What’s Clicking? This Ancestral House-Turned-Creative Studio In Metro Manila Is Ready For Your Next Photoshoot

Are you camera-ready?

Here’s everything you need to know about One Hectare Grounds.

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Serving as visual time capsules, the sentimental value of a photograph is immeasurable. But here’s the thing: photography has evolved beyond the mere sake of making memories—it has become a medium for self-expression and creativity. Whether you’re an aspiring model, a photographer, or simply someone exploring their artistic side, this is where photo studios come into play. These dedicated spaces are equipped with photography equipment, lighting setups, and backdrops that transform ordinary photographs into works of art. The possibilities are endless, and a newly opened studio in Quezon City is combining artistry and memory in the biggest house-turned-studio in the Metro.

If you’re looking to canvas your next photoshoot, check out this ancestral house-turned-creative studio in Metro Manila.

All About One Hectare Grounds

One Hectare Creative Grounds is an ancestral house that has been restored and renovated to serve as a creative studio for shoots, events, and exhibitions. Located at the center point of Metro Manila, specifically in Sta. Mesa, it stands as one of the largest studio spaces in the area. The vision behind One Hectare Creative Grounds is to provide fellow creatives with a spacious canvas for content creation, gatherings, and the showcasing of their work.

The ancestral house, originally built in the 60s, remained unoccupied for nearly two decades. It now boasts multiple rooms and spaces that serve as versatile venues for various productions. These spaces are equipped with high-speed internet, professional photoshoot equipment, and dedicated staff. Every nook and cranny in this studio has undergone significant revamping to capture the essence of Filipino Neo-Classic architecture. Notably, the vintage furniture and home decor imbue each room with a distinctive ambiance.

Learn more about the creative studio through the interview with Migs Alcid, the interior designer behind One Hectare Grounds.

How did One Hectare Grounds come about?

One Hectare Creative Grounds is headed by five directors: Carel Tan (Founder and CEO), Carolyn Tan and Sunny Pirodon (Co-founders), Forresty Garcia (Creative Director), and IDr. Migs Alcid of Studio Tatin (Design Director). We are seeking a concise name that effectively conveys the size of the space we provide. Furthermore, we aim to instill a strong sense of community, and the word “One” serves to harmonize and unite this collective spirit. We noticed a growing trend of old residential properties being converted into photography and event venues, that’s why we were motivated to adaptively reuse the stunning architecture of the house.

During the pandemic, Carel conducted product shoots in various photo studios across Manila. She soon recognized the surging demand for studio spaces, yet a noticeable scarcity of supply in the market. Furthermore, she anticipated a surge in demand for events and exhibitions once the pandemic subsided. Her attention was drawn to an abandoned mansion that had remained unused for over two decades. Carel envisioned the potential of restoring it into a remarkable studio and event venue. After a year of dedicated restoration and renovation efforts, half of the space is now fully operational. One Hectare eagerly anticipates the upcoming expansion, with additional spaces scheduled to open next year!

What sets you apart from other creative studios?

One Hectare Creative Grounds is the biggest house-turned-studio in Metro Manila. It exemplifies the possibilities we can have when we reuse abandoned spaces in the metro instead of destroying good architecture. The Neoclassic stylings and architecture evoke a lot of nostalgia and grandeur in each person who comes in. They make each person feel like they’re home. The new generation of creatives is more productive inside a cozy and home-like work environment. 

Here’s How to Book Your Next Photoshoot with One Hectare Grounds

People interested in connecting with One Hectare Grounds can readily reach out through their social media platforms, including Instagram, where they can be found under the handle @onehectare, or by visiting their official website at https://onehectare.co/.

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