The Round-Up: The Best New Tracks To End Your September

James Reid always delivers.

What do James Reid, BINI, and EXO’s Xiumin all have in common? They all released certified new tracks that helped end September on a high note.

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Congratulations, you just made it to the end of September 2022. While the past thirty days were not so easy for some of us, what matters is that we persevered and went through all that. So, why not celebrate all that success with some new music? Luckily for you, we rounded up the best new tracks from the final week of the month that hopefully will get you jamming, dancing, and maybe even shedding a few tears. Get the aux cord and playlists ready for these fresh songs.


James Reid’s new single, u & i, is an uber catchy funk R&B jam. And it’s accompanying music video is as steamy as it is good. It’s made even better by the fact that he used the photo of what was allegedly him and Kelsey Merritt hooking up as the single album art. If this is how the rest of James’s new era is going to go, October is going to be his month.   


Ed Sheeran, I chose you. The British superstar becomes the latest musician to partner with Pokémon with the release of his special track, Celestial. The upbeat song definitely captures the wonder, whimsy, and excitement the franchise often delivers.  


BINI has entered their baddie era with their new track, Strings. It’s hard-edged pop meets marching band sound is definitely new for BINI but suits them well.


Arthur Miguel is no stranger to serving bops, and his new track, Pasahili (para sa hindi pinili) is no exception. Pasahili is a satisfying earworm thanks to its strong production and hopeful message. It’s a chill listen that will leave you feeling satisfied.


After 10 years since his debut with EXO, Xiumin has finally made his solo debut with Brand New, and it’s a bop. The fun and energetic R&B song helps bring out the youthful charms of EXO’s oldest member, who seemingly never ages.


Every week, it seems as if we see the comeback of another musical star. Not only did the final week of September saw Rihanna make her return, but so to did Paramore. The band’s new single, This Is Why, feels like classic Paramore but with an older, more mature vibe to it. It feels good to have one of our faves back, especially since they’re releasing their new album on February 10, 2023.


Animal Farm is an atmospheric wonder. BIBI’s voice soars as the production and guitar rift near the end takes the song to new epic heights.


Up until this point, KAIA has been known for their hard-hitting pop tunes. But this time, the girls switch things up with their latest comeback, Dalawa. The smooth R&B jam is brimming with 2000s-indebted R&B melodies and whimsical beats as they sing about the feeling of falling in love with someone close to you. This kind of mellow yet groovy sound is one KAIA should experiment more on in the future.


Tate McRae’s new song, uh oh, has a beat that’s a pure vibe and helps bring to life the track’s story of a sneaky night out, or make that multiple nights, with someone you probably shouldn’t be with.


Even after all these years, EXID still got the magic as seen in their new track, FIRE. The song serves as the lead single for their new EP, X, which also marks their 10th anniversary in the business. It’s strong, bombastic, and powerful in the best ways possible.


Jeremy Glinoga has no time for a lying ex in his new track, Sinayang Mo. The retro groove has Jeremy chide an ex for wasting all his love when he realizes that she isn’t into him. It’s a catchy song with an all-too relatable message.


Rising OPM act LOIR slows things down with her stripped-down ballad, MAMA. In it, she asks big questions about life’s purpose and her conflicting sense of direction stemming from her past. Her lush and dreamy vocals guide the listener on a journey of self-discover, forgiveness, and moving forward.


In moments of stress and when it feels like things are too much, take it from grentperez and take things day by day. That’s the message of his new breezy song that revolves around getting to know someone new slowly and without rushing things.


A chill beat and a heartfelt message come together for of Mercury’s latest single, FAR FROM YOU AGAIN, an easy listen about being away from that special someone.


Filipino-Singaporean singer Ysa Yaneza’s new song, 1Nightwitu, takes heavy inspiration from Y2K pop and R&B to tell a story of female empowerment and calls on women to embrace their sexuality and be reminded of their self-worth.


Makoto Shinkai’s new movie, Suzume no Tojimari, is coming later this year. That also means we got a new collab with RADWIMPS. Suzume is the first of what is hopefully many new tracks from the upcoming movie and features a grand scale that’s guided by Japanese singer Toaka’s shining voice.


Noah Raquel’s Nakalimutan is an upbeat and feel-good track that embodies a mix of Noah’s chill yet powerful style of performance. It’s the kind of song you want to dance to all while feeling your feels.

