liza soberano nadine lustre friendship interaction

We’re Living For Nadine Lustre And Liza Soberano’s Low Maintenance Friendship

Lizdine together, when?

TBH, we’re here for all their interactions. Queens supporting queens!

You know how society’s too obsessed with pitting girls against each other to the point where there’s always that pressure of dethroning the current woman on top? It’s been around for years and while we have been trying to make the world a better place for women, we still have a long way to go. So when we see interactions of our favorite girls, we’re left with no other choice but to stan harder.

Just take for example Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano. While we haven’t actually seen them work together on the big screen, it’s fun to see how they pretty much have the low-maintenance friendship that everyone needs especially in this difficult time. Read on below for some of our favorite #LizDine moments!

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When Nadine Lustre released her visual album Wildest Dreams in 2020, Liza Soberano showed all out support for her and even promoted the album—including a swipe up link! We also can’t get enough of their countless interactions on social media, especially when we see them leaving ? and ? comments on each other’s posts.


While most personalities are still afraid to use their voice when it comes to their beliefs, Liza and Nadine are already one step ahead. Whether it’s speaking up about the environment, human rights, LGBTQ+ and mental health, these two women acknowledge the responsibility of using their platforms for the greater good.

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Coincidentally, Nadine and Liza both went blonde when they became our cover stars—a first for the two! Liza had a bombshell look while Nadine looked ethereal. While we’re far from the possibility of them permanently bleaching their hair forever, it’s still nice to see how they look different each time they try different hairstyles.


TBH, we’re still sad about the fact that Liza wasn’t able to play as Darna. Remember when they were rumored to play the role at some point? When Liza got into an accident, Nadine quickly swooped in with sympathies and adviced her that maybe there’s “something else bigger that’s meant for her.” They’re both very vocal about female empowerment and exude a regal aura. Now that’s Darna behavior.


When Yassi Pressman introduced Mind You, a platform dedicated to making mental health services more accessible, we thought that Nadine and Liza were only helping her promote it. But it was only recently where they confirmed that the three of them were building it. Get you a friend who fights in ending the stigma of mental health!

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virgil abloh memory legacy louis vuitton off white

From The Streets To Louis Vuitton, We Look Back At The Profound Legacy Of Virgil Abloh

“Everything I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself.”

Following the news of the shocking passing of streetwear behemoth, Virgil Abloh, we look back at one of his many milestones: the time he was announced as Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton menswear in 2018.

(While we are still reeling from the shock of today’s fashion news, the passing of Virgil Abloh after a quiet battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, we look back at the time we played fashion detective to figure out why his trailblazing appointment at Louis Vuitton wasn’t nearly as shocking as it was. In fact, it did seem prophetic, because as we’ve seen coming all along, it would create a major shift in the conversation of high fashion and streetwear. Divisive as it proved to be at times, the profound effect exists, which will forever be etched in the future of fashion as we know it. A version of this story appeared on MEGA Man, March 2018.)

A simple post of a traditional Louis Vuitton chest by Off-White’s main man, Virgil Abloh was enough to set the rest of the dormant menswear  fashion-sphere into an eruption of divide and discourse. This meant that the long persistent game of musical chairs continues with the announcement that the long-time Kanye West creative partner was heading to the storied house of Louis Vuitton as its men’s artistic director, following of course the exit of Kim Jones. “It is an honor for me to accept the position of men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton,” the designer said in a statement from Louis Vuitton. “I find the heritage and creative integrity of the house are key inspirations and will look to reference them both while drawing parallels to modern times.” It is too early to tell, of course. But it appears that this could be a risk with an exciting projected outcome.

While this has generally left the menswear plane in a state of shock, especially since Virgil Abloh traces his origins in streetwear, going back to different points of his career will reveal that this was a move that may have been pre-destined by the fashion gods. Let’s jump back in time, shall we?

From The Streets To The World

Prior to launching Off-White and subsequent collaborations with Nike and Ikea, Virgil Abloh was a protege of the cultural zeitgeist that is Kanye West. A creative director for the rapper and fashion icon, the designer would figure in what is now a foreshadowing of things then. In 2012, Jay-Z and Kanye West released a series called Watch The Throne, which included footage from making the album and the tour.

Dressed in an almost signature black, Virgil Abloh enters in one scene where is filmed talking over the phone. In the background his voice over echoes, “You gotta imagine we’re kids from Chicago. Just hip-hop, urban, so it’s like going to the Gucci store for the first time on Michigan Avenue to be like, look at it and then learn past it. Look at Louis Vuitton and then learn past it and ultimately come for it, like all this shit represents me.”

Six years later, this seemingly simple phone call would ring very true as he not just poised to learn from Louis Vuitton, but steer its menswear department to greater, more current heights.

Prior to prominence on his own accord, Virgil Abloh posted a position as Kanye West’s creative director. The two collaborators would solidify their partnership with the aforementioned Watch The Throne album, which earned the designer a Grammy nomination for his album design work. They would work on several more projects over the years, including an internship at Fendi that would prove to be a factor to the appointment of Abloh to a prominent luxury fashion house.

