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10 New Songs That We’re Adding To Our Playlist

Take a look at all our latest song discoveries and the artists worth listening to!

On the lookout for more Filipino music to appreciate? We collated newly-released songs from young rising artists—along with musicians we know and love—to add to our playlist.

If there’s anything we, Filipinos, can get along with, it’s that sense of Filipino pride whenever we see talented people thriving in their passion for music. There’s undeniable talent everywhere and it’s important to appreciate them every once in a while.

It’s not easy producing and recording music at a time like this. While most have taken a break from tours, concerts, and music in general, these artists are coming through with new tracks that will surely get you vibing.

Here are the rising Filipino artists and the new music releases that are worth adding to your playlist.

Outlaws – Nameless Kids

Nameless Kids is a pop-indie band comprised of five multi-talented individuals, Nhiko Viktor Sabiniano, Kyle Perry, Jason de Mesa, Kim Allen, and Imay Alconaba. Their first single, Outlaws, was inspired by the popular biker gang TV series, Sons of Anarchy

Cake 4 Breakfast – Annette, Subzylla

You know you’ve had a good time when you’re having cake for breakfast. This track by Annette and Subzylla is a slow R&B jam that’s perfect for chill listening.

Kyusi – Zild

Singer-songwriter Zild Benitez is emerging as his own person away from IV of Spades with his recent track, Kyusi. It’s a refreshing track that will take you back to the simpler days. Read our full, exlusive interview with Zild here.

The Light – BGYO

By now, you would already know that we’re raving about BGYO’s debut single, The Light. And it’s definitely on repeat on our playlist. Take a look at our review of the song here, and an exclusive interview with the BGYO boys here.

Giddyup – 13C

13C is a three-piece band comprised of Davy, Ichi, and Flo. These Cebuano musicians are definitely the new band you need to watch out for. Take a listen to their song, Giddyup.

Luna – DonWilson

DonWilson is a young, emerging musician from Lipa. His latest release, Luna is our personal favorite when we just want to sit back, relax, and listen to chill music.

til forever – firegod

We’re loving til forever by the dynamic duo, firegod (Fern Tan and Justin Punzalan). It’s sure to guarantee LSS and frankly? We don’t even mind one bit. It’s a stripped back song that will get you mindlessly swaying.

Tama Ni Dzai – Edray Tedroso

Edray Tedroso sure knows how to release bops we can sing along with. Her recent release, Tama Ni Dzai perfectly explains what it’s like to fall in love.

Kwentuhan – Autotelic

Autotelic reminds us of the importance of human connection with their new track, Kwentuhan. It’s a song that will make you feel a sense of nostalgia and a reminder that good communication is the key to maneuvering in the new normal.

How Many – Guapdad 4000, !llmind

Guapdad 4000 is a Fil-Am hip hop artist who was the first signed artist of PARADISE RISING (88rising’s sister label.) And we can’t forget to mention that he’s a Grammy nominee! Show some love for his single, How Many with fellow Filipino, !llmind.

BLACKPINK Jennie fashion editor

Are You Ready For The Reign Of Fashion Editor Jennie On Vogue Korea?

Is there anything the girls of Blackpink cannot do?

From the pages of Vogue Korea to standing in as a contributing fashion editor, Blackpink’s Jennie is making her dreams come true, one striking visual at a time.  


Is there anything the girls from Blackpink cannot do? Wait, scratch that. There’s no need, because obviously, the quartet of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose are taking over the world, one area at a time.

With successful forays into entertainment, endorsements, and engagements that stretches far beyond the entrancing Korean domain, the Blackpink crew is quite the force to be reckoned with in fashion. Heavily inspired by their high-octane, head-banging, and hip-swiveling music, the K-pop girl group has made quite the impact with their unique style personalities. Apart from the visceral visuals of their music videos, concerts, and off-duty airport look, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé have also played muses to high fashion houses.

From Rosé fronting campaigns for Saint Laurent, Lisa named the muse for Hedi Slimane’s Celine, Jisoo being named the face of Dior beauty, and Jennie rocking the hallowed house of Chanel, the ladies of Blackpink are unstoppable. Proving to be powerhouses individually, they all are making strides on their own, too. With solo music and such, we are slowly getting to know them outside the phenomenon that is Blackpink. Take Jennie for example, who recently set our social media timelines ablaze with her announced stint as Fashion Editor for Vogue Korea.

All Hail Jennie, The Fashion Editor

In an old interview that resurfaced online, Jennie was once asked: “If you were not an idol, what occupation would you be?”

“Magazine editor or fashion designer…I want to do those,” Jennie replied in earnest.

Well, dreams do come true, because while the images that were published of her by Vogue Korea were spellbinding, it was the accompanying statement that revealed a more interesting facet to the whimsical shoot. “Jennie has taken photoshoots as a model, but this is the first time she has participated in photo shoots as a planner, deciding on her own concept, and deciding on hair and makeup drafts, including styling,” writes the international magazine.