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Let The Good Times Roll: See The Camon 19 Series Capture The Best Of Manila Nightlife

You look so good tonight.

Inspired by the tip-top, high-performing qualities of the TECNO Camon 19, these lucky stylish guests really owned the night in their fashion statements.

There is nothing more inviting than the mystery of a night out. With the night relenting to the rush of the day, there emerges a pervasive sense of calm that compels to slow things down and integrate into a lifestyle of celebration and connections. Even the most straight-laced will acquiesce, admitting that everyone needs a good time, no matter how one defines that. For some, that means going out to party, which always promises fun possibilities. So, in the spirit of owning the night, TECNO Mobile set out a call: Are you ready to party?

Made for the stylish, innovative, and passionate, it only makes sense for the brand to plan a popping night out, especially with the recent launch of the TECNO Camon series with Donnalyn Bartolome. Eyeing to strike a bond with even more stylish go-getters, Camon Fridays was born.

You Look So Good Tonight

Taking to Twitter, a contest was launched, inviting all the party-loving, fashion-forward folk to strike a pose. Echoing the iF Design award-winning quality of the best performance camera smartphone in the #Camon19Series, with its stylish design, eye-catching backshell, 0.98mm slimmest bezel, the entries from those who heeded the call really captured the energy of the brand with their nightlife OOTDs. 

The prize? All access to some of the hottest spots in the city for the winner, which includes an invite for their friends as well. For the whole of September, #CamonFridays lit up the metro from The Bolthole Bar in Makati to House Manila in Newport, where everything was captured in high resolution with the TECNO Camon 19’s 64MP Bright Night Portrait lens and RGBW Color Filter Sensor technology. (No grainy and blurry low light shots here.)

Aside from the memorable moments for the winners and their friends, special guests of the bars were treated to free beers and even a Camon 19 Pro. Now, how’s that for a Friday night out? Now, let the good times roll some more.


‘Bones and All’ Trailer Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell Are Cannibals In Love In ‘Bones and All’ Trailer

Want some savage love?

You’re going to fall brutally in love with Bones and All, a sensual and macabre masterpiece by Luca Guadagnino.

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The latest offering from the Italian auteur Luca Guadagnino is Bones and All, a dark cannibal romance starring the Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet and Waves breakout Taylor Russell. The gorgeously biting trailer finds the two in a journey filled with desire, gore, and ultimately, a sense of spiritual awakening; each shot elegantly dancing to the equally menacing tune of Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker


Set in 1980’s Midwest, Bones and All tells the story of Maren (Russell) who is abandoned by her father and finds her first love in Lee (Chalamet), an intense and disenfranchised drifter. Together, the unlikely pair sets out on a cross-country journey as they revel in their shared desire to feast on human flesh until the society’s judgment of their dark secret forces them to reckon with their terrifying past and to test whether their love for each other can survive their otherness.

Adapted from Camille DeAngelis’s book of the same name by David Kaiganich, the romance horror features performances from Oscar winner Mark Rylance, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jessica Harper, Chloe Sevigny, and Anna Cobb. Russel has also been hailed as a revelation which is expected after her win at this year’s Venice Film Festival as Best New Talent. Guadagnino, on the other hand, has bagged the Best Director accolade from the festival.


“There is something about the disenfranchised, about people living on the margins of society that I am drawn towards and touched by,” Guadagnino expressed in his director’s statement posted at the La Biennale website. “I am interested in their emotional journeys. I want to see where the possibilities lie for them, enmeshed within the impossibility they face.” 

The Suspiria director has also stressed that unlike other horror films which eschew substance for shock factor, Bones and All is more of an exploration of the characters’ internal dilemmas. “I wasn’t interested at all in the shock value, which I hate. I was interested in these people. I understood their moral struggle very deeply. I am not there to judge anybody,” Guadagnino stressed in an interview. “My true hope is that the audience doesn’t reject the movie as a provocation because it deals with a taboo like cannibalism.”

Meanwhile, talking about the film’s themes of judgment and disenfranchisement, Chalamet aptly finds a similar thread to today’s generation. “To be young today is to be intensely judged,” he said during the film’s press conference in Venice, “I think societal collapse is in the air, it smells like it.” In another interview, the Oscar-nominated actor has emphasized how the “onslaught of social media” makes it difficult for young people to find out who they are. “Without being pretentious, I hope that’s why these movies matter because that’s the role of the artist is to shine a light on what’s going on,” he rightfully said.