“Having followed with great interest Virgil’s ascent since he worked with me at Fendi in 2006, I am thrilled to see how his innate creativity and disruptive approach have made him so relevant, not just in the world of fashion but in popular culture today,” expressed Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton in an interview with WWD. “His sensibility toward luxury and savoir-faire will be instrumental in taking Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear into the future.”

The Legacy Of Virgil Abloh

His work for Kanye West has earned him leverage to build his brand, Off-White, which would in effect spawn collaborations with among many, Nike and Champion. This toeing the line would result in a cult status that has seen consistently sold-out highly-anticipated drops. “It’s in-between two things,” he described of his design aesthetic. “If I like high fashion and I like streetwear, Off-White is a reminder to be in the middle. I don’t have to choose between high fashion or streetwear. My brand reminds me that it doesn’t have to fit in a box.”

Much is left to be seen from the first African-American to take on a prominent design role at Louis Vuitton, but what is clear is that this does seem to be a timely, if not perfect fit for the overruling generation. “For the last eight to 10 years we’ve been having this conversation about what’s new, and for me, that has to do with making luxury relatable across generations,” said Abloh. “The first thing I am going to do is define new codes. My muse has always been what people actually wear, and I am really excited to make a luxury version of that.”

True enough, a lot was seen from Virgil Abloh over the course of his tenure at Louis Vuitton, and more expansively, in fashion. From shifting the codes to stirring the sensibilities of what was once long guarded by a self-appointed few, the game of fashion has been inevitable steered into a more prolific and progressive future. “Everything I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself,” he once said. Where we suspended judgment for what was to come then, it is with full confidence that we can say, for all it’s worth, you did your younger self might proud, Mr. Abloh.

(Inspired by his life and legacy, a final show will pay tribute to the creative genius of Virgil Abloh with a presentation of his Spring/Summer 2022 collection at the Miami Marine Stadium at 5:30 PM ET.)



Meet CMagic5, The Filipino-Canadian Singer Who Was Born For The Stage

Real talent and a heart of gold.

CMagic5 is an emerging triple threat who can sing, act, and dance. She also uses her platform for mental health awareness and other charitable causes.

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For some musicians, they find their calling at a later stage in life. In fact, some didn’t initially imagine seeing themselves have a full-time career in music. But for CMagic5, you could say she was meant to perform since she was in diapers. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, this young artist began her life in music by joining a variety of musical theatre productions, dance performances, and vocal competitions. By the time she was 10, she was already composing her own songs and wrote her first song, Destiny’s Calling. Soon, CMagic5 would embark on a solo career that has seen her flex her singing, dancing, and writing skills. She dropped her debut album Ready To Run this 2021 and has a few hits under her belt including The One and her most recent single Dancing on My Heart.

Despite the talent that this young Filipino-Canadian radiates, CMagic5 admits that she was bullied growing up. But that didn’t stop her. In fact, a notable thing about her is that she uses her platform to promote anti-bullying causes, mental health awareness, and other noble causes. Armed with a rich and soulful voice, a level of professionalism tht belies her age, and the belief in helping others, CMagic5 is aiming to be one of the next big pop stars of her generation. NYLON Manila got the chance to talk to CMagic5 about her life, career, and much more. Read our interview with her below.

How did you come up with the stage name CMagic5?

CM5: I came up with the name when I was really young. I’d always be singing, dancing, and acting around the house. And I always see these amazing performers on TV and having a super cool stage name. So, I knew that one day, you know, I wanted to be a performer have a stage name for myself. The C corresponds to the initials of my first name, which will be revealed sometime in the future. The five is my lucky number, because I was born on the fifth day of the fifth month. And the magic is because I’ve always wanted my listeners to experience magic through music. And, you know, it really is that universal language that I want people to experience through my music.

So, how would you say music got into your life?

CM5: I like the way you worded that because I would say music definitely chose me. My dad actually started playing music in the house when I was really, really young, like, even as a baby and I just, you know, pick up certain beats and stuff. And I knew it clicked in me. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, like, I didn’t know songwriting and stuff like that. But I would always just write lyrics about anything that inspired me.

Also, it started with a lot of Broadway and theater performances. Growing up, I do a lot of these summer Broadway performances where I played lead roles in major productions, such as The Lion King and Shrek. And from then I just kept doing what I was doing. I love performing and making people feel good through my music. So, I just kept dancing, acting, singing wherever I could, whenever I had the opportunity, like at a little house party having little living room shows.

For people who haven’t heard of you yet, how would you describe your style?

CM5: I would describe my sound as pop, contemporary pop, with a refreshing blend of modern, futuristic sounds, but also some old-school vibes in there, in terms of having a touch of rock. I’m a lover of all genres. I do write pop music, but something that I think differentiates my music is incorporating elements of other genres into it. So, I’d have like pop-rock, maybe, you know, pop with some reggaeton in it. I always love exploring different styles, but having that one sound that defines me, so I love playing around with styles like that.

So, would you describe your sound this may be experimental?

CM5: At times, yes. Because I do try to incorporate certain things that, you know, haven’t really been done before. But it’s not completely different. Like, I do want to have something that, you know, listeners have heard before, but also something that is fresh and new. And that, I think, is what makes my music different kind of every time it’s like, it’s same but different. So, it’s a little kind of contrast.

Could you talk about your Filipino roots?