While this isn’t the first time Jennie found herself on the pages of Vogue Korea, this turn is a major feather on her cap as she was credited as Contributing Editor for the photo shoot found in the magazine’s March 2021 issue. Being a hands-on creative for this decidedly effervescent effort, Jennie really sat down and put herself into the production of this visual, especially in the style department. After all, she isn’t nicknamed “Jennie Trend-nie” by her ardent supporters for nothing. This is perhaps why on Twitter, “Jennie Fashion Editor” was (and still is) a trending topic of conversation as we speak.

This Is Her

With her undeniable and unparalleled influence in everything she does, it goes to no surprise as to why she would eventually find herself ticking off her lifelong goals of being a magazine fashion editor—and for Vogue, no less. If the striking and searing images are any indication, it sure looks like Jennie is in full control as fashion editor. And you know what, we would definitely like to see more of her in this creative capacity.

In the series of photos, Jennie essays a revelation that is light, graceful, and precise. From the lightly tousled hair, the denim dungarees paired with cream Chanel slides, and breathtaking pink-stained, barely there beauty, this fashion editor knows what she is doing. More so, it is instances like these that are equally so refreshing, especially since we get to see our idols in a way that is decided and defined by themselves.

Hello, Fashion Editor Jennie, it is a pleasure to meet you, finally.

Mars Perseverance Rover

In Honor Of Perseverance Landing, These Pop Culture Moments Will Have You Saying: What’s Up, Mars?

Well, come on, Teletubby. Teleport us to Mars!

Following the successful touchdown of NASA’s Perseverance on the surface of Mars, consider this an extraterrestrial education. From Mars Attacks To Britney Spears, your mission is to soak up as much as you can just in case space exploration is possible in the future.


In July 2020, the rest of the world focused its geeked up gaze and telescopes to the launch of Perseverance, the latest rover that was set to explore the mysterious red planet in our solar system. With 293 million miles of interplanetary space and 7 minutes of terror to safely descend onto the surface of the Jezero Crater, the NASA mission purpose is to search for astrobiological evidence of ancient microbial life, as well as carry with it a scientific bounty of possibilities aboard the ninth spacecraft destined for Mars.

From T-minus 10 seconds to traversing space for 203 days, NASA has confirmed the successful touchdown of its most advanced nuclear-powered rover on Mars on February 19, 2021. After puncturing through the planet’s atmospohere and going in for the supersonic plunge, the safe landing signals a new era of exploration. Unprecedented in its efforts, it will not only scope out the surface of Mars, but it will also spend the next two years searching for fossils of ancient alien life and recording sounds on the red planet, as well as test technology that could potentially send astronauts through its interplanetary helicopter.

How infinitely cool is that?

The Mission

A pivotal moment for NASA and for space exploration, this mission to Mars is important to further understanding what is bigger than all of us combined. “The question of whether there’s life beyond Earth is one of the most fundamental and essential questions we can ask,” ponders NASA geologist Katie Stack Morgan. “Our ability to ask this question and develop the scientific investigations and technology to answer it is one of the things that make us as a species so unique.”

Following its descent to Mars, Perseverance has sent back the first images of what stands to be the beginning of an epic adventure. On the cusp of discoveries and possibly rewriting history, the initial risk was well worth it as the rover has found its forever home. Now, the real work begins for this mission to Mars, which stands on the shoulders of its predecessors, Curiosity and InSight.

“Samples from Mars have potential to profoundly change our understanding of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system,” explains Lori Glaze, Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division. “Even now, NASA continues to study moon samples returned by the Apollo program more than 50 years ago. We expect samples of Mars to provide new knowledge for decades to come.”

Despite its groundbreaking scientific and technical genesis, there is a lot more riding on the metal frame of Perseverance. As its name suggests, it inadvertently embodies the spirit of persisting despite whatever danger lies in the uncharted territory. Even if we are talking about a red planet at a great distance from us, it couldn’t come at a more opportune time in our history.

Perseverance Act On Mars

Mars Perseverance Landing

Apart from exploring and navigating the terrain of Earth’s neighbor, collecting core samples of rock and regolith (aka broken rocks and dust), Perseverance carries with it 10.9 million names etched on a microchip aboard on top of the rover, all of which were listed to join the liftoff in what still stands to be an exciting capacity. With this mission to Mars, Perseverance also features a 3-by-5 inch aluminum plate installed on the left side of its chassis, bearing the symbol of Earth with a serpent intertwined around a rod to represent the global medical community—a fitting tribute to health care workers and front liners around the world carrying on with its mission to save the world from the persistent pandemic.