The MGM film is also co-produced by Guadagnino and Chalamet, and is set to screen in the New York Film Festival this October 6. Bones and All will hit the theaters on November 23.

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Lea Salonga Time100 Impact Award

Lea Salonga Shines With Her Time100 Impact Award

Alexa, play A Whole New World on repeat.

It’s crystal clear, Lea Salonga’s impact is undeniable.

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Lea Salonga is among this year’s recipients of TIME100 Impact Awards. In a post dedicated to the official Disney Legend, TIME hails Salonga as “a life-long role model for kids of color.” The Impact Awards, which debuted in March this year, recognizes leaders who “have done extraordinary work to shape the future of their industries and the world at large.”  Joining Salonga in this year’s roster of awardees are actor and producer Alia Bhatt, engineer and scientist Gregory L. Robinson, and Dr. Pardis Sabeti who is a computational biologist.


“I was a little bit shocked,” the world-renowned singer-actress said in an interview about her reaction to the award. “My gut response was, ‘why? What did I do?'”

“In her four-decade award-winning career as an actress and singer, Salonga has emerged as not only a Disney and Broadway icon, but a role model for children of color,” TIME’s article said, highlighting Salonga’s incredible career. “Salonga prides herself on promoting representation in Hollywood and on Broadway, and showing underrepresented groups that their stories matter.”

From her Tony Award-winning performance in Miss Saigon to being the first Asian woman to play Éponine (and Fantine) in Les Misérables to her current stint as a queer mom in the HBO Max Show Pretty Little Liars, TIME emphasizes Salonga’s inimitable power in “breaking down racial barriers in historically white spaces and roles.”


In another interview, Salonga also shared her experiences of being a minority trying to break into the industry. The Olivier-winning performer also recalled the days after she won a Tony award when she was refused to play a role because she’s Asian. “[My agent] says they’re not going to see you because you’re Asian. And I’m like okay, there’s the rude awakening.”  

Yet not long after that experience, she got a call from British theatrical producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh telling her that she would play Éponine in the 1993 production of Les Misérables. And because she was, at the time, the first actor of Asian descent to assume the character, Salonga shared that the pressure she felt was intense. “I really made sure that I nailed that song,” said Salonga, “I was just that driven to give no one any room to say anything negative about that.” Salonga went on to play the same character again in the 10th anniversary production of Les Mis and then she played Fantine in its Broadway revival in 2006 and in the show’s 25th anniversary production in 2010.    

About the inequality that has pervaded the industry, Salonga said, “We were not always given the opportunity to play the roles that we are absolutely right for.” But when she was asked if she felt any resentment, she replied, “I can’t resent all of that if it had led me to all of this. And if it meant making things easier for succeeding generations of Asian actors to get roles then you know what, it’s all worth it.” 

The Filipino pride will receive her award on October 2 at the National Gallery in Singapore together with the other honorees.

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Protected: BYS Philippines’ 10th Birthday Party Is Their Very Own Fashion Week

BYS Philippines is having a party, a fashion week party.
bini feel good album

BINI Said “Versatility” With Their New Album, ‘Feel Good’

Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi supremacy.

For their sophomore album Feel Good, BINI gives us more polished Pinoy pop but also showcases a new side to their artistic talents.

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When it comes to BINI, always expect the girls to give us a pop banger. Ever since Da Coconut Nut, BINI has stayed consistent when it comes to releasing earworms that harken back to the bubblegum pop era of P-pop. The group’s first year and a half have solidified BINI’s reputation not just as a top-tier P-pop group, but one armed with potential hits laced with catchy beats and empowering messages.

But now that we know what BINI can do, it would also be great to see the group experiment more with their sound and switch things up here and there. And that’s exactly what was on the menu in BINI’s new album, Feel Good, which dropped on September 29. If the Born To Win album was a showcase of the essence of BINI, the Feel Good LP offers a more polished BINI and one that isn’t afraid to take new risks.