CM5: I do have [Filipino roots] in my ancestry and actually here, I have some really close friends that we get together [around] Christmas time and stuff, and they’re all Filipino. It’s great. Yeah, you know, the songs have also been doing really well in the Philippines. I just want to say thank you so much to the Philippines for listening to my music. You guys rock and I love you guys. So, yeah, I do have some Filipino in my ancestry on my grandparents’ side.

When you write down your lyrics, how would you differentiate between good lyrics written about hearing?

CM5: That’s a very good question. First things first, I always let out whatever I’m feeling. I don’t judge myself right away, because I’m a big believer in the idea that no emotion is wrong. Maybe they can be worded differently, or in a way that makes more sense to the music. But whatever you’re feeling, and whatever comes out first, I think those are your, you know, most natural and most authentic thoughts. So when you’re not trying to push for something, when it comes out naturally, I think that’s what you have to capture right away.

And then according to the music, if you feel like it kind of rolls off the tongue easily. If it’s singable I love to have, you know, music that you can sing along to dance to and then from there, kind of go through a process of elimination and how to kind of cut out some ideas and replace certain words. But the idea is never lost, or the emotions always going to be there, even if you choose to kind of edit some words here and there for lyrics.

Would you say then that you don’t really like to filter yourself?

CM5: Yes. You know, I used to [filter mylsef] for a long time, I would say, growing up being bullied, I think that’s kind of what I’ve done to myself in order to kind of fit in. I’ll put quotes around and just be accepted by people around me. But as I’m getting older, what I’m learning is that you don’t need to filter yourself. Because if other people can’t accept you for who you are, then what’s the point? Right, I don’t think they’re worth it. You just have to be yourself. And as hard as it may be. At the end of the day, people who accept you for who you are, they’re the ones that you want to hang on to.

Do you ever get a fear that you’re being too raw for the audience?

CM5: Initially, yes. When I’m reading sometimes, I just let myself out. Let my emotions out. Then there’s sometimes a point where I question myself. I’m like, is this what people really want to be hearing about? Is this too honest? Am I being too vulnerable right now? I do question myself. So, I’m not gonna lie about that I do. But then I told myself, I think that’s what you know, listeners might want to hear because when you’re authentic, and you’re original, I think maybe that’s how listeners are able to connect and relate.

Maybe other people are going through the same thing. And so I think that’s what you know, stands out in certain songwriter styles, right? So when they’re able to tell a story and be honest about it, and then also have that sense of empowerment because I always want to try to make my music empowering. There’s enough that goes on in this world. So I do want to provide a sense of hope and inspiration for people at the end of the day through my music.

How did your participation in anti-bullying campaigns come about?

CM5: I always love when these organizations, little companies, reach out to me. I’m a big believer in, you know, being there for other people, because then you’re able to inspire so many people when you collaborate with others and things like that. So, I definitely love working with the mental health organizations that I’m working with, as well as bullying prevention organizations, because I think we really need to work on breaking the stigma of this idea of not being okay all the time, and that’s totally fine.

It’s okay not to be okay. And I think I want a lot of my listeners to know that. That’s something I also tried to kind of wring out through my music, as well as knowing that, you know, you’re never alone. And there are people that are going to bring you down. But know that there are also people there that are waiting to pick you up. So, just have to keep the faith and stay strong.

What do you want to say to potential future fans of CMagic5?

CM5: So, for future fans, I would say, I love making music. I’m a very open person to talk to. Definitely, whenever you feel like it, just reach out, you know, my DMs are open. I try to respond to as many people as I can. So, I’m there for you. Just know that I’m very shy at first, but when you get to know me, I am very quirky and loud, and can be annoying sometimes. But hey, that’s just me.

What would you recommend should the first song new fans of CMagic5 should listen to?

CM5: I would say that if you haven’t heard any of my music before, take a listen to Dancing on my Heart. I think this song truly kind of encapsulates my artistic style. And it shows my artistic evolution from you know, just the previous song to this one. So I’ve grown in so many ways, artistically musically, this one I feel truly captures my sound and the kind of motivation behind it.

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sb19 our zone concert

We Weren’t Prepared For The Emotions We Would Feel During SB19’s Our Zone Concert

Who's cutting onions?

We were expecting to see SB19’s biggest concert of their career so far. But we didn’t know that we were going to shed a few tears in Our Zone as well.

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SB19 just held their third anniversary concert, Our Zone, and they did not disappoint at all. Taking full advantage of the Smart Araneta Coliseum the two-day concert saw SB19 deliver some of their best performances yet. Among other things, they performed their hits like What? and Bazinga with the full might of the stage behind them. They also did a fun tribute to the boybands of the 2000s with their N’Sync medley performance.

The boys blessed many A’TIN with the first performances of three new songs, the ballad Nyebe, the Christmas-themed Ligaya, and the disco-infused Where You At. And let’s not forget to mention the special guest performances from 4th Impact, AC Bonifacio, Josue, and The Juans. SB19 gave a show to remember that made us want to be there in person even more. But unbeknownst to us, and the boys themselves, was that Our Zone was going to get emotional thanks to a couple of heartfelt and special surprises. And let’s just say if we knew, we would have brought some tissues with us.