“We wanted to demonstrate our appreciation for those who have put their personal well-being on the line for the good of others,” details Matt Wallace, Perseverance deputy project manager at NASA, in a statement. “It is our hope that when future generations travel to Mars and happen upon our rover, they will be reminded that back on Earth in the year 2020 there were such people.”

No, there was no sighting of Britney Spears sauntering in the middle of the red planet in an equally sizzling red latex bodysuit, nor was there a cavorting with an astronaut. However, functioning as an extension of living vicariously through a rigorously trained spacecraft, there was definitely a lot of drummed up anticipation and excitement to this particular launch of the mission to Mars. At least this way, some will have already lived their dormant dreams of becoming a galactic emissary, taking part of the complex mission to find signs of ancient life in the mysterious red planet.

Gotta Blast

While Perseverance has safely landed, NASA is already working towards its next expedition to Mars, opening up the Sign Up Your Name To Mars program for anyone who wants to join in on the fun and live out a fantasy of jetting off to outer space. Ahead of setting out into space, the future NASA-led mission to Mars has already recorded 10,932,295 listed names as of this writing. Not that we could blame the sheer number that is presumably growing in exponential increments, it looks like we really want out of this country, because Houston, we have problems. Can anyone blame us?

While the next astronomical flight out of the planet is scheduled on July 2026, the next five years is still quite the long wait. In the meantime, before our names get to blast off into outer space and onto Mars, here is a list of red planet pop culture moments that we should be familiar with. Who knows, if life’s trajectory sees us inhabiting it in the future, because while there is still much to learn, at least we know what to expect, right?

BRB, setting our alarms for the next NASA mission to Mars in 3, 2, 1…and we have liftoff.

Oops!…I Did It Again

Mars Attacks

The Martian

The Space Between Us

Mars Needs Moms

Life On Mars

SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Rocket Man



Into Friendship Threesomes? Here’s What It’s Like To Have Your Own Iconic Trio

Even Betty and Veronica needed a Cheryl.

You guys know a huge group of friends, like 5 or 7, is a whole lotta fun. But nothing is better than having your own friendship trio: an intimate, share-anything-you-want, solid inner circle.

From Jenny, Blair, and Erin of Someone Great to Natalie, Alex, and Dylan aka Charlie’s Angels, having two best friends to be there for you through thick and thin is the greatest social achievement you’ll ever get. 

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It’s like having two people weigh out every decision you’ll ever make, know two sides to every scenario you’re involved in, and receive two different pieces of advice when handling your problems. (Seriously, it’s like having your own shoulder angel and devil.) I met mine in 2016, still fresh? Yes, we know. But it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends, it’s actually the phases you guys have been through that counts. And our friendship has been through a lot of breakups, fights, arguments, getting-over-a-guy syndrome, and the little things in between that bolstered our relationship as strong as it is now. 

And no, this ain’t some Harry Potter scenario where Professor McGonagall questions why when something bad happens, it’s always your triad that’s involved. There are good, in fact, great things, too. To start, we are three completely different people in the triumvirate. And yet we share the same heart and devotion to the friendship that even if we do not talk for a month, the bond is still there. So, what is it like to belong in an iconic, amazeballs trinity?

Attendance is ez

best friendship trio

Given that there are only three of you in the circle, time and schedule adjustment is never hard. Let’s face it, getting a huge group of people with different jobs to come together is such a task. We don’t work like that. No one is supposed to get left behind. Depending on the people you’re with, whether you’ll be hanging outside or if you guys are health-conscious like us who just downloads any “watch together” app and enjoy a movie together. Yes, it’s kinda lame to not be able to see each other personally but it’ll suffice for now!

Front-stabbing is the norm

best friend trio

Any triad whose friendship got tested dozens of times will have no problems with being brutally honest with each other. Since the circle is small, there’s no use gossiping or whispering behind another friend’s back. Trust me, they’ll figure it out eventually. What’s so special about this friendship is that we take these hateful comments into consideration. We treat it as if it’s said because we know they’re really for our own good. I’ve heard A LOT of front-stabbing from my best friends and they’ve done me nothing but good once I listen to them. (Well, that’s if I listen.)

Problems come in threes

bestffriend trio

Your problems will never be just your own. These two people will always share them no matter how big or small. And the coolest part is even if it takes you longer to solve any challenges life throws, your best friends will be there to carry it with you. You’ll be equipped with a support system so tough and powerful, these hindrances won’t stand a chance. 

Someone will always answer your 911

charlie's angels friendshrip trio

A trio may be defined singular in the dictionary, but you and your best pals still have separate goals. This means that you’ll be busy with your career, family, or happenings that may require your full attention. Being in a group of three, someone will always be available to comfort, hang, talk with you when you can’t get your ducks in a row or just to blow off some steam. No, the other person won’t feel left behind, a solid troika will never let jealousy ruin the friendship. There will always be that understanding. 