When BINI named their second album Feel Good, they meant it. The seven-track LP, which is composed of five new songs and two alternate versions of previously released singles, is about living your best life and enjoying things to the fullest. That theme is already prevalent with the album’s opener, No Fear. The dance-pop tune with an explosive beat drop in the chorus features the signature BINI message of self-confidence and standing up against adversity. It’s a fun song and feels like the appropriate number to open the album.

Track two is Lagi, the group’s first single that opened their new era. And if you’ve heard the track, then you know it’s a bop. You can feel how happy this love song sounds. It’s like it was plucked straight from the early 2010s era of Pinoy bubblegum pop and given a fresh coat of paint. Lagi’s cherry pop production feels tailor-made for BINI. The hits don’t stop there though as I Feel Good comes next. If Na Na Na had an older sister, it would be I Feel Good. The opening notes of the track immediately attract the listener’s attention. It’s an insanely catchy tune, from its A-tier chorus to rap segment, and maybe some of BINI’s finest work to date. The BINI secret sauce was sprinkled all over this one.


By the time Feel Good reaches its halfway mark, that’s when BINI gives you something different. While most may know BINI for their stage presence and looks, their vocals are also something that needs more attention. The members have pipes that some of their songs may not always take advantage of. Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi feels then like a breath of fresh air. At nearly five minutes long, the track slows things down to a mid-tempo pop jam. Gone are the over-the-top beats as their voices take center stage. And they sound so good.

The love song is the most somber track BINI has released to date with its story of wanting to spend more time with a special someone. The vibe shift suits them well though. This is the kind of song we were waiting for BINI to drop, one that dials back a bit on the beats and gives the girls more space to show off their vocals. It takes full advantage of their singing prowess, and that’s for the better. The guitar rift near the end was the icing on a track that pleasantly surprised and reminded their fans (and haters) of their vocal chops.

Strings serve as the final new song on the album and once again, the girls give us a new flavor. The song is unlike any BINI has dropped before with its hard-edged pop meets marching band sound. Even the ending with its BINI roll call was an out-of-left-field moment. This is the dark pop BINI that you weren’t expecting as they sing about how hard life can be. Even its music video showcases BINI channeling their baddie era with darker tones.


Rounding out Feel Good is the acoustic version of Lagi and the dance version of Strings with the latter in particular giving a whole new vibe to the track.

When BINI began work on this album, it seems like their goal was not only to show a refined version of their signature sound but also to showcase their different sides. And by many accounts, they succeeded on that front. I Feel Good is a stone-cold bop, Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi is their first hit towards making a power ballad, and Strings is BINI’s bad side we want to see more of. The production is great as always but their vocals are a standout in this album and elevate it to new heights.

The bars, runs, and harmonies hit particularly hard on tracks like Strings and HMTU. Props to BINI because they thought through the concept. They first give us 90s nostalgic pop with I Feel Good then do a 180 with Strings. Yes, they can do bright pop very well. But more than anything, this album was a sample showcase of how they won’t be sequestered to just one box. The Nation’s Girl Group is ready to give all kinds of bops.

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Are You Ready For James Reid’s Loverboy Era?

"Let's boogie on out the party."

You can’t help but groove to James Reid’s new single, u & i. It’s a bop!

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James Reid has released a new music video for his latest track u & I.  In the neon-drenched and sultry video, Reid is joined by Victoria’s Secret model Kelsey Merritt (in a wedding gown) as they get sexy to the song’s groovy and funky beat. This comes after their photo has made rounds online drawing speculations from the crowd. “I can feel your sacred energy / It’s calling out for me / I’m all about this feat / Then there’s no hiding I can’t see,” the music goes in Reid’s signature alluring vocals.


Reid’s latest single is part of his highly anticipated album LOVESCENE that is slated to drop in October. Last month, the 29-year-old multihyphenate revealed via a tweet that he was supposed to release an EP but instead decided to put out a 10-track album. “There was just too many songs I wanted to share with everyone. So be ready,” the tweet read. Last midnight, Reid also hosted a fan event through TikTok live on Careless Music’s page. 


Apart from the LOVESCENE album, Reid also teased an upcoming mixtape with Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano. “It’s something really fun, a lot of collaborations. Like for example, you’ll hear a song with me, Nadine, and Liza in one track,” the Careless Music founder said.  He also shared that the special mixtape will be released sometime in October. “It’s a very unique and one of a kind collaboration,” he added. Also, it was recently revealed that James will be featured on K-band The Rose’s upcoming album, HEAL.

