Learn From Industry Greats In This Online Platform For Would-Be And Professional Creatives

Built by creatives, for creatives.

Open to both beginners and professionals, Artkipelago is the newest online learning platform to cater to the next generation of creatives.

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It doesn’t take a lot to realize that the Philippines has an exciting creatives community. Across social media and other platforms, there are many up-and-coming and even seasoned creatives sharing their talents in a variety of fields to the world. But it also doesn’t take a lot to see that being a creative in the country is not easy. There can be a lack of institutional support, especially for those who are trying to get their name out there for the first time. Young and would-be creatives may find it hard to find support or find ways to grow their skills. This is why some of the most trailblazing creatives in the country have come together to form a new platform built by creatives, for creatives, and it’s called Artkipelago.


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Mixing the words art and archipelago, Artkipelago is a new online learning platform designed to teach those ready to bring a new and exciting perspective to the creatives world and beyond. Open to both beginners (who are looking to get a head start) and professionals, Artkipelago serves as a jumping off point of sorts for those looking to leave their mark on the industry. Think of Artkipelago as a virtual arts school. The platform offers a variety of courses across different fields from music, film, performing arts, and more. And over the coming months and years, more courses will be added to the platform.

You don’t need to be a pro to enroll in a course. Every skill type is welcome as long as you’re ready to learn. Given the platform’s online setting and flexible schedule, Artkipelago can serve as a great way for creatives to get their foot in the door if they don’t have the time or budget to enroll in an arts school/program.


If the idea of an online Filipino arts school excites you but you’re worried that the prof you get might be boring, don’t fret. What sets Artkipelago apart from other online schools is that the entire teaching faculty is made up of luminaries in the creatives world and other A-list stars. Your teachers are some of the most accomplished and well-regarded professionals in their respective field. Students will be guided by a veritable selection of Filipino creatives who will not just simply teach but interact and speak about their art with expertise and depth, brought about by first-hand knowledge and practical wisdom.

Artkipelago focuses on creative courses that will be taught by industry leaders, pioneers, movers and shakers with proven track records of success. Some of the teachers that you can learn from include veteran music producer Gino Cruz, theater actress Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, The Itchyworms’ guitarist Chino Singson, Nyoy Volante, and Jim Paredes, with more to come in the future.


Classes in Artkipelago are taught through a variety of ways. Most are done through video-on-demand (VOD). You can begin the course whenever you like but have to finish it within four weeks. Others are taught through live webinars and workshops where you can interact live with your classmates and teacher. To enroll in a course, all you have to do is go to their website, make an account, and pick which course you want to attend.

The courses you can take vary in what you want to learn. Some are intros to certain fields to give you the basics to get you started. But others are there to help you further your professional career. For example, Nyoy Volante’s course is all about helping you get hired by clients to be a songwriter. Once you finish a course, you will receive a certificate of completion signed by the mentor to document your accomplishment. You will also have access to most of the videos and materials used in the course for up to one year after completion.

But the best part is that you’re learning won’t stop after you complete the course. You will get the chance to build your professional network and be part of an ever-growing community and collaborate both with fellow course-mates and mentors.


Learn from the best and get the chance to get your name out there to more professionals in the field. What’s not to love about that? So, to the Filipino creatives out there, whether you are new or a pro, there’s a new Filipino run online platform ready to help further the growth of the next generation of Filipino creatives. It definitely is an exciting time to be a creative in the Philippines.