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SB19’S Bazinga Music Video Was So Epic That You Might Have Missed These Easter Eggs

Spot these callbacks.

In their Bazinga music video, SB19 placed little easter eggs in the video that referenced important moments in their career, as well as A’TIN.

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SB19 recently dropped the highly anticipated music video for Bazinga, and it’s a whole serve, as expected. The video sees the boys play a fighting video game where the perspective then shifts to the game itself. We then see them switch between a secret agent look to their Mortal Kombat-esque looks. The group has once again given us amazing visuals with Bazinga’s arcade game-inspired theme, graffiti, and superhero noir. In true SB19 fashion, the song and video also doubles as a statement and clapback against the criticisms the group has faced since the beginning of their careers.

Directed by Jonathan Tal Placido, co-directed by Chapters, the production team behind their What? video, and with creative contributions from Justin himself, SB19’s entire team didn’t spare any expense to give Bazinga the MV it deserved. But while you enjoy the spectacle that is the Bazinga music video, you may have missed a few easter eggs scattered throughout the video. And these aren’t just random easter eggs as they are special callbacks to important moments in SB19’s journey so far.



At the 00:21 mark of the video, we see 10:26:18 written on a device. Those aren’t just random numbers. That is the debut date of SB19, October 26, 2018. On that day, the group released their debut single, the underrated Tilaluha, to the world. Definitely a special date for the group and a reminder of when their journey began.



Another easter egg you may have missed happens in 1:15 into the music video. In a quick shot, a brown paper is seen on screen with the numbers 09.02 20.19. The group proceeds to rip through the paper when they transition to their fighter outfits. Once again, these aren’t just random numbers. Those numbers translate to September 2, 2019, a very important day for SB19.

On that day, the group released the dance practice video for Go Up and went viral on Twitter when someone tweeted about it. This day was when SB19 went viral for the first time and changed their careers. For those who don’t know, at this point in time, SB19 was on the verge of disbanded and Go Up was their last chance to make it big. So, you could say the dance practice going viral was a life-changing event. 

SB19 x A’TIN


Finally, at the end of the video, we see the same device from earlier display the numbers 18 and 19. This sweet easter egg pertains to SB19 (19), and their fans, A’TIN (pronounced as 18). You could consider this easter egg as a way for the group to show their love to their fans and how much their support has meant to them over the years.

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