Last July, Reid, Soberano, and Careless Music’s CEO Jeffrey Oh were spotted at the headquarters of South Korean entertainment agency Starship Entertainment. Oh posted the photo with a caption “Careless x Starship” teasing a possible collaboration between the two music companies. 

Also something to be excited about is Reid’s possible collab with GOT7’s BamBam. “James, you know, he’s one of my good friend[s] I just met not too long ago,” the Thai K-pop star shared during his solo fansign event in Manila. “Yeah, I think, if I have a chance, I will be happy to have a collab with James Reid.” The two were last seen with Soberano and the Careless crew having a night out at a restaurant in Makati. If u & i is a teaser of how the rest of his album is going to sound, we can’t wait for it to get here soon enough. Props also to James and Careless Music’s marketing team. They really got the internet shook with those photos and James and Kelsey. And the fact that the single album art is that pic, they gagged us with that one.

u & i is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Filipino Creatives Open Up On What It’s Like Working In The Local Fashion Industry

Some of the country's top creatives let us in on their secrets.

These Filipino creatives worked their way to become who the are today, taking their step forward with their visions.

From the outside looking in, the local creative industry looks like a place where freedom, and self-expression reign. And while that may be true, it is also cutthroat and has its fair share of pressures. To shine in the industry is to not only have a strong sense of self, and a clear focus on the craft, but also put in the work. That is something these following creatives all have in common. To get a deeper understanding of what it’s like being a creative, we reached out to three noted individuals who have been true movers and shakers in the local fashion scene. 


Designer and visionary, AJ Javier continues to make his mark in the industry with his glam and ultra femme aesthetic that’s a hallmark of his designs. He has dressed many local celebrities like Kylie Padilla, Aljur Abrenica, Lovi Poe, and Kim Chiu just to name a few. AJ studied at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, a pivotal moment in his life. “It opened a new door that allowed me to move forward to where I am right now.” On where he gets inspiration from as a creative, “Majority of my inspirations comes from archival photos or objects that I encounter in my daily life.” 

As his creative juices allowed him to create magnificent designs, we asked him what he learned in the fashion industry on his journey. “Life is unpredictable, but what we do with the challenges we’re dealt with defines who we are. This has taught me to take the leap, to trust and believe in myself, and to trust the process, because you will be surprised with what you are capable of when you take that leap.” As for his advice to aspiring designers who want to enter the fashion industry, AJ shares “​​Love what you do and do your best as your life depends on it. Give your best each time so you don’t have regrets.”


Make-up artist Jason Delos Reyes is truly a mover in the fashion industry. With his craft and vision for giving his clients that signature bronze-y glow and smoke-y eye, he is one of the most sought-after talents in the scene with celebrity clients such as Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos to name a few. When it comes to inspiration for creating the magnificent makeup looks that he has done, Jason reveals he turns to music. “It depends on what clients want sometimes,” says Jason. “But if I have free will to decide I love to get my inspiration from music videos and current makeup trends.” 2015 proved to be a monumental year for Jason as that was the year his career formally took off. “It was in 2015 when I won a make-up competition in the fashion industry, and the rest is history.”

Learning is one of the best things that you can do in your career, so we asked Jason what he has learned since his early years. According to him, “Always be open to constructive criticism and new ways to improve your craft and yourself.” As for his advice to aspiring makeup artists out there who are just starting in the industry, “Don’t give up, everyone has a different time and ways to shine, keep on working and working.”


Shaira Luna is a true icon in the industry, having had a hand in commercial, advertising, fashion, and lifestyle photography. Of course, she’s also THE vintage queen known for her many stylish ukay finds. As she continues to be the photographer that we all know and love, we’ve always wondered where she gets her inspiration from. As it turns out, her love for vintage doesn’t just end in fashion. “The commissioned shoots will usually have mood boards and briefs, but when it comes to my work, I love drawing inspiration from things or people from the past. Old movie posters, pop culture icons, musicians, vintage magazines, fashion and objects from different eras, memories both personal and shared. I think all of these consciously and subconsciously make their way into my images.”