At the end of day one, the boys closed the show with their song SLMT, a fitting song no doubt. Everything went smoothly when during the final chorus, a special video started playing. It was former staff at ShowBT Philippines who came on screen to individually send their love to the group and express their gratitude for being able to work with them. Even former trainees who trained with SB19 also appeared in the video to share their thanks.

sb19 our zone

Afterward, A’TIN from around the world, both Pinoy and non-Pinoy, expressed their love towards SB19. Everyone then came together to sing the last chorus of SLMT. Seeing the boys tear up was so sweet and showed just how much love their fans have for SB19. The video was a reflection of where the group came from with all the former staff and just how impactful SB19 is with fans from around the world.


If the surprise of day one of Our Zone was emotional, day two would go straight for the heart. For the finale of day two, SB19 sang MAPA, a special song for the group that they have been performing for months now. It’s an ode to parents everywhere and what better way to celebrate SB19’s third anniversary than having the boys get surprised by their parents. Right before the final chorus of MAPA, each member’s parents and family came on stage to surprise the group.

Seeing them reunite with their loved ones was such an emotional sight. But what truly broke us was when Ken saw his sister and tito. For a bit of backstory, Ken has not seen his parents in a long time. Meanwhile, his grandmother who was supportive of his career passed away. Clearly, Ken’s sister being there was so powerful for Ken that he broke down crying. TBH, we wouldn’t fault you if you started crying as well. It is also clear that their parents mean so much to them given how they got teary-eyed when they started talking about them. And when Justin removed his jacket and gave it to tita Gemma. Now that’s a gentleman right there. It was a beautiful family reunion and all of them coming together to sing MAPA was the icing on top.

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maymay entrata mpowered digital concert

5 Of The Most Show-Stopping Outfits From Maymay Entrata’s First Concert

Didn't you know? She's a ✨ kabogera ✨

Welp, Tyra Banks didn’t notice Maymay Entrata for nothing.

How is it even possible that Maymay Entrata went from PBB’s Grand Winner to becoming a fully-fledged pop star, slowly carving a name for herself in the P-Pop world in just a matter of years? We stan growth! Of course, we also witnessed how her style upgraded, often trying looks that are outside of her comfort zone. Lots and lots of tulle, glitter, fur, and exaggerated sleeves are obviously in Maymay’s rotation now that she’s living the pop star dream, and her first digital concert Mpowered did not disappoint—of course thanks to her stylists at Team Rain X Em. Read on below for some of our favorite looks!

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maymay entrata mpowered concert digital

Anything sparkly and pastel will always be a fool-proof combo, especially on stage. Add to that Maymay’s pink coat with sleeves that bring to mind a flower’s petals, her silver corset paired with a rhinestone harness and skirt, and the red opera gloves for the drama, talk about dramatic.


maymay entrata mpowered concert digital
maymay entrata mpowered concert digital

Sizzling things up, Maymay set fire to the rain with this mesh dress that had beaded embellishments and sequinned details on the neckline and sleeves for that maximum level of sparkle. We can barely run when we’re under the pouring rain, so seeing Maymay actually dance at the concert was such a huge feat.


maymay entrata mpowered concert digital

We don’t know about you, but we’re absolutely here for Maymay’s Kim Kardashian moment. Taking it up a notch with her color-blocked fur coat, she gives us this power stance that’s enough to make you gasp.


maymay entrata mpowered concert digital

It would be a crime to not talk about Maymay’s long legs. And here they are on full display as she wears this asymmetrical dress with lots of volume that pretty much resembles a coral or a flower. The peplum detail was also a nice touch.


maymay entrata mpowered concert digital

While we did love the blue ruffled coat Maymay was wearing on her performance with Darren Espanto, it was a catwoman moment when she removed it on the final reveal. Just Maymay surprising us every single time.

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maymay mpowered concert

The Best Moments During Maymay Entrata’s MPowered Digital Concert

Maymay served!

For her first-ever digital concert, Maymay Entrata embodied the empowerment that MPowered was looking to give.

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On November 26, Maymay Entrata held her first-ever online concert called MPowered. Named after her recently released album, of the same name, this production was going to show Maymay at her most confident yet. And true to the concert’s name, the young star was empowered as she took on a two-hour solo concert filled with performances, segments, and special guests. Here’s a rundown of our favorite moments from the show.


When you name a concert MPowered, it is expected that you deliver on the theme—and Maymay did that and then some. For the concert’s opening performance, she made sure to get everyone on their feet in an energetic number. She started things off with her latest single AMAKABOGERA, followed by covers of Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo and Kings & Queens by Ava Max. She exuded an unmatched energy during the whole opening and started off the night in a great tone.


Maymay invited a few special guests to join her in MPowered. Her collab with Darren Espanto for Butter was so fun and energetic while her duet with Nyoy Volante as they covered Christmas songs was very much appropriate for the season. But we really loved Maymay’s dance performance with Mimiyuuuh and AC Bonifacio. In case you didn’t know, Maymay and Mimi are close friends, and that was noticeable on the stage. Both of them were so cute to watch, especially with their mix of comedy. Needless to say, they ate it up and left no crumbs.


