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Treat Yourself To A Night Of Music At The NYLON Manila Live Concert

Celebrate NYLON Manila's first birthday with this free concert.

Happening this November 27, 6 PM, the NYLON Manila Live is a free concert featuring some of the hottest young artists like Maris Racal, Zephanie, Ian Pangilinan, Joan, Jamie Miller, No Rome, and many more.

As we here at NYLON Manila wrap up our first-anniversary celebration, we wanted to cap things off with something truly memorable. We already announced our first-ever print fanzine with Liza Soberano on the cover, which you can read more about how to purchase here. And we felt that we needed to do something memorable as part of our celebration.

Music has, is, and will continue to be a big part of NYLON Manila. It’s a major part of our DNA and add that our efforts to highlight the top and up-and-coming young musicians, it was only right that we held our very first concert as part of our birthday shindig of sorts. This is why we are having the NYLON Manila anniversary concert, NYLON Manila Live. Here is what you need to know about this must-see concert.


For NYLON Manila’s very first concert, we curated a lineup of both local and international artists that come from a wide variety of genres. Headlining NYLON Manila Live are three global acts making waves, Jamie Miller, No Rome, and Joan. Part of the lineup are also some of the brightest young musicians in the scene like Maris Racal, Zephanie, Gigi de Lana, and Zild. We also have some fast-rising local acts including Ian Pangilinan, Jayda, and Lesha.

Rounding out the lineup are Deuces, Young Cocoa, Catharsis, Benson Boone, Jetter, 46 Hope St., Sassa Dagdag, Raven, Paul Pablo, Danna Ysabel, Jika Marie, Nameless Kids, Clara Benin, Janine Berdin, Lola Amour, Sezairi, Ebe Dancel, Batang Indio, and Midnasty.


NYLON Manila Live won’t just be a night of music. In between the performances, we will be having games with winners receiving special prizes and giveaways. What those prizes are will be a surprise, but you have even more incentive to stay for the whole show, because who doesn’t love gifts?


Now you may be thinking, with a lineup we have assembled, what is the price of admission? But we have good news for you. The concert is free. Yes, FREE. No need to pay or sign up for anything. All you have to do is just go on NYLON Manila’s website where we will be streaming the concert. And that’s it, a free concert right at your fingertips from the comforts of your home.

NYLON Manila Live will be held on Saturday, November 27, 6 – 9 PM on NYLON Manila’s website. Make sure to follow NYLON Manila on our social media channels for updates on the event. See you at the concert!

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