To be one of the country’s top photographers is something that doesn’t happen overnight. Before Shaira Luna became who she is today, she was just a young photographer hustling more than 15 years ago. “My first fashion editorial for a magazine was back in 2006, but before that, I was really just a hobbyist shooting events, bands, and simple portraits. I also shot for the lifestyle section of a broadsheet, and would occasionally be assigned to cover designers and clothing stories. Fashion students would also get me to shoot their collections as part of their requirements for school.” 

Believe it or not, working in the fashion industry wasn’t Shaira’s goal. “I wasn’t focused on entering the fashion industry, though! I just wanted to keep shooting and did everything from food, PR, corporate, and product shoots. When I started shooting more fashion editorials and magazine covers in 2012, that eventually led to my work commercially.”. With all those years in the fashion industry taught, Shaira has learned some nuggets of wisdom. “​​I learned that it’s great to always keep moving and to always be open to people and ideas. Everything I know now can be traced to experience, practice, and learning from the creative industry’s different working cultures and personalities. Adaptability in the fashion industry is also important, not just because of the changing seasons of clothing, but also the way the images are shared and consumed.”

Finally, her advice to the next gen of creatives is, “I guess you should go into the fashion industry knowing that there is no pattern, nor one straight path. It’s so different for everyone, and I know this because I always talk to the people I work with. Some have wanted to be in fashion their whole life, and some just fell into it, as I did. Just put in the work and the research; always be curious, and adjust or fine-tune your perspectives and processes to see what will work best for what you have at the moment. And, always be kind.”

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uniqlo fall winter collection 2022

No Excess Baggage: UNIQLO’s New Collection Is Low-key And Lightweight

Classics that are constantly getting an upgrade.

The new capsule collection will have you adding to cart ASAP.

It’s a no excess baggage rule for UNIQLO’s new Fall/Winter 2022 collection this time around. Aside from the constant upgrade of the classics, the Japanese brand dives deeper into the production of all their pieces—becoming more mindful of the ethical practices that goes behind each garment.

Armed with ever-evolving technology for its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, UNIQLO has started using recycled plastic bottles in their jackets and fleeces, implemented less water usage in the production of their denim line, and championed Wholegarment® tech wherein knitwear pieces are now seam-free. It isn’t the first time though, as they’ve been progressively pushing forward for sustainability for almost 20 years. All of these conscious innovations are geared to make their consumers’ lives easier and lighter—literally.

Rooted in functionality and versatility no matter what the weather or occasion, each UNIQLO collection has its core staples of shirts, outerwear, and pants that can easily integrate in your daily wardrobe rotation. Some favorites include the multi-pocketed jacket, the water-repellant blouson, and ultra-stretch active jogger pants that contours the body with its sleek silhouette. Now, this begs the question, what have they been up to the last couple months?


One size does not fit all and the Japanese brand isn’t playing around. Some of the new key pieces from UNIQLO’s F/W 2022 collection are their Sport Utility Wear line that’s distilled and re-engineered into practicality—’essentials’ if we you will. The mindful details, such as the pocketable feature for the Anorak Parka Jacket where you can pack it lightly into a small pouch gives you an overview of how the brand prioritizes functionality. The Wide Fit Work Pants in olive were based on the classic painter silhouette, giving you more leg room. Of course, the Airism shirt that’s become one of the most covetable pieces in your wardrobe and can be easily styled with its boxy fit.

The Sport Utility Wear line got a few upgrades too, incorporating more genderless outerwear. Heating up your closet real quick is the Ultra Light Down Jacket that’s snug without feeling too heavy on the layering. The best part for those keen on looking for activewear? UNIQLO makes sure you’re sweat-proof with its quick-drying technology on their shirts and joggers that wicks the moisture on the skin away. Yes, they’re already living in year 3000 at this point. Like, how can you not like zip-up hoodies that are breathable and less prone to shedding?

Other pieces that’ll make you add to cart: Stretch Dry Sweat Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie, Dry-EX Crew Neck Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt, HEATTECH Warm Lined Pants

UNIQLO fall winter 2022


UNIQLO fall winter 2022

The stuffy and shedding nature of knitwear can get a bad rep at times, but UNIQLO’s way ahead of everyone else thanks to Wholegarment® tech. Take for example the Gauge Knitted Crew Neck Vest where the wool’s extra soft and glossy and can go from cozy to casual. The Crew Neck sweater made from Merino wool on the other hand is light enough for you to layer with another knitwear piece without worrying about looking too chunky. Add to that a pleated skirt that’s timeless and elegant. As what UNIQLO suggests, wear the usual size for a neat look, or go for a bigger version for a casual style.