When you think of being empowered, it means to be brave or confident, but that can come in different forms as well. That was on display in Maymay’s MPowered concert as she dedicated a whole segment to love and the hugot feels. She talked to select fans as they talked about their love lives and other matters of the heart. Maymay would then serenade them with a love song. Not only was this a great way to show off Maymay’s vocals, but it also showed that you can be empowered when it comes to your life. We particularly loved the fan who talked about how she broke up with her fiancé months before their wedding but expressed that she wasn’t angry at him.


When Maymay Entrata gives you a show, she will give you a show. And that includes a segment dedicated to a full-dancing performance. During the latter half of the concert, Maymay did an emotional and expressive dance to Jaime Miller’s Here’s Your Perfect. Dressed in a black bodysuit, Maymay looked ethereal as she glided through the stage. She then transitioned to a powerful dance performance of Physical by Dua Lipa. Bonus points for the fact that she did all that while water poured down on her.


For regular viewers of ASAP, if the stage looked familiar, that was because Maymay used the performing space as her concert stage. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we were hoping to see a change in setting. But Maymay Entrata is never one to disappoint. For the finale, Maymay did a quick costume change and headed to the ABC-CBN building rooftop. There, she performed Di Kawalan, in heels mind you, along with a gaggle of backup dancers and stage lights. Who does it like Maymay?

nylon manila live

Here’s What Went Down During The NYLON Manila Live Anniversary Concert

Missed the show? Here's what went down.

It was a night of fun, celebration, and music at the NYLON Manila Live concert with performances from Zephanie, Maris Racal, No Rome, and more.

It was a celebration of music and a coming-together of some of the hottest and fast-rising young musicians of the new generation at the NYLON Manila Live concert on November 27. The NYLON Manila Live concert was a celebration of the year that was as we turned one. Artists from around the world joined us as we sang, danced, and partied the night away. Here’s a rundown of what went down.


Things started off with NYLON Manila’s brand associate Elyse Ilagan giving a short but sweet welcome to the viewers. The concert began with OPM duo Deuces who performed two songs. That was followed up by a performance from young rapper Young Cocoa. Gigi de Lana and her band brought the house down with her powerful vocals. All-female band Catharsis delivered a socially-distanced performance of their single, For the Meantime.

The first international act of the night, Benson Boone, brought the emotion with his piano rendition of his latest single. Raven, Jetter, and 46 Hope St. then performed next. Sassa Dagdag blessed the audience with her voice during her performance while Ian Pangilinan was as charming as ever with his two-song set.


As we reached the middle of the concert, things were still full steam ahead. Act 2 of NYLON Manila Live started with mesmerizing performances by Paul Pablo and Danna Ysabel. Lesha performed two new tracks from her upcoming album and did so flawlessly at the comfort of her bedroom. Jayda was a joy to watch with her fun performance. Jikamarie brought the vibes as she performed her breakout hit, lutang, while Nameless Kids shared their rendition of Kabataang Pinoy.

A trio of uber-talented females performed back-to-back for a truly memorable experience. With just her guitar, Clara Benin was all about the feels with her set. Janin Berdin was a powerhouse during her performance. And Maris Racal delivered when she sang Asa Naman, as expected. Seven-piece band Lola Amour closed the section with their set that included a performance of the crowd-pleaser Pwede Ba.


As NYLON Manila Live reached its final hour, it was a mix of OPM stars, rising artists from around the Philippines, and global acts. The final act began with a two-song performance from Singapore’s Sezairi where he was backed by nothing but his guitar and sweet voice. OPM icon Ebe Dancel was as great and legendary as ever in his set. IV of Spades’ bassist and solo artist Zild was a crowd favorite with his memorable and impactful performance. We were then treated to a couple of performances from some truly talented Filipino acts in Batang Indio and Midnasty. Zephanie then performed and blew everyone away with her powerful voice.

It was finally time for the headliners of NYLON Manila live to hit the stage and they did not disappoint at all. Arkansas-based duo Joan performed a couple of upbeat tracks. All the way from Los Angeles, breakout artist Jaime Miller performed his hit single Here’s Your Perfect, as well as his Christmas single, Home By Midnight. The final performance of the night was from No Rome and he gave an unforgettable closer. The Manila-born/London-based singer gave a full production in his three-song-set, as well as a short cover of STAY by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. It all made for a closer that was fitting for NYLON Manila Live. Before the concert came to an end, NYLON Manila’s Editor-In-Chief Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena gave his closing remarks and thanked everyone for their support of the concert.

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who joined us at the concert and all the artists who performed. Congratulations as well to those who took (and will take) home anniversary goodies from our friends at Secret Lab and BLK Cosmetics. The NYLON Manila Live concert was so much fun and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And by the way, if you missed the concert or would like to relive some of the performances, we will be uploading the performances on our YouTube channel in the coming days so subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for that.

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filipino beauty brands f-beauty

10 Local Brands That Are Defining Filipino Beauty (Or “F-Beauty” As They Call It)

If K-Beauty's known for their playful packaging, what does Filipino Beauty actually look like?

It’s been an exciting time in the beauty world, especially with the growth of local brands centered on the Filipina experience that we can’t get enough of.

While Japan and Korea have become the beauty powerhouses of Asia and the world, we tend to overlook how the Philippines has its own strengths, too, especially knowing how we were gifted with natural resources and obsessed with organic, herbal remedies. Remember how we’d be given citronella for mosquito bites? Or how manzanilla’s our instant go-to for stomach pains? Or that certain childhood memory where our lolas would give us that deep-cleansing bath with Gugo shampoo? We take all of these for granted and ignore how much it has been ingrained in our culture especially in the everyday life.

