat snacks like before, getting to experience movies in cinemas again is worth the price of admission. If you want to make the screening more special, several cinemas allow you to rent out a movie theater for as low as 5000 pesos. Have that special private screening with your friends and enjoy the latest blockbuster at the comfort of a private cinema. Did someone say Spider-Man No Way Home private screening?


12 Hotel Staycation Packages In and Around Manila Under Php 5,000 - For  Two! - Klook Travel BlogKlook Travel

Flying abroad for vacation is still a complicated situation, especially with the Omicron variant spreading around the world. So instead, spend your vacation somewhere closer and book a staycation at a hotel. Many hotels around the metro allow you to book staycations. Spend a day (or two) with your barkada at the hotel of your choice and enjoy the amenities that it hast to offer. Book that deluxe sweet, enjoy the spa, and dine-in at a nice restaurant, you and your friends earned it.


Alfresco dining at the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls gets an upgrade – Manila  Bulletin

A few things beat a great time than a night of good friends and great food. You aren’t lacking places to choose for your next hangout with your barkada. BGC alone has many spots that you can try and the best part is that you and your friends can enjoy your scroll through BGC with the many eye-catching Christmas decorations scattered throughout the area. The only thing you need to take into consideration is the kind of food you want to eat. Do you want a light brunch? Or do you and your friends looking to chow down on a hearty meal? The choice is yours. But the important thing is that you enjoy it with the special people in your life. And if this is going to be the first time you will be seeing your friends in person in a long time, then it makes for an even greater reunion.


The Ultimate House Party Guide

When you think of a good time with the barkada, a house party is usually at the or near the top of the list. It makes for a great reunion and it’s a near guarantee that you and your friends will have fun. You get to pick the food you eat, the games you play, and everything in between. And the best part is that it’s done at the comfort of home. Of course, all of this should be done with health and safety protocols being observed. If you’re feeling sick the day of the party, then don’t even try it. It also helps if the party is held in a big an open space like a backyard. The last thing you need for your friends to catch covid.


New Airbnbs Near Metro Manila That We're Obsessed About — stories by wink

Can’t go abroad but want to escape the city? Then book an Airbnb for the holidays with your barkada. Enjoy the nice cool breeze of your home away from home while spending quality time with your friends. The service isn’t lacking when it comes to available vacation spots/homes in the province. You can get a house with a nice pool, a home with IG worthy views, or a house that’s just a stone’s throw away from the beach. It’s up to you and your friends to decide what you’re looking for in your getaway.


Ayala Museum to close down in June for year-long renovations

If partying or playing isn’t your thing, then why not visit a local museum. The National Museums have reopened and their free of charge so not only do you get to see and appreciate Philippine art and history, but you can do it for free. Ayala Museum also recently opened its doors after going on renovation for the past two years so you may want to book a visit to see what’s new. If your barkada is looking for something a bit different, you can visit museums with fun twists like The Dessert Museum, Art In Island, or The Mind Museum. There’s also the newly opened Tales of Illuminia located in Ever Commonwealth for interactive art installation meets Philippine mythology.



##sandokchallenge ##fypシ

♬ original sound – Sheen Melody

If you’re looking to spice up your next barkada get together, why not try these fun TikTok challenges? The first is the sandok challenge where a stack of bills will be layed on a table or flat surface. The participant is then blindfolded and given a big spoon, aka the sandok. The person will then have to scoop up as many bills as they can onto a plate for theirs to keep. As you can see, there can be a lot of fun in the game plus you get to take home money. And you don’t have to use just 1000 and 500 peso bills, 20 and 50 peso bills can do just fine. Another TikTok challenge you can try is the rainbow picnic. This is where participants brings a food item based on every color on the rainbow and you and your friends compare what each of you picked for each color. This Christmas, spice things up by making it one gift per color of the rainbow and see what your friends bring.


The BTS POP-UP: SPACE OF BTS arrives in Singapore — here's all you

Are you or one of your friends part of BTS ARMY? Then this one’s for you. If you missed the original BTS pop-up store earlier this year or want to experience it again you’re in luck. A BTS Pop-Up: Space of BTS location will happen in SM Megamall. And the best part is that it’s opening this Christmas Day, December 25. The store will be open until March 31, 2022 which gives you a little bit over three months to cop BTS merch. But given how the last BTS store’s stay was extended, fingers crossed that this happens again. Just like last time, you need to reserve a slot before you can enter. You can book a slot here. There are also other K-pop inspired stores to visit such that are more fandom natural such as Chingu Dachi in Paranaque.

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