The Light Has Come: BGYO Works Up A Storm With Their P-Pop Debut

Playlist, meet your newest track on repeat.

In this introduction, the hard-hitting debut of BGYO goes full throttle with The Light, a high-octane sound that adds depth to the emergence of P-pop. And while we’re at it, we imagine them in high-fashion ‘fits as well. Who knows, right?


At this point, we’ve been made well aware by studies that it takes an average of 7 seconds to make an impression. In this breath of time, you have to make everything count—your appearance, your demeanor, and your eye contact and handshake. Direct, sincere, but firm, this usually is enough to hold someone’s attention far longer than the first few crucial seconds and stretch it on to a deeper imprint. Guided by the same parallels, if the first few beats of The Light is to go by, then there is no messing around with the boys of BGYO.

The Light
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Going in hard with a musical awning that is reminiscent of something roaring and revving from Transformers, BGYO goes full throttle. As far as introductions go, this well-produced, high-octane track is nowhere near the realm of playtime. It can prove to be challenging to stand out amongst a sea of immense talent, but in the fast-growing emergence of P-pop, with all its distinctly Filipino flair and charm, BGYO is making their time and space count. With The Light, it becomes very clear that aside from watching out for them, the world needs to pay close attention to this force of nature.

The Light
Loewe FallWinter 2021

The Light

Blazing through with a timely anthem that pounds with enough bass to temporarily separate your soul from your body, The Light reverberates with an illuminating energy that seems to shine a light on a generational sentiment amid quite frankly, the darkest of times. A herculean responsibility heaved on their lithe frames, BGYO is taking all this in stride. With their words that weave together a message that is hopeful but not overly cloying, it is simple but effective. “I’m just tryna make it all better / I wanna make this world a safer place / First I gotta make sure I work hard enough / So I can be the change,” they sing, before transition to a seamless lacing of Filipino lyrics that ultimately empowers. “Kumapit ka lamang / At wag na wag kang bibitaw / Sa hamon ng buhay / Paniniwala mo ang isigaw.”

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Anchored on hope, empowerment, and self-love, The Light is a full circle moment to their aspiration of sharing their passion and talent to the world. With passion and purpose coursing through the single that mixes elements of ear-friendly pop and infectious electro-dance, the drops of the beats and bass is more than enough to get you up and at it yourself, moving and grooving to this exposition of sound. At first listen, the vocals and harmonies of Gelo, Akira, JL, Nate, and Mikki could easily be mistaken as something from their K-pop contemporaries, but with lashing of distinctly Filipino elements, including a melody that eases into the bridge (“Ating pangako / Hindi magbabago / Patungo sa ating kapayapaan”), you immediately get a sense that BGYO belongs in the same league that pervades our listening habits.

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Worth The Wait

Even with a track that has cracked like a jolt of light on the landscape of original Filipino music, there is much to look forward to and follow from the boys of BGYO.  Out to prove their worth, they are making it known with this storm of a singe, they deserve every bit of your attention. “Sa gitna ng dilim ang ilaw ay susundan / Ang bituin ay kaya nating abutin,” they sing at the trails of The Light. Underscoring the importance of making all things matter with one life to live, BGYO assures us that while they have to work to unleash their full potential, their arrival is worth listening to over and over again.

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Locked and loaded from the first 7 seconds to full 3:12 minutes, the coming of The Light was definitely worth the wait.