We love K-Beauty and J-Beauty, no doubt. They have the cutest packaging, all of the beauty trends like glass skin or those doll-like eyelashes that most of us love to recreate, and most importantly the science and innovation behind it is unparalleled. Our Asian neighbors have such a huge influence not only with our love for K-Dramas and J-Pop, but with our Filipino beauty brands as well. To keep things real, how do we actually define the look of “F-Beauty” as NYLON once wrote? If Koreans like their skin-caring natural look and Japan is into long-wearing eyeliners and mascaras, what do we Filipinos love?

Imagine packaging that mirrors colorful elements of Philippine culture, a line created to withstand our humid weather with sweat-resistant makeup, or products that protect us from sun damage? Luckily, these brands have already taken a huge step in defining what Filipino beauty is. Read on below for some of our favorite local brands that we believe are the future of F-Beauty with their inclusivity, breaking the barriers of colorism, and empowering us to embrace our identity as Filipinos.

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In case you haven’t heard of it yet, local brand Pili Ani’s Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is the first Filipino product to ever be included in Allure Magazine’s Beauty Box. Cause why not? They’ve been using plant-derived extracts in most of their products like calendula (a natural oil that helps in targeting acne-prone areas with their anti-bacterial properties), and chamomile (an anti-oxidant that inhibits inflammation and alleviates redness).

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Deep Detox Volcanic Mask ethically sourced straight from the Mayon Volcano, and of course the Self-Care Night Recovery Oil that has sampaguita, pili and elemi oils that soothe the skin overnight.


Completely manufactured in the Philippines, Human Heart Nature has been at the forefront of self-care for their organic ingredients like citronella, coconut oil and lemongrass for years. They were also awarded with the Sustainability Pioneer Award in 2016 by award-giving body Organic Monitor—making them the first Asian beauty brand to be recognized. Aside from that, Human Heart Nature is known for their eco-friendly and low-waste impact products, encouraging us towards a more sustainable, plant-based skin diet.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: The Overnight Elixir, Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom, and Acne Defense Toner, most of which are alcohol-free.


If we’re talking Filipino beauty, Colourette Cosmetics is one of the local brands that come to our mind. It’s been part of their advocacy to empower Filipinos to love the skin they’re in and have products that are 100% inclusive (Hey, Colourette Clique!) and cruelty-free. Colourette is also known for their multi-use products especially for those on the go.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Colourette’s Colour Snap tinted balms which were made for Filipinas with skin tones ranging from fair to deep and Shimmertint that doubles as a highlighter and liquid eyeshadow.


If you love beauty brand Juvia’s Place, then you’ll definitely obsess over Filipinta Beauty. They’re probably one of the few Filipino brands that have taken packaging to another level, taking inspiration mostly from elements of our culture like the Diwata palette from the mythology, Kendi lippies, and Iskrambol lipgloss. They’re pretty much like collectible art, too! 10s across the board for creativity!

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Filipinta’s Kabal eyeshadow palette inspired by the warrior goddess from mythology that has four shades ranging from classic brown, red, muted gold to brown glitter and the Iskrambol lip gloss that comes in three colors.


If you sweat buckets like most of us here who are inhabitants of a tropical country, chances are high that your makeup involuntarily vanishes like *poof* when you perspire. Trust us, we hate that icky sticky feeling, too. So when Ellana Mineral Cosmetics was created in 2007, they already had this in mind. And that’s when they came out with sweat-proof, SPF-infused beauty products that cater to sensitive skin types. They’re also packaged in environmentally-friendly paper sachets and refillable jars.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: The Loose Mineral Powder Foundation that’s waterproof and lasts up to eight hours, their Glass Skin Glow Cooling Facial Mist that sets your skin


When we were introduced to Cloche Flame almost a year ago, they first came out with All Around Flush, a multi-use gel mousse for your lips, cheeks and eyes that melts into the skin. They’re packed with mango butter, grape seed oil that doesn’t make the skin feel greasy. Now they blessed us with their TLC Spray, a facial mist made of coconut water and oat extract that most makeup artists and skinfluencers swear by.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Cloche Flame’s all new TLC Spray that’s pretty much like aromatherapy and skincare in one bottle.


Who else is here for the glow? Channel your inner celestial goddess with these illuminators from Moone Beauty. Made for every Filipina skin tone from morena to mestiza, it’s about time we take Rihanna’s anthem to heart. Get ready to shine bright like a diamond especially with their body shimmers that leaves a non-sticky and non-oily feeling after application. Still not convinced? They’re cruelty-free and paraben-free!

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Moone Beauty Glowgasm face highlighter in moonlight for that extra, extra shimmer.

8. ISSY & CO.

Aside from their cool packaging that reminds us of the energy of the 90s, Issy & Co. prides itself in long-wearing makeup that’s equally skin-caring. Their Active Skin Tint is one of their best-sellers to date not only because of the shade range, but also for its lightweight coverage. They recently released their first skincare line that has booster serums and cleansing butters packaged in the freshest sorbet shades.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Precision Brow Pen that also doubles as an eyeliner alternative and their entire Hydragloss line.


