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No More Bunny Business: Here Are Cruelty-Free Local Beauty Brands That You Should Stan

Here's why labels should truly matter.

Save Ralph, the 4-minute stop-motion film that went viral for exposing animal testing is a step forward towards more cruelty-free products.

If labels still don’t matter to you, it’s high time that it should. Just this month, a short mockumentary starring a bunny named Ralph showed the ugly truth behind animal testing in cosmetics. With a blind eye, ear, and chemical burns on his body, he says, “At the end of the day, we do it for the humans, right? They’re far superior to us animals.” As the film progressed, we see Ralph and the other bunnies locked up in the lab, moments before they were tortured. The film by The Humane Society of the United States currently has over 3 million views and has sparked movements and petitions around the globe to save the animals from being testers.

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Now that you’re aware, here are 21 local beauty brands that are cruelty-free and against animal testing. PS: It’s easy to check the labels and the FAQs on their website! Most of them already indicate it on their bio and product descriptions. For a more comprehensive list, be sure to check PETA and Cruelty Free Kitty.

1. Colourette Cosmetics

Highly-favored by Millennials and Gen Z, Colourette Cosmetics’ lippies, highlighters, face powders, and palettes are affordable and cruelty-free. They’re suitable for different skin types, too!

Where to get them: Lazada, Shopee, Beauty MNL, Lumibella

2. Ever Bilena

As one of the major cosmetics brands in the Philippines, Ever Bilena has developed and perfected their formulas all over the years. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free.

Where to get them: Watsons, Department stores, Lazada, Shopee

3. Careline

Careline’s #BetterThanBasic products are budget-friendly, playful, and quirky. If their lippies and highlighters still don’t impress you, they constantly remind their audience that Careline is cruelty-free on all their platforms, including Blythe cosmetics.

Where to get them: Careline webstore, Watson’s, Department stores, Beauty MNL, Shopee, Lazada, PNY Beauty

4. VICE Cosmetics

VICE Cosmetics by Vice Ganda is known for their Ganda For All initiative that embraces diversity. Their long-lasting liquid lippies, eyeshadow palettes, and tints are all certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Where to get them: Vice Cosmetics web store, Watson’s, Department stores, Lazada, Beauty MNL

5. BLK Cosmetics

Uncomplicated and versatile, blk Cosmetics by Anne Curtis is also PETA-approved and has cruelty-free products. Time to add their newest skincare line to cart!

Where to get them: BLK Cosmetics web store, Department stores, Lazada, Beauty MNL, PNY Beauty, Zalora, The Kult

6. Issy and Co.

Issy and Co. has the best fuss-free cosmetics, especially for those who can’t have too much product build up on their face. Their formula is cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

7. Human Nature PH

An advocate of using natural, organic ingredients, and love for the Philippines, Human Nature earned the Cruelty Free seal of approval from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in 2011—making them the one of the first local cosmetics brands to do so.

Where to get them: Human Nature web store, Lazada, Department stores, Grocery stores, Watson’s, Beauty MNL

8. Happy Skin

Local brands that marry makeup and skincare are already living in the future. Happy Skin’s “skin-caring makeup” doesn’t support animal testing and are all meticulously formulated for each skin type.

Where to get them: Happy Skin web store, Watson’s, Lazada, Beauty MNL

9. Skin Potions

These Glam pockets by Skin Potions are cute, compact, and cruelty-free. Their multi-functional skincare and makeup products are all cost-effective, too.

Where to get them: Skin Potions web store, Lazada, Shopee, Beauty MNL, Selected SM and Ayala Malls

10. Bench/ Beauty

Bench Beauty has it all lined up. Highlighter sticks, tints, lippies, and even foundation are enough to complete your makeup essentials. Their beauty tools are certified cruelty-free, paraben-free, and will last you from day to night.

Where to get them: Bench stores, Bench web store, Lazada

11. Sunnies Face

Sunnies Face is an A-lister favorite when it comes to makeup. Not only is it a favorite locally, but it has earned cult status globally as well. Plus points for the cute packaging and being cruelty-free!

Where to get them: Sunnies Face webstore, Lazada, Shopee

12. Lustrous

Lustrous by Nadine Lustre (under cosmetics giant BYS) is known for their sun-drenched palettes. One of the first few mainstream local brands to embrace morena skin, Lustrous is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly.

Where to get them: Watson’s, Lazada, Beauty MNL, Amorfia, PNY Beauty

13. CLOUD Cosmetics

A new kid on the block, Cloud Cosmetics aims to push forward “skincare transparency.” Their affordable makeup and skincare tools are not tested on animals and makes it a point to be crystal clear about the ingredients they use.

Where to get them: Cloud Cosmetics web store, Shopee

14. Detail Cosmetics

We knew we had to keep an eye on Detail Cosmetics when they launched their biggest collaboration with 12 Filipino beauty gurus last year. The powder lipsticks still remain their best-selling products up to this day!

Where to get them: Detail Cosmetics web store, Lazada, Shopee

15. Everyday Love

Ethically-sourced and made with TLC, Everyday Love has been around since 2015. The brand is known for its wide range of nude lippies and lightweight tints.

Where to get them: Everyday Love web store, Lazada

16. Ellana Minerals

Ellana Minerals has been morena-friendly in most of their products. Celebrating different shades of the Filipina, Ellana’s diverse line is also cruelty-free.

Where to get them: Ellana Cosmetics web store, Beauty MNL, Lazada, Shopee

17. Zenutrients

Zenutrients really said, “come as you are.” Keeping it au naturel, their beauty and hair care products have been the holy grail of most Filipinos because of their organic ingredients.

Where to get them: Leading SM Stores, Watson’s, Lazada, Beauty MNL, Shopee

18. Clocheflame

Clocheflame may have just started last year, but it’s slowly becoming one of the go-to brands for the no-fuss makeup enthusiasts. Their multi-use mousse pigment comes in a variety of shades that are universally flattering.

Where to get them: Lazada, Shopee

19. The Perfect Pout PH

Can anybody explain why The Perfect Pout has the cutest packaging? Their best-selling lip balm comes with a gloss that you can carry around or even use as an accessory. That’s hot.

Where to get them: Shopee

20. Strokes Beauty Lab

Highly recommended by most makeup artists, Strokes’ newest lippie line feels like butter on the lips. Smooth and silky, their velvet sticks and lip oils will make your skin thank you.

Where to get them: Strokes web store, Lazada, Shopee

21. Filipinta Beauty

Don’t you just love local beauty brands that go against the grain? In a country that’s obsessed with whitening, Filipinta Beauty is a stand out. Their packaging filled with Filipino pop culture elements are a hit, too!

Where to get them: Filipinta web store

NYLON Manila will constantly update this beauty directory in hopes of helping put an end to animal cruelty for good.