You consider these two people as a family so much that they can even decide your life for you. The best moments of this kind of friendship isn’t measured by the problems you’ve faced and conquered or the fights you got over, it’s about the fact that despite those walls you had to break through, you guys still want to be there for each other, be godparents of their babies, and to still hang out when you guys are 50. 

For example, Betty and Veronica’s friendship is pretty much set in stone. Imagine adding a dose of Cheryl Blossom in the mix and you’ll get a jam-packed, unapologetic, powerhouse of a triad at full throttle. A friendship so pure that not even a Hiram or the Southside Serpents can possibly bring down. And that’s for life!

voltes v: legacy cast

Here’s Everything We Know So Far Of The Filipino Live-Action Remake, Voltes V: Legacy

Let’s volt in!

The legend of the heroic Japanese super robot lives on in Voltes V: Legacy, the Philippine adaptation that promises an adventure of epic proportions.


You know what we know much to be true? A good classic can never be beaten down, no matter how hard one tries or dismisses it amid an inane obsession with what’s new, now, and next. It isn’t even an oversimplified case of a perceived inability to let go of the past, because if it really matters, it will find its way to make sense even beyond the demarcation of generations. Take, the legendary Japanese anime that is Voltes V for example. It may have been over 40 years since the world first got acquainted with the Lazer Sword-wielding, larger-than-life super robot with an epic theme song to boot, but to this day, people are not only referencing it in a nostalgic sense, but revisiting it for that good dose of v-shaped swashbuckling across space.

What is essentially a story of the battle between good and evil, as well as of the real-life struggles that surround its dichotomy, Voltes V has endured and carved out a legacy since its GMA telecast on May 5, 1978. From then on, Fridays at 6:00 PM became some sort of religious experience for children who would camp out in front of the television and sit there for nearly 30 minutes to witness the battle between the Boazanian Forces and the Voltes V team led by Steve Armstrong together with his brothers, Big Bert and Little Jon, as well as of Mark Gordon and the lone-female, Jamie Robinson.

The Legacy of Voltes V

However, as with anything progressive and irreverent, its perceived violence was deemed threatening by the disgraced government then. Undeserving of its impact on the youth that had found solace in the story of Voltes V, the series was unceremoniously pulled off the air by the fascist implements and dictatorial efforts of the late Ferdinand Marcos. Unfounded as its assumption to corrupt the impressionable minds of the young generation was, the series rallied for the good fight. “Borute su faibu ni, subete wo kakete,” and so goes the lingering soundtrack of the show, which translated means, “Voltes V, we risk everything.”

Following the successful overturn of power with the People Power Revolution of 1986, Voltes V was re-aired, much to the delight of a culture-craved audience. Even after all this time, the anime still rings relevant in every way possible. With the enduring lure of mechanized warriors in the same vein as Mekanda Robot, Daimos, Mazinger-Z, Grendizer, and even Transformers, GMA Network was compelled to bring back the king of it all, Voltes V. This time, however, the show was getting the live-action treatment with a committed production in the Philippines with its deep well of creative talents.

Let’s Volt In

A surprise at the beginning of 2020, it was announced that Voltes V: Legacy was in the works by GMA Network with Director Mark Reyes (Encantadia, Etheria, Atlantika) at the helm. Without much information, except a hair-raising trailer that immediately sparked curiosity and conversation, the Filipino adaptation was clearly off to an interesting start. Since then, details were scarce, with the rumor mill actively churning out possibilities and wishful thinking to tide us over. Now, a little over a full year later, more light is being shed into Voltes V: Legacy. Naturally, the anticipation is shooting high up than ever before, because now, we really can’t wait for this updated undertaking to scream the words: “Let’s volt in!”

With the details far and in between, we scoured the internet for all the possible information on Voltes V: Legacy so you won’ have to. Here’s what we know so far.

7 Years In The Making

“It has been a seven-year journey for me to make Voltes V a reality,” reveals Director Mark Reyes in an interview following the praise for the then-released teaser trailer. “This is a passion project from someone who is a true fan. Someone who grew up believing in the overall theme of Voltes V, which is family, love, and fighting for good. And without GMA, this would still remain a pipe dream.”

There Are 2 Trailers So Far

Jumping things off with an impressive showing of Filipino skill, the first trailer employed the familiar audio of Voltes V relaying news of hostile otherworldly attacks. “The hero of generations returns…” it flashed, which was then followed by an orchestra-like instrumentation to the theme song. Snippets of what appeared to be a Philippine Eagle landing on a sepia-washed Camp Big Falcon flashed, before revealing fragments of the updated Voltes V. Sleek, shiny, and striking in full force, a head-to-head was alluded, before cutting to the mechanized hero leaping to cut a fired up letter V onscreen to reveal the title, Voltes V: Legacy.