Strokes Beauty Lab may be known for their artistry in microblading, but their makeup and skincare line is on point every single time. We’re big fans of their velvety lip oils, their crease-proof and water-proof liquid eyeshadows and their newest skincare release, the Citrus Sherbet—a cleansing balm that doesn’t strip off your natural oils when removing your makeup.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: The Silk Kiss collection of lip oils that are buildable, long-wearing and has a mentholated feel.


We can’t discuss Filipino beauty brands without mentioning Careline Cosmetics. Ever since 2005, they’ve been the OG of being cool and inclusive in makeup when no one else wasn’t really doing it yet. Careline’s also been consistently choosing the right girls to represent their brand since day 1. Remember Toni Gonzaga’s commercials, Julia Ann San Jose’s quirky ads, Maris Racal’s fresh-faced looks and Blythe’s edgy, playful makeup for their recent campaigns? Oh, they’ve also made it possible for anyone to be part of their clique aka Careline Gang. Here for the inclusivity!

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Careline’s Acne Spot Concealer that contains tea tree oil to reduce redness and their Stain Gloss that’s only P99!

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solihiya fashion

From Ancestral Homes To Our Aparadors, The Uniquely Filipino Solihiya Weave Is All The Rage In Fashion

BRB, raiding the aparador of lola for solihiya carriers.

With the frenzied fascination for all things local, the solihiya weave charms itself from our heritage and history and into heavy rotation in our wardrobe.

Just as ubiquitous as the oversized spoon and fork mounted on the wall by the dining table and the frighteningly creak of the dusty ceiling fan overhead are, nothing quite completes the concept of a textbook Filipino coming together than wood-framed chairs intertwined with an intricate weave in thin strands of locally abundant rattan. Antiquated as it may be, there exists a unique charm to the solihiya weave, a burst of sun-like plait that laces itself into many cultural affectations.

Evoking a warmth and nostalgia that is almost immediately reminiscent of sweat-soaked summer afternoons lazing around the ancestral home with lola, who is most likely already rocking back and forth on her favorite chair facing the expansive capiz shell-lined window, fanning herself in a steady pace and rhythm. Lacing through the scene is the technical yet highly alluring solihiya detail, one that is not only most beautiful to look at, but functional in more ways than one.

Aside from its ergonomic features, being able to hold a considerable amount of weight at a given time, it compels even more thought and physics to it with the air that flows through it as a backrest, making it even more inviting to lounge and lose track of time in. In fact, it even acts as a tell of time by how deep the imprints of the solihiya weave are in your skin. Functional in its support and strength, there lies an inherent poetry to the detail of design, especially with the light and shadow it casts as the sun dips beyond the horizon. The criss-crossing braids have not only fascinated us in this regard, it has also inspired many a creative to perpetuate and integrate the dregs of 19th century Spanish colonial area.

From appealing architectural appurtenances to interior intrusions, it has even manifested itself a lot in fashion as of late, realizing itself in everything from dainty accessories to wistful bags. It is also interesting to note that while it isn’t a direct descendant of the six-way weave, a similar pattern is intrinsic to the longstanding luxury of the Lady Dior collection, which in its every iteration features its iconic Cannage stitching motif. Not to limit itself to just quilting impressions on best-selling accessories, Olivier Rousteing took things further at Balmain and incorporated what appears to be an identical wicker-like intertwining in its Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Weave The Door Open

Meanwhile on the thriving local front, a lot of designers and brands have been more and more drawn to solihiya weave, producing distinct pieces and full-on collections in its image and likeness. From footwear details to focal points of bags, the weaving technique is not only fascinating, but it is durable. After all, many generations have been supported by the solihiya, literally.

Natural and sustainable, as well as it is, for lack of a better word, pretty to look at and hold, it can be said that the easily recognizable handcrafted solihiya weave is a worthy representative of our vivid and vibrant tapestry of culture beyond the home and architecture, and into mainstream fashion, among many other things. With a rich trove to dip into, the enchantment of all things local no longer has to be shied away from or shunned even. It isn’t just a chair or a figure for exhibition anymore. Now, we can proudly carry our history and heritage as proud as we can, just as lola has done so in her storied past.

Not to leave you hanging, we scoured through the digital landscape, as well as standout local brands, for your fair share of solihiya-inspired accessories that you will want to check out and yes, tote.












The New Bops Of The Week Fit For Your Playlist

Closing out the eventful month of November 2021.

This week in new bops sees Hwasa release her latest solo project, Ben&Ben drop their Lunod EP and MV, and much more.

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As we close out the month of November 2021, the last week of the month was a flurry of music news. BTS swept the 2021 AMAs and made history by being the first Asian to win Artist of the Year. Also in the realm of K-pop, Aespa became the first K-pop female group to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The nominations for the 2022 Grammy Awards were revealed, which saw Fil-Ams like Olivia Rodrigo and H.E.R. make history. Taylor Swift now holds the record for the longest song in length to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. She also surprise-released her re-work of her Christmas song, Christmas Tree Farm.

The week will also see a couple of highly anticipated concerts happen. And not to mention that we here in NYLON Manila are holding our NYLON Manila Live free concert on November 26, 6 PM.