UNIQLO fall winter 2022

Say what you want about corduroy pants, but we’re definitely copping them ASAP, especially those Wide Fit pants with utility pockets. Not to be intimidated by knits, the Merino crew neck long sleeve sweater gives enough warmth despite its light material, but doesn’t feel humid either when you step outside in the sun.

Other pieces that’ll make you add to cart: 3D Knit Cotton Dolman Long Sleeve Sweater, Corduroy Wide Pants, Pleated Tapered Pants, Half Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater

UNIQLO fall winter 2022


More than anything, UNIQLO is in no way in neutral territory—consistently innovating and staying away from the safe zone by innovating all their collections. The retail giant also has a string of collaborations up their sleeves, tapping their frequent collaborators like Ines de la Fressange with her chic, effortless styles, Hana Tajima with her elegant and approachable silhouettes, JW Anderson and his cozy pieces inspired by the British countryside, UT Archive’s trove of pop art and animé references, and UNIQLO U’s everyday essentials.

You can check out the latest drops, the entire collection and more updates on UNIQLO Philippines’ website. The UNIQLO APP on the other hand is available via Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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Styling by LYN ALUMNO assisted by RAF VILLAS

Makeup by RU QUIJANO (On Ida) REN CHII (Didi) of Makeup Designory Studio Manila

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filipino with billboard on south korea

8 Filipino Stars Who Got Their Own Billboard In South Korea

Look up there.

From BGYO, DonBelle, Vice Ganda, and more, these Filipino stars went international with a billboard in South Korea.

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Filipino celebrities are used to having their faces plastered on billboards and commercials all across the country. Drive along EDSA, and you’ll see at least five famous faces on billboards. But while it’s one thing to see a local celebrity on a billboard in the Philippines, it’s a whole different feeling to see these household names get their very own billboard in other parts of the world. And in particular, the past couple of years have seen quite a few local stars get their names and faces shown on billboards in Seoul, South Korea. It’s already an honor to get your own billboard. But to be able to be seen and promoted in another country is the next level. Here then are some Filipino stars who got featured on a billboard in Seoul.


From relative obscurity to the biggest thing in P-pop, SB19 has seen its fanbase reach many different countries. So, it’s little surprise then that they got their own billboard in South Korea. Thanks to the K-pop website Idol Pick (you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on this list), SB19 was able to be featured on a digital billboard in Seoul. Their dedicated fans also helped get Stell, Justin, and Ken their own birthday billboards in the city. Fun fact: Ken became the first Filipino idol to have a billboard in South Korea thanks to his birthday billboard in January 2021.


DonBelle’s fans, called Bubblies, go hard for their fave love team. In fact, their fans have even sponsored billboards for the duo in countries around the world. And that includes South Korea. Aside from raising funds to get their own billboards up, DonBelle’s fans also got the hot-as-fire loveteam on Idol Pick’s digital billboard after voting for them on their website.


Vice Ganda is a familiar face on billboards, even in South Korea. Thanks to his fans voting for him on Idol Pick, the unkabogable star was featured on a billboard in Seoul alongside major Korean stars.


Idol Pick strikes again thanks to the hard work of BGYO’s fans, the ACES. Not only was BGYO named Best International Artist, but they also got to be featured on a digital billboard in Seoul for three whole days. Their fans have also gotten other members, like JL, on a billboard in Seoul to celebrate their birthday. We love a thoughtful fandom.


Dedicated fans can get their faves on nearly anything in this world. For 2022’s breakout loveteam KDLex, that means a billboard in South Korea. Their fans made sure to vote for the duo on Idol Pick which led them to win not once, but multiple times. Not only were they named Best International Artist, but they also got some featured airtime on the billboard as well as subway ads. Come through promo.


A-list singer Morissette is no stranger to South Korea. She’s performed in the country in the past and even met a few K-pop idols like SEVENTEEN. Her Korean adventures also include getting featured on a billboard in the country. Thanks to her fans voting on Idol Pick, Morissette got a birthday billboard ad earlier this year. She was also named Best International Artist which got her yet another billboard in Korea.

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