With the bar set considerably high, a second trailer was recently released, this time showing the ominous oppression of the Boazanian Forces on Earth. This time, however, we not only see Voltes V in action again, but we also hear a more audible, “Let’s volt in!” from a pilot in a reworked suit obscured by his helmet. Since its release, the teaser has racked up to over a million views on YouTube.

“It’s very heart-warming that most are accepting of the hard work we have put in it. They have also noticed the upgrades we have made on the designs from the first teaser trailer. We are very thankful,” says Director Mark Reyes.

It Will Shoot Hollywood-Style

To ensure the top-notch quality and closely guarded consistency of this much-awaited project, reports and research shows that Voltes V: Legacy will shoot the show like they do in Hollywood. Meaning, taping and production will fully wrap up before it is aired. This way, every concern and detail is tended to, offering only the best for the Filipino audience.

Voltes V: Legacy Will Work Closely With Japanese Studio Behind The OG Series

Acquiring the rights to the Philippine adaptation of the beloved Japanese animated series through Telesuccess Productions, Voltes V: Legacy will also be working with TOEI Animation, the company behind the original anime. All the tweaks and updates go through them for approval, ensuring that the quality is not only top-notch, but also parallel to the celebrated canon.

Despite tracing its roots to the Japanese legacy, the new live-action television show will naturally hero Filipino talents. The CGI and live action elements will be done by Riot Inc. Post Production and GMA Post Video Graphic Team. If the trailers were any indication of what it so to come, then we can certainly expect something world-class that run in the same league as the best of the best.

The Voltes V Legacy Cast Is Complete

Perhaps the most sought after piece of the puzzle, there was much fanfare on who would eventually suit up for Voltes V: Legacy and pilot their respective focus of flights. With names fielded in, auditions were set up for those who were most deserving of taking up the mantle of Voltes V and taking it into the future.

In a week-long revelation on social media and on 24 Oras, the cast was revealed in parts, beginning with Raphael Landicho as Little Jon, Matt Lozano as Big Bert, and Radson Flores as Mark Gordon. A few days later, Ysabel Ortega was unveiled as Jamie Robinson and Miguel Tanfelix as the leader of the five-some, Steve Robinson.

With the Voltes V: Legacy team complete, it was time to meet their fierce foes of the Boazanian Force. Stepping in as Zandra, the loyal top aide of their legion’s leader is Liezel Lopez, along with Epy Quizon as the advisor Zuhl, and Carlo Gonzalez as the aide, Draco. Finally, the bringing to life Prinsipe Zardos, the menacing villain hell bent on taking over planet Earth with brute force, is Martin Del Rosario.

Makining kayong lahat: Panahon na upang mapalawak natin ang kaharian ng Boazania, ang may pinakamataas na uri ng pamumuhay sa buong sansinukob,” the draconian figure unflinchingly declares in the first episode of the Voltes V anime. “Patayin ang sino mang humadlang sa atin. Wasakin ang lahat ng pwersang sandatahan sa buong daigdig, lusob!”

Will he be echoing the same threats in Voltes V: Legacy? Well, all we can do now is wait. But so far, while it is made up of a mostly fresh-faced young cast, it is shaping up to be a most interesting take on the lore and legend of Voltes V.

zild iv of spades solo

Zild Lays Out All His Cards To Kickstart His Solo Career

Zild's creativity is in spades, showing no signs of stopping. And we're all here for it.

Zild from IV of Spades, releases a new song, Kyusi, that will take you back to simpler days. With his unstoppable quest to find his own thing, he brings his music to its roots; a memory from his first love.

Without a doubt, the times are oft-confusing and challenging, and the past year has seen more than a fair share of trials and tribulations anywhere and everywhere. And understandably, there are those who quit, fold to the pressure and there are those—like singer/songwriter Zild—who thrive and reveal an unmatched focus and productivity like no other.

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Last February 10, Zild released his latest single, Kyusi. As he describes, “it’s a song that takes me back to my 18-year-old self, experiencing teenage love for the very first time.”

The track is a steady, pulsating combination of dreamy harmonies with layers of lush vocals and organic layers – compared to his previous electronic/synthesizer-flavored sound. When asked if the song’s goal was to feel nostalgic, Zild says, “Wala naman siyang goal nung una. Yun pala, subconsciously, gusto kong balikan yung times na bago pa lahat yung mga emotions.”

This new perspective of Zild was something he was afraid of telling at first. With the sudden hiatus of his band, IV of Spades, he decided to take a more personal route where he can fully express himself. “For the past five years, puro tungkol lang sa banda yung ginagawa ko. Ngayon, nare-revisit ko na kung sino talaga ako na walang kasamang ibang tao,” he details. “Dine-define ko kasi dati yung sarili ko sa isang theme o isang concept, sa isang unit… ngayon parang, kung sino lang talaga ako.