With all the music news that has been going around, you would be forgiven if you weren’t able to catch up on the new music releases of the week. So, here is a roundup of all the new bops that came out this week you should know of.

I’m a B -Hwasa

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is back with new music with the release of her latest single, I’m a B. If written in Korean, the track is pronounced as I’m a star, which reflects how Hwasa is truly a star. Compared to her past two releases TWIT and Maria, I’m a B features a groovier, more upbeat sound. I’m a B is part of the mini-album Guilty Pleasure which also includes the tracks FOMO and Bless U.

Shivers – Ed Sheeran, Jessi, and SUNMI

Ed Sheeran is out with a new remix to his song Shivers. And it features some unexpected guests. K-pop stars Jessi and SUNMI join Ed on the remix with SUNMI laying down some vocals in Korean and Jessi rounding things out with her signature rap.

Lunod (Extended Version) – Ben&Ben, Zild, and Juan Karlos Labajo

This week sees Ben&Ben drop the Lunod EP, which features new versions of the standout track from their Pebble House album. Speaking of Lunod, the band also dropped the music video for the song. It was directed by Jerold Tarrog, who you know from directing blockbuster Heneral Luna and Goyo. The MV was shot at the El Deposito water reservoir, which helped make for one of their heavier music videos.  There are also Lunod pop-up cafes around the metro that you can visit if you’re interested.

Another day in America – Kali Uchis and Ozuna

In the lead-up to the release of The West Side Story movie reboot this December, Kali Uchis and Ozuna have teamed up for the song Another day in America. Taking inspiration from the movie, the track sees the two artists sing about the impact and influence immigrants have had in America.

Maybe – I Belong to the Zoo

I Belong to the Zoo has given us another track to enjoy with the release of their single, Maybe. The four-minute track musical journey through love and love lost.

Diwa – Rob Deniel

It’s the end of the world, or at least that is the scenario in Rob Deniel’s new song Diwa. The track gives an interesting perspective of love as Rob introduces a world filled with melodramatic feels on an end-of-the-world scenario. His soulful impressions, in the beats of alt-pop and kundiman blues, will gravitate you deep into your core as you discern your apocalypse.

Sakay – Kiyo

Filipino hip-hop artist Kiyo captures his love for a vast spectrum of sounds and music styles on his debut full-length album, HARANASA, out now. The album features collaborations with fellow artists including Shortone, Space Moses, and YZKK. HARANASA touches on a lot of music genres and influences from lo-fi rap to trap, experimental hip-hop to tropical jazz, ambient electronica to bedroom pop.

Para Sa’yo – Jom of ALLMO$T

ALLMO$T’s Jom serves a new alt-pop funk track in Para Sa’yo. Here, he pours his frustration over a girl he is in love with being taken for granted by the man she is with in a series of emotional verses with a mix of techno beats.

Dad Jeans – Paolo Sandejas

Paolo Sandejas is here to share some good vibes with the release of his new song, Dad Jeans. The throwback chill song is that kind of track best enjoyed when you want to wind down and relax.

Tayong Dalawa Sa Pasko – NOBITA

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas, more and more artists are dropping their holiday tracks. One such artist is NOBITA who recently dropped their Christmas single, Tayong Dalawa Sa Pasko. The song features the group’s signature sound as they talk about being with someone special over the holidays.

Mean It – San Holo, Manila Killa, and Nick Lopez

San Holo, Manila Killa, Nick Lopez team up for their new track, Mean It. The bittersweet song follows a broken-hearted lover trying to navigate a brave new world independently and acts as a microcosm for the artists involved both sonically and lyrically. The song was inspired by the distance the pandemic created in everyone’s lives, coping with loss, and intimacy.

R Rules – DNY

There’s a new P-pop girl group in town and their name is R Rules. Serving as MCA Music’s first-ever P-pop girl group, R Rules is a mix of Filipino and Japanese members ready to make their mark in the music scene. They recently dropped their debut single DNY which is a hard-hitting song about empowerment and confidence.

Call You – allen&elle

OPM duo allen&elle are out with their latest single Call You. The inspirational track features an addicting beat with its retro and funk-inspired sound. The song is also a great showcase of the duo’s vocals.

On Me – Kyle Banks and Bino Rideaux

Rising R&B artist Kyle Banks collaborates Def Jam’s Bino Rideaux for his latest single On Me. The song is about feeling yourself and looking your best when you step out for a night with the crew. Effortlessly showcasing both artists’ signature flows, the track opens on a solitary piano before bursting into a West Coast-influenced beat. On Me is Kyle’s latest track from his forthcoming EP Uncommon, due for release in early 2022.

Pagbilang Ng Tatlo – Bandang Lapis

Bandang Lapis takes on heartbreak in their new track Pagbilang Ng Tatlo. Their single is a pop ballad track that deals with both the pain of loss and the joys of moving on.

Feel Alive – The Light The Heat and Roary

Cinematic indie-folk duo, The Light The Heat and Roary just dropped their new EP, Afterlight. Over the course of three songs and two acoustic versions, they touch upon powerful and thought-provoking themes as well as cathartic themes of reconciliation and self-reflection. Sonically, the album explores a sound combining acoustic and organic instrumentation, Russian and Asian instruments, with Roary’s unique programming and production style.

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