Miss Universe Philippines 2021

The Sisterhood Is Strong As Miss Universe Philippines Queens Shower Each Other With Support On Social Media

Queens supporting queens? We love to see it.

Just like in the movie, Miss Congeniality, and as seen on their social media pages, the Miss Universe Philippines queens are proving that there is only room for love, respect, and purpose in their sisterhood.

In Miss Congeniality, Gracie Hart (aka Gracie Lou Freebush, Miss New Jersey) quickly realizes that the pageant world she has been assigned to serve and protect, at least covertly, isn’t what it was chalked up to be. Yes, the beauty queens all had their unique personalities, and strong ones at that, but even with their eagle-eyed focus on the crown, there was none of the cattiness and sabotage behind-the-scenes. In fact, the sidelined undercover FBI Agent learns that when push comes to shove, it is the girls who will come together in a show of sisterhood and support. Remember when the ladies came together to help Gracie Hart prepare for the coronation night? It is in these scenes that mirror what beauty pageants have evolved to be. For example, in Miss Universe Philippines, where the competition of beauty, grace, and purpose is heating up, what is most evident is the love and admiration the candidates have for each other as seen on social media.

It is very easy to get consumed by any sort of competition, that’s just the reality of it, but as the world slowly inches towards true and tangible progress, it is refreshing to see how old-world didactics and archaic stereotypes be smashed by the new generation. This couldn’t ring truer than in the pageantry, where from an offshoot of the male gaze, it has since shifted to be a platform for advocacy and empowerment for women. Today, even with the intensity and passion that is part and parcel of a national obsession, modern day beauty queens have taken all that in stride, fostering the spirit of sisterhood across the board. Sure, they want to win, that is but right, but even in their desire to wear the crown on their head with the Philippine sash strewn across their chest, but they do so with dignity and respect.

Miss Congeniality IRL

For the past month or so, we have been treated to a flurry of pre-pageant activities in one of the most celebrated and highly contested pageants in the country. While it was done virtually, which was most visible on social media, the anticipation and excitement for Miss Universe Philippines kept us on the edge of our seats with each challenge and cuts. There was a lot to see and root for with the initial 100 candidates to the recently announced final 30 delegates. But despite all that, the Miss Universe Philippines beauty queens have kept the nerves and pressure at bay by cheering each other on and typing out their support on social media.

It’s refreshing to see the swell of sisterhood on every scroll through your timelines on social media during Miss Universe Philippines season. The truth of the matter is, things get infamously intense that it often skews from the purpose of the pageant. But with so much love going around, especially on Instagram, we are reminded of what truly matters for the girls at the end of the day. Queens supporting queens? We always love to see it, because really, aren’t we supposed to be done with the whole pitting women against each other deal? While each of the smart, beautiful, and phenomenal women has their own dreams, at the end of the day, they are there for each other, too. And just like in Miss Congeniality, they will be fixing each other’s crowns and hugging it out.

You go, girls.

Not just for lip service, the sisterhood of Miss Universe Philippines is a movement realized on social media. Now, as they soon will meet each other IRL, let’s go through some of their Instagram accounts to feel the love, yes? Yes. Look, other beauty queens even are showing their support, too.

Ayn Bernos

Miss Universe Philippines social media ayn bernos

Beatrice Gomez

Christelle Abello

Corrine Abalos

Ingrid Santamaria

Jasmine Umali

Janela Cuaton

Katrina Dimaranan

Miss Universe Philippines social media katrina dimaranan

Kisses Delavin

Miss Universe Philippines social media delavi

Leren Bautista

Maureen Wroblewitz

Miss Universe Philippines social media maureen wrobelwitz

Steffie Aberasturi

Miss Universe Philippines social media steffi aberasturi

Victoria Velasquez Vincent