Zild shares that the message of the song was about acceptance. “Diba nga binabalikan ko yung mga firsts? Bukod sa nostalgia, tungkol din siya sa acceptance sa isang tao na hindi niya kailangan baguhin kung sino siya,” he said.

First dates are tough and leaving an impression matters, Zild addresses. “Human nature naman siya na parang mas maging presentable. Mas maging cool or pretty. Okay naman yun, pero naranasan ko kasi na mismo siya, hindi kumakain ng french fries sa harap ko,” he said, smiling at the memory. “Kaya naisip ko, hindi mo kailangan baguhin kung sino ka.”

The release of Kyusi is the first in a series of new singles released every two weeks culminating in a full-length album under Rico Blanco’s Balcony Entertainment label and management group.

“Parang kaibigan na rin talaga yung tingin ko sakanya,” Zild says as he talks about his newfound mentor and ally, Rico Blanco, whom he says is a chill person who doesn’t force him to a sound that isn’t like him. He said that the most important lesson Rico taught him was to just enjoy music. “Minsan kasi parang big deal siya [song writing]. Nakakalimutan mo minsan na kid ka lang. Siguro yun yung pinakamagandang advice na dadalhin ko.”

As for the return of IV of Spades, he says that the band doesn’t have any plans to get back together just yet. “Wala kaming plan. Focus muna kami sa sarili namin,” he nods.

Jaz Reyes

This Filipina Creative Will Make You Want To Up Your Content Game

Cup noodle bras? Yes please!

How do you stand out in the digital landscape? Jaz Reyes is the content queen that keeps on thriving with her eye-popping visuals and witty captions.

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Have we reached our saturation point when it comes to content? Not for events host personality and radio DJ Jaz Reyes. Despite being in isolation, she was able to turn things around and prove that it’s okay to breathe and have a little fun in quarantine. With her skills in graphic design and knowledge in video editing, Jaz flawlessly upped her content game. The common mistake most people make? The fear of looking imperfect. And this is what she does successfully—making people relate to her with every post, whether it’s fashion-related or tackles current events (see her #HijaAko post). We were able to have a conversation with the content creator as she tells us the process behind all her creative posts.

NYLON MANILA: What does being an influencer mean in 2021? 

JAZ: I prefer to think that every day should be counted as a fresh page to do something, get inspired or make some sort of mark. The previous year only highlights that. To hopefully turn every page accumulated by day into a book of something you are proud to call your own experience, personality, voice and memory. This isn’t for or about influencers, but for everyone.

NM: What made you decide on focusing more on eye-popping content this quarantine?

J: I personally don’t think it is eye-popping because I find other artists far more extreme. However, we all have eye-popping content everywhere, it just depends what your eye pops to I suppose. More than the content, I think it is starting conversations, raising questions, speaking out, asking why, and maybe have a little fun with it, too. It started with ideas that were at the back burner for so long due to the fear of moving away from status quo. Eliminating the fear is actually the most important part of the entire creative journey and being able to put it out there is the small reward you gift yourself after creating something.

NM: What does it take for a creative to stand out nowadays and how can they maneuver in a landscape that has oversaturated content?

J: The most important thing is to be genuine in your creation, because it speaks for you. The constant worry of having reach a certain number of people liking your creation is something that is quite difficult to erase (I always tell myself to not think of such). We are taught at a very young age about the value of a number; we link that value to our own personal bank of self-worth. All of the artists I have spoken with, whether it’s photography, writing, art, music…all have quite the same apprehensions, and it really involves a lot of the ego, valuation of self-worth from the reception of what they present out there. Embrace hard, difficult, and even long breaks in-between-the-art moments. 

“A lot ask if I ever run out of ideas and I do. But because I embrace the moment and try to not force anything to be created in such a short amount of time or in a narrowed vision, I have been able to allow inspiration to come to me in a broader spectrum.” 

NM: What were the funniest comments you’ve read from your posts? Were there any mean ones you’ve encountered too?

J: You can’t please everyone. I have learned that the easy and hard way. Some funny ones are commenters who have created even MORE creative puns! Mean comments, I don’t take it as mean, because I was still able to get a reaction from them and I think that’s the point of some, if not all of the things I do. You have to always understand to appreciate the people who also don’t think like you because you can learn something from their perspective. I believe that it makes you a better person.

NM: What are 5 of your favorite posts last year?

J: The first chip bag post kind of kicked things off for me. I have had that idea in the back burner for years and just didn’t execute. I also am proud of the #HijaAko clothing tag one. I think that really changed things for me in terms of gaining some sort of attention. And it’s also quite beautiful because I was not only able to make something that I truly am quite passionate about, but also because it took just an iPhone to take and edit the shot. No fancy things, just pure unfiltered but focused thoughts and action towards the intention.

sb19 ikalawang yugto

In The Zone Of Their Own, SB19 Is Set To Fire Things Up With A New Era

What is coming? A dawn of a new era.

