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Go Little Rockstar: What Is James Reid Up To In Hollywood?

Is this where his (palm) dreams is leading him to?

While James Reid remains characteristically tight-lipped on what he is up to in Los Angeles, the internet might have some clues. Whatever is on the works, it sure sounds like something special.

“When it comes to my music and my image, I’m going to fight for what I feel is right,” says James Reid in a conversation roughly a year ago. At this point, it has been well established that he is in control. From his artistic and professional pursuits, there is a mindfulness to his method, which is manifested in what one of his main focuses, Careless Music, has achieved so far. Committed to creating content that is progressive and allows the artist’s point-of-view to flourish, the independent label is where James Reid found a greater purpose. A man of few words, it is through music that he gets to fully express himself and most importantly, make dreams become reality. Beyond the blinding illusion of celebrity culture, James Reid has come into his own, and this time, it seems that he is setting sights on something greater: Hollywood.

As permanent as its letters cast a shadow over the terrain of Los Angeles, Hollywood stands as a prominent fixture on many a vision board, James Reid included. Just like many who have come before him, it looks like he is taking a shot at this dream, and this time, he is moving to make things happen.

This wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood would be making a connection with James Reid, because right before the pandemic crippled the world, he was set to perform at the Overpass Music Festival in California (which eventually was rescheduled as a virtual event in September 26, 2020), and sometime last year, his collaboration with Manila Grey (Backhouse Ballin’) lorded over Universal Studios City Walk through an

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“>LED billboard. This time, however, some people are convinced that he’s working on something special, because James Reid also happens to be signed with the Far East Movement founded agency, Transparent Arts, which aims to represent and platform Asian acts and its culture imprint for all the world to see and hear.

California Dreamin’

While James Reid has landed in La La Land, he remains characteristically tight-lipped on what his trip to Hollywood is for. Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans who have sleuthed their way on the internet have stacked clues together. From the flood of despedida stories on social media to the well wishes that followed, it was clear that this wasn’t just any other trip for the main man of Careless Music. “Bon voyage and good luck Jams Red,” and so was playfully written on a cake from his friends that made the rounds on Instagram. On top of this, a post of his sister together with the family sending him off at the airports corroborated what is believed to be a significant shift in his career. “Go rockstar,” she wrote fittingly.

@chantalcalicdan Go rockstar! @jamsred ♬ original sound – ❦

But before getting more hopes up, his father, Malcolm Reid, took to Instagram, setting the record straight. “With James at NAIA a few days ago. On his way to LA for recording sessions and to visit his brother Andrew,” he wrote. “That’s it.” There might be something there, however, as usual, we have to just wait and see. Or you know, hear from James Reid himself on what he has up his sleeves in Hollywood. Either way, it looks like the potential and possibilities are all for the taking of Mr. Palm Dreams himself.

Chasing the Hollywood dream (or any dream for that matter) is nothing new, especially for James Reid who once wrote to his future self, manifesting what he still hopes to achieve. “I promise to take us around the world and beyond,” he scribbled auspiciously. “I will give you a life worth living.” And if all this is any indication, he is well on his way to do just that for himself and more.

You go, rockstar.