Functioning as a soundtrack of lives, as it is the musical story of theirs, SB19 is still on fire and ready for greater things ahead with the anticipated new era, Ikalawang Yugto.


No, they’re not just another K-Pop wannabe act—not that there is anything inherently wrong with that. In fact, with the smashing success of the musical imprint of South Korea across their borders to the rest of the world, the cover culture is what makes it one of the more inclusive and exciting artistic genres to have superseded many a consciousness. Tracing part of their origins in the vein of K-pop, having trained under a Korean entertainment company for three years to perfection prior to even debuting on stages in mostly schools across the country, SB19 is distinctly and proudly Filipino.

Waving the flag of original Pinoy music (OPM) high, SB19 is blazing a trail with P-Pop, a sub-genre that takes on the passion and precision of K-Pop, but with a uniquely Filipino spin to it. An overarching theme in music, pop is malleable enough that it means something different to people. So, even if they may physically look like they came straight out of a boyband factory, complete with a meticulousness of moves that is infectious and cracks like a whip, SB19 is decided and determined to carve out their own sound.

The SB19 Sound

Sb19 ikalawang yugto

Bold and buoyant, SB19 braves through this new frontier on the music scene with such a command that doesn’t make them seem like a fish out of water. In fact, they can easily stand side-by-side with their contemporaries, especially in the K-Pop scene just by listening to their music or watching them perform. With the electric and energetic single, Go Up, Pablo (aka Sejun), Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin have made quite the impression on the music scene, with their sound waves making its way to the top 10 of the Billboard Social 50 chart, a first for any Southeast Asian act, as well as the first Filipino group to break into the Billboard Next Big Sound chart. Not too shabby, right?

Like impenetrable bonds in a molecular system, the chemistry between the boys is something else. Diverse as they are, they all come together as a compound that operates as one, with their varied voices unifying in a compelling chorus.

Whether it is their butter-like harmonies, seamless transitions, and striking choreography, SB19 shines through and through. While they may be more known for their high-octane and sweat-inducing rave of rhythms in Go UpLove Goes, and Alab, with lyrics gracefully gliding from English and Filipino, their introduction to the Filipino music scene was actually with the stirring string of sentiments in Tilaluha, a soaring ballad that catches you swaying to the pendulum of your emotions. Displaying a confidence that is definitively restrained, the boys of SB19 not only wear their hearts on their sleeves with their slower songs, singing their souls out with encompassing vocals, but they also realize a deft sense of maturity, as realized in Hanggang Sa Huli and the quarantine tune written for the front liners and workforce in the pandemic, Ikako. 

Ikalawang Yugto

Sa bawat hakbang ng aking mga paa…kaliwa, kanan, kaliwa. Kaliwa nga ba?” begins the mysterious trailer they unleashed recently. With an ominous overture filling up the space of a great expanse that manifests on the video, the direction cuts to a mirror panel in the middle of nowhere with the boys of SB19 piercing their gaze right through. “Ano ba ang kasunod?

Teasing the dawn of a new era, it looks like there is a lot up the sleeves of SB19. There is a lot to take in from this stunning visual in motion. There is a sense of fashion that while still quirky and whimsical herald something more regal, as fitting of the kings that they are. Now, there manifests an even stronger cohesion and necessary restraint, as if saying that they are even better than before.

But more than that, it is the determined, charged, and eager disposition that cuts through the video, latching on to our skin now textured with goosebumps. And while there are more questions than answers, we are all keeping our sights locked at what the boys have to offer next. By the looks of it, boy is the Ikalawang Yugto looking mighty impressive already.

Unassuming despite their stratospheric rise to superstardom, interfacing with SB19 is as easy and uncharacteristic as their onstage personas. Much like many wide-eyed upstarts and prodigies on the cusp of possibilities, such as the highly-anticipated Ikalawang Yugto dangling on the horizon, Pablo, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin are clearly and genuinely made for greater things. With their music functioning as the soundtrack of our lives, as it is theirs, the boys are on fire and ready for so much more, because as they always say, they’re in the zone.

Photography ERWIN CANLAS
Creative direction and styling ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA
Art direction LYN ALUMNO
Makeup and hair VICTOR LOONG and RAFFY SO
Shoot coordination THEA MARTIN

11 Filipino Brands For When Your Only Fitness Motivation Is Cute Workout Clothes

Time to build up that body-oddy!

We’re only two weeks in, but the new year resolutions still keep on pouring. But is it really a resolution if it’s non-committal? Well, at least you get to keep the activewear from your fitness goals.

Staying fit has been quite the challenge given gyms still aren’t fully operational in the pandemic, with one fitness coach even discouraging them from exercising there. To no surprise however, people have been working out even more. Among the many coping mechanisms other than being a Plantita, doing fitness routines have given us an opportunity to take charge and be in control despite living in these bleak, existential times.

Looking good and feeling great while doing it should always be the end goal. Which lead us to the quest of searching for the perfect clothes to wear when you’re working on that body-ody like Miss Megan. Now repeat this mantra: you are FINE.

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Groove’s vibrant workout clothes are actually sustainable! Here’s to staying fit while showing some love for Mother Earth.


If you’re thinking about Kourtney Kardashian’s brand, this isn’t it, but it’s even better. Poosh Apparel is a Filipino-owned brand with so many stylish varieties, it’s enough to push you to exercise! Hugging your curves in all the right places without sacrificing comfort, you’ll look fierce and hot while wearing these pieces.


Fueled by good karma, Charma’s active wear is a celebrity-favorite because of their versatile pieces and bold silhouettes.


Workout gear that highlights your assets when you’re just not feeling it? Yes, please!


If you’re into form-fitting active wear, Inex Active’s bright-colored sets should be your go-to.


What sets Millenx apart is their off-court wearability and stylish cuts.


On neutral territory like Kim K, Shape Active’s pieces come in shades of nude, charcoal, and gray.


Perhaps one of the biggest local brands, Lotus Active Wear is praised for the comfort and breathable sets.


Maybe monochromatic sets aren’t your thing, but Bunny Bodies definitely convinces you to take a walk on the wild side.


Ina Activewear makes working out look easy with their athleisure sets.


Aerofit’s workout coordinates are perfect for when you feel conscious about your arms while sweating.

taylor swift cruel summer story

This Taylor Swift Song Became A Pillar For My Love Affair And I Shouldn’t Have Let It

It was a gold rush I can’t dare to dream about anymore.

Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes, was the high really worth it? I guess we’ll never know. 

As a swiftie, we always dreamt of someone lifting us off our feet by singing us a Taylor Swift song.

Nine albums released, different eras, and still a lot of feelings are being addressed or reacquainted to us by Taylor Swift, the woman who’s described as the music industry. But what would you really feel if someone actually sent you via voice message singing a Taylor Swift song?

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Not to toot my own horn, but I actually had the pleasure of experiencing waking up to a voice message from a guy who was playing his guitar, singing Cruel Summer. Considering the fact that it’s a great song and probably my favorite in the album, it actually made me feel warm in the cheeks and get butterflies in my stomach. It’s not every day you receive a voice message, right? Little did I know it would turn into this whirlwind of an affair, with a lot of feelings, a few second guesses, and tons of kilig that were really just a short-lived nirvana to a swiftie like myself. 

phone, taylor swift lover case

Voice messages: the modern-day harana?

He came at the right time. Hearing his voice was refreshing, a new experience. A “fever dream high” can’t even define the feeling. From there, I kinda knew something magical was brewing. Days have passed and we continuously talked, updating each other about work, and exchanged interests like our holy trinities in pop albums. He even shared his original songs with me, writing one on the spot. He asked me to write anything random and listen as he created the melody for it.

Back then, it was really enchanting. Picture someone having the same devotedness to his line of work as much as you do, idolizes literally the same pop icon, and sees you like you’re brand new. I guess it didn’t take too long for me to know this guy as it feels like I’ve known him all along. With his unique name, gorgeous eyes, he’s that kind of guy everybody wants and I’m glad I caught his interest.

blue the feeling i've got

It’s blue, the feeling I’ve got

I kinda knew this love story had a catch to it. As we all know, anything that comes the easiest leaves the fastest, and yet I had to ignore it. Forever or down in flames?, Taylor asks in Blank Space, given this chance to finally be on the same wavelength with someone as gorgeous as he is, I won’t withdraw without seeing the ending. But days have passed, the fervent conversations became short chit-chats, and that virtual world we built slowly disintegrated. Part of myself blames that; I shouldn’t have focused on it. Everything looks wrong if you look at it long enough. Something so familiar, one you know inside out, will look alien if you keep staring at it. My fault is I searched for love in him and love is supposed to be that thing that’ll happen to you when you’re not looking. 

breakable heaven game

No rules, in breakable heaven

Again, I’m at fault here. I thought the songs he wrote were sung for me and that every question asked was a knock on the door of the person I hid for so long. That momentary source of happiness was cursed from the start and I chose to ignore it. Leaning into the fact that circumstances were supposed to happen, and that the friendship shall blossom into a relationship so superior that people will be jealous. He didn’t stay because he wanted to get to know me yet he did, he stayed because he liked my company. They described love as the color red because that’s how it’s supposed to feel, warm, passionate, and exciting, but it also signifies danger and hostility. So it’s true, a soul can hurt you if handed it the key to your destruction.

Cruel Summer is a Taylor Swift song about a steamy, fast-paced summer love affair that was doomed from the very beginning. It used to delineate our so-called friendship, and it warned me of its conclusion as well. In the back of my head, I guess I was just only waiting for him to cut to the bone.